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Tate Tanks
South Island, New Zealand ㅤㅤ Aleks Dahlberg
cielo acristalado
Even when you're coming home drunk, you'll never miss your house...
#FrankGehry 🤘🏻
I went and saw the heath ledger exhibition at the NFSA today, really loved it! Great portraits, great photos, beautiful prints, good install, interesting costumes well chosen pieces and it cost me $0! #heathledger #nfsa #exhibition #urbanexploration #minimalarchitecture #urbanminimalism #canberra #geometic 💚
Hace algunos días pregunté que sientes cuando bailas y eso me llevó a reflexionar acerca de que siento cuando hago fotografías a una bailarina/bailarin. Siento que estamos en un teatro solos y que la función es para mi, imagínate esa sensación, algunas veces y esto no lo saben los Dancers 🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♂️me quedo mirando a través del visor de la cámara 📸 por qué quiero guardar ese momento para mi. Fotografiar este proyecto es un honor. Dancer: Luck Prunty @gironaenmoviment
Something we are super excited about watching unfold during our build, is the epic windows. Aiming for that modern minimal Brunswick warehouse vibe, we have gone with large commercial windows in several locations to compliment the recycled brick. They will reflect the stunning greenery surrounding us and bring the green + light in. The living area features one 5.2 m long 🙌🏻 Picture Pinterest. More visuals on stories x
Have the most amazing evening and weekend! View of Hollywood and Downtown, Los Angeles All photos ©️by: www.photographyforrealtors.com ☎️ 818-429-1422
A combination of light, translucency and fluidity of form. Vitis is a draped modular statement chandelier with endless customizable possibilities… #RichBrilliantWilling
this pulls me through to the other end where everything begins. and i start to come alive. #decor #homedecor #dreamhome #interiordesign #luxdesign #postminimalism #brutalism #silence #peacefulness #serenity #stairsdesign #minimalarchitecture #qualitymatters
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