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As rewarding as it can get, parenting is also one of the toughest jobs in the world. We are happy to once again work with one of our long standing clients who wanted us to take a workshop on parenting skills for the parents of the students studying in their school. #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthwarrior #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #parenting #parentingskills #workshop #training #goodparenting
🎠 Childcare is self-care 🎠 . That's true and false at the same time. ✨ . It's true, because I feel invincible when I'm with you, baby girl. 💪 I feel strong and beautiful and super cool and like the funniest comedian of all times. I can jump, run, scream, dance, sing and pretend I'm a unicorn shark (unishark?) in public and nobody cares. I can be fully myself and you still look at me like I'm the superhero the world/your world was waiting for. ❤ . It's false, because it can be exhausting and nerve-wracking to discuss with you. I feel helpless when you cry. You're driving me nuts when you ask 500 questions at the same time (mostly "why?") and outsmart me (you're 3 years old! Stop!) and I'm overwhelmed when I want to hurry and you don't. 😵 . But being with you is a gift that I can hardly put in words. 💫 You're so awesome, baby girl. You're smart and brave and happy and you make my heart so full, it could burst sometimes. I'm the proudest godmother, because you are in my life. ❤ I love you to the moon 🌙, the sun ☀ and back, Mini. 💋 ________________________ #godmother #miniandme #effyourbeautystandarts #celebratemysize #celebratemycurves #honormycurves #mentalhealthawareness #curvygirl #mentalhealthwarrior #bodyposiwarrior   #plussizefashion #ptsdsurvivor #mentalhealthadvocate #breakthestigma #bodypositivity #bopowarrior #loveyourbody #goldenconfidence #loveyourskin #pixiecut #marketingmanagement #salesmanager #marketing #lovetheskinyourein #ootd #marketers #mentalhealth #queen #selflove
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of training with MHA (#MentalHealthAmerica ) to become a volunteer & was also given the opportunity to teach an art class. . It made me remember why I started painting. For my #MentalHealth . I created this piece during last yrs creative block (money mood I guess.) So this yr, may God let me continue to be his creative avenue & put some new fire in my heart & of course.. on a canvas🔥 . With hella transition in my life, I’ve been outta creative rhythm. It’s time to tap back in. . Cheers to creating financial freedom #2019 . “Collect a check & go” - monopoly inspired. 24x24. 2018 creation. sold. #bopart #alexisgrace #walkwithgrace #mentalhealthadvocate
Trying to find my balance in this life. It's harder than I expect sometimes. But I know it will all balance out. I'm stronger than even I know. I know I've come through a lot in my 38 years. 🖤 I'm good 😘 . . . . . . . . #videoselfie #nosound #mentalillness #igotthis #cptsd #ptsd #mentalhealthadvocate #brunette #bigeyedgirl #panicdisorder #anxiety #depression #fighter #snapchatfilters #longhairedgirl #writingtosurvive
Find nature and find your center. Being outside helps us better understand our place in the universe. In my opinion we should all spend a little more time watching the skies. #ponds #pond #fullmoon #moon #pondlife #night #nature #nature_lovers #mentalhealth #love #beyourself #bekind #helpeachother #grow #growthmindset #ice #natureporn #beauty #mentalhealthadvocate #beautiful #depression #anxiety #bpd #peace
I am seeing first hand how hard being a teen is these days. My 8th grader learned that her beloved camp counselor took her own life last week. Just 19 years old, with a bright future on the horizon. I can't imagine what the family is going through. A few months ago one of her 8th grade classmates took his life. So we have been having many discussions about suicide, mental health & how to deal with problems that life will throw your way! So I felt called to hop on my soap box today..... Teenage years have always been hard. But it is SO different today with social media, it seems like kids are getting more isolated from making genuine connections because they’re so unplugged from reality & so plugged into what they are seeing on their screens! We have lots of discussions about the struggles of life with our kids. We keep communication open. Kids are having to deal with so much more than we ever had to growing up. As a parent it sure can be tough to navigate through it all. Lots of the stuff kids have to deal with is heavy. School shootings, cyber bullying & more mental health concerns than I ever remembered hearing about as a teen. I am seeing more kiddos dealing with anxiety, depression & hearing more about young people taking their own lives. It’s becoming an epidemic. My 8th grader is very open with me about what she hears kids talking about at school, depression, cutting, & insecurities are rampant with our young people. It makes me sad. She said in her health class a few weeks ago they did an anonymous poll of various topics affecting teens today & she was so sad to learn that many of her peers are dealing with really heavy stuff; abuse, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, mental illness, addiction. I know this post is all over the place but I think its important to have these reminders to TALK to our kids, look for behavior changes & know our kids friends. Allow ourselves to be approachable so our kids feel safe coming to us with their fears, ask lots of questions. Suicide is never the answer. If you need help reach out. You are loved!!! You are never alone and it WILL get better💗 The suicide prevention hotline 1-800-273-8255💗
Who here likes playing chess? Come join us in West Perth tomorrow night for a fun games of chess.
Happy #Fullmoon Your spiritual health is connected to your mental health. . . . . Special thanks to @marlice.v for joining forces with is to advocate for mental health. 🖤🙌🏾 #Blackmentalhealthvisibility . . . . . . . . . . . . . #BlackMentalHealthVisibility #BMHVCampaign . . . Image: @marlice.v Location: #Ewpexpo18 - @torontohousing Special thanks to our supportive partners @bymha_to @blackwomeninmotion @loveandguidanceproject Photo Credit: @onyxzoe
Felt good, might delete later. _____ I had a breakdown right before this, because anxiety sucks, but I did it anyway. Thank you, JW Studio, Billy, and my amazing classmates for giving me the confidence to post this (and delete it later 😂). ____ #learningandgrowing #trusttheprocess #singing #brickbybrick #anxietysucks #mentalhealthadvocate #nycclass #JWS #musicaltheatre #IamDarknessRISING
Do you have certain words or beliefs you live your life by? If not, are there any you aspire to live your life by? This is the perfect time with the full moon to let go of things that no longer serve you to make space for a change in beliefs to live life the way you want to. For me one of them would be “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” -Bob Marley. Let’s hear yours below! . . #womenempoweringwomen #selflove #selflovecoach #browngirlslove #selflovematters #vibratehigher #manifestingdreams #namaste #loveandlight #journeyofself #selfcare #authenticallyaligned #aliciainspiresme #positivevibes #innerpeace #soulwork #mindbodysoul #womenofcolor #womeninspiringwomen #transformationtuesday #28daysofselflove #personaldevelopment #selfimprovement #mentalhealthadvocate #emotionalwellbeing #fullmoon
#mentalhealthawareness #mirtazapine #mentalhealth #newmeds #mentalillness #writingtherapy #mentalhealthawareness #runningonempty #fearoftheunknown #newterritory #workingmumwithdepression #clinicaldepression #workingandclinicaldepression #mentalhealthadvocate #mirtazapinemummy #mirtazapine15mg #psychology #medicationformentalillness #goodmentalhelthvswork These daily posts about my “adventure” with a new #mentalhealthmedication might not be of interest to everyone but I am doing it in hope that it will help me keep focused and maintain clarity of the situation and hopefully/maybe be helpful to even one person. #breakthestigma #dissociation
What advise would you give your teenage self? ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ My advise would be to stop worrying and comparing yourself to others, you are actually ok 👍🏻. ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ Fear of failure can be a strong motivating force, but little is spoken about the fear of success. ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ In the past, I was reminded by people how I could learn from any mistakes made; whether it was in figure skating competitions, academic tests or in work settings. ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ However, no one ever spoke on how to handle success. ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ In high school, I vividly remember getting bright red avoiding to answer questions about test exam results that I’ve done well in. ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ I felt ashamed, even though the results were down to hard work. As a teenager I didn’t want to come across as boasting or sticking out in any way. It was uncool to do well, so I settled with B grades rather than striving for A’s. ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ Perhaps I was not prepared on how to handle success (even moderate ones). Doing well meant I had to live up to others and my own expectations to continually perform at that level. Settling at a slightly lower level came with the cost of decreasing my self esteem, as I knew I could do better. ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ This fear of success can be inhibiting, as we avoid risks and lower our standards in order to reach it. It often has a knock on effect decreasing our self esteem. ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ When I’m working with clients on low self esteem issues, we aim to get to the root of the problem, before strengthening and building up the belief in themselves. It’s so rewarding witnessing how decades of poor self esteem can be reversed through collaborative therapeutic work. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #hkwellness #hkwellbeing #counseling #counselling #counsellor #mentalhealthcounseling #support #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #breakstigmas #nostigma #mentalhealthadvocate #timetotalk #itsokaytonotbeok #itsokay #letstalk #personalgrowth #psychologicalwellbeing #positivepsychology #thinkbetter #lovethelifeyoulive #livejoyfully #psychology #wellbeing #selfworth #selfhelp #selfesteem #selfawareness via @preview.app
I was honoured to receive a letter from Chris Patterson MP, our member for Camden, congratulating me on being named as a finalist in the @nswactyoungachiever awards and commending my community service work to date. I’m thankful to have the support of our local member and can’t wait to continue working within my local community to make a difference 🦋 . . . #misscontinents2018 #misscontinents #gasparcruz #beyourownkindofbeautiful #missteencontinents #mrscontinents #pageants #internationalpageants #internationalpageantqueen #gasparcruzcosmetics #nswactyaa #communityservice #volunteer #youngachieverawards #whatkeepsmewellcampaign #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthawareness
I was honoured to receive a letter from Chris Patterson MP, our member for Camden, congratulating me on being named as a finalist in the @nswactyoungachiever awards and commending my community service work to date. I’m thankful to have the support of our local member and can’t wait to continue working within my local community to make a difference 🦋 . . . #misscontinents2018 #misscontinents #gasparcruz #beyourownkindofbeautiful #missteencontinents #mrscontinents #pageants #internationalpageants #internationalpageantqueen #gasparcruzcosmetics #nswactyaa #communityservice #volunteer #youngachieverawards #whatkeepsmewellcampaign #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthawareness
Here are a few tips for managing #panicattacks : swipe or see below for tips on how to regain control of your body during panic attacks. Practice deep breathing - Focus on taking deep breaths in and put through your mouth. Feeling the air slowly fill your chest and belly and then slowly leave them again. Repeat a positive phrase - Focus on repeating a phrase that you feel connected to that has a positive message and grounds you in reality. Relax your muscles- try relaxing your muscles in increments. Focus on uncurling your fingers and toes, then moves your shoulders, forearm and through your torso. Find a focus object- pick a familiar object to focus on. This can be looking at your shoes or feeling the fabric in your T-shirt. Recognize you're having a panic attack- on of the first steps in take control of a panic attack is to recognize that you're having one. Close your eyes- some panic attacks comes from triggers that overwhelm you. This can block out any extra stimuli & make it easier to focus on your breathing. Practice mindfulness- mindfulness can help ground you in the reality of what's around you. These specific sensation ground you firmly in reality and gives you something objective to focus on. Excerpts via powerofpositivity.com #Happy #FullMoon #blackmentalhealthvisibility
YES this right here☝️. We educate and spread awareness through stories and open discussion. We learn to empathize and understand by actively listening to these stories and discussions. But, it all starts with talking about it. . . . #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalillness #mentalillnessawareness #endstigma #strongerthanstigma
Perfectionism, wanting to be in complete control- these are goals that are common among many of those struggling with eating disorders and disordered eating. But we all know that there is no such thing as perfect or complete control, so why do we continue to strive towards these unrealistic goals? These desires to be perfect and in control are driven by FEAR. Fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of judgment, and so on. But striving for perfection will never address these fears, in fact, it will likely create more struggle and discontent and ultimately MORE FEAR- of making mistakes or deviating from your path, however senseless it may be. So how do we deal with our imperfections, or more aptly, our NORMALCIES? This is the challenge! Digging down and addressing our fears is not only key to eating disorder recovery, but to successfully and joyfully navigating our gorgeously imperfect lives. . . . . . #edrecovery #edawareness #edwarriors #recoverywarrior #edfighter #realrecovery #eatingdisordersurvivor #recoveryisworthit #anorexiarecovery #bulimiarecovery #bedrecovery #haes #intuitiveeating #nondiet #recoverycommunity #selfcare #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthadvocate #depression #anxiety #mindbodysoul #healing #aiponohawaii #dranitajohnston #eatinginthelightofthemoon #womensupportingwomen #progressnotperfection
Repost and share with a friend to help them out change starts with you just the click of a button !✊🏽❤️
Day 777: we’ve gotten to a point where I don’t know everyone that joined me for pushups but they did it for the cause not the recognition (thank you! ...though, I think I tagged everyone). Thank you to @its.unique.monique for filming! • This is about more than just pushups - the 22 Pushup Challenge originated as a way to spread awareness that an average of 22 combat veterans take their own lives each day. • A recent statistic has shown that the number has decreased slightly to about 20 a day, but that is still too many! • If you need resources, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Or text HELLO to 741-741 for the Crisis Text Line. • If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, reach out and ask for help. It could save a life! • If you’d like to participate in the 22 Pushup Challenge, I encourage you to do so! Just record a video and post it on social media (Instagram, Facebook... wherever). • It doesn’t have to be “pretty” because it’s “not about the pushups” it’s about the awareness! Please tag me so I can support you with likes and comments (and a virtual pat on the back).
Ha ha! When the director becomes the directed @mai_original33 ❗️ . 🎥 @chav_wc
My homework from last therapy Tuesday. Write a letter to my body. This was the outcome, pretty heartbreaking. But all completely true. Hoping to be able to write a kinder and more loving letter to my body in time. ❤️
Trying to further my self growth ever day. Learning to let go and not hold grudges is hard, forgiving people who hurt you in more ways than you can count us hard. But it is a waste of your own time and energy to hate people who do not give a second thought to you. It’s okay to forgive people, but to remember how they’ve hurt you. It’s okay to forgive people but not let them back into your life. YOU are your top priority and if anyone intentionally stands in the way of your happiness it is okay to remove them from your life. Forgiveness is key to living a happy and fulfilling life, but don’t let others compromise your happiness for their own personal agenda or benefit.
This is a picture of me being relaxed and content over the weekend. Most definitely NOT what I look like now! Working in mental health can be really difficult and this week is turning out to be a prime example as these last few days have been heartbreaking, risky and unfulfilling. I’m on my way home to go look after myself, I’m going to do some exercise, spend some time with my husband, cook a simple stir fry and go to bed early! Lauren out ✌🏼 #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #wellbeing #mentalwellness #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthtips
Dreaming about being back in #miamibeach Its suppose to snow 4 inches or maybe 10 inches. 😳🤦🏼‍♀️ . Honestly, the Midwest is crazy so who knows, but what I do know is winter gets me down something fierce and I need some sun 🌞 So I’ll be snuggling into a good book to help me through. 😂 . 👇🏻How do you get out of your winter funk?! . #anxietyhelp #anxietydisorder #anxietyquotes #anxietyrelief #mindfulliving #mindsetshift #wellnesswarrior #wellnessjourney #depressionrecovery #selfcaretips #mentalhealthadvocate #holistichealing #christianblogger #affirmation
How often do you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts? 🤔🌸⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Take the time to stop and examine your thoughts and faulty reasoning. Turn it into something more encouraging and helpful! ✨💖🎇😍⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📸 @createyourlifestudio ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ・・・⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Here is a beautiful, helpful, graphic visual to help you examine your thoughts using cognitive behavioral thinking. ✨Use these questions to examine your faulty cognitions and beliefs...But, the trick is to then replace the unhelpful thought with a more supportive, helpful, loving, and kind thought. ✨⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #sophieuliano #selfcare #selflove #inspiration #motivation #healing #wellness #holistichealth #mindfulness #selfawareness #believeinyourself #mentalhealth #chronicillness #healer #reiki #acupuncture #positivityiskey #positivevibesonly #positivitywins #positivevibes #positivitea #dailypositivity #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthrecovery #mentalhealthsupport #mentalhealthadvocate #mentality
Lithium, Quetiapine, Lorazepam; I take them all. I take the first two every single day. I don't take them because I want to, I need to. I need medication to survive. Like a diabetic. And I will need to take medication for the rest of my life. It's part of my maintenance plan. I am learning not to be ashamed. Having to take medication changes the way I live my life. I have to be more responsible, more prepared. I have to be consistent. I'm still learning but my I'm bringing in my A game.
✨🔄🌸♾🌸🔄✨ : : Picking up old pieces- letting myself take breaks- pick up where I left off- Having patience with the process. : : pushing myself to find consistency. Consistency. I’ve found it other places. Now let’s apply it. : : #painting #popsurrealism #kawaii #illustration #process #itsaprocess #trusttheprocess #art #lifeisart #artistproblems #arttherapy #copingmethod #consistent #mentalhealthadvocate #livingspherically #areyouentertained
“Mum, don’t be sad!” “I’m your best friend!” Bless her! How can I stay sad with such a bright ray of sunshine in my life! My gorgeous daughter always knows how to make me feel better! #eternallyblessed #anxiety #anxietyproblems #mentalhealthadvocate #agoraphobia #ocdawareness #rayofsunshine #lightinthedark
EVERYONE has a story to tell. Behind every smile, someone has gone through something. These life struggles is what makes each one of us unique in our own way, and we can become an inspiration for the next person who may be struggling through something similar. Although when we stay silent, we are not able to share our beautiful story. My goal is to be transparent with anyone who comes across my page, because I struggle too. Some days I disregard how far I’ve come, and I feel like I’m the insecure little girl in fear again. Fearful of life, and everyone in it. Although I have to remind myself, that I can not let myself become that person again. It’s all a journey with a lot of relapses. Don’t get discouraged, because you are a warrior. So keep on fighting ❤️✊🏼 #theartofhealing #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthsupport #psychology #writer #selflove #mentalhealthadvocate
My breakfast/lunch yesterday! Felt bad for having my sandwich on a croissant. I learned in my nutrition class that croissants are one of the most unhealthy things/pastries out there. I feel so much guilt and fear when I eat foods that I consider “bad”. Croissants are one of those foods, and while I eat it all I can think is I do not deserve this food, I need to run 5k or starve myself after to compensate for the “bad” food I’m shovelling into my body. It’s awful and it’s terrifying to have these thoughts. I’m trying to overcome them. Today in therapy we are a skor chocolate bar, without feeling any guilt, shame or hatred. I remember that I used to LOVE skor bars. Then one day I realized how many grams of fat, and how many calories were in that one chocolate bar. And I swore never to eat a skor bar again, I didn’t for a solid 2-3 years. Until I stopped caring and began binge eating and emotional eating. Then starving myself. And it became a vicious cycle. I am trying to break free of that cycle and it begins with getting rid of the “good” and “bad” labels on foods. There is no such thing as bad foods!!!!
Toxic People ...they include your family! Saying GOODBYE is the best healing you can give yourself! . . Cutting the family CORD! ...is release & power! . . Dont let anyone cross your line! ...ENERGY VAMPIRES! . . #toxicpeople #energyvampires #toxic #vampires #healing #heal #spiritual #spiritualawakening #neverlookback #family #befree #spiritualgrowth #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthawareness #mental #bipolar #standstrong #freedom #loveyou #healthylife #youfirst #love #mindfulness #release #growth
Something that I know many people struggle with is intrusive thoughts. Sure, our minds are vast and limitless, so it only makes sense that sometimes a weird thought, seemingly from nowhere, is going to pop into your head, you’re human after all. However, when you’re having some weird, wacky and downright terrifying thoughts throughout your day then you may be suffering from a form of anxiety related OCD called intrusive thought OCD. So many people don’t want to to talk about this, but someone has to or how are people going to get help? I’m talking thoughts that make you feel like you’re going insane. You might have mild annoying thoughts popping in telling you to clean or perform some kind of action a certain way or someone in your family will get hurt or you may have this illogical fear that you’ll hurt someone close to you even though you’re a non-violent person. You may have graphic sexual, violent images that pop in your head at the most unexpected times and they may cause you a lot of fear and distress. You may even think you’re a bad person. Fear drives OCD and the more you give in to the fear or perform the action, like folding your clothes over and over, the worse it gets. The first step towards conquering it is first knowing that there's nothing wrong with you, that so many people struggle. And then the next step is to work on eliminating the fear because then the OCD dies off. I highly recommend seeing a therapist to help you through this, they see this all the time, it’s so much more common than you realize! I hope this post has helped you to know you aren’t insane... You may feel terrified and feel like there's something wrong with you, but you are going to be okay and you can get through it!❤️
I’m helping my friend, Keelee Kloer, update her portfolio she needs some new product testers for her FAT BURNING MOCHA! ☕️She’s looking for 10 ladies OR gents who want to lose weight and jump start their New Years goals! ➰ You will drink a super yummy mocha every morning for 90 days and send a before, 30 day, 60 day, and 90 day picture! 📷 Drop an emoji below and she will send you a message! 🌱or text COFFEE to 503-867-1308 ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . . #maryandmarthaconsultant #christianmom #christianwife #militarywife #armywife #catholicwife #catholickids #catholicmom #christiankids #homedecor #newhome #homeowners #christianhomedecor #decorateyourhome #homesweethome #sahm #wahm #mentalhealthadvocate #prayerworks #christmas2018 #toddlermom #preschoolmom #newyears2018 #newyearsresolution #eastergifts #valentinesdaygifts #birthdaygiftideas #encouragementnotes #encouragingquotes #encouragementcards
Sometimes we just need someone else to remind us to breathe
It's so easy to get caught up in our emotions and we proceed to make bad choices. Ask God to guide you because your story was prewritten. #empower #empowering #empowerment #encourage #encouragement #story #journey #motivate #motivationalquotes #rise #riseabove #motivation #quotes #qotd #author #speaker #advocate #mentalhealthadvocate #44fifteen
Failure does not define you, failure does not make you a bad person. It makes you human! Everyone fails at something at some point in their life, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you keep trying and don’t let the failure control or consume you.
This is the first day of something epic. I am one of 22 people , that mental health commission of Canada is mentoring in 2019. This time next year, I will have conquered something huge. Not only have I taken my knitting and gave it meaning & purpose for myself, I get to help others too. There is a huge team of amazing people who are listening to all my hundreds of ideas and making them even more great and doable. I am so incredibly happy. . . . . . . . . . . . #mentalhealthcommissionofcanada #spark #knitting #doingthings #mentalhealthawareness #justthebeginning #dreamscomingtrue #lifegoals #makeadifference #canada #ottawa #knitterslife #knittersgonnaknit #mentalhealth #mentalhealthadvocate #letsdothis
I had a great time at tonight's @istillmatter art group! We created expressive art in the form of mandalas. It's always amazing to see how different everyone's creations are. And I love the sense of peace this group always leaves me with. . . . #istillmatter #nonprofit #healingart #expressiveart #mandalas #art #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #depression #bipolar #anxiety #ptsd #changetheworld #bethechange
Wow! I have known @iamcorrielo for quite some time. She’s a friend that I have been so honored to know. She has inspired me and somehow she and I have shared such similar journeys. We have teamed up to bring you some healing. She’s a powerful force of a woman and I am honored to be bringing you this special event with her this Thursday right her on my IG LIVE at noon! DM to get a reminder the day of. I look forward to even more collabs with this amazing soul.
it’s full moon tonight 🌕. @melchante. #beseen #beheard #betrue #belove
EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST — please read the whole thing (<1 min read) We are on the lookout for BODY POSITIVE MODELS ** Do you love the skin you’re in? Are you passionate about sharing body positivity? Can you share your style modestly? Is your purpose to influence teens/women in a positive way? Want to be a part of a magazine that endorses modern modest style, body positivity, mental health, Faith, beauty, and overall good clean content? If you answered yes to all we would love to hear from you! Esther Magazine is an up and coming publication that focuses on delivering truthful, positive and clean content to the world. If you would like to submit your interest to go on the list please email us at hello@esthermag.com before 30th March with subject line I’M A MODEL! One of our friendly staff will email you with further info on the next stage within the next few weeks. **Not a paid modelling job
It's impossible to please everyone. I have learnt that I actually want to have some people dislike my opinions and ideas and beliefs, the reason being is in the past I've tried to please everyone and I ended up having this middle ground ‘no opinion’ style of personality I wasn't annoying or upsetting anyone but I wasn't impressing or interesting them either. I was just sitting in the middle of the road. Boring. So now I'm actually more confident with myself and I'm okay to express my opinion even if I know that some people may not like it. I'm not doing it intently to piss people off, I'm doing it to be myself and what I've noticed happening is some people gravitate towards my opinion, believe what I'm saying and invoke that conversations. Other people won't, they will disagree. This creates this dynamic conversation deep level of friendships and engagement. It’a okay to disagree it's okay to cause a bit of controversy from time to time!
There’s a science to morning and evening routines! This isn’t just for your mental health, but your literal physical health from hormonal benefits, metabolic benefits, cognitive benefits, inflammatory benefits and so many more great things that come from all of this! It’s all in the new episode of the podcast! Episode 11 🔥 . Morning routines prep you for the day at your most vulnerable time. Evening routines put you in a good state to wake up so that you're more likely to implement the morning routines effectively. . Most of us spend our time focusing on our problems and the stresses in our lives. This is normal, this is human, it's also programmed into us. Instead of fearing for the lion or tiger in the woods 20,000 years ago, we're fearing for the loss of our job, a fight with our partner or a rejection. This becomes our focus, this becomes our energy. Where focus goes, energy flows. . The purpose of the morning is to switch focus from our problems to gratitude and optimal bliss in our daily situations. There's a science behind this through our Reticular Activating System (RAS), a part in the brain that send energy towards our focuses, and we subconsciously manifest these focuses. Many techniques in these routines are also there to help decrease inflammation, leading to a better cognitive and hormonal state, making you less susceptible to mental health issues. . Start by choosing the first 3 tips that I suggest and start implementing them tomorrow. I guarantee you will notice the difference instantly in your day once you give these a chance. 🥝
Experts warn 'smiling depression' should be recognised as a specific condition. While smiling depression is not a technical term that psychologists use, it is certainly possible to be depressed and manage to successfully mask the symptoms. The closest technical term for this condition is 'atypical depression'. In fact, a significant proportion of people who experience a low mood and a loss of pleasure in activities manage to hide their condition in this way. And these people might be particularly vulnerable to suicide. It can be very hard to spot people suffering from smiling depression. They may seem like they don't have a reason to be sad – they have a job, an apartment and maybe even children or a partner. They smile when you greet them and can carry pleasant conversations. In short, they put on a mask to the outside world while leading seemingly normal and active lives. ❤❤❤ #anxiety #anxietyrelief #anxietyquotes #anxietyattack #anxietyhelp #anxietyproblems #anxietysupport #anxietyrecovery #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthquotes #mentalhealthwarrior #mentalhealthmatters #suicideprevention #depression #mentalhealthadvocate #truth #blog #blogger #writer #writersofinstagram #quote #quotestoliveby #perfection #perfectionist
Good news for all you gamers out there-- studies have shown that gaming can have benefits--- --- The repetition of playing games has been shown to have positive effects on long-term potentiation(the strengthening of brain cell synapses/connections) which is thought to underlie memory and learning. --- --- It can also improve adults "contrast sensitivity"- being able to discriminate among shades of grey. This is good for driving at night!--- --- So what did we learn?? Gaming is good in moderation and makes you a better night driver. Keep on gaming! #mentalhealth #mentalhealthadvocate #selfcare #themoreyouknow
Music = Feeds the Mind & Soul ...& Moves the Body! . Ocean = Meditation & Calming ...Sand = Grounding ...Water = Cleansing! . Stars = Night Meditation & Universe Connection 💙 #stars #ocean #music #connection #meditation #spiritualawakening #spiritual #healing #universe #life #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthawareness #heal #meditate #5d #love #water #grounding #therapy #healyourself #health #sea #goodvibes
A different kind of transformation. May 2015 I started a tumblr to follow my weight loss progress and to hold my self accountable. As you can see my mental health was worse than my physical. No self-esteem or self-confidence. I hated my body and punished myself with exercise for eating poorly. It was a constant struggle and it effected my everyday life and relationships. Fast forward to 2019 and I still have bad days, but they are not anywhere near to how I felt 24/7 then. I don’t know how I lived like this and I’m glad I have found love and appreciate for myself and my body. I love this journey I am on and look forward to the progress I know I will continue to make. . . . #transformationtuesday #mentalhealth #bodyimage #selfconfidence #selfesteem #myweightlossjourney #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthrecovery #positivebodyimage #loveyourself #loveyourbody #loveyou #believeinyourself #selflove #weightlifting #copingskills #copingmechanisms #beforeandafter #perfectlyimperfectashli #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #fitnessmotivation #weightlossjourney #healthy #healthyrelationships #weightlosstransformation
At Bamsh we love this - Original caption by @thelaughtershowuk was: 🌼 Self-care is vital for our mental health but there are so many different self-care activities! 🌼 Let's share, what is your goto self-care activity? 🌼 Mine is either going for a coffee with a friend or spending time with my nose in a book 😊📚☕ . Don't forget to grab your ticket to the next laughter session by using the link in my bio 🌼 . . . #laughtertherapy #thelaughtershowuk #alternativetherapy #mentalhealthawareness #selfcareisntselfish #bristolbusiness #westonbusiness #mentalhealthadvocate #selfcaregoals #selfcareideas #supportingeachother #bamsh
It’s a grey day outside and I feel grey inside. I always feel down when the weather is grey. All I want to do today is lay down and close my eyes. I just want to close myself off to the world today. But of course I can’t. Life doesn’t stop for anyone so I can’t stop. But I can take a small break. How are you feeling today? #anxiety #sad #anxietyproblems #agoraphobia #closemyselfoff #mentalhealthadvocate #greyinside #ocdawareness #saddisorder
Rocking this new hairstyle what you guys think? Should I update the ol logo or what? 😂 anyways hello everyone! Just wanted to update you all on the lack of activity and videos lately but as you can see from my stress hair I have been extremely busy lately thank God, got lots of research and topics and projects going on which will hopefully give me much more content for you all so just bear with me for a couple more weeks and we should be back on the air with videos and content! I'm still answering emails and questions directly so always feel free to ASK THE PROFESSOR! 🙏 #professorHernandez #asktheprofessor #mentalhealth #psychology #podcast #anxiety #depression #talkaboutit #education #motivation #therapy #therapist #professor #mentalhealthadvocate #podcaster #youtube #research
How do you minimise negativity? . Struggling with mental health difficulties? Contact us at Act with Purpose Psychology in Brunswick on (03) 8595 3047 or at info@actwithpurpose.com.au . Image credit: @haleydrewthis
Had a bad day? Well brace yourself for what I'm about to say... THAT'S OK!!!! Omg it's so unbelievably ok. Bad days are inevitable. I’m sorry to be the bearer of such news, but it’s true. Regardless of who you are, what you do, where you're from, you’re still going to get bad days from time to time. I don’t know about you, but I find that oddly comforting. To think that I'm not alone in all of this. . Depression and recovery comes in waves. If you're in recovery that doesn't mean your bad days are in the past. They're going to come and go. The space between each bad day will eventually grow bigger and bigger and those days will become less and less. . I've had a rough couple days with my physical health and then I had an old 'friend' try to reconnect with me. This entirely through me as I thought I'd made my boundaries of what I will and wont allow in my life, pretty clear. That their presence in my life had unfortunately turned into a negative one. But alas, they still managed to get in my head. . While the messages started well. "I miss you" "Let's talk" Once I started saying what I will and wont stand for, the conversation flipped entirely. "Oh you're so negative" "I don't want negative vibes around me at all" . This did 2 things to me. The first was reassuring that I'd made the right decision to cut ties with this person, and the second was then confirming how insincere the original message was. . Their 'apology' wasnt accepted. They didn't get their intended outcome so the only way to feel better about themselves was to pull me down. . My moral of this story is ITS OK TO HAVE BAD DAYS. IT'S SO ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, ENTIRELY OK TO HAVE BAD DAYS. . I want to scream it from the rooftops. . If someone in your life isn't making you feel like the best version of yourself, making you feel like it's ok to feel whatever you feel at the time you feel. Get. Rid. Of. Them. . You don't need people bringing you down just to lift themselves up. . You are not alone. You are allowed to feel what you feel, when you feel, without judgment or restrictions. You are beautifully human and there are no rules for that. . 🖤
😉 What do you use your mirror for? ____________ ____________ I wrote this poem, "Look Atcha", in 2012. I mixed it with Jhene Aiko's song, "Mirrors". (Images of me in vid, from 2012 Barbados). 😘 It's funny how as a woman who embraces my power of choice in relation to my relationships with men, the common misconception is that past PAIN is a motivating factor for my present empowerment, freedom and wisdom in regards to how I manage my expectations of and experiences with men. Well some say, THE TRUTH HURTS, and if it's been my facing truth everyday that has led me down my current path, I will continue sharing the lessons of HEALING from those "hurtful truths" rather than driving myself and others crazy just to live a lie. Ya dig. _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ #mirror #mirrorpic #selfsabotage #jheneaiko #glass #writerscommunity #videoeditor #radicalselflove #peaceandlove #lovestory #lovecoach #innerpeace #wisewords #mentalhealthadvocate #mentor #bae #mentalhealthwarrior #lifecoachforwomen #lookwithin #truthseeker #empoweredwomen #selfcaredaily #reflection #poetic #poeticjustice #livingmybestlife #greatestlove
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