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South Melbourne Victoria Australia
“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like“
BoyMeetsGlock - My Bag (COMING SOON)
Tower and flower #antoniusphotoscript
Step up my guy.
Chicago pigeons wondering why tf I’m taking photos of them
Voices in my head 📸 @john_hyppolite
265 | Even when you turn 1, you’re always ready to party. Happy first birthday, Jelina!
Barco hundido. - Foto: @matos0893.
gewitter ⛈
Dhobi Ghat 2: Water like dust// Analogue love// Shot on Mamiya C330 // 80mm f2.8// t-max 400(expired)//
Looks like cotton candy 😋
I still have so many photos to go through from my trip. Enjoy this one!
Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all have a great week!
The Dr. Seuss tree in La Jolla! Happy Sunday everyone!
So glad I got to fly the drone again out in San Diego! The views were awesome!
It’s always nice getting some cool shots of some new places
Had a fun time in San Diego! Got to see a lot of beautiful places!
Goodbye San Diego! It was a fun trip!
Happy Monday! Enjoy this beautiful scene!
Sitting on the beach waiting for the sunset 🌅 Happy Sunday Everyone!
Beautiful sunset in La Jolla yesterday!
Happy Friday! Finally got the drone back up in the air! Got some awesome shots from Pacific Beach!
We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.
Happy Monday Everyone! Have an awesome week!
Have a great day everyone! Enjoy another pic from the Hanging Lake hike!
The views from the Hanging Lake hike are pretty awesome!
Hanging Lake was so nice I hiked it twice
Happy Sunday and Happy Fathers Day everyone! Let’s all pretend that this is a photo of a father enjoying the day with his daughter. Maybe it is, I’m not sure 🤔
Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy this peaceful scene from the Muir Woods!
Another awesome sunset photo from White Sands! Have a great Sunday everyone!
These people got in my way while taking pictures of the White Sands. So I took pictures of them. It actually came out pretty cool!
The Tent Rocks in New Mexico are just another example of how amazing this planet is!
White Sands is definitely worth the visit! Trust me the sand is White, it just looks orange because of the way the sun was hitting the sand.
Sunset over the Rocky Mountains in the distance 🌄
Nature is the best place to find balance
Ready for blue skies and green grass, but it’s snowing again.
Colorado sunsets never fail to amaze! Especially with the Rocky Mountains in our backyard!
Such a nice peaceful scene 👌
Throwback to those fall colors 🍁
Can’t wait to get the drone back out again! Excited to see what kind of shots I will get this summer!
Mother Nature at its best!
Nature sure is amazing!
Nature and a mans best friend. Happy Friday!
I will be reposting a lot of my photos over time which most of you have probably seen or maybe you are seeing them for the first time!
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