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#LiveBolanet FT: Man United 2-2 Derby County (3' Mata, 90' Fellaini ; 60' Wilson, 85' Marriott) (Pen: 7-8) | Possessions: 47%-53% | Shots: 14-16 | Tackles: 13-9 . . Hajar Setan Merah lewat Adu penalti, Pasukan Frank Lampard Melaju ke Babak Berikutnya Piala Carabao . . #BolanetReview #Bolanet #Bolaneters #CarabaoCup #PialaCarabao DerbyCounty #ManchesterUnited #Mourinho #Lampard #Mata #Rashford #Martial #McTominay #Pereira #Matic #Dalot
Second half about to start. We need to put the game away. Come on United! 🔴🔴🔴
What a team goal this is from us! This is what we’ve been practicing according to certain players on the team. We need more of this. Get in Juan! Juan Nil! 🔴🔴🔴 No copyright intended!
Cup day! We go up against Derby County at Old trafford, 8.00pm kickoff uk time. Expect to see a number of changes, need a decent cup run to get the morale back! ⚫🔴⚫🔴⚽️🏆 ____________________________ Comment score predictions
NEXTMATCH! - - ⚽ Man United Vs Derby County 🏆 Carabao Cup (Round 3) 📅 Rabu, 25 September, 2018 🕦 Kick-Off: 02.00 WIB 🏟 Old Trafford 📺 LIVE Streaming - - Wajib menang!
Next Stop Derby County. Let's kick off our carabao cup campaign with a Win. #letsgoboys #mctominay #ggmu #manutd #manutdfans #9ja #naija
David De Gea has been awarded a place in the World FIFPro XI! Deserved! We love you, David!@d_degeaofficial
The Manchester United Women’s Team account @manutdwomen has hit 100k followers! Congrats!
It’s a disappointing result. We should have dominated more, as in creating more chances, playing faster, moving off the ball more, etc. A second goal is what we needed but couldn’t get. Wolves defended well overall, they deserve a point out of the game. Onto Derby County.
FT: Manchester United 1-1 Wolves - - 18' Fred (Pogba) 53' Moutinho (Jimenez) - - Yah, gagal deh 3 point nya 😔
HALFTIME: 1-0. Fred with the goal from a beautiful assists from Pogba to take the lead. We haven’t shown full dominance but we definitely have the upper hand on Wolves. 🔴🔴🔴
HT: Manchester United 1-0 Wolves - - 18' Fred (Pogba) - - Hampir aja Fred cetak gol kedua 😂
Official Starting XI vs Wolves! 🔴🔴🔴
Today we play Wolves. They tied City 1-1 earlier this season, so it is very possible they’ll cause an upset. Players at the club have been saying we need to play with creativity and attack frequently, so we may see more of that today. Wolves should not be taken lightly at all, but we are Manchester United! COME ON UNITED! 🔴
According to sources in Serbia, Nemanja Matic has anonymously donated €70,000 to the family of 4-year old Dusan Todorovic, which was the amount of money needed to receive treatment for a malignant tumor in Barcelona. The family has gone out and said it was him. What a man! 🔴🔴🔴
NEXTMATCH! - - ⚽ Man United Vs Wolves 🏆 Premier League (GW-6) 📅 Sabtu, 22 September, 2018 🕦 Kick-Off: 21.00 WIB 🏟 Old Trafford 📺 LIVE on beIN Sports 2 & MNCTV - - Prediksi kalian? 👇
Jornada 21: Aston 0-0 Recre MOTM:De #Jong • Pornhub 1-2 CSKA 26':⚽#Palacios (0-1 CSKA) 🔚#Bautista 44':⚽#Tekpetey (Pornhub 1-1)🔚#Ferran 51':⚽#Mckennie (1-2 CSKA) 🔚#Bautista MOTM:Bautista • Maccabi 0-1 Schalke 14':⚽#Ünder (0-1 Schalke) MOTM:#Ünder Nottingham 3-0 Parguelas 3':⚽#Karamoh (Nottingham 1-0) 🔚#Mctominay 13':🚑#Alexander -Arnold (Recae en su lesion) 68':⚽#Driussi (Nottingham 2-0)🔚#Karamoh 77':⚽#Douglas Luiz (Nottingham 3-0)🔚#Driussi MOTM:#Douglas Luiz • Picharreal 0-1 Brazzers 90+4':⚽Sandro (0-1 Brazzers) 🔚Gbamin MOTM:#Gbamin • Vodka 3-0 Munich 28':⚽#Foden (Vodka 1-0) 🔚#Brewster 59':⚽#Foden (Vodka 2-0) 🔚#Brewster 81':⚽#Leao (Vodka 3-0) 🔚#Celina MOTM:#Foden
新印字到步, 曼聯 18/19杯賽字 有近期大勇的爆炸頭 作客10 Rashford, 27 Fellaini 問題歡迎Inbox or whatsapp +852-93375283 Instagram @prokicker #prokicker #manchesterunited #manutd #mufc #mata #mctominay #andreas #pogba #rashford #fred #fellaini
Feeling good today! 😉🔴
FT: 3-0 United. Great game played by the boys! Let’s carry this on into Wolves at the weekend. 😍🔴
‏نهاية المباراة | ‏يانج بويز 0-3 مانشستر يونايتد ‏الأهداف⚽️: ‏د35'،43 بوجبا ‏د65' مارسيال🇫🇷🔥
FT: Young Boys 0-3 Manchester United - - 35' Pogba (Fred) 44' Pogba (Pen) 66' Martial (Pogba) - - Pogba gacorrrrr! 🔥
HT: Young Boys 0-2 Manchester United - - 35' Pogba (Fred) 44' Pogba (Pen) - - Babak dua harus lebih semangat! 💯
-. مباراة اليوم مانشستري يونايتد ضد يونج بويز في دوري الابطال ... ‏تشكيلة مانشستر يونايتد الرسمية | ‏دي هيا - دالو - سمولينغ - ليندلوف - شاو - فريد - ماتيتش - بوجبا - راشفورد - لوكاكو - مارسيال المباراة الساعة 10:00 نلتقي بعد المباراة ✋🏽
OFFICIAL XI! This is our lineup to start vs Young Boys. I think this is one of the most exciting lineups we can have. There’s plenty of young prospects in the like of Dalot, Martial, and Rashford. We also have a combination of flair players such as Pogba and Fred. Pogba is also the captain today. Let’s go out and beat Young Boys! 🔴🔴🔴
MATCHDAY! Today we play Young Boys in our first UCL group stage match this season. We want a win and nothing less. The games against Young Boys could definitely be crucial in our bid to get out of the group stage. It’s not gonna be easy but we do have the ability and some more to put them away. Come on United! 🔴
Our boys on the way to Bern for our first Champions League match! 😍🔴
NEXTMATCH! - - ⚽ Young Boys Vs Man United 🏆 UEFA Champions League (GW-1) 📅 Kamis, 20 September, 2018 🕦 Kick-Off: 02.00 WIB 🏟 Stade de Suisse 📺 LIVE Streaming - - Optimis menang! 😈
新印字到步, 曼聯 18/19杯賽字 主場 39 McTominay 3rd 15 Andreas, 39 McTominay (Restock) 作客 6 Pogba 問題歡迎Inbox or whatsapp +852-93375283 Instagram @prokicker #prokicker #manchesterunited #manutd #mufc #mata #mctominay #andreas #pogba #rashford #fred
As for some early team news, the boss has revealed that Shaw is ready and will play in the Champions League versus Young Boys. Like for our left back!🔴
So, who thinks @smalling should play up front with Lukaku next game? He had a great game yesterday let’s hope he keeps it up! 🔴🔥
Kalo beneran, ada yang balikan nih 😁
Jose Mourinho: "Dia (Smalling) bermain dengan sangat baik. Satu-satunya hal yang tidak saya sukai dari Chris Smalling saat ini adalah potongan rambutnya tetapi saya bukan orang yang mengatakan itu kepadanya." - - Ada-ada aja nih abang Mou 😂
This was Paul Pogba’s 100th appearance for Manchester United, and he had a fantastic game to show for it. He was pivotal in our midfield, pinpointing passes everywhere on the field. Rio Ferdinand: Pogba today, this is the Paul Pogba we expect to see in a United shirt. He’s been phenomenal. Immense.”
This guy is in great form for us right now! Immense in the midfield.🤩🔴
Player Ratings: De gea: 9 Valencia: 5 Smalling: 8 Lindelof: 7 Young: 8 Fellaini: 7 Pogba: 7 Matic: 6 Lingard: 5 Sanchez: 5 Lukaku: 8 Substitutions: Martial: 6 McTominay: 5 Bailly: N/A - - #mufc #manchesterunited #manunited #reddevils #degea #antoniovalencia #chrissmalling #lindelof #ashleyyoung #matic #fellaini #pogba #alexissanchez #lukaku #lingard #anthonymartial #bailly #mctominay #manutd #mufcfans #premierleague #watfordfc
-. نهاية المباراة 1-2 و ‏لازال مان يونايتد يقدم كل اللي عنده الشوط الأول .. ويصبح مفلس كرويا وفنيآ الشوط الثاني.. الاهم هي الثلاث نقاط...مبرووك ❤❤ . . . . . # #football #footballnews #transfer #manchester #manunited #manchesterunited #mufc #mufcnews #daviddegea #romelulukaku #anderherrera #jesselingard #marcusrashford #paulpogba #juanmata #nemanjamatic #philjones #smalling #lukeshaw #lindelof #mctominay #antoniovalencia #dalot #fred #leegrant #worldcup #jlingz #rashford
FT: 2-1. An intense game because of Watford pressuring us at the end but we got the job done, away from home against a side that was in top form, winning their last five. A great 3 points!😁🔴
[Premier League🇬🇧] Se enfrentaban en el #VicarageRoad el #Wattford contra el #ManchesterUnited , en un partido en que a pesar de que el local venía con una gran cuota confianza luego de no perder ningún partido anterior, los #Devils se adelantaron logrando un 2-0 con anotaciones de #Lukaku al min 35 y #Smalling al 38 hasta que en el min 65 #Gray pone el descuento para los #GoldenBoys haciendo que el partido tenga un gran y entretenido final que terminó con #Matic expulsado al 94, sin embargo el resultado se mantuvo y el #United se llevó un triunfo de 2-1 que los ubica en la 8va posición con 9 puntos En cuanto al partido del chileno🇨🇱 #Alexis jugo hasta el min 84 y fue reemplazado por #Mctominay , al #NiñoMaravilla le anularon un gol en el min 23 y tuvo una buena asociación con sus compañeros en el transcurso del partido ¿Que o quien crees que le falta al United para ser un equipo imparable?🔥🏆
FT: Watford 1-2 Manchester United - - 35' Lukaku 38' Smalling (Fellaini) 65' Gray (Doucoure) - - Berikutnya, UCL 😍
-. نهاية الشوط الاول 0-2 ‏شوط اول ممتاز لليونايتد بأستثناء اول ربع ساعة + فيلايني ممتااااز 😍 شوط ثاني اجمل والاهم استمرار المستوى الى نهاية المباراة 🔥 ، . .
HT: Watford 0-2 Manchester United - - 35' Lukaku 38' Smalling (Fellaini) - - Babak kedua! 😈
Pertandingan melawan Watford akan menjadi penampilan ke-100 Paul Pogba selama membela Setan Merah. - - Bisa nyetak gol ga nih? 🤔
FT: United 2 Leicester 0. Get in three points. It wasn’t the greatest performance, but there were some things to be happy about. After all, it’s early days. 🔴🔴🔴
Starting XI. Pogba is the captain!
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