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➳ august 24, 2018: lizzie at jfk airport 🌹 • ➳ even at the airport she is such a fashion icon! i am just so in love with my bby ♡ how are you guys doing? the plan for daily posting failed again, but at least i didn't disappear for a longer time now! anyway school sucks, i love lizzie and i just want to sleep! 💐 • ➳ #elizabetholsen #elizabeth #olsen #lizzieolsen #lizzie #scarletwitch #wandamaximoff #wanda #maximoff #avengers #ageofultron #civilwar #infinitywar #marvel #marveluniverse #mcu #marvelcinematicuniverse 🌸
Oh we will 🤫 - Ac-nasixa(soundcloud) - (I worked hard on this pls don't flop) #wandamaximoffedit |#wandamaximoff | #maximoff | #mcuedit | #mcu | #marvel | #marveledit |#elizabetholsen |#elizabetholsenedit | #edit | #videostar | #omgpage | #fanaccount | #multifandom
Y trás la compra de #FOX por #Disney (aún no concretada al 💯%) han habido varios rumores en la red despertado mucho el interés ya que ha dado esperanza a los fans de que vaya a haber alguna reunión de los #Mutantes con los #Avengers en el cine y parece ser que ya se ha dado el primer paso. En el #VisualDictionary de #MarvelStudios que ha salido a la venta este mes y que nos da bastantes detalles de los personajes del #MCU se encuentra información muy interesante en la parte centrada en el personaje de #ScarletWitch interpretada por #ElizabethOlsen "Puede que sea llamada "Scarlet Witch", pero los poderes de #Wanda no se derivan del ocultismo. Ya sea que la alteró o simplemente desbloqueó algo latente dentro de Wanda,la #GemaDelInfinito (#MindStone ) en el cetro de #Loki le otorgó increíbles poderes mentales,los cuáles le permiten conjurar ráfagas de energía telequinética roja. También puede usar esta energía para crear barreras,levitar y mover objetos,para comunicarse y leer pensamientos por telepatía e incluso para manipular las mentes de los demás. Las palabras "Ya sea que la alteró o simplemente desbloqueó algo latente" nos hace pensar que activó el llamado (GEN MUTANTE) en los hermanos #Maximoff ,puede ser que sólo sea algo metafórico pero es algo que ha despertado muchas teorías de los fans y que puede ser aprovechado para introducir a los #XMen al #MarvelCinematicUniverse .
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH• You swore that after parties were always crazier than the actual event. People become pissed as nits, spewing and dancing like teenagers at a highschool party. You were sober, not wanting to have to deal with the chaotic hangover on the flight home tomorrow morning. From where you were sitting, you could see many things. Your best friend and her boyfriend, being less than appropriate on the dance floor, probably scarring half the people. A random woman singing extremely loudly with the music, making you wonder if she took some drugs beforehand to get some sort of buzz happening. A group of friends having the time of their life, dancing to the music like ordinary people. You then realised who you wanted to hang out with. You stood up from your seat at the booth, not really caring if people took your seat, you were probably going to go home soon anyways. You were about half way to the toilet when you were stopped. You spun around to see a man, visibly drunk, also visibly drooling over you. He wiped his face coolly, trying to seem suave. He was not suave. “Hey; wanna fu-“ The man was suddenly lead away by a tall woman, and another man appeared in front of you. He was way more well dressed, as well as sober. “I’m sorry about him. I don’t know how long he’s been walking around for, but he’s trouble when he’s drunk.” Your eyes widened at his British accent; you were not expecting that. The other man was American. The man sounded extremely apologetic as he spoke, his eyebrows furrowed. “It’s ok,” you sighed, “I was going to the toilet and then leaving anyways. My job here is done.” He was confused. “I did a lot of the sound technology for the award show, and I only came here to laugh at how drunk people can get in a small amount of time.” You said, shrugging your shoulders. The man was extremely surprised. “Well, let me tell you- you did an amazing job!” He cooed, placing a hand on your shoulder. He smiled warmly at you, and you smiled back. The two of you continued to talk for a while, completely forgetting about your need to go to the toilet and leave. •MORE IN COMMENTS•
❤❤❤ I think that this song was made for these characters and I don't know if I love more these character or this song ❤❤❤ And this edit is lovely - - Edit is not made by me - - - - - - #mcu #marvel #mcuedit #marveledit #edit #scarletwitch #wandamaximoff #scarlet #witch #wanda #maximoff #vision #avengers #avengersageofultron #avengersinfinitywar #ageofultron #infinitywar #iw #billieeilish #billie #eilish #lovely #elizabetholsen #elizabeth #olsen
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •BUCKY BARNES• Music sounded from a distant jukebox while you stood alone. Your friend was across the bar, hitting up some chuckleheads with her undeniable beauty. She could get any man by the drop of a hat, but instead she goes for the ones who will love her and leave her after one night. You strummed your fingers on the counter, looking about awkwardly. Your other friend, and bartender, came strolling up to you. “Busy night, I assume.” Thomas chuckled lowly, sliding you a drink. You shook your head, sliding it back. “Busier than ever,” you began, “but no drink for me. Only water.” Sarcasm dripped from your voice as you spoke, leaning your head onto your hand. Thomas laughed once again, handing you a different drink. He smiled warmly before moving onto someone else to serve. You skulled the glass of water, sighing once you were done. Your best friend, Nancy, was nowhere to be seen, leaving you alone. You didn’t even know why you went out to bars with her anymore, especially when she would leave at any chance she could get with literally any man. You were brought out of your trance by someone sliding up next to you. It was a man. An extremely good looking man. He had dark short hair, and was wearing a uniform. You almost melted at the large smile on his face. “Would you like to dance?” He asked calmly, extending a hand. You almost took it immediately. He chuckled at how you flinched ever so slightly. “What. No hello? Nice to meet you?” You smiled softly, tucking a loose strand of hair behind his ear. “Hello. Nice to meet you, I am Bucky. Would you like to dance?” You took his hand, and he lead you out to the dance floor while you told him not to make you regret it. You needed to have fun, do get out of your comfort zone. He swung you about, and the two of you twirled and danced to the music. The two of you were having the greatest time, laughing and squealing and delight. It was one of the best nights of your life, as well as the night before James Buchanan Barnes, your newest friend, left for war.
Owns every mutants ass -ac: xskeletxn | sc: hotbreva - -this is gonna flop but this is my favorite edit so idc
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •TONY STARK• Soft, steady beeping came from the heart rate monitor besides you. You closed your eyes, taking in a deep breath. It tasted like medicine burning in the back of your throat, making you cough a little. You sat yourself up as much as you could whilst your favourite nurse came in, clipboard in hand. He watched as you rubbed your eyes sleepily. “Hello my dear, Y/N.” He beamed, “how are we?” You smiled at the sound of his voice. He was always so positive. Even on the days where you could barely move, he was positive. “Been better, Charlie.” You groaned to yourself, ending it in a cough and a splutter. Charlie, who was at the foot of your bed, cringed slightly. “Ohh honey; that sounded wet. Take a tissue.” He handed you over a tissue, and you coughed into it once again. He continued to do your vitals, ensuring everything was on track. “There’s a visitor coming today.” He said finally, a smile coming onto his face. You looked up from your phone, eyebrows raised. “What? Who?” You sighed. Today was one of your badder days. You felt groggy, and just wanted desperately to sleep. Charlie looked quite excited. “Tony Stark.” He cheered, clapping his hands. Your mouth fell open wide. Tony Stark? The billionaire? Why would he want to come somewhere like this? A place where people are dying, and becoming sick everyday. You rolled your eyes, “Yeah right. He’s coming like how I’m getting surgery.” You scoffed, rolling over. You winched at the sudden pain in your arm, hoping Charlie didn’t see. You ended up falling asleep once again, praying that the pain would go away. ••• You were woken by a sporadic knock on the door. You grunted, your eyes stinging at the brightness in the room. Your chest felt painful, and you coughed continuously while sitting up. Charlie came stumbling through the door, along with someone else. “Ch-Charlie?” You asked. You rubbed your eyes once again, trying to adjust to the light. “Not just Charlie.” A voice said proudly, and your eyes snapped open. Standing before you, next to your favourite nurse, was Tony Stark. •MORE IN COMMENTS•
I love Wanda but Pietro is the better twin - - Ac: I really don’t know - - - - #pietro #pietromaximoff #maximoff #maximofftwins #wanda #wandamaximoff #pietroedit #pietromaximoffedit #wandaedit #wandamaximoffedit #ageofultron #aou
Open rp (you can still do it if your not tagged) Wanda looks over at you, mid battle. She’s getting defeated, and choked by the enemy. She gives you a pleading look as she begs for air.
gєт 域 yσυя αssєs | Quicksilver s:unknow c:@fastimoff t:#quicksilver #pietromaximoff #maximoff #pietromaximoffedit #quicksilveredit #marvel #edit
Any video ideas? 💡 comment down below if you have any #YouTuber #YouTube #Subscribe #Likes #Comment #Follow #Maximoff #Video #Ideas
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •NATASHA ROMANOFF• “Oh my god, Alec, it’s Mia.” You whispered to your friend, nudging him in his side. He swatted away your elbow, laughing. “No it’s not. Mia has longer hair than that.” Alec said, “surely she would have told you, anyways.” You shook your head. You were adamant that the girl a few meters ahead of your and your friend Alec, was your bestie Mia. Alec knew it wasn’t, but there was no stopping you. You began to run towards the girl you thought was your best friend, jumping onto her back with a scream. Suddenly, you were flipped off her shoulders, pinned to the ground with their knee pressing into your chest. You stares into the fierce eyes of a girl who definitely wasn’t Mia. “Who are you.” She hissed, pressing harder into your chest. You looked around erratically, hoping someone could see what was happening. Anxiety pumped through your veins as the tears welled in your eyes. “Yo-you’re not Mia.” You breathed. The girl’s- who wasn’t a girl... a badass woman to be more specific- eyebrows furrowed, and she tilted her head slightly. “I- I- I. Sorry.” A tear fell down the side of your face as you apologised over and over again. You thought you were going to die. You thought the woman was going to kill you then and there. “You’re only a kid..?” The woman said. It came out more as a question, but you were so scared to even interpret what she was saying. Tears fell more rapidly then, and the weight off your chest lifted slightly. “Please don’t. Please. Pl- pl- please no.” You whispered, your breath shakey and uneven. The woman’s face softened, and she stood away from you. You scrambled up onto your feet, looking for Alec. Where was he? You ran in the opposite direction to the woman, not watching as she stood there helplessly. You were only a kid. You were probably scarred, and it was her fault. • You never thought that that would be the first time you’d meet your new best friend
➳ september 7, 2018: lizzie at kate spade fashion show in nyc 🌹 • ➳ i mean she is a true fashion icon, i just want her as my stylist! also red and blue are her colours! well my daily postings are back, but who knows for how long, let's hope for a long time! 💐 • ➳ #elizabetholsen #elizabeth #olsen #lizzieolsen #lizzie #scarletwitch #wandamaximoff #wanda #maximoff #avengers #ageofultron #civilwar #infinitywar #marvel #marveluniverse #mcu #marvelcinematicuniverse 🌸
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