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daredevil 1.01 hello — fc: 84 — qotd: what's your favorite season? — aotd: probably winter #daredevil #marvel #mattmurdock #marveltv #daredeviledit #charliecox
You can suffocate evil. Starve it. Lock it behind bars. But it will find a way to come back, even stronger. . . . . . . . Back again with my edgy shit . . . #daredevil #daredevilnetflix #marvelsdaredevil #netflix #marvel #mcu #matthewmurdock #mattmurdock #charliecox #myart #watercolorpainting #watercolours #acrylicpainting #painting #art #traditionalart #drawing #red #blackandwhite
Daredevil 3: il trailer e la data di uscita ufficiale - Con il nuovo teaser trailer di Daredevil 3, Netflix ha finalmente annunciato che la terza stagione arriverà sulla piattaforma dal 19 Ottobre. Netflix, ha inoltre, diffuso tre foto ufficiali dal set di Daredevil 3: Leggi anche: Daredevil: il teaser trailer della stagione 3 La terza st... ...continuate a leggere l'articolo su nerdpool.it #CharlieCox , #Daredevil , #Marvel , #MattMurdock , #Netflix , #TheDefenders #nerdpool
Karen page is back!!! ❤❤❤
✝️ Baptized: Yakuza ✝️ . . . The hum of electricity ceased to escape his ears, waking up, he was shirtless and bandaged up. The vermilion shade he once brandished was now washed away. This place was cold, dank. Indescribable. No smells that he could detect, the only sounds were faint drops of water splashing against rocks in the far distance. Hums of electricity being the most prominent noise in his ears. Static. He knew not of what happened,or why,or how. But, he felt healthier, stronger than ever. His body was no longer in a state of torment. He collected his mind as the susceptibility of Kingpin would only endow his streets even further the longer he sat back and did nothing. But first, he needed to find out where he was. It seemed to be a frigid cave that allowed energetic signals from high above, his hands tracing along what felt like mechanical tools, feeling the air shifting as something came his way, moving out of the way, a crescent moon shaped projectile stuck into the wall as Matthew turned to face the origin of the throw. "Who the hell are you? And why did you take me here?" Questions acquitted all other thoughts. Quizzical guesses due to the ambiance were absconded in place of finding out who this man was. His aura was cold, calculating, brisker than Frank Castles. That was saying something. He seemed manic. "Matthew Murdock, on behalf of Moon God Konshu, I apologize for the gratuitous absconding of your body. But, you are healed now. My name, is Moon Knight, but since I'm aware of your name.. perhaps you may be allowed to know mine." Relinquishing his white mask and hope, a scarred face looked at the blind lawyer. His body clad in a black and white armored suit. "After dealing with a man named Taskmaster, I was on my way back to where we are now when I picked up heat signatures of both yourself and Wilson Fisk. I found you, and took you to a temple of Konshu I had set up. The power source healing you. I apologize for being so abrupt." "Abrupt!? You take me away and bring me here? Why!? In fact, I don't care.. move out of my way." Feeling forlorn deep down about his boisterous reaction.
✝️ Baptized: Bloodlust ✝️ . . . {Six Hours Earlier} His ivory tower was covered head to toe in paintings, from Picasso to Money. The contrast in idealism he represented through splashed colors was enticing. Luring you into his mind only for him to corrupt. To break and mutilated what you have. Your loved ones, your finances, your home. Will be his, or dead. Or eventually both. Leaving you muttering soliloquies mindlessly. The eyes of his hues scanning the charcoal colored sky, admiring the stars stop The top floor of his budgeted tower, viewing the other adjacent, that was owned by his wife. Vanessa. His rock in the middle of the willowing paper trying so hard to succumb to the winds violent nature. She kept him steady, she kept him straight. He knew what kind of this night this would lead to, he was well aware of all dangers represented to him ever since he was a young boy. Growing up on the same exact same street as one Matthew Murdock, within Hell's Kitchen, life was different. Life was a pig sty. As you already could know. There was an addicting vibrancy to the inner walls of this neighborhood, one that pulsed. Gave off hope underneath the rotting soil that controlled the streets each decade. First was a man going by the name Silvermane. He ruled the 1950's and and 60's with the Manfredi family, until they were brought down by Captain George Stacy. Salvaging them only for a few years by the time another crime Lord by the name of Hammerhead took the mantle of Hell's Kitchen, being one of the longest owners of the neighborhood. Taking over in 1973 and up until 1990. Wilson, grew up in the Hammerhead era of Hell's Kitchen, having to live under the roof of an abusive father trying to gain a city council position to put the Fisk name on the map. Sullying himself under the Hammerhead's cruel mind games, torturing those whomever failed him. Going by an iron clad demonization of anything and everything. Corrupting Wilson's father even further than before, the sleepless nights of abuse to not only himself, but his mother as well, painted what true negative light this world was. At only fifteen years old in 1988, was when he went through with it.
DareDevil the man without fear! #marvelknights #mattmurdock #daredevil
Throwback to when I defended Deadpool in the court of law #Cosplay #Marvel #Daredevil #mattmurdock #Deadpool
Been working on this and practicing digital art 😬.. inspired by the new trailer for #daredevil season 3 ❤️ 😈can’t wait for this!! #daredevilseason3 #mattmurdock #charliecox #netflix #marvel #thedefenders #netflixmarvel #netflixmarvelseries
✝️Baptized: The Beginning✝️ . . . St. Luke's Lutheran Church, the looming cathedral that cast a shadow over the gritty neighborhood that inhabits the holy purity. This city had a history marred in bedlam and condemnation. The fallacies feeding off the folly, officers beaten, tattered and broken. A place that was ran by the criminals, for the criminals. It was the asylum for the anarchy. Fire imbuing fire. Chaos imbuing chaos. Auspicious, anomalistic torment withering away at the constructs built by the forefathers as over a century later, the anarchy ensues. But these streets only know of the true poison, the one that only money could buy. As futility remained in the shadows under the oversight of Fisk Tower's. The duo, seventy five floor, gargantuan constructs were sited as the Mecha for criminal empires. In fact, it was the only, the sole foundation now for the ubiquity condemning these streets in a renewed blasphemy that trumped whatever plagued the timely streets of 1895. Where a sergeant looked on in befuddled beguilement and labeled the treacherous 538 acres "Hell's Kitchen." The cathedral, one if the mainstay landmarks of this neighborhood of sin. Standing as the Virgin Mary amidst hellfire. Cleansing the few lofty individuals that extend their hand out to the heaven's for guidance. For liberated cleansing sevenfold. The sun bled around the structure, wrapping it's light around the sides and gleamed upon the tightly bound section of Manhattan. Upon the light from above, darkness reigned below, as blood dripped and painted the pavement in spewing fashion. The fascist idealism of one Wilson Fisk had done his dirty work. Not by a highly salaried assassin, nor a low life miscreant that he picked up off the street, this grotesque beat down was of his own hands. His own fruition. Intrepidity befalling the folly. A locally known lawyer by way of Matthew Murdock laid like a sack of meat near a dumpster on Chelsea Avenue. His body broken,bruised, massacred and mutilated. And yet, hollowed breaths exuded from in-between his frigid lips. Begging to weave another thread into the web of life.
I used to wonder if it was okay for my role model to be a fictional character. I hesitated on writing about him in school projects and even answering truthfully in a regular conversation. Now that I’m older, and know the world a little better, I realize it’s completely okay and in fact, may be a little wiser. See people tend to get influenced throughout their life and change as they go. For better or for worse. And there’s nothing worse than seeing your real life hero become something you no longer admire. These characters stay the same. Their ideology is forever. So to anybody out there that is embarrassed or confused about the fact that they may love a #superhero as if they were a real person in their life, I want you to know, you’re not alone ⚔️🔥🖤 #marvel #daredevil #wisdom #ideology #nofear #admiration #wise #guide #rolemodel #mattmurdock #charliecox #honest #worldonfire #hellskitchen #devil
Tenemos dos nuevas imágenes promocionales de la tercera temporada de Daredevil. La primera imagen nos vuelve a mostrar a Matt Murdock con su primer traje y la segunda es otra imagen del reencuentro de Matt con Foggy. #EntertainmentWeekly #Netflix #Marvel #Daredevil #DaredevilSeason3 #MattMurdock #CharlieCox #FoggyNelson #Foggy
Devil of Hell's Kitchen 🔥 QOTN: Would you like to see the Defenders in the MCU Movies? AOTN: Not really, I would like to see a more comic accurate version of them.
#marvelnetflix #daredevil #mattmurdock #charliecox . Something I decided to make 😈😈😈
Work like a soul inspired Until the battle of the day is won. -Nat King Cole Getting ready for another week. Actually heard Sinatra version of Pick Yourself Up and this line always made sense. #deviloftheglass #vigilantefitness #daredevil #beast #devilinthedark #fitness #defenders #work #ready #toledo #netflix #warriors #charliecox #igotthis #marvel #comic #marvelcomics #419 #cosplay #fitnessmotivation #instagood #music #hero #like #follow #norestforthewicked #trainfunctional #glasscity #train #mattmurdock
Today was a fun day at the Comic Expo. Had a fun chat with the legend himself, the best Batman @kevinconroypage , also I realised that the fantastic Carlos Valdes aka Cisco from the Flash TV show shares my views on not watching trailers 😂 And many cosplayers complemented our customs. So it was a good day indeed.
Daredevil season 3 come to me #daredevil #mattmurdock #marvel #comics
what do u mean i cant binge daredevil bc i have a real job now (no reference entirely freehand im sorry if its bad rip) #daredevil #daredevilseason3 #marvel #mattmurdock #girasart
Great time as Matt Murdock at Megacon. Yes, I looked away because I’m blind. 🤣 #megacon2018 #megacontampa #mattmurdock #charliecox #daredevil #lukecage #ironfist #elektra #netflix #neegan #catwoman #deadpool #cosplay #firsttime
Ward and Colleen are lowkey the best part of the show facts . . . #ironfist #ironfistseason2 #lukecage #misty #jessicajones #daredevil #mattmurdock #dannyrand #colleenwing #netflix #punisher #
Just finished up this custom DareDevil cowl and billy club holster for a client. I had a lot of fun with this project. #marvel #daredevil #mattmurdock #manwithoutfear #cowl #comics #prop #holster #billyclubs #3dmodeling #3dprinting #creality #cr10s #costume #cosplay #jordansironicarmory
"Jessica Jones. I hear you been looking for me. I'm here. Where do you want to meet?" - Daredevil I definitely want to do this photoshoot. @whiteknightcosplay #Daredevil #mattmurdock #jessicajones #jewelmarvel #Jewel #marveluniverse #Marvel #hellskitchen #Avenger #Defender #marveluniverse #marvelcomics
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