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[Friday, July 6, 2018] Shield Đi mua cafe mà cứ nhìn chằm chằm nó Hey girl: How much for the shield? Not for sale OK! “I just have one question, when Cap needed help if I’d asked you, would you have come? I guess we’ll never know. But if you had, you’d never been caught.” #capshield #marveluniversecomics #antmanandthewasp #momentswillbecomememories #justwannastaythereandtimefreezing #nhatkyleopold #feelings #mustfeltbytheheart #storyofmylife 💥
Kids in their Zone...introducing #marveluniversecomics from #Earth 's Core to #Merciless Enforcers
AAAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA es un genio!!! 😂😂😂 #deadpoolmovie #marveluniversecomics
Repost from @bryanjaysinger Congrats @lanacondor on the role of Jubliee! I hope you do her justice!
So sad to see one of my favorite spiders sacrifice himself, just to let everyone else live. But that's why his death is so beautiful, because he knew there was always a way for the good guys to win. He lived by this mortality. He wasn't worried about his life, he just wanted I praise the people(some who hardly knew) he loved and hated and was ready to serve his life before others....Even us humans, we can sacrifice time and money, just to make others happy. It takes a waking up of the conscious, but it feels so good in the end, when your tired and wish you had more time for yourself, to know that you AT LEAST saved someone else!!... GO GET HIM, TIGER!