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MONSTER VENOM The crown jewel of my collection, Monster Venom is the Build-A-Figure (BAF) for the recently released Venom centric wave. For anyone unfamiliar with Marvel Legends, BAFs are figures that are split into six (sometimes seven) pieces—arms, legs, torso, and head. These pieces are then packaged with a figure. For example, Venom came with Monster Venom’s right leg, while Carnage came with his head. The only way you can build the figure is by buying all six figures (you can also just buy the BAF complete on eBay for like $70 or buy the pieces separately but what’s the fun in that?). This figure is incredible. It’s massive, and the head sculpt is probably the best Venom head sculpt on the market right now. It’s hard to tell in some of these photos, but the figure is finished with a metallic deep-purple deco that looks amazing. I think these images speak for themselves—this is definitely one of the best figures of 2018. 10/10
Damn, Hasbro. Since when did 5-7 business days mean 1 business day? Not that I’m complaining 🤷🏻‍♂️
“Hey, everyone.”
MYSTERIO I love this figure. Everything about it screams classic Mysterio, from the lime-green gauntlets and boots to the fishbowl helmet. The main body of the figure is a brand new sculpt featuring Mysterio’s iconic checkerboard patterns, and the gauntlets feature some very nice dark green shading. The fishbowl helmet is molded to the cape and can be removed very easily. Under the helmet is a grotesque translucent white head that sits on a ball and hinge joint. There is also a variant that includes a green head instead of the more common milky white color. The figure comes with one of the Lizard’s legs and two translucent green smoke effects. These smoke accessories are brilliant and fantastic for display. It’s as if Hasbro ripped them right of the comics. Overall, this figure is a must have for all Spider-Man fans and is easily the best Mysterio ever made. 10/10
Lady Deadpool & Spiderham... Marvel legends pickups from FYE.. BOGO50% and my 10% member discount brought the it down to approximately $16.50 apiece (including tax) #marvellegends #marvellegendsspiderman #marvellegendscommunity #spiderham #ladydeadpool #toys #actionfigure #toy #actionfigures #marveltoys #marvelactionfigures #toycollector #toycommunity
Found this guy’s body and head while vacuuming the vehicle. It’s like my birthday! #marvellegendsspiderman #blacksuitspiderman
From Hasbro. With the Spider-Man Legends Series, both kid and adult Marvel fans can start a legendary collection of comic- and movie-based Marvel characters. These 6-inch figures are highly articulated and feature a comic-inspired design, making them another worthy addition to the Spider-Man Legends Series. Collect all... IG members tap the pic, all others go here: https://breakingcollectibles.com/products/marvel-legends-spider-man-bundle #marvel #marvellegends #spiderman #marvellegendsspiderman #doctoroctopus #electra #elektra #cloakdagger
#acba #toyporn #toypizza #marvellegends #marvellegendsspiderman #spiderman #spidermantoy #spidermanactionfigure #spiderpunk #urbanscene #streetscene #marvel #toyphoto #toyphotografy #actionfigure #actionfigures Fast pic of Spider-Punk thinking about his personal Pick of Destiny 😳 Used a gift-box with container print on it from another dollar-shop, and placed it on a granite cutting board. Some framing and filtering later this image was born. My very first more or less real ACBA pic *babysteps*
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