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this edit's the shittiest thing i've ever done + everything wrong with editing but i wanted to do something quick with clint and scott and i promised you a superavengers crossover so here dt: @spldeypool bc they made me start shipping them🐜🦅 — ⁄⁄ tags :: #marvel #avengers #hawkeye #jeremyrenner #supernatural #deanwinchester #jensenackles #marvelau #au #alternativeuniverse #incorrectquotes #crossover #superavengers ⁄⁄
Oof, I love the colors. Also I've never seen demon!Bucky fanart before? Beautiful. Anyways, apparently a few people want me to start posting more stuff. Here I am, doing just that 😩👌 | •Gravesecret• (Tumblr) | #steverogers #buckybarnes #stucky #stuckyfanart #demonbucky #marvel #roleplay #marvelau
[ superfamily au ] i don’t know what to say so.
*wink* *wink* Chemistry~ ••• "Ok class today I'm going to assign you partners for the project that we'll be doing." You chemistry teacher said in her 'done with these kids' voice. She started assigning partners as you started to think; being assigned partners is better than when everyone goes and partners up with their friends and your left sitting in your desk awkwardly waiting for someone to ask you and that someone always being someone who doesn't do anything. "Y/n your working with Peter." She said, snapping you out of your thoughts. You had a bit of a crush on him which made you excited to work with him. You got up and walked over to sit next to Peter, as went over to him you saw Ned whisper something to him before leaving. (Side note - I'm in middle school idk shit about high school chemistry) "Hey, so for this trifold thingy where do you want to meet up to work on it after school?" You asked "We can work on it at my place if you want, my aunt can even help us out a bit." Peter responded, trying to hide that he was nervous."Sure I just have to ask my mom." You said as you took out your phone to text your mom. --- At the end of the day you followed Peter out of school go to his apartment. "We can buy the trifold on the way." He said as you caught up to him. "I'll pay for it." You said "it's fine I can." He said as walked into a store and held the door open for you. --- You where in Peter's room working with him on the project, when someone knocked on his door, Peter opened the door and in came Ned. "My partner isn't gonna do a thing, so I might as well work on my project with you guys." He said as he sat on Peter's bed and took out his things too work. "Ned can I talk to you for a moment in the hall?" "Sure...?" They both went out into the hall and you could still hear everything they where saying. "Ned, I was about to tell y/n ya know." "I know, but I didn't want to work alone plus I wanted to be here for when you told y/n you like her/him." You blushed and spaced out before you could hear the rest of their conversation. Before you knew they came back in Peter blushing. "Peter, I heard everything you said." You said awkwardly. ●{MORE IN COMMENTS}●
Ok I've never asked you guys for this but seeing as we haven't reached many people lately, I at least want those of you who follow me to see what I post so please turn on post notification. I post three times a day so I hope that won't get too annoying😊 - - - - - - {Can we get 2,000 followers by December 31st} - {©️ @me_and_my_marvel_memes } - #marvel #marvelmeme #inccorectmarvel #marvelau #inccorectmarvelquote #spiderman #ironman #captainamerica #buckybarnes #thor #inccorectavengers #inccorectavengersquote #antman #blackpanther #blackwiddow #gethelp #hawkeye #hulk #brucebanner #wakanda #infinitywar #avengers #avengersinfinitywar
My head hurts so this might not be really good... ••• "What do you think dad has planed fro this weekend?" Your sister Cassie asked. "I don't know maybe he'll take us to the movies or a zoo." You answered "I hope we go to the zoo." She said as you knocked on the door. Your dad opened it "PEANUTS!" "Dad!" You and Cass said at the same time, her excited, you annoyed. You both walked in and went to the living room. Once you got there you saw a woman with dark brown hair sitting on the couch. "Y/n, Cass, this is Hope. Hope, y/n & Cass." Your dad said. "Hi!" You sister said before running to her room upstairs. "I'm going to get ready, so that we can go to the Zoo." You dad said as he went upstairs. "Hey." You said to Hope as you sat on the couch next to her. "Hi." She said smiling. "So are you and dad dating or just friends?" "We're dating." "So I might be getting a step mom in the future, cool." Hope blushed a bit "Yeah." --- The 4 of you had arrived at the Zoo after having awkward short conversations with Hope for about half an hour. "I wanna see the giraffes!" Cass said as you entered the Zoo. "We'll see them soon." You dad said laughing a bit. You were walking next to Hope, which was still awkward. "What's your favorite animal?" She asked. "Koalas, what's yours'?" "Tigers." "Can I get a stuffed giraffe?" You sister asked. "We'll see." You dad responded --- At the end of the day you had talked alot with Hope and found out that the 2 of you actually had alot in common. You were heading upstairs to go to bed when you turned around and looked at your dad. "She's cool, I like her." You said, as a way of approving her. As you turned around to continue going upstairs, you saw her look at your dad and smile. ° ° ° ° ° ° #marvel #marvelimagines #marvelimagine #imagines #imagine #marvelau #au #scottlang #antman #thewasp #antmanandthewasp
Hey Guys this is my new account for marvel I’ll be posting tomorrow but I just wanted to introduce myself.
I don’t know if I like this :/ -Jade🐾 You arrived at the Sanctum fifteen minutes early, a jumble of nerves and excitement. You stood just outside the door, smoothing your hair and fussing with your dress. You couldn’t believe you were about to go on a date with Stephen Strange, the man you’d been admiring from afar for years. You took a deep breath to calm yourself, then another for good measure. You lifted a hand to the door, about to knock, when it opened suddenly. “Y/N,” Stephen said, surprised. “How long have you been standing there?” You looked at your watch. “Twelve minutes,” you replied. Stephen laughed. Your heart skipped a beat. “Is that her?” a voice from inside called out. “Invite her in, don’t be rude.” Stephen’s cheeks turned a faint pink. “Where are your manners?” A large Asian man appeared at the door. “I was about to invite her in before you so rudely interrupted me, Wong,” Stephen retorted. You laughed and stepped inside. “I’m Y/N,” you said, reaching to shake Wong’s hand. “Now, this girl has manners. I like her already!” Wong told Stephen. Stephen groaned playfully and took your hand. “Let’s go.” He whisked you up a large flight of stairs and around a corner. “Where are we going?” you asked breathlessly. “It’s a surprise,” he replied, using his powers to open a portal. You rolled your eyes. “I hate surprises.” “You’ll like this one, trust me.” Stephen disappeared through the portal, giving you no choice but to follow. Once you were through, you looked around. “Is this…?” Your voice trailed off. Your eyes took in the gorgeous scenery around you. “Welcome to Paris,” Stephen said. “Oh my god, Stephen! We’re in Paris!!” You reached up to hug him excitedly. He chuckled. “Come on,” he said, “it’s about a ten minute walk to the Eiffel Tower.” You gasped. “I’m so happy, I could kiss you right now,” you proclaimed. “That wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world,” Stephen said softly, but you were already too far ahead to hear him. He laughed and shook his head before running to catch up. (continued in comments)
Just a short one, everyone is unique in their own way, no one is ugly or nothing. Everyone is perfect! • • • • • • • • • • • #marvel #mcu #imagine #marvelimagine #avengers #theavengers #ageofultron #infinitywar #marveledit #marvelfan #marvelau #ironman #captinamerica #hulk #thor #wandamaximoff #vision #spiderman #doctorstrange #guardiansofthegalaxy #buckybarnes
[teen wolf x captain marvel] Have you watched the trailer?
• —————— Stony AU Continuation —————— Hey guys! Here's part 19 of the AU——————————————————————— Steve realizes Wanda is brainwashed by Ultron and doesn't fight her back because he doesn't want to hurt his friend. Wanda attacks Steve. ————————————————–—––—––––– Hopefully my schedule will stabilize in the next few week, thanks for all the support. ——————————————————––—– Tags: [ #stonyau #stony #steverogers #marvelau #ironman #marvel #tonystark #captainamerica #marvelfanfiction #stonyart #stonyfanfic ] #ssstonyau225
• —————— Stony AU Continuation —————— Hey guys! Here's part 18 of the AU——————————————————————— Steve, Nat and Rhodes go on a mission to find Tony and Wanda. Vision has some difficulties, so Nat makes him stays in the headquarters to avoid further damage. Steve order Nat and Rhodes to take care of the civilians while he goes to search for Ultron. ————————————————–—––—––––– I'm so sorry for not updating in the past 6 days, school has really kept me busy. To make it up, I'll be posting the second part of this, in an hour!!!! ——————————————————––—– Tags: [ #stonyau #stony #steverogers #marvelau #ironman #marvel #tonystark #captainamerica #marvelfanfiction #stonyart #stonyfanfic ] #ssstonyau225
Credit: Teruteruya || Tumblr . T: *watches peter interacting with the other avengers from afar* . S: *walks towards tony* after witnessing what that boy did with us, He is brave, i must admit. . T: more than you know. . S: no wonder why you invited him to join your gang&fight ur ex days after you knew him. . T: days? Pfft. *sips his wine* . S: so you’ve known him long before that. What is he? Your secret son? . T: *chuckles* no, wizard. I saved him a long time ago. When he was a little kid. You know justin hammer? . S: i heard the news. . T: The kid believed his fake iron toy possessed the power of the real one,thinking he could actually shoot hammer’s worse toy with it. Luckily, i saw him&yeah. I wasn’t the only one wearing the ironman mask. So i impressed that fanboy with the real badass toy to save his life. . B: you’re so good- . T: i know. . B: at showing off, really. It runs in your blood, doesn’t it? . T: *chuckles* I made it look like it came outta his toy&told him it was a nice work actually. I wanted him to believe that he could be a hero like me too someday. i think it worked because he literally told me he wanted to be like me last year. . B: Nice work then. . T: No.. i wanted him to be better. He almost ‘got himself killed’ for trying to be like me that day. . S: oh, i had no idea he really wanted to be like you ‘that much’, sorry. . T: *rolls his eyes* Also, i stole his identity with my tech tho. Y’know. To make sure he wouldn’t try to be like me too soon. But then i accidentally kept his stubborn ass safe for years til it was the right time to show up&get 2 know him better. He’s not just a random kid i knew yesterday, wizard. I learned him for yea- wait.. it’s not that i’m a creep or somethin but- . S: *chuckles* It does sound a little creepy but i believe you’re his hero, Tony. *smiles warmly,bringing a red color to tony’s face* . T:*sips his wine&raises a brow to hide it* . S: that alcohol is gonna kill you slowly. . T: look,i know you were a doctor but if you think- . S: No. of course my friendly advice won’t stop you from killing yourself. But... i actually- uhh- *clears his throat* Thank you. . T:*chokes* F-For what? . S:(read the art)
[ #PeggyCarter x #SteveTrevor Au ] • i love them! in my opinion they would be a super-agent-duo! imagine you, if they would knew and work with each other long before they meet diana and cap - it wouldn't be that impossible! i love this idea - just two super badass, normal humans without any superpowers 🙌🏻💗 • what do you think? • ___ [ tags: #marvelsagentcarter #marveledit #marvelvsdc #marvelau #marveluniverse #marvel #marvelcomics #marvelcinematicuniverse #dccomics #dccomicsuniverse #dcedit #dccu #dcccomicsedit #dccomicsau #dc #agentcarter #agentcarteredit #peggycarteredit #peggycarter #hayleyatwell #hayleyatwelledit #wonderwoman #wonderwomanedit #stevetrevoredit #stevetrevor #chrispineedit #chrispine ]
Okay, Lemme make this quick. First, I only use 1 pic as the theme divider bc i don’t wanna spam ur timeline and i don’t even think i can post 3 times a day to keep the dividers placed neatly.🤧 Second, I’m not actually gonna change the theme of this page tho. It’s just the format of the caption that will change a bit. I think, my caption is too long to read sometimes that some people who don’t like reading or bother to read the whole one shot i write under people’s amazing art think the art belongs to me which leaves less recognition to the artist itself. So, in order to respect the artists that inspire me to write a long ass caption for their arts more, i’m gonna put the art(edit: if there’s any[except if it belongs to me]) credit (& source: if the space is enough. If not then i’ll just include the artist) in the very beginning of the caption so people can see it better. ☺️ However, i’m not gonna change the format of the ones posted here because it’s too much and which is why i made this instead. Okay, that’s the only difference you’re gonna see on my page and all i wanted to inform today. Thank you so much for reading this crap. 🤧 Again, Sorry for my inactivity and absence due to my study a few days ago. And oh! I’ll start posting again today!🤧 Have a nice day/night!🖤 . #Drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #marvel #sherlock #sherlockholmes #gay #spiderman #peterparker #stephenstrange #marvelart #doctorstrange #benedictcumberbatch #robertdowneyjr #tomholland #incorrectquotes #mcu #avengers #infinitywar #ironstrangefanart #headcanon #fanfiction #ironstrangeAU #marvelau
Hey guys So here is the Main Character for my Marvel AU Her name it's Charlotte (Carly) Stark She is the daughter of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts She is 14 Azure Night it's her codename like Tony it's IronMan ,she is Azure Night I will give you more information when I do her ref sheet #azurenight #marvelau #puddlesmarvelau
i got a school field trip today at some camp let’s see how that’s gonna go _______________________ ғᴏʟʟᴏᴡᴇʀ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ➩3207 ᴅᴀᴛᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴛɪᴍᴇ➩9/19/18, 6:18am ǫᴏᴛᴘ➩ wya have chris evans stay as cap but rdj leaves as iron man, or rdj stays at iron man but chris evans leaves cap _______________________ follow @aven.gerss (me lol) for more content like this! _______________________ tags; #marvel #marvelau #marvellegends #avengers #avengersedit #avengers4 #stony #stonyau #stucky #stuckyau #hawkeye #thor #natasharomanoff #tonystark #steverogers #spiderman #captainamerica #ironman #peterparker #blackwidow #spidermanhomecoming #ironmanedits #spidermanedits #stonyedits #brucebanner #clintbarton #rdjedit #chrisevans #tomholland
GOOD morning im posting in the morning for once bc i’ll be gone the whole day and idk if i have wifi tonight oof dt; @softestony @lovinstony @apheliea @marvelous.stark @p.terpvrker edit: wow the last text is hard to read im sorry :(
Y’all, I have another fan acc! @multifandomwitch This one used to be my friends, but she handed it off to me (she got bored). It used to be riverdale, but I changed it into a MULTIFANDOM acc. It would mean a lot if u gave it a follow! #hollander #marvel #marveledit #tomholland #avengers #avengersinfinitywar #spidermanfarfromhome #avengers4 #ironman #hulk #fff #likeforlike #marvelimagines #marvelau #zendaya #rdj #tomdaya #spideypool #edit
You where fighting on Team Cap. Your team had one more than team Iron Man and since you where the youngest; to be exact you were 15. You were assigned to just help out when you saw someone one on your team need help. Everything was going along great until Tony called in another person. When you saw the red & blue suit with a spider on it you immediately knew it was Spider-Man, or Peter Parker, you knew his identity and he knew your's. When Cap saw Spider-Man he looked over at you telling you to fight him you hesitated a bit before running to one of the airport wings where you saw Spider-Man go. You hot there and saw Him holding Bucky's arm and Bucky looking shocked as Spider-Man said something, but you where too far away to hear him. You hid on the floor above them waiting for the perfect moment to come out. A few moments went by and you had been watching from above. You saw Bucky and Sam stuck to the ground with something that looked like webs. You suddenly heard someone coming up behind you and turned around quickly punching them. "AWW! THAT HURT HOLY DAMN Y/N!" Peter said grabbing his nose."Pete?!" "Well hello to you to!" You quickly thought if to stay or run down the steps that where next you, and before Peter recovered from you punching him in the face you decided to run. Once at the bottom you looked up and didn't see Peter, so you turned around and again saw him. "Wow! Very original there." "Well what'd you expect me to do after being punched in the face by my best friend." "Sorry,but you snuck up on me."damn!" You heard Sam say."Shut up Birdy!" You said to him. You heard Bucky laughing, as you turned back to Peter. Who pulled you close to him. "Uh...Peter?" You said blushing. He lifted his mask just revealing his mouth."I like you y/n. As more than a friend." "UM!?!" Before you knew it he pulled you in for a kiss. You pulled away "Uh- I l-like you too." You said very flustered. He quickly shot webs at you and stuck you to the ground next to Bucky."newbie" Sam said. Peter looked at you just now realizing that he kissed you "I really do l-like you y/n, but I just don't want to disappoint Mr.Stark." He said. ●{MORE IN COMMENTS}●
"How could you not like chicken nuggets?!" You said to Bucky, your boyfriend, after stopping to get food."Well I don't know I just didn't like them. Normal chicken is better." He responded. You gasped extremely exaggerated, he luaghed. "Your too much sometimes y/n." "You love me anyway." You said as you leaned against his metal arm and held his hand (the metal one). "Yeah I do." He responded. You blushed "I love you too." You said. The 2 of you continued to walk around when you decided to show him central park. As the 2 of you walked by the playground at Central Park, someone tugged on Bucky's jacket. The both of you turned around and looked down to see a little girl. She pointed to his metal arm and then to her prosthetic arm."I have one too." She said. You looked at Bucky, he kneeled down stretched out his metal hand."I'm Bucky." He grabbed his hand with her real hand and shaked it and then looking amazing at how he could move it so easily."I'm Christine. Your arm is so cool!" She said as she continued to examine it. Bucky looked up at you, a huge smile across his face. You kneeled down next to him. "I'm y/n." "Hey y/n, did you know his arm is made out of metal?! Isn't it so cool!" Christine said."It is? Woah! That amazing!" You said acting shocked. "Yeah look at at." She said showing you Bucky's arm. "Your arm is cool too." He said to her. "Yeah but your's is way cooler and you can move it so easily." Bucky was about to say something when the girl's mom came over, he quickly covered his arm incase tge lady had seen the news and knew about the Winter Soldier. "Christine, there you are!" The mom said. "Hey mommy, meet Bucky and y/n. Bucky also has a prosthetic arm!" The mom looked over at Bucky, side eyeing him bit, as he got up. You got up after him and quickly reached out your hand. "Hello ma'am I'm y/n." The mom looked at the both of suspiciously "C'mon Christi, let's go home." She said, Christine looked back at Bucky and waved. After they had left you looked over at Bucky. "The mom realized who I am." He said looking down annoyed. "She didn't, she probably thought she knew you from somewhere. And don't think about the one bad" you said you left the park.
SO COLD -liz✨ “No!!! No. No.” Tony opened his mouth, prepared to argue, but Steve wasn’t done. “No. No. NO. NO!! Stark. That is the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard. You’ll never make it. Are you insane?” Tony shrugged, seriously considering it. “Yes.” “You’ll never make it! They’ll shoot you before you’ve even reached the safe house!!” Steve exclaimed, frustrated. Tony shrugged, nonchalant. “Eh. I’ve lived my life.” Before Steve could protest, Tony bolted out the doorway, aiming for a nearby building. As soon as he stepped outside of the fence, a storm of bullets pelted down directly at Tony from behind a tall, thick white wall. Tony was down in an instant, unmoving before he even hit the ground. “YOU’RE OUT,” Bucky’s voice sounded from the wall of assorted pillows and blankets. He poked his head up, pointing to where Natasha, Bruce, and Thor sat. “Go sit with the rest of the losers,” Sam stood next to Bucky, laughing. “I really don’t think you can be laughing at ME if you’re the one wearing pink bunny pajamas Sam,” Tony retorted, sitting down next to Bruce. Thor watched the scene play out with childlike enthusiasm in his eyes, clapping excitedly whenever someone “died”. “These Midgardian games are so fun to watch, but so unrealistic. No one dies that easily,” Thor said, chewing on the popcorn he had begun to bring to these game nights. Natasha had been the first to die, cursing colorfully in Russian when Rhodey shot her down. Bruce…..Bruce had shot himself, preferring to sit next to Thor and watch everyone else play. They had fallen into a routine by the fifth game night, with Natasha doing something daring or stupid and dying first, followed closely by Bruce letting someone kill him or killing himself. “Huh. That’s weird. I placed my bets on Steve taking the bullets for Tony. There goes five dollars,” Natasha mumbled. “STEVE! YOU BIG CHICKEN! WHAT KIND OF GENTLEMAN ARE YOU?? YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO TAKE THE BULLET FOR ME! NOW I’M DEAD AND NATASHA’S DOWN FIVE DOLLARS!!” Tony heckled. “I WARNED YOU!! I DON’T DIE FOR IDIOTS LIKE YOU!!” Steve yelled back. Natasha sat up, quickly interested. She smirked knowingly, handing Thor five dollars.
U gay
Hi I'm in this Community as the underrated space meme! I've loved Chris Pratt sense 5th grade, and now deciding to be The best space boy alive is amazing! I've been roleplaying for about 6+ years, and it's been an amazing experience for me!! But yes! Im here to be StarLord ( Peter Quill ) and I hope you like my portrayal of this thought cocky bean!
[ aaou au] tony and thor’s friendship is so underrated:,)
YALL THE CAPTIAN MARVEL TRAILER IS OUT FUCK and some thorbruce for y’all (i think that’s the ship name) _______________________ ғᴏʟʟᴏᴡᴇʀ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ➩3204 ᴅᴀᴛᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴛɪᴍᴇ➩9/18/18, 3:11pm ǫᴏᴛᴘ➩excited for captain marvel????? _______________________ follow @aven.gerss (me lol) for more content like this! _______________________ tags; #marvel #marvelau #marvellegends #avengers #avengersedit #avengers4 #stony #stonyau #stucky #stuckyau #hawkeye #thor #natasharomanoff #tonystark #steverogers #spiderman #captainamerica #ironman #peterparker #blackwidow #spidermanhomecoming #ironmanedits #spidermanedits #stonyedits #brucebanner #clintbarton #rdjedit #chrisevans #tomholland
Depressed! Peter x (y/c) . . . Based off of In My Blood (shawn Mendez) & Love me like you do (Boyce avenue cover) . . . . Peter took in a breath. He couldn't sleep again, he didn't understand why but those thoughts were back again. The nagging thoughts, the ones that made him feel like just giving up. He reached for his phone, wondering if he should call (y/c) again...that would make the third time this week he had to call. He hated feeling so weak, but he couldn't stop the feelings. He felt like giving up, the walls started to close in on him again and he felt like he couldn't breathe as tears streamed down his face. He wanted to call, but if he bothered (y/c) too much he was afraid he would lose them, afraid to be alone..again. He just needed something to ease the pain. He took a shakey breath and dialed "h-hey...I uh...can you come over?" Peter choked back sobs. . . . . . . . #avengersrp #avengersroleplay #avengers #avengersau #marvelau #mcu #mcuroleplay #mcurp #marvel #marvelrp #marvelroleplay #marvelavengers #marvelavengersrp #marvelavengersroleplay #peterparkerroleplay #openroleplay #openrp #depressedpeter #depressedrp #triggerwarning #peterxtony #peterxmj #peterxshuri #peterxwade #peterxwanda #peterxavengers
[teen wolf x fake scene] Q; Stiles or Scott? A; Scott
— shuri <3 » 3005 (parkinson white flip) - childish gambino - *peter attempts to swing through wakanda accidentally misses a building and face plants right in front of you and shuri: *giggles* “hey spider-boy!” peter’s face still on ground: *mumbles* “for the last time, it’s spIDeR-mAn!” y/n: *laughing rlly hard is about to die* “yeah, cause you seem really manly right now, pete.” ^ ib by xxmarvelqueenxx on wattpad. • #mcuimaginesgrp #shuri #shuriedit #shuriimagine #letitiawright #letitiawrightedit #letitiawrightimagine #blackpanther #tchalla #chadwickboseman #blackpantheredit #blackpantherimagine #theavengers #avengers #ageofultron #infinitywar #marvel #marveledit #marvelfan #marvelau #marvelimagines #mcu
Sambucky AU (2/?) . Sorry about the clarity! 😓 . Do dm opinions! 😉 . Follow for more! 💓 I post unpopular opinions and pretty much anything else related to the mcu! One post a day! 💜 . #marvelcinematicuniverse #marvellove #marvel #marveledit #marvelships #marvelunpopularopinions #marvelau #mcuopinions #mcuships #mcu #mcuedit #mcuedits #sambuck #sambucky #samwilson #falcon #wintersoldier #buckysam #bucky #buckybarnes #buckybarnesedit #jamesbuchananbarnes
[ ironstrange ] we noticed :,)
Short and simple cuz I'm tired oof. ••• You were younger then both of them you were 16, but the 3 of you got along very well. The night so far had consisted of movies, joke, pizza, and more movies. After about 4 hours of this Nat decided to change things up. "You guys wanna play truth or dare?" She asked "Yes!" Both you and Wanda answered. It had started with Wanda and was now at you and Nat was the one asking you he question and she knew you best. "So, y/n, what do you think about Peter Parker?" You blushed slightly. "He's a nice guy." You answered "Oh~ do I sense a crush?" Wanda said. "No, and don't you dare get into my head." "Well she's not wrong" Nat said "Ugh." "Y/n has a crush~" Wanda said practicality singing it. "Well what about you and Vision, huh Wanda?" She looked away blushing. "Your really obvious ya know." "So what I may like Vision." "I knew it!" You said as you got up yo get more chips. "Well I said the truth at least I didn't deny it!" She shouted as you walked to the kitchen. "Whatever" you said as you giggled and started to think about Pete. ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° #marvel #marvelimagines #marvelimagine #imagines #imagine #marvelau #au #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #wandamaximoff #scarletwitch
(BANNER 3/3) 🍒🍓💘🌤️💨 - banner inspo: multiple accounts - Filter credits: @rpeditinqhelp - Overlays and textures: @rpeditinqhelp
*which you knew meant. Autocorrect had given up on me ☆ y/h/n = your hero name ☆ ••• You where in your apartment about to take a nap when you heard a knock on your door. When you were a few steps away from it you heard someone slip something under the door. You looked down and saw a piece of paper, you picked it up and saw there was nothing on the front. You flipped it to the back and saw a drawing of a person in a red suit shooting someone. You sighed "shit, I was already falling asleep great timing Pool." You mumbled under your breath. You walked over to your dresser and opened the bottom drawer, removed a few t-shirts, & lifted the 'bottom' of it revealing the actual bottom and your black and light blue suit. You took the suit out and put the other things back. You quickly put on your suit and went to the bridge where he had told you to meet him in a text. You arrived at the bridge and saw Deadpool sitting on the rail drawing. You walked over to him. "Hey Pool." You said sitting on the rail next to him."Hey y/h/n." He said "How much longer til the fight?" "Not much, he should pass by soon." "You do know that from far away you like your gonna jump?" He luaghed. "What if I did, would you care?" "I'd be scared at first, but then remember you regenerate fast, so I wouldn't care." "Ouch. And to think I'm your only friend." "Haha" "Am I wrong?" He said leaning over to you. You tolled your eyes. "I knew it!" "Whatever." You said as you chuckled and pushed him away. You heard motorcycles and looked over, as you did you saw it was 3 motorcycles and 2 fancy black cars following them. You looked over at Deadpool. "Show time!" He said turning around and getting off the railing. You followed him and saw Deadpool grab his gun. "Shoot I only have 12 bullets," He looked over at you "Gotta make them count!" You looked back at the motorcycles and knew this was gonna be a crazy a fight. ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° #marvel #marvelimagines #marvelimagine #imagines #imagine #marvelau #au #deadpool #wadewilson
I forgot to post this yesterday ••• You had known Steve and Bucky since high school. You weren't really close to them, but they were friends with you. Now that you had moved out of your parents house you had gotten yourself an apartment and your neighbor ended up being Steve, which lead to you to getting close. You had gotten closer yo Bucky too, but not as much as with Steve. One day you where in your apartment making lunch when someone knocked on your door. You quickly cleaned your hands on a rag and went to open it. "H-hi y/n, so um I w-was wondering if you'd like to go dancing at the bar later with B-Bucky and I?" Steve said, clearly nervous "Hi Steve, sure I'd love to go."You responded, you could see the happiness on his face at your answer, you knew he liked because one of the shallow girls that'd get close to him just to get close to Bucky had told you. You had started to develop feelings for him back. Later that day you got ready to go and headed out to the bar. Once you got there you saw Steve & Bucky waiting for you at the entrance."Hi guys." You said "Hi y/n." Steve said blushing slightly. "Hi y/n~" Bucky said mocking Steve. You walked into the bar that was flooding with music. You looked back and saw Bucky head off to go get drinks. "Y/n would you um...like to dance with me?" Steve asked nervously. "Sure." You responded as you grabbed his hand. You where taller than him, but not that much you where only about 2-3 inches taller. Later into the night you as you 2 were dancing, Steve worked up the courage to tell you how he felt. "S-so y/n, I um- I like you as more than a friend." He blushed and looked down. "I like you too Steve. Your a sweet, kind, & caring guy who stands up for what he believes, you can't find alot of those now a days." "Really?!" He said happily, you giggled. "Yes, Steve I like you." You saw him look behind you and give someone a thumbs up. "I'm guessing, Bucky." You said jokingly. "Yeah, he helped me get the courage too tell you." You turned around and smiled at Bucky and mouthed the words 'thanks'. You turned back to Steve and continued to dance the night away.
JOLT // Chapter 3 : : Alright things kinda heat up this chapter and there’s some slight violence but not a lot so I hope you guys enjoy. Next chapter is gonna be a doozy😂 - - - - - - #marvel #marvelfandom #marvelau #marvelfanfic #marvelfanfiction #aumarvel #fanfictionmarvel #fanficmarvel #jolt #scarletperkins #evelyn #drama #suspense #powers #hero #confusion #infinitywar #avengers #tonystark #spiderman #peterparker #ironman
well this went in a very different direction than the one I had planned -Jade🐾 “Y/N! Smile!” Peter aimed the camera at you. “Peter, stop.” You reached for the camera. He pulled back, laughing and taking pictures. “Aww, but you look so cute in this one,” he said, showing you the screen. You crossed your arms. “I think that’s the ugliest picture anyone’s ever taken of me.” “You didn’t even look,” Peter said. “Fine.” You pretended to study the screen closely. “Just as I predicted. I’m even uglier than I thought.” Peter sighed and lowered the camera. “Y/N, you are not ugly.” “Peter, there’s a reason I like to stay behind the camera,” you told him. “Did you even look at the picture?” Peter asked. You looked down sheepishly. “No… but I don’t need to look at it to know I’m ugly.” Peter groaned. “Why won’t you let me take your picture?” “Umm…” You pretended to think. “Because I’m ugly and unphotogenic.” Peter sighed. “You’re not hearing what I’m saying. Y/N, you’re beautiful.” You opened your mouth to protest, but he put a finger over your lips. “I’m not done,” he said. “Y/N, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met, and it’s not just your looks. It’s the way you smile at the littlest things, and the way you laugh like you don’t have a care in the world. How I often see you staring at the sky. You’re fierce and loyal and beautiful inside and out.I love you so much it hurts to know that you think so little of yourself. I just wish you could see yourself the way I see you.” You stared at Peter, not believing your ears. “Peter…” You tried to say more, but the words just wouldn’t come out. He laughed bitterly. “It’s okay,” he said. “I didn’t really expect a response anyway. Here’s this back, I guess.” He took the camera from around his neck and handed it to you, then walked away without so much as a second glance. Later that night, you sat in your room, uploading images from your camera to your computer. The pictures were mostly of Peter; he had been your favorite subject since you got the camera on your thirteenth birthday. (contd. in comments)
ive been wanting to draw loki as a mermaid recently, but after finding the song siren by kailee morgue (11/10 suggest) i decided a siren would fit him more. i also added thor as a mermaid for fun. anYways i really like how this came out so yeE . . #digitalart #art #siren #lokilaufeyson #marvelmermaid #marvelau #au #alternateuniverse #thorodinson #odinson #mermaid #merman #ocean #fan #fanart
i made this when i was supposed to be doing homework,, also i’ve never related more to peter _______________________ ғᴏʟʟᴏᴡᴇʀ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ➩3189 ᴅᴀᴛᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴛɪᴍᴇ➩9/17/18, 5:21pm ǫᴏᴛᴘ➩shuri or peter? _______________________ follow @aven.gerss (me lol) for more content like this! _______________________ tags; #marvel #marvelau #marvellegends #avengers #avengersedit #avengers4 #stony #stonyau #stucky #stuckyau #hawkeye #thor #natasharomanoff #tonystark #steverogers #spiderman #captainamerica #ironman #peterparker #blackwidow #spidermanhomecoming #ironmanedits #spidermanedits #stonyedits #brucebanner #clintbarton #rdjedit #chrisevans #tomholland
☆ ☆ {I'm still waiting for the new wig full with desire to finally make a full rest with the right things. Still have to work on details though like Necklace and a better looking makeup 🖌 Do youBlack Widow or Scarlet Witch? 😇} ☆ #chubby #plussize #curvy #chubbycosplay #plussizecosplay #curvycosplay #scarletwitch #wandamaximoff #avengers #marvel #hogwartsau #marvelau #cosplay #austriancosplayer
[AU] I’d love to see them meet again. - Red Skull said to Steve “yet you wear a flag on your chest and think you fight a battle of nations” during the plane fight in CATFA. Imagine his reaction to Steve’s new outfit.
So me and my friend have already planned when and where we are watching avengers 4 the day after it come out 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 • • • • • • • • • • • #marvel #mcu #imagine #marvelimagine #avengers #theavengers #ageofultron #infinitywar #marveledit #marvelfan #marvelau #ironman #captinamerica #hulk #thor #wandamaximoff #vision #spiderman #doctorstrange #guardiansofthegalaxy #buckybarnes
This is supposed to be infinity war where Wyatt (cap) has his bad boy complex and longer hair . The comic is really cute and I love them being so cute together. Luna of course is overly happy to see her cute boyfriend who she's too shy to say how cute he is so she just starts tearing up . (Including that they haven't seen each other in like 7 months) Wyatt belongs to @dekutucosita . This'll probably be one of the last things for this au for now unless you guys want more? I don't know haha. #sketch #digital #digitalart #traditionalart #dirty #infinitywar #captainamerica #buckybarnes #thewintersolider #steverogers #marvel #mcu #marvelcinematicuniverse #marvelau #ocs #oc #ocship #comic #fluff #original #originalcharacter #tchalla #blackpanther #shuri
— loki laufeyson <3 » song: find you - zedd (acoustic version) loki: “i’m so so sorry. i didn’t mean anything i said. i love you darling. and i always will. please forgive me..” • #mcuimaginesgrp #lokilaufeyson #lokilaufeysonimagine #lokilaufeysonedit #tomhiddleston #tomhiddlestonedit #thor #avengers #infinitywar #avengersinfinitywar #marvel #marveledit #marvelfan #marvelau #marvelimagines #mcu
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