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For those who didn't think I was serious earlier. Here's no beat, Biggie freestyle, one take, goodnight. . #hiphop #biggie #freestyle #notorious #notoriousbig #lyricalfrankwhite #rap #acapella #smokedit #truestory #nypd #iam1stphorm #idontlie #ripbig #ripbiggie
One of the greatest to ever do it passed away 20 years ago today. Biggie music probably had the craziest impact on my life because I used to hate hip hop (mainly because it was the ringtone era) till I discovered music. It was a shame that we only had to classic albums from him and a small selection of work but from what we have we can't be mad about. RIP Christopher Wallace #biggiesmalls #thenotoriousbig #frankwhite #lyricalfrankwhite #christopherwallace #ripbig #readytodie #suicidalthoughts #art #artwork #acrylics #rip #20years
Your reign on the top was short like leprechauns As I crush so-called willies, thugs, and rapper-dons Get in that ass, quick fast, like ramadan Its that rap phenomenon Don-Dadda, fuck Poppa You got ta, call me, Francis M.H. White in tank-light totes, tote iron Was told in shootouts, stay low, and keep firin Keep extra clips for extra shit Who's next to flip, on that cat with that grip on rap The mo shady, "Tell em!", Frankie baby Ain't no tellin where I may be May see me in D.C. at Howard Homecomin with my man Capone, dumbin, fuckin somethin You should know my steelo Went from ten G's for blow to thirty G's a show to orgies with hoes I never seen befo' so, Jesus, get off the Notorious penis, before I squeeze and bust If the beef between us, we can settle it With the chrome and metal shit I make it hot, like a kettle get You're delicate, you better get, who sent ya? You still pedal shit, I got more rides than Great Adventure Biggie, "How are you gonna do it?"