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Thanks to all who joined, no hard feelings on those who didn’t make it @awparkcr @ughspidey @celestiite @sebssevans @mhbedits @jotcnprnce @sebquackson @pamiedits congrats
[OPEN] hi guys, so I’m hosting a collab pls join lol 😌 - rules- 1. Mbf me 2. Comment 2-3 editors that might be interested 3. Comment who and what part and backups in case 4. I’ll be picking sept 1-2 5. Don’t add any special coloring and or overlays 6. Square formation 7. Could be any actor/actress and or youtuber 8. I will pick based on style rather than friendship - Parts- Intro Part 1- Part 2- Part 3- Part 4- Part 5- Jared Padalecki ( me ) Part 6- Outro - Have fun and good luck! This is my first collab and I might do more if this goes well. If no one joins then I’ll just archive this and post smt else💖
I’m working on edits right now!! If you have any people you want me to make an edit of comment below!!! I need more ideas🖤 @tomholland2013 #peterparkeredit #tom #lovefortom #tomhollandmemes #hollanders #tomholland #tomhollandedits
#starkergrp is recruiting ! - Rules- -mbf me and @hcllxnds -tag 2-3 editors who might wanna join -post 2-3 edits (old or new) under #starkergrp & repost this pic -due date August 27 - (btw I do not ship starker in a like dating relationship, it’s just what I’m calling my favorite father/son relationship)
😊Happy face when I wore new t-shirt😋 #loveforTom &Jerry#
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