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Transformation journey of @taylornicole.ox #willpower ・・・ Honestly how CRINGE is the photo on the left 🤣😷 May 2015 in Richmond VA at close to 210 pounds.. I was large and in charge. I ate my feelings and never said no to sweets Right is today! I will never delete these before photos because they honestly make me chuckle. I have alot of work left to do but at least my face isn't a dough ball anymore. 👌🤗. . . . . . #amipartofthefitfamyet #fitness #workout #photooftheday #transformationpicturesofinstagram #transformation #transformationjourney #bigbootygirls #bikinigirl #bikinibody #bikinifitness #bikinicompetitor #womenempowerment #womenpower #womenwholift #girlpower #gymaddict #bigbootywhitegirl #weightloss #weightlossinspiration #weightlosstransformation #weightlossstory #weightlossjourney #weightwatchers #loseweightdontwait
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Cindy McPherson shares her story tonight! Before I started my health journey on December 22, 2017, I was in a hopeless state. My weight was out of control, I was having heart and breathing issues and I had no self esteem what so ever. I needed help desperately! Taking control of my health has been the best decision I have made in a long time! 😊 I am down 90 pounds ⚖️ and my heart and breathing issues have disappeared!!! I now know the key 🗝 is consistency! I can’t wait to see where this health journey will take me and sharing it with others is a priority in my new found life! ❤️ Even though I am not to my goal weight yet, I am happy to report I am now coaching others to find health!!! 🙌 #wordoftheweek #consistency #goals #longevity #breathing #newfoundlife #bestdecision #transform #time #determination #before &after #b &a #loseweightdontwait
This is Dorrie. She lost 72 pounds and tons of inches and has been maintaining for 10 months. BUT, more important than that, she is now off her blood pressure and cholesterol medications. She has put off having her knee replacement surgery for nine years and now is pain free from losing her weight. Dorrie is just an amazing woman! #healthywithnat #loseweightdontwait #nomoremeds #victoriesthatmatter #pricelessresults #beforeandafter
Mo has been on the “big” side for years. When he played college football, he was able to carry his weight well. Fast forward 20 years later and his weight is harder to hide and lose. He found himself weighing the same as he did in college, just not playing ball and working out. After only 4.5 months on plan, through the holidays, he lost 50 pounds and reached his goal. Went from a size 40 pants, to a size 36! Woohoo! 🔥 Awesoke job, Mo! 👊🏼 #healthywithnat #fiftypoundsgoneforever #celebratinglife #loseweightdontwait #beforeandafter #lifetransformation #doitwithme #coach #healthcoach
Jessica is a true inspiration ❤️ I have always been heavy, even as a kid, but I really started to lose control and let myself go after age 25. With marriage, discovering new restaurants, having a child, emotional and convenience eating, and more, I found myself large, habits out of control, with a skinny girl inside screaming to come out, but frustrated with my own failed attempts. I was hiding in baggy, comfy clothes but wasn't truly happy with my body, and I even looked pregnant but wasn't. With this program and utilizing all 4 components, I have found all the tools, accountability and community I need to not only reach my goals, but continue to take my health to new levels, help others and dream bigger than I ever imagined. #dreambigger #newlevelsofhealth #reachyourgoals #weightlossprogram #loseweightdontwait #sidebyside #healthywithnat
29lbs. Gone forever! Why am I so sure that this time it's forever. Because I now have the knowledge and know better. I know what choices to make to stay healthy. I'm loving myself more than I ever did. And let me tell you something no one around me would have ever thought that was possible. But here I am displaying my before and after pictures announcing to you that your body effects your mindset, the same way your mindset can change your body. I'm here for all of you. Feel free to contact me. #healthywithnat #beforeandafter #freeyourmind #andyourbodywillfollow #loseweightdontwait
Monday is all about motivation. Take the first step towards your transformation today. You will love who you can be by June 12th! Message me to get started! #healthywithnat #loseweightdontwait #weightforlife #goals #motivationalmondays #firststep #loveyourself #lovewhatido #changeisawesome
Nat's Curry meatballs Sauce: 4 cups water 1/2 tsp turmeric 1/2 tsp curry 1/2 tsp salt Bring to a boil Meat: 1.5lb. Ground turkey 1/2 tsp. Garam Masala spice 1/2 tsp. Salt 1/2 tsp. Paprika 1/2 a poblano pepper ground 3 celery stalks ground 1/2 cup.parsely ground 1 egg Once sauce is boiled add meatballs Cook for 20 minutes medium fire Then add 2 cups green beans Lower fire and cook for another 40 minutes. #Healthywithnat #easyrecipes #recipes #groundturkey #turkeymeatballs #curry #eathealthy #loseweightdontwait
Vonda: In July 2012 I had a 7 month old, 4 and 5 year old and husband who was flying 18 straight days out of every month. I was worn smack out with absolutely no energy! I lost 30 pounds in 8 weeks, gained my energy back and felt every bit as good as I had in my 20's. And 4 1/2 years later, I have kept the weight off!! #loseweightdontwait #doitforyourself #doitnow #keepitoffforever #dontlookback #nomoreexcuses #becomethatperson #loseweight #weightloss #yoyodiet #nomore
Just yesterday I said to myself I did that! I was part of that! I am part of that. I am part of something that is so simple and so necessary. I am part of an amazing health journey. One that I enjoy learning from. And I look back at my life and say "I wish I could have done so many things, I haven't yet." But it's not too late. It's never too late. Want to go to college? Go! Want to travel? Find a way to do it! Want to get healthy? Just do it. One healthy habit at a time! #healthywithnat #healthiswealth #healthishappiness #healthmatters #yourhealthmatters #enjoylife #loseweightdontwait
Wowza! This is one story to smile about tonight. Please help me CeLeBraTe Bonny who now has dropped -152 lbs!💥 In March 2017 she made the decision to change her life, even when she didn’t believe in herself she saw posts just like this one and knew that the program worked. Rock bottom is different for everyone. To her it was 400 plus lbs. Where is that place for you? Will you wait or do something different to create the results you want? If you are ready to get Healthy, Message me. #loseweightdontwait #weightlossforlife #bekindtoyourself #loveyourself #youareworthit #beforeandafter #dropweight #itsajourneyworth joining
Couples dropping weight together! These two may have been happy before, but nothing like now. They chose to be kind to themselves, get healthy, and have a whole new life ahead! Do you and someone you know want to get healthy? Let’s do it…we are better together! #loseweightdontwait #coupleslosingweighttogether #giftofhealth #healthylifestyle #beforeandafter #marriedcouples #couples #doubletheexcitement
Shakshuka 4 fresh diced tomatoes 2 chopped garlic cloves 1 teaspoon paprika 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 tbsp olive oil 1 medium bell pepper diced 1/2 cup parsely Cook on medium fire for 15 minutes then drop two eggs and 4 egg whites on top of the chunky tomato sauce. Cover and let cook until the egg yolk hardens or to your liking. Enjoy in good health! #healthywithnat #healthyrecipe #foodporn #tasteswaybetterthanitlooks #comfortfood #thatisgoodforyou #loseweightdontwait
Marcus is a world changer! Look at his transformation! And when you hear Marcus tell his story you hear the determination in his voice. He lost 35 lbs. and loving life. #healthywithnat #loseweightdontwait #weightloss #itsamindset #alifestyle #notadiet #thereisnoexpirationdate #youreachyourgoaltransitionandmaintain #onehealthyhabitatatime #community #yoursuccessismysuccess #getwiththeprogram #getstartedtoday #exploreyouroptions
Vera is one of the funniest and witty women you will ever meet in your life. She lost 51 pounds last year and has maintained her weight loss since then. She has the energy of a 20 year, it just goes to show you that age is just a number. If you could get to a healthy BMI and weight and eat the right food that will forever your body you will regain energy you forgot you have. #healthywithnat #loseweightdontwait #weightgain #yoyodiets #dontwork #getwiththeprogram #itworks #itsposibble
I am much more than I expected to be when starting my journey back to health. This journey will never end I will just keep changing directions and lanes because I am the journey now. I represent that it can be done one healthy habit at a time. I learned through my community what real health looks like. We share ideas, tips, and recipes inspiring and motivating one another. My journey would have not been the same without the amazing group of people I met thus far. Come and explore for yourself, what do many like me have already discovered. #healthywithnat #healthjourney #becomethejourney #inspire #andbeinspired #lovingmyjourney #lovingmynewbody #weightloss #loseweightdontwait
I love this transformation, but most importantly I relate to it. I used to be that mom that hid behind her kids and strollers and any large enough object that will only show my face. I loved selfies, got the whole technique down to perfection. But that moment that someone else would photograph me I was livid. And I refused to believe that their photo was the truth. I used to say "omg, no one knows how to photograph me!" Like my obesity wasn't the problem, they were. Fast forward to today 27lbs. down and guess what? I come out nice in others photos too. #healthywithnat #loseweightdontwait #exploreyouroptions #makeithappen #yourhealthmatters #youcantotallydothis #youjustneedhelp #icanhelpyou #findthetime #prioritizeyourhealth
I'm a very decisive person who is surrounded by many undecisive people who look to me to make decisions for them. I can not make decisions for others but I do guide them to making an amazing decision they are going to love forever. We explore all options, they make the decision, and once they love it and feel complete with it they are unstoppable. They don't need anyone else's approval. No one else is living your life other than you. Make a life changing decision today that you will love forever. #healthywithnat #loveyourdecisions #lifeisgood #loseweightdontwait #makeadecisionyoulove #todayandforever
Naema is an amazing coach that I met through our program. She recently dropped 30lbs. And is now maintaining her weight loss. In her words "The change on the outside is obvious, but it pales in comparison to the changes I’ve experienced on the inside. I will never go back to the photo on the left. I choose health!❤️❤️❤️" #healthywithnat #healthispriceless #loseweightdontwait #beforeandafter #weightloss #healthcommunity
Goat Cheese Salad 1cup lettuce 1/2 cup anise 1/2 cup parsely 4 oz. Goat cheese Dressing: 1tsp. Pesto sauce 1tsp. Dijon Mustard 1/2 lemon freshly squeezed 1/2 tsp. Salt Toss it and Enjoy in good health! #healthywithnat #loseweightdontwait #easyrecipes #leanandgreen #thinkgreen #pestomustarddressing
Own your choices! This qoute changed my mindset completely. Whenever someone would offer me an alcoholic beverage or a slice of pizza I would just say "I don't eat that". And no one would arugue that! But if I said "oh, I can't have that right now" I would always get "oh, I won't tell anyone...or one won't hurt you." It's human nature for someone to try to convince you to do something you are not allowed. But for some reason when it's about you don't want something or you are allergic to something, the other side has nothing to say. So next time you are out in these situations remember- "I don't want that!!!!!" #healthywithnat #loseweightdontwait #doitnow #makealifechangingdecision
Modak and why you must eat it - Devotee – because it is Bappa’s favourite Constipated – because the ghee rebuilds the intestinal mucus lining and allows for smooth elimination of toxins Blood pressure – Medium chain tri-glycerides in the coconut have a heart protecting and BP reducing effect Cholesterol – the plant sterols found in coconut and the dry fruit stuffing helps reduce the LDL and improves HDL levels Diabetic – The rice, coconut, jaggery steamed cooked and eaten with ghee is medium to low on glycemic index and completely SAFE, actually beneficial, for a steady blood sugar response Arthritis – The butyric acid found in ghee is a traditional therapy for reducing inflammation in every tissue of the body, more specifically in the joints PCOD – The rice flour helps in stabilizing blood sugars and the Vit B1 found in rice helps reduce PMS and sugar craving Thyroid – Celebrated as an anti-ageing mixture, this is one delicacy that your thyroid gland will thank you for Trying to lose weight – Medium to low on glycemic index, full of good fat, nutritionally there is just no reason for you to avoid it. In scriptures celebrated as a food for virya – means both vigor in the body and stability in the mind. For Guidance on Health and Nutrition. Call Wellness Coach Kunal : 8141692323 Ganapati Bappa Moraya!! #iamherbalife #herbalifenutrition #iloveherbalife #loseweightwithherbalife #loseweightdontwait #stayfit #livehealthy #ganpatibappamoriya
Snack: Silken Tofu with caramelized sugar (Taho) and Barako coffee. Let's eat! #LoseWeightDontWait
Under my favorite pitstop tree.. #LoseWeightDontWait
Credit to Enos P for this picture. #LoseWeightDontWait
Friday night special: Sinigang sa Miso Salmon.. #LoseWeightDontWait
Despite the windy and chilly summer morning (61 deg F), I still managed to do almost 24 miles in 100 minutes. Thank you Lord. #LoseWeightDontWait
Taho and kapeng barako for breakfast. #LoseWeightDontWait
Tour se Millville #LoseWeightDontWait
@jimu_kaaru @dennisflores Our unofficial bike ride this morning.. #LoseWeightDontWait
ATM: Health goals. #LoseWeightDontWait @jdimaps102
I'm back to a size 32.. Yippie! #LoseWeightDontWait
READY FOR BUSINESSS !!! #newshipment #loseweightdontwait #whatsapp for discounts 242-556-2181
nikker waali chorriiii. lulz. 😂
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU , to everyone who came out to our Skin & Shake Par-tay!!!! Facials, our HerbaNola Kool Aid flavored protein punch, different flavors of our delicious shakes, even muffins made with PUMPKIN SPICE Shake Mix!!!!! Im truly happy to have been able to share this evening with my family, and having them see my transformation, and them wanting to also journey with me! I love my team and this herbaLife!!! LaToya 'Blaze' Edwards 504.428.4403 Myherbalife144@gmail.com #NOLAFIT #herbaheroes #loseweightdontwait #lifestylesarebetterthandiets
HOLY FREAKIN' SHAKES!😂I just went to try on a pair of jeans 👖and just for s**** & giggles😉, I wanted to see how far away I was from squeezing into the size that I use to be in, which is a size 4! And they freakin' fit!!! And... I'm still working on losing this 10 last lbs👍 and turning it all into muscle💪! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! Join me today on the challenge, in the best month ever, to give yourself or someone else the gift of health! 👙For more info visit Burnfat.bodybyvi.com #startnow #loseweightdontwait #staycommitted #jointhechallenge #bodybyvi #visalus #skinnyjeans #weightloss #fitness #challenge #vilife