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Our second missional church was commissioned & prayed over this past Sunday. Led by the Alexander & Herrera families, they will focus on serving and caring for other young families in #Miami . We are excited to see what God will do through this missional church! #rhythmchurch #rhythmmiami #lovegodlovemiami #goanddolikewise #missionalchurch #livingonmission #missionalcommunity #miami #miamichurch #missionalchristians #christiansinmiami #makedisciples
Hey, guys! You're invited to join us for a men's breakfast this Saturday, October 20 at 7:30 AM at First Alliance Church. Come for the food, stay for the fellowship. We'll look forward to seeing you there. - - - #firstalliancechurch #hockessin #delaware #welcomehome #aplacetobelong #livingonmission #instachurch #churchesofinstagram #smallchurch #localchurch #mensministry
October is Pastor Appreciation Month! Though our pastors need prayer every week, we invite you to take this week to honor them by praying even more specifically. We'll post specific requests every day. - Tuesday Prayer Focus: Perception 🙏 Wisdom for personal relationships 🙏 Understanding of community culture and needs 🙏 Insight into solutions for ministry problems - - - #firstalliancechurch #hockessin #delaware #welcomehome #aplacetobelong #livingonmission #instachurch #churchesofinstagram #smallchurch #localchurch #pastorappreciation #prayer
Agape Mom’s resource recommendation this week is Letters to the Church by Francis Chan. This book couldn’t convey the vision and mission of Agape Moms more clearly, and the areas that Francis Chan struggled with the western church are the same ways that the founder of Agape Moms, Laura DiLeonardi, struggled, then finally left- and it led to the birth of Agape Moms and Agape Family, which she will be sharing more about later this week as our guest blogger. If you have been struggling with church as you know it, and recognize the disparity between what the early church was and what we’re experiencing today, we urge you to read this book and free yourself from thinking beyond the status quo, opening your eyes to see how God is calling each of us to make disciples and build his church, right now, exactly in the neighborhood, job or circumstances you find yourself in. As Chan concludes in the last chapter, going small with church and getting back into homes is the best chance we have at going big, or we’ll be perpetually buying and building bigger buildings, catering to a consumer atmosphere, and blocked from countries that outlaw this sort of formal “church.” The church is thriving by the thousands in countries where they must gather in homes, not just because of the persecution, but because every believer takes seriously their call to make disciples and believes the word of God and Holy Spirit are enough to do it! David Platt asks in the rethink church/rethink mission conference this weekend, “Are we relying too much on performances, programs and professionals in America?” Pickup a copy or download the Hoopla app, sign in with your library card and read for free today! Chan has once again been a spiritual mentor and a powerful voice who reinforces what we’ve already been convicted of in scripture. https://www.hoopladigital.com/title/12201037 (Clickable links in profile)
In the weeks before Seth left, I was a mess behind closed doors. Worry. Grief. Sadness. Happy face on the outside because ‘oh, I’m so proud of him.... so happy for him... ‘ But, it tore this mama’s heart out to be loosing my firstborn to the unknown for a year. . . But a couple of days before, I decided “no”... I was not going to wallow in my grief but embrace the strength I had not asked for. And I vowed to pray this simple prayer for my son and I every day until he comes home. . . The day before he left, was the first time I felt at peace. We’ve got this. He’s got this. His Daddy up above has got him. And with so many other mamas lifting me up in prayer, I was strong. I AM strong. And happy for him. And joy-filled. . . How easily we forget that for God to take our hand and help us float over the waves of life which have us terrified, we must first lift up our hand and ask Him to take it. #isaiah4113 #myson #iamhisdaughter
This post is almost 3 months late... but I wanted to take time to give a shout out to our wonderful friends who helped us move in the HOT ARIZONA SUMMER into our first home!! Last weekend I laid on the couch and looked around our house with so much gratitude in my heart after hosting a Tribe Night where we had tacos, games, little kids running around our yard, and students and families connecting. I felt so grateful for our mentors, friends, ministry partners, family and ultimately God for helping us have a home to call our own and use for God’s kingdom. I LOVE living on mission and loving God with everything that we have. We’re living our best lives as a married couple 💕🏡 🙏🏻 #community #livingonmission #bestlifeever
O U T R E A C H | This holiday season we’re partnering again with the #SundayBreakfastMission to serve those in need in the city of Wilmington. Through Sunday, November 4, we will be collecting canned and dried goods as part of their Great Thanksgiving Food Box Giveaway! For more information, visit our website under the “Outreach” tab (link in bio). - - - #livingonmission #instachurch #churchesofinstagram #smallchurch #localchurch #holidayoutreach
October is Pastor Appreciation Month! Though our pastors need prayer every week, we invite you to take this week to honor them by praying even more specifically. We'll post specific requests every day. - Monday Prayer Focus: Purpose for Ministry 🙏 Strong sense of vision for the church 🙏 Unshakable faith in God's design for this ministry 🙏 Divine guidance in ministry planning - - - #firstalliancechurch #hockessin #delaware #welcomehome #aplacetobelong #livingonmission #instachurch #churchesofinstagram #smallchurch #localchurch #pastorappreciation #prayer
​God’s transforming love and grace continually changes us from the inside out. Unlike the love we experience and giveaway, God’s love never runs out, and we cannot quench His grace. When we really grasp this, it catapults us into loving and obeying God with reckless abandon. So today for your #Mondaymotivation , instead of bringing your A-game, dwell on the reality that Jesus has already won the whole thing. Don’t promise to try harder to be better today, rest in God’s magnificent, finished work on your behalf, and allow your joyful gratitude to propel you into a Spirit filled and empowered day! ​
October is Pastor Appreciation Month! Though our pastors need prayer every week, we invite you to take this week to honor them by praying even more specifically. We'll post specific requests every day. - Here's today's prayer focus: A Passion for God 🙏 Ever-deepening love for studying God's Word 🙏 Strengthening of personal prayer life 🙏 Fullness of the Holy Spirit 🙏 Deliverance from personal temptations 🙏 Faithful obedience to Christ - - - #firstalliancechurch #hockessin #delaware #welcomehome #aplacetobelong #livingonmission #instachurch #churchesofinstagram #smallchurch #localchurch #pastorappreciation #prayer
Our worship song this weekend is Build my Life by House Fires. This is an anthem of worship that doesn’t stop there, but the overflow propels us into living lives bent on loving others because of what Christ has done for us. Make it your anthem with us! (Clickable link in profile) https://www.agapemoms.online/the-agape-moms-blog/2018/10/13/build-my-life-upon-your-love
Sonya shares about her recent missions trip to Africa. Read the rest today at ladiesonlife.com #LadiesOnLife #LivingOnMission
Need hope? You can find it in Jesus. Find out more about the wholeness He wants to bring to your life tomorrow at 10 AM at FAC as we explore Acts 3 together. - - - #firstalliancechurch #hockessin #delaware #welcomehome #aplacetobelong #livingonmission #instachurch #churchesofinstagram #smallchurch #localchurch #prayer
Who wants to join us and Sponsor a Relief Box? ⠀ All the materials are purchased and all you need to do is donate online (see the link below ⬇️) ⠀ OR⠀ Donate on Sunday at the Beach Service! ⠀ $100 completely covers a box with various cleaning supplies, snacks, essentials, and a gift card to restock groceries! Sponsor a whole box or donate any amount you can!⠀ ⠀ You can join us SUNDAY at 11:00 @ Coastline for a Packing and Pizza party as we get the boxes ready to be delivered to Calvary Chapel Panama City!⠀ ⠀ If you have any questions at all, please contact us at Destin@Coastlinelife.com ⠀ ⠀ Donate at: https://buff.ly/2A7l555⠀ OR with PayPal at https://buff.ly/2A7qKbe⠀ ⠀ #hurricanemichael #calvarychapelpcb #reliefbox #sponsorabox #livingonmission
Practiced my #handlettering with @crayola #watercolor tonight and boy, was it harder than I thought it would be!! There is a huge difference between brush and pen!! 🖋🎨😮 #dayoff #brushlettering #workingwithwhatigot #calligraphy . . . . #healthcare #livingonmission #missionwork #newnurse #ICU #scrublife #nursing #nurse #clinic #CNA #LPN #LVN #RN #APRN #nurselife #nightnurse #lifeifanurse
Happy Friday mamas! ☕️
I wanted to personally thank each and every one of you who has reached out, called or sent such kind messages, and who’ve been praying for our family. It truly means more than you know. . If you were to have asked us 2 years ago if adoption would be in our future I would have told you “No. We already have two children and a 3 bedroom house.” If you were to have asked me a year ago if we’d foster I would have told you “No. I can’t. I would get way too attached.” But God... . Now sitting here today, still in our 3 bedroom house with our 2 boys and 3 dogs, we have 2 beds open to whatever child(s) the Lord brings. And now all I can think of is that I wish we had more rooms for more beds for little hearts to lay down their little heads. ❤️ . So here we go! The next chapter of our lives....#fostercare . . 📷 @patiencepennington #fosterlove #livingonmission #fostertoadopt #hersoulstories #changinglives #adopt #grattitude
Today, on the Agape Moms Blog, Carolina Briggs shares her reflections on the summer and how God redeemed pressure she felt from the world and even right here on social media, to attain the perfect summer for her kids. The gospel frees us from the endless pursuits of the world, and her insights here are applicable as we enter the holiday season. ✝️💫💞 • “Sometimes the IDEA of summer is much more beautiful than the reality of summer. I dreamt of creating special memories with my children that would last a lifetime. I wanted the late night swims, the campfires with smores , the adventures of trying new things, and the spontaneous trips as a family. I’ve always strived for my kids to love summer and remember it as a special time. Summer may be really fun for few fleeting days but and then it passes. The truth is the more I strive for the ‘perfect summer memories’ for my children the more entitled their attitude becomes. The more fun activities I plan, the more they expect that to be the norm and complain when we don’t have those fun-filled pack days.” 💫👉🏼 Hop on over to the blog to read more! (Link in profile) https://www.agapemoms.online/the-agape-moms-blog/2018/10/11/in-search-of-the-perfect-summer
P R A Y | Paul writes in Philippians 4:6, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” So today choose to be a warrior, not a worrier. Join us tonight at 6:30 PM for prayer. - - - #firstalliancechurch #hockessin #delaware #welcomehome #aplacetobelong #livingonmission #instachurch #churchesofinstagram #smallchurch #localchurch #prayer
Are you moving towards the right goal? #LivingOnMission #LoveServes
Agape Mom’s gospel-centered resource recommendation this week is Missional Motherhood by Gloria Furman. She digs deep into scripture in this book, painting God’s high view of motherhood, all while filtering it through a Christ centered lens. There is also a 7 week study version of this book, but it doesn’t dig quite as deep as the book. From the back cover: “There's no such thing as “just” a mom. Despite the routine tasks and mundane to-do lists, motherhood is anything but insignificant. God has designed motherhood as part of his greater plan to draw people to himself―instilling all women, whether called to traditional mothering or not, with an eternal purpose in nurturing others. In this book, Gloria Furman searches the Scriptures for the mission of God in motherhood. She opens our eyes to God's life-giving promises―promises intended to empower each and every woman as she makes disciples in her home, in her neighborhood, and around the world.”
THIS JUST IN: The Table Church had a second person give their life to Christ, and our Vietnamese church plant had a man give his life to Christ! That's 8 people in 4 of our 6 plants. 3 months in a row someone has become a follower of Christ! Your prayers for and giving toward our @midatlantic_district_cma church plants makes a difference. Join us in giving $5 a month toward our church plants or give a special gift today by visiting the “Give” tab on our website (link in bio). - - - #firstalliancechurch #hockessin #delaware #welcomehome #aplacetobelong #livingonmission #instachurch #churchesofinstagram #smallchurch #localchurch #churchplanting
#mondaymotivation How would your motherhood look different today if you didn’t live out of a place of fear, but instead a place of knowing how deeply loved and accepted you are in Jesus? Scripture says when we live in fear, we are afraid of punishment (1 John 4:18), but in Christ, we’ve been rescued from that. When fear creeps in, ask yourself, “What am I not believing about the gospel right now? What lies am I believing about myself or God?” Run to scripture for truth to anchor your heart. Remember, you are an adopted daughter of God, you are no longer an orphan, so don’t live with an orphan mentality! Take God at His Word at who He says He is and who He says you are in Him, and let that melt the fear away. It will transform the way you mother. If you are filled up with Jesus, it will overflow onto your kids, if you are filled with fear, it will overflow into everything. “For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God. The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.” The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.” Romans‬ ‭8:14-16‬ ‭
Day 280: often the front of our house looks like this. a place that all is welcomed. a safe place. a place where you’re accepted and loved for who you are and not what you’re not. no matter the age. no matter the race. come as you are. here you belong. . . #thestreet #livingonmission #lansforddaily2018 #hersoulstories
We can’t wait to see you this afternoon!
It’s all about JESUS! Lets worship Him in our hearts no matter what is going on in our lives right now, Jesus is more than enough for us, and He meets us right where we are. What a beautiful name it is, yes indeed! (Link to song in profile) https://youtu.be/r5L6QlAH3L4
Here is our Sunday set list for this weekend. We are excited to gather together! #rflaworship
The cross is an unimaginably wonderful gift God has freely given to us. Join us tomorrow at 10 AM as we worship the God who holds all things together. - - - #firstalliancechurch #hockessin #delaware #welcomehome #aplacetobelong #livingonmission #instachurch #churchesofinstagram #smallchurch #localchurch
Be ready because we are coming soon... Stay tuned and turn on post notifications on our post by clicking on the 3 vertical or horizontal dots by the top right corner of this post to be ready to participate in our contest. ✨LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE ✨ #beyourselfexpressyourself #comingsoon #wawu #challange #positivequotes #positivevibesonly #dreambig #trusttheprocess #wakeupwithpurpose #findpurpose #purposedrivenlife #meaningfullife #selfdevelopment #successtips #findingnewboundaries #stillgoingstrong #livingonmission #neverstoplearning #ilearnsomethingnew #thinkandgrowrich #shereadstruth #worldchangers #doitforyourself #followyourheart
Can you believe it is time to start thinking about the holidays already!!! ⠀ On October 21st and 28th, we will have bags available for you to pick up and fill with items for a Thanksgiving meal! Our prayer is that you will find a family in need that you can bless - living on mission in our own community!⠀ If you want to participate but do not have a family to give it to, you can deliver it to the Harvest House no later than NOVEMBER 12! ⠀ ⠀ #coastlinedestin #livingonmission #holidaysarecoming #thinkingahead
Happy Friday mamas! May your coffee be WARM and help fuel you, along with a whole lot of Jesus, into a wonderful weekend! ☕️ 🚀
OUR MISSION: To serve Los Angeles by being a snapshot of God’s final plan of redemption as we work to reduce lostness and produce disciples of Jesus Christ (Revelation 7:9). • - • OUR VISION: In accomplishing our mission we will ignite a church planting movement that floods Los Angeles County with healthy churches living out the gospel in order to tangibly produce transformation and systematic change for God’s glory. #rfla
Yesterday we received a call that we had been waiting on, but didn’t hear the results we were hoping for. It was the caseworker to let us know that the rights had been terminated, but they have chosen another family. My heart sunk. Shock. Disbelief. We had been pursing these two for 11 months, how could this be? . I know God is good, but to be honest I wrestled with Him last night. I wasn’t angry, but frustrated and very confused. “We listened to you, Lord. We did what you said, and now this?” . As each hour goes on we are finding peace. Peace in His plan although it doesn’t make sense. There was a purpose for us to go on this journey and while we may never know the answers to our questions on this side of heaven we are trusting in His goodness. Please hear this: God is still good in the midst of things not going our way. Through the hurt we are choosing to trust Him regardless. . If you were to ask us if we’d do it all again I believe we both would tell you yes. Loving these two have grown ours and our boys hearts in more ways than we could ever have imagined. Our faith and reliance on the Lord has deepened. These sweet two have had hundreds of people covering them in prayer and that alone was worth it. While we may never know exactly why He lead us on this journey, we know that He works all things for our good and His glory. This was not a waste, but apart of a greater plan that He’s prepared for us. Although our journey with these two have come to an end, His story is just changing chapters. We love you and will ALWAYS love you, S&S! Y’all will always have a piece of our hearts. One day we’ll see you again, in a place with no more tears... until then. 💛 #adoption #livingonmission #fostercare #becomingalansford #hope #fosterlove #fostertoadopt #grateful #hersoulstories
C H U R C H P L A N T S | Did you know that if everyone in our district gave just $5 a month toward church planting we’d have more than enough to not only sustain our six incredible #churchplants but also launch even more church plants? Be part of what God is doing in our district. Join with us in giving $5 towards church planting this Sunday. Or, you can give today to the Church Planting fund on our website (link in bio) under the “Give” tab. • • • #livingonmission #instachurch #churchesofinstagram #smallchurch #localchurch
Our next Missional Church Hub (MC Hub) is October 28th after Public Worship! We invite anyone in our community committed to following Jesus to join & learn more. This is a space to be equipped, trained & encouraged as we live out our callings to make disciples in #Miami in specific neighborhoods & networks. Questions? Email lauren@rhythmmiami.com ! Please let us know in advance if you’ll need childcare. #rhythmchurch #rhythmmiami #lovegodlovemiami #miamichurch #missionalchurch #missionalliving #livingonmission #calling #goanddolikewise #makedisciples #christiansinmiami
•This week I talked with another amazing mama about starting a local Agape Moms in her community, and as we talked, it reminded me a lot of my story, and I think it is many of your stories too. •This mama is having a hard time finding community in her new town. Having to drive 30 minutes this way and that, some Bible studies full, other groups not very welcoming of moms with noisy babies, I related to her frustration and said that I had been there, and out of that tension, Agape Moms was born. •We also talked about how Agape Moms missional communities are so much MORE than just a formal bible study, we are an on going family that does life together in a “bring your mess” and noisy kids atmosphere. While we model our values after the early church in Acts, we live as an arm of the church, reaching out and creating the space for women who are not connected with Jesus or a church body to come explore Him within our family of God for the first time, eventually bringing them back into the fuller church. •Living on mission for Jesus in our everyday mom lives unleashes Agape Moms who already know Jesus to have the space to follow God’s call to each of us to make disciples while using our unique gifts, as we are going, it’s seamless. •And we find our personal walks with Jesus explode when we take the focus off just personal spiritual growth and onto loving others and going after the lost sheep, for the glory of God. •We pray harder and dig deeper when we begin to look at those God has placed in our lives around us as the very people we are called to love, serve and point back to Jesus. •To learn more, visit our website. We have a step by step training series to help you launch your own Agape Moms, a directory to list your future group on, community blog to contribute to, shop to help springboard your group, and the Agape Moms Family Network to cheer you on! www.AgapeMoms.Online
Feeling #thankful for my sisters in #Christ covering me in prayer this morning. You help me to feel encouraged when I’m down, calm when I’m anxious, and empowered when I’m feeling weak. #shantih #yy4lyfe #embracingpurpose #empoweredwomenempowerwomen . . . . #healthcare #livingonmission #missionwork #newnurse #ICU #scrublife #nursing #nurse #clinic #CNA #LPN #LVN #RN #APRN #nurselife #nightnurse #lifeifanurse
Catch all of our past sermons on our iTunes podcast or our SoundCloud page! #rflasermons
Round 4 of community groups is in full swing this week! We are so grateful for these families that are willing to host the groups for the next 8 weeks. It’s not too late to join! Email info@rfla.org if you want to join a group. #rflacommunitygroups
Even in a large, dark room the smallest amount of light is visible. Your light can give others hope. Be the light of the world. #cornerstonestudents #cornerstonebluffton #bluffton #lowcountry #missions #livingonmission #lightoftheworld #bethelight #community #loveothers
When your church knows how to bless you ☺️ #blessed // @awakencolumbia , I am beyond grateful for the many notes of blessing and encouragement that I received today! You guys are so thoughtful and I can’t express how much I appreciate your prayers and your support! Much love to you all! 😁♥️ #missions #missionarylife #togodbetheglory #ywam #projectdoxa #adventure #churchfamily #AwakenColumbia #usc #Romania #livingonmission #sothankful #lettersaremylovelanguage
Today on the Agape Moms Blog, Jessica Hundley opens up her heart with us about her struggles with body positivity, how Jesus is transforming her and how she prays her daughter’s self image will also be shaped by who Jesus says she is. Don’t miss this one! 💕👩‍👧✝️ “Our kiddos see everything, hear everything, and soak everything up. We know that, but it is so easy to forget. Especially when we’re talking to our friends, and say those little things that we think don’t matter. We criticize our bodies. We talk about how we feel like we are not good enough. We pinch our stomachs, or shake our arms and watch the fat jiggle. We talk about how we need to lose that last 5 pounds, and how our thighs are too big, and how our pants don’t fit. How our mom bellies will never go back to the way we were before we had a child. The truth is my daughter is watching. Our little girls are watching. She’s listening. They’re listening.” 👇🏼Hop on over to the blog to read more✨ (Clickable link in bio) https://www.agapemoms.online/the-agape-moms-blog/2018/7/28/beautiful-and-beloved
How will you redeem your time today? (Eph. 5:10 & 16) #LivingOnMission #LoveServes
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This sweet girl has been raiding her brother’s closet. And sleeping in his bed. Bless. . They fought like cats and dogs for years but she’s doing better, so steal away my princess. I’m sure he’ll forgive you. (But he’s getting his room back in a year, chick) #littlesisterlove #showmeyourmusclesmama
Our #gospelcenteredresource recommendation this week is Gospel Fluency by #JeffVanderstelt . This book helps you learn to speak the gospel into all of life, helping yourself and others uncover the areas where we are not believing the truth about ourselves or God in light of Christ’s work for us. Gospel Fluency is central to all of life and ministry, which is why this book has been part of our training to begin your own local Agape Moms missional community and read by all of our servant leadership. •“The work we are called to do is to rest from our own work to make ourselves right with God and believe in the work of Jesus on our behalf.” “Our behaviors are the tangible expression of our beliefs.” “We won't help people stop sinning by using the consequences of their sin to motivate them.” ✝️ 🤗Grab a copy or read for free on the Hoopla app! 📖
Day 95: Lane pointed over "Mom there's my friend. Why's he all alone?" I don't know honey.. Do you want to ask him to come over and join us? For yall that know Lane he's very shy and usually won't talk to you for awhile much less go up to you even if he's seen you a million times. Without hesitation he rode over (alone) and invited him to join us. Something much much bigger is happening on this street and in the hearts of these kids. It doesn't matter their age or race; we all play together. 🙏💕 "By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." - John 13:35 . . #livingonmission #thestreet #lansforddaily2016
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