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My favorite part of the Wedding Gardens at the Florida Botanical Gardens. If you’re ever near Largo or Clearwater, Florida I highly recommend you go visit the Florida Botanical Gardens and Heritage Village. The gardens and village are both HUGE and FREE. It was such an amazing experience! • #everysquareastory #photosinbetween #lovelysquares #inspiremyinstagram #visualcrush #theeverygirl #oneofthebunch #feelfreefeed #morningslikethese #seekthesimplicity #darlingmovement #postitfortheaesthetic #pursuewhatislovely #fromabove #liveunscripted #insearchofjoy #floridabotanicalgardens #heritagevillage #botanicalgarden #heritage #authenticliving #simplelife #authenticity #mindfullness
Just ignore my face and imagine how many jumps I attempted to take this picture 🦄 . . . #handsinframe #theeverygirl #insearchofjoy #seekthesimplicity #liveunscripted #persuewhatislovely #feelfreefeed #justshoot #jump
Enjoyed my noodles for dinner 🥘 #dintaifung #nikeshoes #nikebaby #babyfashionista
Sharing the last day of holidays with these two. 👌
Prague ❤
of course canada has a cafe named sorry. ☕️
sunlight streams through the windows #explorejakarta
Happy Sunday 😊 What's everyone's plans for today? I'm trying to get back on top of life after being floored with a virus 😷 Being stuck in bed is not fun in the slightest 😭 I feel like I was outside of reality there, time moved very slowly and I couldn't see an end to the cramps and fever, anyone else ever feel like that when they are sick? 🤔 Anyway, I've got lunch with my friend today and our little ones (hopefully my little monster isn't in a mood today 🙏) and then I'm going to be cleaning, sorting my room and taking some well deserved self care time 😊 How's your Sunday going? 💕 - @ofaglasgowgirl
не смогли не прошли через тернии куда-то
The dog days are over... or so it seems. No rain in forecast for a while!
Sunday mood..
Discover your gift, develop your gift, and then give it away every day ✨🏀🏀✨
Sunday's Best 🍧
| Jeg savner synet af denne manke🦁 -Jeg arbejder på at få den igen... _______________________________________________________ #missmylonghair #growback #longhairdontcare
Self care doesn’t have to be on Sundays, but I do think Sundays are a pretty perfect time for catching your breath 🧘🏽‍♀️ . Self care is whatever it means for you, but heres a few ideas of different things you can do with just 5 - 15 minutes👌🏽 5 minutes Have a cup of tea or coffee Listen to your favourite song Put on a face mask Call someone you love to talk to Read a blog, newspaper or magazine 10 minutes Paint your nails Give yourself a facial Have a shower Read a blog, newspaper or magazine Meditate Watch a Ted Talk or You Tube video 15 minutes Listen to a podcast Go for a walk Do some yoga or some exercise Have a bath Read or listen to a chapter of a book Declutter or organise something Have a power nap . 📸 photo credit @martinamartian . . . . #ourprettystories #selfcaresunday #seekthesimplicity #liveunscripted #theslowdowncollective #smallmomentsofcalm #loveyourlife #inspirationdaily #intentionalliving #lifelivedbeautifully #risingtidesociety #theeverygirl #creativityfound #recipesforselflove #liveintentionally #createalifeyoulove #findyourbalance #balancedlife #thesocialsociety #risingtide
she’s been living on the highest shelf
Look at the gorgeous golden lady! Nagano prefecture is famous for its beautiful apple trees and Japanese are masters of pruning. This orchard looked phenomenal, with super long branches spreading like arms🤗 ⠀ ▪️ ⠀ А вы любите деревья? 🌲 🌳 🌴 ⠀ Я можно сказать выросла на них. Дедушка с бабушкой засадили дачный участок всевозможными фруктовыми деревьями, и мое детство это был своего рода учебный курс ‘как стать обезьянкой’🐒. ⠀ Лучше всего получалось обезьянничать за белым наливом. Когда он еще не созрел и такой кисло-хрустящий😋 Пишу и аж слюни текут (в Японии вообще нет кислых яблок😥😭). ⠀ Колени мои увековечены боевыми шрамами, т.к. мастерство прыгать с ветки на ветку давалось не сразу😃 Иногда приходилось ходить, как леопард, с зелёными пятнышками. Но путем проб и падений, я таки обзавелась хорошим навыком. ⠀ Теперь я tree-hugger («обнимающий деревья») в прямом и в косвенном смысле. Люблю деревья, люблю птиц которые на них щебечут, люблю букашек которые по ним ползают и люблю чистый вкусный воздух.
Trying to spot the next Glühwein hut 🎿 🍷 ❄️
Lac d’Annecy. Perfection.
We really need to improve our street light game here in Australia .....
a quick pit stop to this pastry heaven before go home and spotted some CNY decoration in their window display #jakarta
Sitting amongst greens 🥬🥒🥦🥕
The lesser know hidden sibling of Skógafoss 🌫 Come at the right time and you may have this little gem all to yourself.
📽Traphouse Vol. 3 Aftermovie🔥 Last video before the military in case you havent seen it yet :) Show was absolutely killed!! Check out upcoming parties on @notomorrow.events
Don’t let their sweet little faces fool you 🤨#trouble1trouble2
S U N D A Y ☕️ How fast has the weekend gone?! I’m so ready for a roast this evening and I’ll be spending the day writing blog posts until the OH gets home from work 🥞 I’m also in love with this top & skirt combo! Love a good knitted vest 💃🏽 They’re from @isawitfirst #ISAWicon #gifted
Aasiya has worn this jumper almost every day this week. When I offered to wash it today she said "but maybe Khala Jojo should wash it?" Curious, I asked why "erm because I like green and I don't want it to be pink" 😊 In one of the millions of washes I've done I added something red, which turned the whole wash light pink and this little lady is doubting my ability to wash her new favourite jumper! #cheekymonkey • Do your little ones have a favourite item of clothing they insist on wearing all the time? • • • • • #theeverydayproject #liveunscripted #darlingdaily #thatauthenticfeeling #createtoexplore #byfolk #myeverydaymagic #thesimpleeveryday #cornersofmyworld #camera_mama #let_there_be_delight #hellostoryteller #littleadventures_bigpictures #documentyourdays #storyofchildhood #motherhoodunhinged #letthekids #petitejoys #motherhoodthroughig #mymotherhood #candidmotherhood #sundaystories
Such a lovely weekend! So proud of little Freya for being such a good baby 👶🏼 ♥️ w/ @elleraejay & @freya.reign
Мне кажется, мистер пряня актуален в любой месяц зимы, даже когда ёлки уже убрали😊 Он так классно украшал мою ленту в декабре, что сейчас я хочу отдать ему должное и выложить последнее фото с ним😂🙌🏻 Признавайтесь, сейчас-то уже ёлку убрали? Я вот заменила весь новогодний и Рождественский декор на тот, что подходит просто для зимы👌🏻
Have an amazing Sunday 😘 . . .
Well hello everyone ✌ I've been M.I.A the past few days, I've been taking some time away because I'm blooming sick still, I though the virus was lifting on Friday, turns out it wasn't and I spent most of Friday in my bed with an awful fever. It not been fun 😷 I'm hoping things are a bit better today, got some stuff to do, going out to lunch with @weemammyconnelly & the two munchkins 😊 Can't wait! Aimee Also got me a snow fairy collection for Christmas 😭 I was so gutted when I couldn't get my hands on any this year so I'm super excited about them 😍😍 Gonna be smelling amazing 🙌 I'm hoping to have a nice big bubble bath tonight, got a unicorn horn bath bomb from lush & I cannot wait, tonight is all about some self care 💕 Lord knows i need it!
Matrimonio a Cetona tra uno del luogo e una ragazza di colore, siamo avanti
Δ 和 熙 星 期 天 @ Blacksmith ☞2 #iphone撮り It’s always the best with red and black! ٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و . . . #timofathk #blacksmithcoffeeshop #saikung #カフェ巡り #コーヒー好き #handdrip
Δ 和 熙 星 期 天 @ Blacksmith ☞1 #iphone撮り 本身想不帶相機周圍逛逛 但去到 café 癮起想影 不如還原基本步,用回電話拍照算吧 用了 Focos 拍照還可啦,仔細一看仍會看見散景那過渡很生硬~ // 點了一份手沖、一份 latte 咖啡因應該不會太多呢⋯ (つД`)ノ . . . #timofathk #blacksmithcoffeeshop #saikung #カフェ巡り #コーヒー好き #handdrip
Beck made some of her famous BLTs to prepare us for the forecasted 2 feet of snow we’re getting. This was the first meal she ever made me when we started dating almost 9 years ago! There’s no one else I’d rather be snowed in with.
today I noticed these last few peaches to unpack from the market, and it reminded me the same scene when every saturday I drop the same string bag on the same rope rug in the same old spot in our tiny galley kitchen but today I realised just how different my practice is the rug might be the same, dust settled into the same memory of carpet burns and wrists and fists thrown up against walls and floors, creaking with familiar feet but the week ends after ends repeated emptying fresh fruits, bread and cheese into the kitchen on my own have, over time, left me an empty and clean slate. #stonefruit
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