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Everyday my daughter looks in the mirror I hope she will see this image... My sweet Liliana May you radiate from your soul...inspiration, dedication, love, light, compassion, empathy, courage, empowerment and sheer strength from the inside out! ❤️💪🏻✨ #wonderwoman #strongwomenunite
Detox your body & your life... STEP #3 : Realize the people in your life who’s opinions matter then allow yourself to not give a fuck about anyone else’s but your own and theirs. I’m not talking about all your friends, or even your parents because they may not always be your best resource depending on your relationship and situation. Anytime I’m faced with an important decision or question myself, it’s my own intuition that’s my primary source of truth and answers but when I need support my husband is my #1 always. And now that I have a daughter her opinion of her mommy will be a strong driving force for my every move in life. So ask yourself are you letting other people’s views of you and your choices dictate your life and hold you back from being your authentic self and leading your dream life? If so it’s time to realize and detox that energy around you. If your an empath like me you’ll have energy suckers (aka energy vampires) try to bring you down. But protect yourself and set boundaries so your light can continue to shine bright✨ 💜 Not sure how to detox your life? Set up your free confidence call with me today to learn more! ➡️ Click the link in my bio to claim your FREE CALL today! #healthymomtribe #bodyambitionfitness #family #detox #detoxyourlife #energyhealing #positivevibes #positivity #motivationalquotes #confidencecoach
Detox your body & your life... A healthier body means a clearer mind which in turn will help you have more clarity for your purpose & your passions and start to help you lay the ground work to achieving your transformation goals. You may have heard the saying “thrive don’t just survive” which is so true! But how do we do that!? STEP 1: detox the body from the junk, one of my go to ways is to not just say no to added sugar but say YES to an abundance of fruits & vegetables! No counting macros for this, just nourish the body with loads of micronutrients to get down to your bodies cellular level. JUICING is an amazing way to do this! ...for my step 2&3 stay tuned for future posts... #fitmom #confidencecoach #healthymomtribe #detoxyourlife #detox #nourishthebody #nourishthesoul #bodyambitionfitness #healthystartsontheinside
I’m not really sure about this Santa guy... 🎅🏼 #babiesfirstchristmas #santa #9monthsold #lilianamariamonteiro #babylilianamaria
Our peanut @lilianamariamonteiro is 9 months today!! When I became pregnant a belly wasn’t the only thing I grew. I strengthened a bond with someone I hadn’t met and one with myself! I began to appreciate my body and myself more than ever and loved every phase of my pregnancy even birth because I thought about the moment I would hold her in my arms and how much joy she would give to us through the years to come. ❤️ That little gap tooth smile makes my soul light up every moment. When I’m tired I think of how fast time goes by and how much of a legacy I want to leave, hoe I want her to grow to be strong in mind body & spirit and determined to help people like her mama. She doesn’t even know it but she’s already inspiring someone...ME to strive for more every day. To be a better person every single day! If we all lived like this the world would be a little kinder and a little more happy! Strive to be better & do better each day, show our children what the world should be not what it is ❤️ #letLOVErule #9monthsold #BeTheChangeYouWishToSee #lilianamariamonteiro
I love my Mum Mum Mum 🙌🏻😁 #firstwords #mumma #momma #7monthold
Today the sun shines bright & hot but please know my sunshine girl that no day will ever be dark or gloomy if you don’t look at it that way. You always have the power in your soul to make any day shiny & bright 🌟☀️ #ShineYourLight #ShareYourLight #BeTheLight
GRAND CAYMEN ISLANDS! My first family vacation! I loves the salty air and warm water! Mama says I’m her Lil Mermaid 🧜🏻‍♀️
My name is LILIANA and My mom says my Smile lights up her wolrd 🌎 #babylilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro
Happy humpday 🍑 who worked their buns today? And what’s your favorite glute move? My workout was cut short because Liliana woke up and wasn’t having floor time she just wanted her Mommy so I modified my workout to fit her needs. This set was sit ups, planks (both not shown), glute bridges and baby chest press in an isolated bridge. Still have some major core & posterior strength to build back but striving for a stronger mommy each day! #fitmom #mommyandmeworkout #babylilianamariamonteiro #lilianamariamonteiro #fitmomma #momlife #mommotivation @bootybybrabants @bodyambitionfitness
5 MONTHS!! I’m a week late in posting but Liliana turned 5 months old on the 8th and we’ve been celebrating in Grand Caymen ☀️🧜🏻‍♀️ Not sure on peanuts weight but she’s growing stronger each day! In the 2 weeks that we’ve been here we’ve seen her: 🍉become very intrigued by food (mama’s going to start some baby led weening soon) 🧜🏻‍♀️love the water! She’s playing in the ocean a few hours a Day here. 1-2 am swims, 1 afternoon swim. She started to splash a little a few days ago too 💪🏻she’s pushing herself up in to plank and rocking back & forth a bit now...I think she’s gonna be an early crawler (oh boy 🤦🏻‍♀️) 🐬 she screeches like a little Dolphin all the time ans is finding her voice 🤣 loves doing raspberries with her mouth 😴sleeping 1 am nap for 45 mins, 1 afternoon nap for 2 hours. Nighttime is approx 8-2ish (night feed) sleeps till 6! (Yes we’ve been on this schedule the whole time here!) 👀she’s very aware and alert! Taking everything in and loving it! 😁 SMILES at everyone! Making new friends is fun! #lilianamariamonteiro #babylilianamariamonteiro #tinytourista #minifashionista #5monthsold #tinytourist
Clearly we’re working on our “heeeeyyy” face! #tinydiva #wbffpro #mommyandme #fitmomma #momboss
Guess who’s 4 months old today! Liliana Maria you light up my soul 🌟💜 👑she’s rolling front to back and back to front with ease now 👑is obsessed with Luchi and smiles and giggles at him 👑kicks constantly (a swimmer in the making maybe?) she also loves tubby time 👑bringing things to her mouth and passes from hand to hand 👑talks up a storm (takes after her mama) 👑sleeping well still with a few feeds a night #babylilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro #fitmom #4monthsold #mamasgirl #myreason
So finally getting around to my Mothers Day post. I really wanted to live in the moment yesterday and after working today, errands and baby needs she’s down for bed and I’m able to get my mind right! It’s really hard to describe how happy my heart is, how blown open my soul is, and how the simplest moments of my day bring me so much love, light and harmony since becoming a mother. I’ve never for one moment not appreciated all my mother has done for me but being a mother myself has given even my love for her new meaning I never thought was possible. She was a young mother and successfully raised us into loving, strong compassionate humans because she loved us with every ounce of her being. It didn’t matter what little we had because we had each other. Because of that I know I can’t do wrong by Liliana because my love is soooo immense there’s no way I will fail her because I know that’s the primary thing she needs and my love for her grows even stronger each day 💜 it was such a beautiful day being with her, Bob and my in laws. My Mother-in-law has been such a huge help and guiding force for me and will continue to be as Liliana grows up. I feel so blessed to be a “mother” and now have the best job on earth! My life is complete ❤️ #mothersday #myfirstmothersday #my1stmothersday #blessed #motheranddaughter #motherdaughterbond #abondthatcantbebroken
Babygirl mama will always lift you up if you are down 🤱🏻💜🎀 #1stmothersday #babylilianamariamonteiro #babylilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro #babypress #fitmom #momboss
Happy 3 months babygirl 🎀 Liliana Maria your a bundle of smiles, giggles, jibber jabber and kicks! My love grows more for you each day how is that even possible! I could just explode with love 💜🤱🏻👑 #3monthsold #babylilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro #babygirl #mygirl
Daughter may you always smile at your reflection in the mirror 💜🤱🏻🎀 #teachthemyoung #selflove #confidenceisbeautiful #babylilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro
We made it to Saturday Smackdown at @bodyambitionfitness today! She slept and mama got her workout in!! The Val slide my climbers near killed me but I did it! Knee still is wonky but each day feeling stronger! #fitmom #10weekspostpartum #postpartumfitness #strongmama #babylilianamariamonteiro #lilianamariamonteiro #babylilianamaria
Liliana and I got in some gym time today 💪🏻 she watched me the whole time, smiling, kicking and trying to talk. We then went to her 2 month appointment she’s exactly 9 pounds now and the doctor was pleased with how well she was doing. She even rolled over from her tummy to her back yesterday and today! #stronglikemommy #babybounceback #fitmom #momboss #8weekspostpartum
YAY today I am 2 months old! I weighed in at 8 lbs 11.5 oz today which is quite a difference from the 5 lbs. 5 oz. I was when I was born! I am very alert and love to smile and even have giggled a few times sometimes even in my sleep! Im sleeping pretty good waking just a few times a night to eat but I usually go right back to sleep. I’ve been going to the gym with mommy and love looking around at everything there. Mommy enrolled us in a mommy & baby parenting class so I’m meeting new friends too! #2monthsold #8weeksold #lilianamariamonteiro #babylilianamaria
Our smallest @bodyambitionfitness diva joined mama for a morning of clients. We posed with the @fitnessatlantic crew and trained @missmateenusa 👑💪🏻👊🏻🎀👑 starting her young by being around dedicated, strong, empowered women! #babydiva #wbffpro #wbffdiva #BAbaby #6weeksold #babylilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro #bodyambitionfitness
Daughter...May your soul bloom in love for all existence 💜🌟🌸 #infantphotography #lilianamariamonteiro #babylilianamaria #caramiaphotography
Daughter may your dreams be big, Love for life be so strong that you have no time for fear or hate, and heart be filled with compassion and gratitude 💜🎀👑 #5weeksold #babygirl #lilianamariamonteiro #babylilianamaria #amomswish
Well my attempt at Liliana’s 1 month pic didn’t go as planned but then again that’s how everyday is in mommy land 🤱🏻🤦🏻‍♀️ the first pics we took she was screaming and the second (scroll left) she was sleeping so that’s what we got for ya 🤣 at least she had explosive poops in her pj’s and not this cute get up! HAPPY 1 MONTH LILIANA MARIA! I already can’t imagine life without you! 💜 #1monthold #babylilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro #babygirl #princessliliana #babyballerina #mybabygirl #proudmommy #fitpregnancy #momlife
Envisioned all my life, Wished upon a star, Made with LOVE our legacy you will be 💜 #LilianaMariaMonteiro #BabyLilianaMaria Cara Mia Photography Draped in my custom veil by @galialahav #galiagirl #galiabride #infantphotography #firstphotoshoot #babysfirstphotoshoot
Our Portuguese Princess, Liliana Maria Monteiro arrived at 3:33am yesterday 2/8 (my brother Robert Welch’s birthday!) and what a gift she is! We had a beautiful natural hypnobirth at Beverly Hosptial with our doulas of @sidebysidedoulas which when I’m rested I can’t wait to tell! She may be tiny but she be fierce as they say! 5 lb 5oz and 18 inches long but strong! More pics to come! Thank you to all our friends & family who followed our beautiful journey these past 40 weeks! We are so blessed! 💜🎀🌟👑🌈 #princessliliana #lilianamariamonteiro #babylilianamaria #portugeseprincess #birthstory #fitpregnancy #pregnancyjourney
A little stretching after some walking & dancing today! Filter free at 39 weeks 5 days 🤰🏻 #39weekspregnant #babylilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro #fitpregnancy #bodyambitionfitness #fitmom
PREGNANCY PROGRESS: 39 weeks 🤰🏻it’s such an exciting time knowing she could be here any day! I transferred all my clients this week and focused on getting stuff done around the house and finalizing loose ends with BA before she arrives in between Dr’s appointments, chiropractic care and acupuncture. I managed to walk only this week as my bod wasn’t feeling real strong but I wanted to move and stretch. It’s hard to eat a lot now because I feel so stuffed but keeping it clean and consistent to keep baby growing! I usually wake up starving though so breakfast is still my fav meal of the day! Blueberry Protein pancakes or eggs with side of organic nuts & granola and berries in almond milk have been my go to’s the last few weeks. We’re still dealing with Dr bullshit of them wanting to induce me but between non-stress tests, ultrasounds and monitoring she’s passing every one with flying colors so we don’t want to go that route. She’ll come when she’s ready, maybe she wants to be the best birthday present ever and come on Monday? Overall I’m feeling pretty good some Braxton Hicks and cramping, sleep still sucks unless it’s an acupuncture day (went 2x this week) then I sleep much deeper and in 4 hour bursts instead of 1.5-2. #39weekspregnant #bodyambitionfitness #fitpregnancy #pregnancyprogress #babylilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro #babyonboard
PREGNANCY PROGRESS: 37 freakin weeks! 🤰🏻Hello early-full term! Liliana is about the size of a butternut squash and estimated 5lb 5 oz- 5 lb 7oz based on last weeks measurements and growing. We’ll have another growth scan next week to see where she’s at based on the ultrasound techs readings. Today we had her placenta blood flood measured and fluid checked at Beth Israel Hospital and all looks great! We even saw her lungs working on her practice breathing. I’m feeling well...stretched in his homestretch. I have one more full week of work at @bodyambitionfitness then will be backing off a bit to just focus on back end business stuff and getting mentally ready for our girl to arrive. I’m getting anxious, nesting (when there’s time) and just too freakin excited to meet her! We had a great meeting with our doulas (@sidebysidedoulas ) this week too and that really made us feel ready to tackle this parent thang 😉 💜🎀👑 #fitpregnancy #pregnancyprogress #37weekspregnant #bodyambitionfitness #momboss
PREGNANCY PROGRESS: 36 weeks!! 🤰🏻My my my how time is flying! This last week has been quite the week to say the least. It started with a routine ultrasound to measure Liliana’s growth as I was measuring small. Mind you I’m 5’2 was 115 pounds when i started this journey and was born at 5 lb 10oz myself and 18.5 inches long! And Daddy-O Stevie isn’t exactly a giant either 😉 but I figured what’s the harm in seeing how much she’s actually grown so we went. Well the ultrasound tech was concerned after measuring so we then went for a non-stress test. At the hospital the Dr. on duty said her HR and fluid were good but still advised we induce early...that night!!! Because she said she’ll do better on the outside growing than inside of me. Well obviously that didn’t sit right with Steve & I and we refused and demanded another option. My maternal instincts said she is not staying in the hospital for 4 weeks instead of me! After some probing she said we could go see a maternal fetal medicine (MFM) specialist to have her re-measured and see the placenta blood flow through Doppler reading. Well hello why didn’t you say that first! So off we went today to Beth Israel in Boston and the readings were all much higher! 13% percentile instead of 5th and her placenta flow, fluid and HR was just fine! She’s measuring 5 lb 2oz as of today. They’ll continue to monitor me each week but I’m ok with that as I know she’s growing strong and getting everything she needs from me she’s just going to be a peanut like her mama 🎀👑 Other than that she’s dancing away, head is down and making mama’s back hurt. It’s been hard to sleep lately but I guess my days of sleep are gone now anyway. Steve and have been trying to enjoy some quite moments with our boys being lazy on weekends and snow days and giving them snuggles as much as possible as we know once she arrives things are going to be a big change for them too! Here’s to week 36! 🌟 #fitpregnancy #36weekspregnant #fitmomma #mommaknowsbest #trustyourgut #pregnancyprogress #bumppic #babybump #babylilianamariamonteiro #babylilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro
GROWING MUSCLES VS. GROWING A HUMAN... believe it or not there are some similarities (in my mind anyway)! with growing muscles I would always consider my food intake for strength in my lifts, general health and chiseling my muscles. With growing a human I’m constantly thinking of what will feed her bones, brain, baby fat and nervous system to grow strong and healthy! With growing muscles I’d think about stretching, rolling out, acupuncture, massage and sleep for recovery and I’m still doing all of that now growing a human. With growing muscles it was important to keep my mental focus strong, my mind in a positive state and continue to stay motivated and in pregnancy all of those are equally as important for my health and for my baby. There’s a direct correlation between a mothers mental strength, positivity and lowered stress levels on the baby she carries! Getting in as close to a gallon of water for muscles and for baby are equally as important too! Muscles made me feel empowered, independent and sexy and growing a human sure does the same! Overall the esthetics are different but the impact of both are the same which is pretty badass! #35weekspregnant #powerofwomen #fitmom #fitpregnancy #transformationtuesday #transformation #iamwomanheremeroar #babylilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro
PREGNANCY PROGRESS: 35 weeks! 🤰🏻 our baby girl Liliana Maria is in her final stage of baking and soon will be in our arms! Right now she’s almost fully developed but just packing on that baby fat and letting her lungs develop a little more. She’s just about at her birth height by now too! I’ve felt her grow this week and have more lower back pain and pelvic pressure it’s getting hard to be comfortable these days. I’ll now have weekly appointments with our midwives & Drs too. My goal the next few weeks is to remain as limber as possible, lots of stretching and body weight movements to help get her in to perfect birthing position! We worked on our birth plan on our snow day and will be meeting with our doulas in another week to finalize a lot of details! Feb 9th is her DD. What are your guesses for her arrival?? 👑🎀💜 #fitpregnancy #35weekspregnant #babylilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro
PREGNANCY PROGRESS: 34 weeks! 🤰🏻 Liliana is now about the size of a head of cauliflower roughly 18 inches long and around 4-5 lbs according to my app. She’ll continue to gain about .5 lbs a week now until her birthing day so my belly will for sure torpedo out now 🤣 I’ve really felt the lower back pain, pelvic pressure and ligaments stretching this past week. My knee is feeling slightly better though so I managed to get in a few elliptical sessions and some upper body weight days. However I cannot wait to be able to lift hard again especially on my lower body! Also had a bit of a breakout on my face and my sneakers are fitting a little snug now as I think they’ve widened from the weight bearing down on them and standing a lot of my days at work. Stevie and I are getting so excited! We set up some of her room and put her clothes away, @luchithepitbull was too adorable sniffing and nosying through everything wagging his tail- he’s going to be a great big brother. Let the countdown continue...🎀👑💜 #fitpregnancy #34weekspregnant #bumpstatus #babybump #bumpselfie #babylilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro
PREGNANCY PROGRESS: 33 weeks 🤰🏻 Our baby girl Liliana Maria is growing an estimated .5 lbs a week now and almost her full length! She’s moving a lot and staying in her head down position with feet in the right side ribs so I’m hopeful she’ll move perfectly into position when the time comes and she’s ready to enter this world! I’ve been feeling pretty good but my left knee is quite inflamed probably from that injury a few weeks back and typical fluid retention and my back feels very weak as my core is now no longer (for now). So workouts have been very limited to upper body strength 3x per week. Hoping the few days off for Christmas allows it to get the rest it needs to heal a bit. Sleep sucks now I’m uncomfortable, hungry, sweating or have to pee so ya up a lot at night. Some heart burn but not a ton if I eat early enough at night which typically I eat late so this is an adjustment. Steve and I are getting more and more excited with each passing week for our princess to arrive 👑🎀 #babylilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro #33weekspregnant #fitpregnancy #babybump #bumpstatus
A behind the scenes sneak peak at one of my looks from yesterday’s maternity shoot with @ericsnyderphotography & @shaunna_legatos #33weekspregnant #babylilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro #ourprincess #princessdiaries #pregnancymodel
Yesterday was a magical day for our baby girl Liliana Maria 🎀👑🤰🏻💜 surrounded by so much love and joy she is one lucky girl already! Here’s a few pics of yesterday (swipe left) more to come but wanted to share some elements from our boho chic dream theme from the homemade dreamcatcher, baby headband bar, from my mother-in-law and I to the custom kicks and crown and dream Big hand painted sign 👑🎀 #31weekspregnant #babyshower #babylilianamaria #LilianaMariaMonteiro #bohobeauty
💜 Liliana Maria 💜 . . Adding another baby to the circle soon! 😍 Can’t wait for my friend to become a mother and to meet this little love 💕. . #lilianamariamonteiro @janellenicolo @luxstudio781
PREGNANCY PROGRESS: 31 weeks! Each day that goes by I feel more connected to our baby girl Liliana 🌟🎀🤰🏻 I sing and talk to her and love her movements! She’s approximately 16 inches long and 3.5 lbs. she’ll continue to gain her body fat about a 1/2 lb a week they say. I am feeling her size as her head sits on my bladder and feet in my ribs 😬 we had our 2nd ultrasound this week (swipe left for pics) and she was opening a closing her mouth and pouting a bit (she has mommas big bottom lip lol) I’m so excited to say that the placenta previa I had had at 18 weeks had worked itself out and is gone! I was praying it would move as My uterus grew and it did! I do think the chiropractic and acupuncture treatments I’ve been doing also aided in that. It’s a relief because now I know I can attempt the natural birth I dream of for her. We have our baby shower this weekend and I can’t wait to share the day with so many friends and family members that have been alongside my journey with so much love and support and will be playing such a role in her life as they watch her grow into a beautiful soul 🌟 feeling more blessed every day! #pregnancyprogress #31weekspregnant #babybump #fitpregnancy
PREGNANCY PROGRESS: 30 weeks!! Liliana is the size of a cantaloupe about 17 inches and 3-3.5 lbs according to my app but on Tuesday we’ll know for sure as we have our 2nd ultrasound! I can’t wait to see her little face again! She’ll gain about 1/2 lb each week now until her birthing day. She’ll start moving herself into birth position now, she likes to lie across quite a bit now I feel her head to my left lower pelvic area and little booty bump to the right of my belly button. Her heels/feet like to kick me in my right side still but I love feeling them move! It’s true what they say about nesting I’ve been a mad women trying to get things ready for her arrival as it’s coming so fast! After this weekend (our last road trip as we take Atlantic City for the WBFF pro show with our BA athletes) Stevie and I will be setting up the crib and finalizing everything. I’ve been feeling tired again however can’t sleep well which has never been an issue for me with my iron overload (#hemochromatosis ) but it’s pregnancy they say getting me ready for the road ahead. I passed my glucose test (mind you I did not take the drink I opted for a more natural way that was agreed upon with my midwives DM me for info) with flying colors however my iron levels continue to rise as to be expected my hematologist said but I’ll still need to meet with him soon to ensure all is ok on that end. So on we go to another week closer to our baby girls arrival! #30weekspregnant #babybump #babylilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro #fitpregnancy #fitmom
PREGNANCY PROGRESS: official weekly post! 29 weeks!! Our Liliana is the size of a pineapple 🍍 about 16 inches long and 3 lbs! I’m really looking forward to our 30 week ultrasound coming up to see her precious face again! I’ve been feeling really good minus some back pain here and there but I’m sure that’s due to not being to the chiropractor in a few weeks due to schedule conflicts and our Aruba babymoon (damn beach chairs are the worst for your back but the sun was worth it!) also have had some Braxton Hicks contractions this week. She’s still been moving strong, uncle Kevin and uncle Brian even we’re able to feel her kick good yesterday! Feeling so blessed and really looking forward to the weeks ahead! Keep brewing baby girl 🎀👑 #29weekspregnant #divaondeck #babyonboard #babylilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro #fitpregnancy #fitmom #pregnancyprogress
Today Liliana is the size of a pineapple 🍍🤰🏻 #29weekspregnant #fitmom #fitpregnancy #babybump #divaondeck
PREGNANCY PROGRESS: 27 weeks! 🤰🏻🎀Liliana is now around 2 lbs and 15 inches long. I can feel her growing as she now likes to kick my right side often. I think she has a habit her daddy has of rubbing her feet together and not knowing it😂 i can’t believe we’re in the last week before the 3rd trimester-time is flying by! Stevie and i are on our way to Aruba for a little babymoon, i must say I’m a bit excited about having some 1-1 time with @basteve & really relaxing without being hungover, reading my baby books and practicing my meditation/hypnobirthing techniques, finalizing baby shower stuff as well as the sun ☀️ Been feeling great and looking forward to another ultrasound at 30 weeks to really see her again!! #27weekspregnant #fitpregnancy #babylilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro #bumppic
PREGNANCY PROGRESS: 25 weeks taken last Friday but life’s been so crazy busy I haven’t had time to post. Lots been going on growing a diva and getting divas ready for stage 👑 Liliana is about 13-14 inches long and about 2 lbs. she’s moving like crazy dancing about and I’m loving it! I’ve been feeling amazing with my routine of workouts, chiropractor, and acupuncture. Haven’t hit up yoga in a few weeks and time won’t allow this week either but I’ve been doing some stretching, rolling and meditation on my own. We hit a hiccup in our birth plan but hoping it will work itself out. Because of my #hemochromatosis I’ve been flagged high risk during pregnancy which is a bit ridiculous if you ask me considering my hematologist sees no issue during pregnancy or labor. After all you want high iron in pregnancy and well I just have it naturally! Therefore her water birth is tentative as of now. We’re going to new midwifes/ob tomorrow so I’ll work with them for the time being and if I’m all clear by 36 weeks without issue then I can go back to the birthing center and she can be born as planned. 🙏🏻🌟 fingers crossed! But considering that’s not far away I’m feeling confident all will work as planned! #divaondeck #25weekspregnant #pregnancyprogress #bumpselfie #babybump #babylilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro
PREGNANCY PROGRESS: 24 weeks! I'm officially 6 months! Liliana is the size of an eggplant 🍆now and by end of week will be approx 13 inches long (although daddy & I are short not sure how accurate that is for us) and 1.5 lbs. she'll start filling in her skin with some baby fat now and her lungs are growing strong now! My pregnancy app says Liliana’s eyebrows, lashes, and hair are coming in, they still lack pigment and appear white and her ears and fingernails are also complete by now. I've been feeling great but have to sit a lot more since my days are long and I'm still trying to heal my knee, never mind that my feet are so sore by the end of the day! Took out my belly band a few times to help relieve some ligament pressure but overall that's been at bay. My chiropractor appointments I'm sure have been helping that. Hoping to get back to yoga next week if knee is better. I did realize I need new fall boots because my calves no longer fit in them...sad sad day 🙁 but an excuse to shop I guess! 🤰🏻💜🎀👑 #babylilianamaria #pregnancyprogress #24weekspregnant #fitpregnancy #lilianamariamonteiro
PREGNANCY PROGRESS: 23 WEEKS! 🤰🏻🎀 Princess is pop pop poppin! She's about 1 1/4 pound and the size of a bunch of grapes (Portuguese grapes of course lol) last week was a tough one as I was demoing in my class and strained my popliteus muscle in the back of my knee pretty good. Therefore I have not worked out or even hit up yoga this week. I was laid up all day Sunday, had massage Monday, therapy Tuesday and then chiropractor weds & today...so that was enough! I'm feeling much better and thankful it wasn't torn. But I do know now that i need to lay of things even though I can do them doesn't mean I always should -especially if I'm not warmed up! I know better so I was mad at myself but all is working out and feeling much better! Otherwise I've been feeling great, sleep has been much better this week, I think my essential oils and consistent meditation is helping that! That nighttime sleep is helping keep me charged through the bulk of my day thank goodness as it's busy at @bodyambitionfitness with the competitors & pageant girls all having shows right around the corner. Pair that with the day to day of running a badass business and mama hits the couch hard at 9pm 😴 @basteve has been an absolute rockstar. The constant support, help and love from him means the world to me. He's truly going to be an amazing Daddy 💜 #BabyLilianaMaria #23weekspregnant #lilianamariamonteiro
Workin' it in miss @stacejaym 's Thursday Throwdown class this am at @bodyambitionfitness modified pistol squat to front raise 💪🏻👊🏻🤰🏻 #babyonboard #22weekspregnant #divaondeck #fitpregnancy
PREGNANCY UPDATE: 21 weeks! Liliana is growing stronger and is the size of a bok choy according to my app. Approx 10.5 inches long and weighs almost 3/4 lb! This week I've continued to focus on my hypnobirthing techniques and meditation, took an essential oils class for pregnancy, met with my hemotologist about my #hemochromatosis and went to a chiropractor who works with women through and after pregnancy. So needless to say I'm doing all I can to keep this bod healthy, aligned and balanced through this incredible adventure of creating a strong healthy house for our baby girl 🎀 did you know both acupuncture and chiropractic care when done right can help keep baby in proper positioning for birthing day? Well that's one of my reasons as well as feeling good as we plan to have a natural water birth at a birthing center as we feel it's important to have a birth that is fulfilling and respectful of the mother, baby and birthing experience and to me that is within a birth center with my midwives, doula and hubby supporting me every step! (I'll talk more about he pros and my thoughts on this at a later date!) needless to say with all that I didn't have much time or energy to workout so 1 yoga and 1 interval weight workout is all I've done this week (hoping for another tomorrow) but it's ok because I listened to what Liliana and myself needed this week and it was more Love 💜 and peacefulness within. 🌟 #lilianamariamonteiro #bumpupdate #21weekspregnant #BabyLilianaMaria
So I admit I haven't worked out since last Friday. It was an emotional week that I'll talk about at a later date when I'm ready but I knew I was emotionally drained and needed to listen to my body and rest was what it needed. But today I jumped in to my girl @stacejaym class since I had a client cancel and I'm so glad I did! I had to modify to mine & Liliana's needs but that sweat and getting that HR up felt so good! Tonight I'll unwind with pre-natal yoga at @mantrayoga and sleep with ease! #21weekspregnant #babyonboard #divaondeck #lilianamariamonteiro #lilianamaria
PREGNANCY PROGRESS: 20 weeks! Whoaaaa We're halfway there whoaaaa livin on a prayer 💜 Liliana is being measured from head to toe now since there's more space for her to spread out and is approx 10 inches long about the size of a banana 🍌 this might explain why I can feel her so much more now and daddy too! I'm feeling great now that I've figured out better positions to sleep to help ligament pain and have taken up prenatal yoga 1x week. Had my first calve cramp though which woke me up but upped my magnesium in the pm so hoping that helps. Feeling strong with my nutrition having a great balance of healthy & a few weekend treats. We've been doing our weekly hypnobirthing classes with our doulas at @sidebysidedoulas and loving how much we're learning! This weekend I'm also taking an essential oils class for pregnancy & birth! I've been doing my meditations and truly enjoying the process of being pregnant and finding that connection with our baby girl already 🎀Having competed for over 10 years I've seen my body do amazing things but this is a completely new experience and challenge I'm embracing to the fullest! 💜 #20weekspregnant #hemochromatosis
PREGNANCY PROGRESS: 19 weeks! Liliana weighed in at 9oz and just over 5 inches at our Monday (scroll left to see her pic) 💜 I've been feeling her move more this week and she's still loving more sweet things like apples and almond butter which has been my fav snack this week! I felt a lot of round ligament and lower back pain this week from being on my feet all day so haven't worked out much this week just 2 days (today makes 3) and prenatal yoga last night which helped a ton! I also started propping myself up with a pregnancy wedge under my side and a pillow between my legs to sleep the last few nights and that seems to be helping a lot. My app says she's started to sprout hair (although I was pretty bald when born so we shall see if her daddy's Portuguese genetics come through). Time to go get in a little baby bump burst workout 🤰🏻💪🏻 #lilianamaria #lilianamariamonteiro
BUMP DAY! Yes today is actually #internationalbumpday feeling blessed we were able to see our baby girl #lilianamariamonteiro on our 1st ultrasound this week! I am feeling a lot of round ligament pain but hitting up prenatal yoga tomorrow at @mantrayoga and seeing @elizamellensmith for acupuncture again next week! She's been moving more frequently too -just felt her while I'm writing this! Loving this adventure so far! #bumpday #fitmomma #fitmom #fitpregnancy #18weekspregnant #humpday #humpdaybumpday
Thank you @tayhiggins_ and @beantownbangles_ for my gorgeous "Liliana stack" of handmade bracelets for baby Liliana Maria & I 🤰🏻👸🏻🎀👑 #BabyLilianaMaria #lilianamariamonteiro
What a day we had! ITS A GIRL 👸🏻🌸 our big reveal with some fam & close friends was today and it's now official there's a #divaondeck LILIANA MARIA MONTEIRO we cannot wait to meet you 💜 #daddyslittlegirl #lilianamariamonteiro #babylilianamaria #itsagirl