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@climbbluesky has this exciting upcoming event to Mt.Suswa in September, the 15th of September to be precise. Mt Suswa is an extinct volcano in the Great Rift Valley, within the sight of the more popular Mt Longonot. It is located inside the community-managed Mt Suswa Conservancy, the mountain has caves that are home to a species of endangered bats. Mt Suswa’s caves are one of only two known places in Kenya inhabited by the endangered large-eared, free tailed bats. Its proximity to Nairobi also makes it an ideal day hike,caving and abseiling destination. There is a vast network of obsidian caves and a variety of wild animals and plants. To register, send your details to climb@blueskykenya.org with the Subject as SUSWA. #letsgocaving #letsgohiking #legsgoabseil #Adventurewithyourprefferedorganization #letssayyestoadventureswithbluesky
Tuckaleechee Caverns – Day FIVE of Seven Days in the Smokies! What a fun find! This cavern has a fascinating history and Is beautiful inside! Plus, you will get quite a workout going through! The staff were super friendly as well! #SmokyMountains #Exploring #FamilyFun #WearsValley #GSMNP #MountaiinTopHaven #LetsGoCaving
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