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I was born and raised by my grandmother and never really had the important period talk with my mom. Sure my grand mother did give me some solace, the first time I started bleeding and freaked out thinking I may be dying but that was about it. That was the only information I ever got. I was told, “yeh sab larkiyon ko hote hain, koi bari baat nahi hai.” Until I found out this was now going to happen every month. For a week. Without any notice. Anytime! I wasn’t sure how to use a pad, how to keep myself hygienic, how to take care of my cramps and spottings. I would be most embarrassed during school or in friends gatherings because I was always scared what if someone finds out? What if my pad leaks? As if I had a disease. While on my periods I was taught to lie to my father during Ramzan month. For not praying I lied to people that I have, when in actual I hadn’t. Brown bag was the most embracing article in my shopping trolly and honestly I thought being a girl was a hassle... You know why? Because no one ever talked to me about my first period or any period since after that. Let’s break the cycle! Butterfly Breathable Starter Kit and information about it is my gift to all you young girls out there. It’s ok, you are alright! Yes we can talk about it! Yes you have the right to have knowledge about your health and hygiene! Periods shouldn’t stop you! Be the girl who decided to go for it!!! The kit includes a butterfly breathable pack, a girls guide to growing up, tips for mothers on how to talk to their daughters, plastic bags for disposal and a pink pouch. You can purchase the starter kit at https://bit.ly/2Rzd2mY Or... for a give away follow rules mentioned below. Follow: https://www.facebook.com/ButterflyPakistanOfficial/ Like: @butterflypakistan Like: @anumthanvi And I’ll be gifting these to 5 lucky girls. . . . #ButterflyPakistan #ButterflyBreatahbles #LetsTalk #HelloPeriodKit #BreakTheSilence
The Man Himself, Arunachalam Muruganantham, Today, Muruganantham is one of India’s most well-known social entrepreneurs and TIME magazine named him as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2014.
According to a report by market research group AC Nielsen, “Sanitary Protection: Every Woman’s Health Right,” 88% of women in India are driven to use ashes, newspapers, sand husks and dried leaves during their periods. As a result of these unhygienic practices, more than 70% of women suffer from reproductive tract infections, increasing the risk of contracting associated cancers. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Arunachalam Muruganantham, an Indian social entrepreneur, has made it possible for women from low income groups in India to afford sanitary pads, providing many with an income at the same time. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ From a poor background in the South of India, he created the world’s first low-cost machine to produce sanitary towels.
There are men who squirm at the mention of a woman’s period. And then there’s Arunachalam Muruganantham @murugaofficial , a school dropout who realised that the majority of women in India couldn’t afford sanitary pads and decided to do something about it. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ With limited resources at his disposal, he adopted extreme methods to conduct his research. It wasn’t long before his community shunned him, but he persisted. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Today, Muruganantham is hailed as a visionary who is empowering rural women across India.
You are worth it ! Avail our cosmetic gynaecology services. You can web chat with us on www.gynaespa.com or call us on 800 483 to book an appointment. #letsbreakthetaboo #womenempowermentuae #menaupauseuae #growinggracefully #lifestyle #healthandwellness #feelgood #menaupause #alain #loveyourself #dubai #gynaespa #womenspa #dubaispa #ageinggracefullly #laservaginalrejuvenation
💞 Even in this day and age pregnancy loss is such a taboo subject and you can never be prepared for both the physical and emotional pain that you go through, no matter how strong you are. 💞 1 in 4 pregnancies in the UK end up in miscarriage, yet it's still not really spoken about. It's only once you experience it first hand that people seem to start to open up and share their experiences. 💞 From my personal experience there was a real lack of medical guidance and information that resulted in various Google searches, which made the whole thing much more difficult and at times scary. 💞 I understand that some people prefer to deal with it privately, in their own way and in their own time. Yet others feel ashamed or that they have failed in some way. Some people choose to avoid those awkward conversations, worried of others reactions, so keep it to themselves. 💞 It's nothing to be ashamed of and any help you can get will make such a shitty experience that little bit easier to deal with which is what led me to post this x I'm lucky I'm surrounded by such amazing, supportive, open & honest people, which I'm very thankful for x 💞 #miscarriage #pregnancyloss #itsgoodtotalk #babylossawareness #womenshealth #itsokaynottobeokay #letsbreakthetaboo #notjustastatistic
🌸 Our laser vaginal rejuvenation procedure can enhance your vaginal health and feminine wellness. Don’t stay silent, seek help #letsbreakthetaboo 📞 Call 800483 to book an appointment. ‎اتصلي بنا لتحديد موعد 👉Visit www.gynaespa.com to learn more ‎ زوري موقعنا لمزيد من المعلومات 🌸 Cosmetic Gynaecology Laser Treatment for: •Vaginal Rejuvenation •Vaginal Hydration •Mild Urinary Incontinence •Labial Whitening •Vaginal Tightening Be the NEW YOU
Part 1: I have survive for the past 8 years of depression. Try to kill myself and harm myself many times, still I'm alive and I survive. . . It's not funny. Really. To cope with it. Learn to accept it as a part of me. It's scary. To blend in with society while having this. Honestly, it's scary. Having depression and talk about it in public is a taboo in society. People don't want to hear about it. They thought it just some teenage adolescence transitioning problems. They compare on how they cope with life problems with how you cope with your depression. But they forgot that life problems and depression is totally not the same. Non. So here I am. Breaking the rules. Breaking the taboo. Breaking the norm, speak and write about it. Write about how I survive and being a survivor. It's time for us to wake up and speak or write about depression. Let's break this taboo. There so many teenagers out there want to be save. So let's lend them our voices, ears and hand. #depression #timetospeak #letsbreakthetaboo #ShahniAdilah #NiaIrwafi #Iamsurvivor #Isurvive #tapeXpressive
On this World Mental Health Day I would like to start with saying, “Don’t shy away from seeking help guys!!” Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, and many more disorders are legit mental illnesses which need treatment in the form of counselling, medicines, or both. Just like you take a medicine for fever without questioning it or making a big deal about it, for a mental illness too, go to a doctor, seek help, and take the medicines just as you would do if you had a fever. Just as you take a painkiller when you don’t feel like getting out of the bed because your body aches with fever, you need medicines and therapy to get the energy and motivation back when you are hit by depression. Moreover, stop thinking about people who seek help for their mental illness as “outliers” because it is just as common, important, and “normal” as it would be for someone to go to the doctor to seek treatment for a cold, fever, or headache. And most importantly, don’t ask questions like, “What are you depressed about? Nothing is wrong with your life.” Because NO, one doesn’t need to have a specific reason or an issue to be worried or depressed about when this illness hits them. Just like you do not ask someone, “Hey! Why do you have a cold? What’s wrong with you?”, don’t ask such questions from people suffering from any mental illness either. Don’t make it seem like their fault because it is NOT. It’s an illness and it can hit anybody. Again, I would say, do not shy away from seeking help and whenever you feel like you are not working at your full potential and have symptoms like lack of energy, lack of concentration, lack of motivation, crying spells, irritability, anxiety, depressed mood, not enjoying the activities you used to enjoy earlier, thoughts about harming yourself of ending your life, and any change in your sleeping or eating pattern, SEEK HELP. Also, substance abuse is one of the major comorbids of depression and anxiety so anyone suffering from addiction can, and should, seek help from a doctor. Think over this and break this taboo. Be a more supportive society towards everybody. Be kind. Be supportive. Remember, you are not alone. You are never alone.
Still on mental health. . . And yes, children have mental illnesses too. I especially love the points on the right side from talking, coping to autonomy and the relationships too. . . Change begins with me and you. We need to learn more and do more so that we can break away from the stigmas. . . #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness #letstalk #LetsBreaktheTaboo #livingmybestlife
@Regran_ed from @puresteem - Today is World Mental Health Day. Interested in learning some truths about mental health? Read on... 1. Mental health problems are experienced by people of any race, age, culture, religion, social status or educational background. 2. Someone you know right now will have a mental health problem, they just have no idea how to tell you. 3. When a friend or loved one opens up about a mental health problem, they don't want to be treated any differently or judged. 4. Workplace or business stress can contribute to mental illness- from the lonnnnnnngggg hours to unrealistic workloads. 5. Mental health can affect the way you think, feel and behave. You might feel sad, worried, confused, angry, frightened, hopeless, isolated - even ashamed and worthless. ***Speaking about mental illness through education with open conversations is key***. Agree? #letstalk #MentalHealth #MentalHealthisreal #LetsBreaktheTaboo #Changebeginswithyouandme #regrann
#worldmentalhealthday reminds us all that it’s ok not be ok, surround yourself with people who make you laugh but also don’t mind listening when you need to cry. I’m so lucky I have so many people I can share my happiness with and I’m incredibly grateful to all of my friends for their support. I’m only a message away if anyone ever needs to talk 💚 #mentalhealth #friends #happiness #laughter #letsbreakthetaboo #instadaily #grateful
A problem shared is what?... A problem half solved. . . Team PurEsteem on a mission to raise awareness about Mental Health. Nurturing our mental well being and addressing the taboos and stigmas related to it. . . You can be a part of this much needed discussion starting tonight at 8:00 pm. 081 8819 5602 . #Letstalk #MentalHealthAwareness #LetsBreaktheTaboo #Changebeginswithyouandme #Passionistas #sisterhood #WhatsAppClass
Flowers were designed for beauty; so were women, but neither will share their fragrant appeal with the world if they are not cared for properly. Your V is the same. Do not be ashamed of symptoms that you may be seeing or feeling, from vaginal dryness to looseness, they can be treated. Speak up and seek help. Our OBGYN is here to answer your questions and guide you to an optimal treatment plan. Let’s talk! You can web-chat with us on our website www.gynaespa.com or call us on 800483. #letsbreakthetaboo
Until there is a cure for breast cancer, early detection practices like mammograms, clinical breast exams, and breast self-exams remain some of the most important ways to catch breast cancer early and increase survival rates. The most important screening test is the mammogram, as it can detect the disease up to two years before the tumor can be felt by you or your doctor. Women age 40 - 45 or older who are at average risk of breast cancer should have a mammogram once a year. Spread the word, support the fight! #letsbreakthetaboo
#weNeedtoTalk Learn and gain insights from 4 inspirational sisters who share Mental health (MH) gems based on experience - from their different walks of life and living in different parts of the world (Naija, London and Dubai - sisters Rahma, Ric, Kaiya and Meena). You can join the conversation too; regardless of your age, location and lifestyle ***Signup for only 3k*** Pay into 0766631166 (Access bank - PurEsteem concepts) and send a confirmation message to 081 8819 5602 via WhatsApp . Reserve your spot today! Join us and other sisters in a safe space ~ on an educative, enlightening and advocacy driven journey in shaa Allah. _Share with every potential MH ambassador you know._ ❣ Sincerely, *PurEsteem MH ambassadors*
Breast cancer awareness month also serves as an opportunity to talk, in honor of the women impacted by breast cancer. Speak up about what scares you, what inspires you, and what gives you hope. Let us learn more by learning from each other, let us support each other by sharing. #letsbreakthetaboo
Breast cancer awareness month sheds light on the startling hard facts of the disease, and how you can get involved to support the fight. Share with the women in your lives. Get screened. Together we can! #letsbreakthetaboo
Today you turn 26. Reunited with your pop. Two siblings have returned home. Your mum picks up the keys to their new house. So many reasons to smile but we are reminded that you are still not here. Today the weather is grey and depressing. I hope that no matter where you are your happy drinking your Jack's and smoking your weed. Until we meet again Brendy Love Aunty x #birthday #heavenbirthdays #reasonstocelebrate #heartsarebroken #missingyou #always #family #suicide #ruok #letsbreakthetaboo #speakup #wishingyouwerehere
Good Morning! ☕️☕️ I’ve been doing a lot of “Thinking” the last few days. About life, about stress, about change. As most all of us know there’s so many people in the world with “chemical imbalances” Which makes life that much more difficult. When -Qscience- crossed my path with it's medical research and proven studies it kept getting better and better! They have a huge Mental Health Focus and Weight Loss Focus; combining both to help people feel at their Best!! - Physically, Mentally and Emotionally!! 🤔 OMG! I L O V E the fact over $25 million has been spent in research (not a dime from the company!), and 36 published studies have been done on one of their MAIN Products!! -One of the studies on this product was conducted at Harvard!!😳 How did I not hear about this before?! I’m beyond Excited!! I have the studies! I couldn’t put them down! I went over every single one! This (all natural) product has helped countless people reduce their meds on some level or stop them all together (of course with doctor supervision)! 💯 Qscience has the proven studies! Talk about changing lives! People are choosing the Q challenge for their weight loss, or trying Q products after seeing their scientific studies on incredible improvement from anxiety, depression, bipolar, ADD, autism and MORE! 👆🏻 The research that’s been done proves that we have our hands on MIND BLOWINGLY successful products!! 😘 I Can Not Wait to continue on this path! I already have the spray vitamins, and seeing improvement 😍. And I am witnessing my friends results with others in just days! And Yes! I’m here to share with You! Knowing what this can do for us in our everyday lived has me pumped! #backedbyscience #proofisinthepudding #newadventure #wahm #trulyhelpingpeople #letsbreakthetaboo #itsokaytonotbeokay
Repost from @patinaandmore The best way to get help in women’s issues is to talk to a specialist 🌸so lets unite to break the taboos and feel comfortable talking about them🤗💜 الطريقة الافضل للحصول على مساعدة في الامور التي تخص النساء هي الثحدث مع ذوي الاختصاص. لذا علينا الاتحاد لكسر المحرمات و التحدث عن هذه الامور بحرية و من دون خجل🌸 #letsbreakthetaboo #womenhealth #agegracefully #emiratiwomenday #womenequality #wellness #health #lifestyle #dubai #abudhabi @gynaespadubai @bournhall_fertilitycentre @patinaandmore
🙌 to all Emirati Women 💖 you empower us all 💪
Ladies, break the silence! #letsbreakthetaboo Please don’t be shy to speak about your intimate area problems. There are many treatments that can ease or obliterate the “unnecessary” suffering. Symptoms such as vaginal dryness, looseness or itchiness, as well as uncontrollable leaking, can all be cured. This can be with medicine, exercise or our laser procedure. Just take the first step, book a consultation. 👉Dr. Faten Abu Zomar, our consultant in Obstetrics & Gynaecology is available to have a conversation with you, examine you and recommend the best treatment plan. 📞Call us on 800483 to schedule an appointment or to learn more.
Under the theme 'FREEDOM' Rotaract club of Chandigarh in collaboration with RIT for their project WE - Woman Health and Education organized a workshop on Menstrual health and hygiene. Dr Pallavi Bansal from PGIMER spoke about POCS and the common problems faced by girls during menstruation. Various taboos and myths revolving around the subject were discussed upon. The event was was open for both girls and boys and was followed by a question answer session where their queries related to menstruation were addressed. Since this is one subject that makes people find uncomfortable to talk on, to put an end to this hesitation a small activity #myperiodstory was done in which audience were encouraged to share their first period story. This aim of the seminar was fulfilled as it helped us to raise awareness on menstrual health and provided us with the opportunity to collectively discuss the current issues surrounding menstrual health. #letsbreakthetaboo #nohesitation #naturalphenomenon
Too hot? The kind of food a woman consumes affects her vaginal condition. Oily and spicy food is found to be one of the main culprits behind increased vaginal infection amongst women - they develop vaginal infection more easily and quite frequently. Ssigns of vaginal infection include: •Increase in vaginal discharge •If the discharge smells foul •Redness & Itching vaginal area •Increased wetness 👉FemiLift laser vaginal rejuvenation is an innovative approach to treating recurring vaginal infections, as well as vaginal dryness. This technology is clinically safe and approved by the FDA, making it a great choice for women who want the best treatment for vaginal infections and dryness. ⚠️Don’t ignore abnormal symptoms, don’t stay silent about them #letsbreakthetaboo 🚺💪 👉If you have questions about the procedure, visit our website (link in bio) and chat with Mona, our sales rep. You can also reach us on 800483 or by DM. www.gynaespa.com
The women who have done laser vaginal rejuvenation can attest to its results! #letsbreakthetaboo 👉If you have questions about the procedure, visit our website (link in bio) and have a one-to-one chat with Mona, our sales rep. You can also reach us on 800483 or by DM. www.gynaespa.com
Pregnancy and birth is no doubt one of the most magical experiences a woman will have in her lifetime. However, the months and even years after giving birth can be difficult for some women. Recent studies show that over 64% of new mothers felt that their body image has worsened since giving birth. For some, this led to feelings of self-consciousness, insecurity, and fear of intimacy. ⚠️🚺 A woman’s vagina goes through changes during and after giving birth. Stretching of the vaginal walls and opening can occur permanently, loss of sensation is a common side effect, coupled with dryness and itchiness. 🙌👉 Luckily, we live in an age where there are proven remedies to such issues. Our Femilift procedure is a quick, non-invasive laser procedure proven to reduce vaginal looseness and increase natural lubrication. It can also help relieve symptoms of vaginal incontinence by tightening the pelvic floor. 😍Happy moms are healthy moms, and having confidence in your body and sexuality plays a major role. Check out Femilift today. Call 800483, visit gynaespa.com #letsbreakthetaboo
The gorgeous DD @patinaandmore with Dr Faten, our Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynecology, during her visit to our clinic @bournhall_fertilitycentre Thanks for sharing @patinaandmore #letsbreakthetaboo 🙌😘😘 👉Have you ever heard of @gynaespadubai of @bournhall_fertilitycentre 🤗? Well neither did I until I got introduced to this amazing facility. We as women are always wary about not discussing our intimate issues with anybody and in some countries it is still a taboo to talk about them. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Faten Abu zomar at Bourn Hall who is a consultant in Obstetrics and gynaecology and has experience in cosmetic gynecology. We discussed many women’s issues and new technologies to resolve them. We should always remember that you are not alone,there are always great centers like @bournhall_fertilitycentre clinic to consult #bournhall #wellness #womenempoweringwomen
---Story With A Lesson. I had one of my critical exam in one of the building inside the IT Park, Bangalore. The rules of the exam were such that you cannot carry anything inside. 20 minutes before the exam, I went to washroom and realised that my periods started. I always used to carry atleast two pads in my bag so that if any girl except me needed the pad, I could give her. I was not having any pad that day, I ran outside and asked few girls present there. But, the efforts went into vain, no one was having the pad. I helped a dozen girls in my life but when I needed it, no one was there. I enquired about the medical shop in the massive IT park but it Jolted me that there was not even a single medical shop there. The exam was critical, so I went to the washroom again, searched for the tissue papers, made a temporary pad with handful of tissue papers. During the exam, I was a bit concerned about the stain as my house was almost 50 km away from the center. But, somehow I gave the exam in such irritable condition. The point here is that there should be a medical shop in these buildings or at least a clinical dispensary where these type of conditions can be tackled easily. ~A story by Shravani (from Maharashtra) #story #menstruation #periods #taboo #pads #hug #warmth #gender #sensitivity #letsbreakthetaboo #sanitarypadsmachine #pleasecarrypadswithyou .
Few days back, I came across a marriage proposal from Kumauni Family. My family and me were very much convinced and agreed upon it. Within 2 days of conversation with their Daughter-in-Law, I came across a wearied tradition which was not acceptable by me and I refused that proposal. Till now, Women are not allowed to cook in kitchen, they are not allowed to sleep in the room where there is a temple. She told me few things that were enough to run a chill down my spine. I will be asked to stay away from kitchen work and temple during my dates. I will be asked to wash my utensils in washroom area or in balcony. I will be asked to keep my utensils separately near dining area. Even my Clothes which I will be wearing during those days; I have to wash and keep them separately. My water bottles & eatables will be shifted from kitchen to any rack or closet. When I refused to follow such things than our elders took out 2 solutions for me. Firstly, I can use disposables cutlery and crockery for myself. Secondly, till the time I am staying separately with my partner, there are no issues. But, when I will be staying with my In-Laws then I have to follow such rituals. Finally, I refused the marriage proposal. Sadly, my parents got upset from my decision. ~~A story by Chitra Dhyani. Can you show the courage like her and refuse tha marriage which demands to follow these fake traditions during your periods ? Do let us know in comments. #hug #warmth #menstruation #periods #taboos #women #gender #sensitivity #hugwithwarmth #letsbreakthetaboo .
💥LET’S BREAK THE TABOO💥 Why is it we still find it so difficult to talk to each other and our children about what worries we all have about dying? Or about others dying and what may happen to those left behind? Sadly, death and grief is something we’re all going to experience at some point in our lives. Babies are born everyday, but people also die everyday, and this is the cycle of life. It is estimated that 45,000 children will be bereaved each year and the long term implications of a loss like this will carry with them for the rest of their lives. There is a huge of amount of support from amazing charities @winstonswish @cruse.surreynorth @griefencounter @childbereavementuk Also, if you haven’t already, you need to check out the amazing podcasts by comedian, Cariad Lloyd @thegriefcast It’s a fantastic way of talking about about death and grief. When my dad died back in 1992 there was little or no support available. Back then the subject of death was swept away and life was meant to move on. Our new children’s bereavement book, The Magical Wood, was written to help open up the conversation around death and grief with our children. It was written to help children express how they’re feeling; helping them to understand that, ‘it’s okay to feel sad’. Let’s open up the conversation for both children and adults. I would love to know your thoughts on this? #letsbreakthetaboo #deathandgrief #rememberinglovedones @zephyrwildman
Hello! I’ve got my lovely meet up with the local IG ladies this morning...chats and sharing and support and always laughter, over tea, coffee and cakes. I love our monthly-ish get togethers! Working from home alone, can be isolating and pretty solitary - but getting out and about, and making sure I have face to face contact with people, can make all the difference. It also inspires me, and I head home full of energy, buoyed up by the company of these kind and funny ladies! My default position is home, but I know that staying home, not seeing people, and living in my head is not good. I have suffered badly with anxiety over the past four years, and for 2016 and 17, I rarely went out. When we set up this group, before we’d even had our first meet up, I mentioned that I wouldn’t be eating as I’d be too anxious. From that point on we have talked and shared, and I realised what I should have done at the beginning of my anxiety journey. Talk. I should have talked to people, friends and family. It’s only when you talk, that you realise you’re not alone. We are not alone. You’d be surprised how many of the people you know who have suffered too...fighting their own silent battles with it. But when we talk, we can help each other, whether it’s sharing practical tips and advice about what has worked for us, or being there for one another, cheering each other along, and checking in to make sure we’re okay if we go quiet for a while. Thanks to Victoria @featherandwild for talking so bravely yesterday, and opening up the conversation, and helping me see that this should be discussed, and shouldn’t be a taboo subject. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and if you want to talk, I’m here 🖤 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #planoly #anxietyawareness #anxietyisreal #talkingisgood #dontbealonewithit #opentheconversation #letstalkopenly #letstalkaboutanxiety #letsbreakthetaboo #anxietyisaneverydayissue #anxietyisntshameful #sarahfittonartist #ditsybirddesigns #handpaintedkeyring #homekeyring #handmadeisbestmade #creativelyinspired #seekinspirecreate #modernmaker #borntobecreative #mentalhealthawareness
Eid celebrations 2018. Life is a party! Be it with friends, family or fertility community! I’ve been thinking about casual social events to meet with fertility seeking friends, wouldn’t it be awesome to hang out with people who understand and make you feel supported. #letsbreakthetaboo #myfertilitypal #fertilitysupport
Meet my passion project, I finally launched https://myfertilitypal.com to extend peer support to fertility patients supporting local community. It originated from personal fertility struggle and is a true depiction of my core values of compassion, passion, transparency and efficiency. I share my authentic journey, provide a place to meet REAL people who understands, provide resources to feel supported and empowered #fertilitysupport #myfertilitypal #fertilityawareness #eastbaygeneralinfertilitysupportgroup #letsbreakthetaboo
Talking about periods is still a taboo subject. Talking about what goes in there (we're talking tampons, people) too. Did you know most tampons and pads contain plastics? The box might say ‘cotton-like’ but the material is often synthetic and made from rayon, which contains plastic. We don't want that down there. That's why we offer organic cotton (GOTS-certified) tampons and pads from @yoni.care. You can directly lower your plastic footprint since all their products are biodegradable. Plus, your vagina is happy 'cause no chemicals. Ready for a more comfortable and guilt-free experience? Image @prue_stent #periodtalk #letsbreakthetaboo #feminism
2. One of my Eurovision posters for @christabelleofficial ‘s song. Let’s break the taboo!! On 10th May, let’s vote 12! Are you in our squad? #Malta #MESC2018 #MESC #eurovision #eurovision2018 #eurovisionsongcontest #eurovisionsongcontest2018 #Taboo #Songnumber12 #letsbreakthetaboo
One of my Eurovision posters for @christabelleofficial . She’s the awesomest person EVER. She has the best song and the best message. You should vote “12”, on 10th of May! Join in our squad. #Malta #MESC2018 #MESC #eurovision #eurovision2018 #eurovisionsongcontest #eurovisionsongcontest2018 #Taboo #Songnumber12 #letsbreakthetaboo
Make your weekends more colorful 💞 #movienight 🎬 #padman #letsbreakthetaboo 💁💃
Yes that's a Pad in my hand and there's nothing to be ashamed about. It's natural! Period. #PadManChallenge #LetsBreakTheTaboo #WomenPower
Thank you @sylknatural for encouraging an open conversation about vaginal health and supporting my @megsmenopause campaign. #letsbreakthetaboo #breakthestigma #loveyourvagina #sylk #megsmenopause
🔣You Do The Math🔢 . If You We're To Buy One Large Pack Of Tampons A Month at £4.99 (Cause Lets Face It The Price Keeps Shimming Up!) At The End Of The Year That's A "Minimum" Spend Of £59.88! And That's Only If You Buy The One Pack, I Know I've Had My Heavy Months! 💸💸💸 . Now, If You Where To Buy Just One Mooncup That Would Only Cost You £19.00 For The Entire Year! . Healthier + Money Saving + Great For The Environment = A Spectacular Hassle Free Life! #herestoahappyperiod #mymooncup #mooncup
I wouldn't be the person I am today without you. I wouldn't be half the mum I am. Never forgotten. Today I thought about how lucky I am with what I've got. Tonight I think of you. never forgotten. #waveoflight #letstalk #breakingthesilence #mumslife #raiseawareness #pregnancyandinfantloss #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness #miscarriage #miscarriageawareness #letsbreakthetaboo
There is nothing scandalous about vegas #letsbreakthetaboo yet its known as the #sincity so will keep the hashtag #whathappensinvegasstaysinvegas coz u ain't chilling till u pour your wallet out😁☝️#desertparadise #opulent #extravagant #casinosattheairport #idoubledmychipsonroulette #blackjackyousuck #fremontisthebestthingaboutvegas #neonlights #neonpost #poolchilling #alldayeveryday
I cannot believe that the time has finally come. Holy crap. That was literally the most gruelling four months of my life. But to have had this opportunity to write about something so poignant has definitely been an exciting challenge, and indeed, part of my own healing process. Whatever little number I receive back for this piece of work - I am so proud of myself for writing a whole dissertation on the topic of suicide grief, which of course, is something so close to my heart. As the title clearly says - this taboo most definitely needs to be broken. This may only be a very small step, but it has paved the way for bigger ones to come. Congratulations on everyone who has devoted there lives to writing this thing. Now let's crack open a bottle of prosecco and begin the celebrations🍾 🎉 #Dissertation #SuicideAwareness #LetsBreakTheTaboo
New York Magazine's 'The Cut' posted our interview on their page today. The more that media covers this reality of how many families are created today, the less there will be a taboo. #goodnight #letsbreakthetaboo #infertility #fertility #nyc #nymagazine #thecut #media #interview
#tbt ❤️ to Jonava. Suicide prevention event. My tedxVilnius talk The Power of Hug is live again. This time supported by 3 amazing psichologists #metalhealthmatters #mentalhealthawareness #suicideprevention #powerofhug #letsbreakthetaboo
So proud to be a part of the amazing #Tommys family running today. They are such an incredible charity. #letsbreakthetaboo #stillbirth #dylan #gnr2016
International Day for the Elimination of Voilence Against Women #behervoice #saynotodomesticvoilence #letsbreakthetaboo
Scandalous! This Thursday, we're putting it all on the table! Join us for a live twitter chat to talk about menstruation taboos that are getting us all down! Use #FaceTheTaboo to join! You can follow us on twitter here: http://bit.ly/1OT0jYy #LetsFaceItPeriod #letsbreakthetaboo