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Back to School🍂🍎Tote Bag “Love Heals” for those who dare to change the world! Inspire you.🍋lemonspluslife.etsy.com #lemonspluslife
@LemonsPlusLife is such a creative and fun shop that features all different styles of beautiful T-shirts, Throw Pillows, Tote Bags, Women’s Fashion and Accessories, Home Decor, Decorative Glass Trays, and so much more that you won’t want to miss out on! Swipe to see some of their brilliant one of a kind designs. This is the best place for you to find one of a kind gifts for your friends and family! Check out their Instagram for their Etsy link, and go follow this amazing shop today to see more and stay up to date on all of their new additions! ------------------------------------------ #etsy #etsyshop #etsyseller #diy #etsyhandmade #etsyshopowner #ootd #lemonspluslife #throwpillows #tshirts #totebags #scarves #skirts #wraps #fashion #fashionaccessories #homedecor #homedecorating #tshirtlover #tshirtlife #ilovepillows #fairtrade
My fav back porch welcome today! I’m thinking I don’t have to say why.🙄🍃inspire you🍋 #lemonspluslife
When the kids go back to school, the chaos won’t return until 3:30pm.🤷‍♀️🙄Whew! First day of school for kids. First nap for mom. “Chaos Coordinator” t-shirt. www.lemonspluslife.boutique lemonspluslife.etsy.com 👆🏼links in bio#lemonspluslife
Everywhere children are going back to school. 🤷‍♀️Across the globe. And I hear their footsteps. It is the sound of hope. The stirring of a movement toward a better world. The sound of possibilities, of dreams yet to be, of potential finding its voice and purpose. It is the sound of each unique journey. More valuable than silver or gold are these footsteps. More precious than rubies. Our children.🍁. Inspire you.🍋#lemonspluslife
This fall front porch welcome🍂 And I am thinking...our new arrivals in Fall Throw Pillows would add autumn cozy to their sofas and benches! Available now! FREE shipping in the Etsy shop! Link👆🏼 in bio. lemonspluslife.etsy.com#lemonspluslife
Fall is around the corner, 🍂and your new autumn t-shirt love is right here! 🍁Pair any of these with you fav sweater or cardigan, and you are ready for the colorful adventures of the fall season!🍂👆🏼slide . www.lemonspluslife.boutique#lemonspluslife
End of summer heat got you down?☀️Get an instant feel better and cool down when you order one of our new fall t-shirts! Shop link👆🏼 in bio. www.lemonspluslife.boutique#lemonspluslife #fall #falltees #ilovefall
My Friday favorite welcome home front porch! Perched high atop a mountain and looking out over the valley, this darling front porch is vintage cozy! Check out the color of the front door which pairs so gorgeous with the blue porch accents and shingled siding! Topping it all off, were the Passion Flower vines in the wildflower garden! 🍋inspire you#lemonspluslife
I mean. To be honest🙄. The 3 most important things to know on a Friday night are: 1. Every soul sings like a superstar. 2. Dancing makes you happy. 3. Texas BBQ makes you happier. 🤷‍♀️inspireyou🍋#lemonspluslife www.lemonspluslife.boutique
That moment she realized that Christmas is only 138 days away!🎄🍋www.lemonspluslife.boutique#lemonspluslife
Porch hopping in the mountains and found my fav vintage front porch welcome for today nestled amidst 1800’s era homes perched high in the sky with darling front porches and nostalgic invitations to days gone by...🍋inspire you#lemonspluslife
Putting these sweet little single stems into tiny glass vases today for each place setting at a summer table. Sometimes, one, simple and delicate bloom of loveliness is all that’s needed. 🍋inspire you#lemonspluslife
Still working on this room design creating a signature look in decor, accent pieces and the need for an area rug, but highlights are the different textures working together through the space, the family story of beach life even unfolding in the coffee table holding coastal treasures, the colors of brown-turquoise-peach/coral bringing both a coastal vibe and serenity to the room, the use of crisp whites for charm and a sense of order along with Chevron pattern in side chairs that give a nod to ocean waves!🍋 inspire you#lemonspluslife
Every room needs a focal point to which the eyes are first drawn to, and then expand out. It grounds the room and gives clarity to a room, so that it doesn’t look busy. In this room, a simple mantle does it. With two simple Banana tree leaves in a vase, vintage bottles with blue water bringing an “ocean wave” to the vignette, one of my fav Florida shell finds, turquoise lamp and a centerpiece mirrored vintage window, the eyes are immediately drawn to the mantle first-which begins the story or theme of the room. I’ll be sharing more about designing this living room today, right here🌴💦, for some beach house styling through the day! 🍋inspire you#lemonspluslife
Sharing with you four of my summer romances and things to remember in home decor every season: Never underestimate the power and sunny warmth of orange in a space. Include decorative glass as another accent option. When in doubt, add greenery. Sunflowers always make you smile. 🍋Live Beautiful from the inside out. #lemonspluslife
Because someone has to stand up for what’s right and tell the truth.🙄🤭😎www.lemonspluslife.boutique #lemonspluslife
There’s a Boho modern vibe happening as I work with my daughter on the newest room of her home🏡. Creating a seating area, she chose this amazing Bohemian Chair and we began to create the space around it using a white sleek faux leather sofa, these three throw pillows, coffee table and the Bohemian floor rug. All by phone. I work with many clients designing and creating via phone. Everything came from Target with the exception of the rug from Wayfair. I am in love with it! Life is. Express yourself!#lemonspluslife
Etsy says “yellow” is the leading color for this summer. But, honestly, we already knew that.🍋🤷‍♀️www.lemonspluslife.boutique#lemonspluslife
Summer crushin’ on this quick vignette addition to my living area. 🌿Love the crispness of the Fiddle Leaf Fig and its statuesque height between these Chevron Pattern chairs with stunning tropical greenery through the window as a backdrop. #lemonspluslife
My fav interior design today with some Caribbean and tropical flair! The use of two main hues-white and royal blue make a dynamic statement.The natural elements of lines like waves in the area rug with the slight addition of a touch of soft green grounds the space in simplicity, serenity and an ocean vibe. #lemonspluslife
That moment you wake up and realize. Oh, wait. I am all that! 💜🍋#lemonspluslife
Summer and outdoor living spaces. Can’t get enough.🍃 Think beyond flowers and greenery in the palette. Here, I used an iron archway with drop globe, another iron piece for hanging pots, and I am summer flinging over these white hydrangeas that love full sun with large captivating blooms! 🌿Inspire you. 🍋#lemonspluslife
So inspired last night! 💜Had the chance to serve food at the St. Francis House in my town and wanted to share with you some of the ceiling artwork, beautiful faces and the homemade food served to the guests! But here it is...one teenage girl told me she plans to be a doctor and find a cure for hate. A little boy shared that he is always the teacher’s favorite and plans to be this year too. This is your inspire for today! These two are the future of our world becoming a better, more loving💜 place! Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
Because at least one corner of your home should have a fun and relaxed vibe that you just can’t ignore!🤷‍♀️💜#lemonspluslife
Fall gorgeous begins here! 🍁These colors are vibrant and light up your glow! Handmade. 🍂The maker receives literacy and math classes! Your purchase changes the story of a family in third world poverty! Shine on! Join the world changers! Shop link in bio🍂. www.lemonspluslife.boutique#lemonspluslife
What do you get when you put together some TX BBQ, a heart as big as TX and a small town girl? A fabulous Saturday night! #lemonspluslife Shop link👆🏼 in bio. www.lemonspluslife.boutique
Could this Saturday be any more gorgeous! Summer is in full bloom, and I am loving these new flower boxes on the front entrance of our new home! Grab them at any nursery, fill with flowers for a quick re-do and instant color impact for an outdoor vignette! 🍃Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
Fall colors and fashions are drifting into the boutique! We keep sharing this design!🍂 It’s one of our favs! Gorgeous. Handmade! AND the maker receives literacy and math classes when you purchase! Be beautiful. Be the change!🍁 Shop 👆🏼link in bio. www.lemonspluslife.boutique#lemonspluslife
Maybe it’s time to say yes to it all for fall! 🍁🍂 And the leaf🍂 earrings are exquisite and only $4.99! Go for lovely! Shop link👆🏼 in bio. www.lemonspluslife.boutique #lemonspluslife
This changes everything! When it all begins with being grateful, you always have more than enough! Challenges look more like opportunities and each day becomes a precious gift! Up for a change? Let’s go grateful. Wear the tee. Be the message. Shop link👆🏼 in bio. www.lemonspluslife.boutique #lemonspluslife #inspire #inspiretheworld #inspirationaltees
This is what happens when a bouquet of flowers inspires a room re-do!💜 Love the soft romancing pastels of the rose hues against a charcoal background. Relaxing. Elegant. Serene. Inviting. Live inspired.🍋 #lemonspluslife
Imagine your own beach house style with a touch of Caribbean flair!🌴 Red brings delight to a room like no other! Always add stripes somewhere. Charm blows in like a tropical breeze when you mix stripes and patterns. Wicker always wins as lightweight, easy to move with a slow-down island vibe.🌴💦 Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
Why settle for less than gorgeous? Put on a little Southern charm with our “Southern Girl” t-shirt and your beach vibe with our vibrant top selling “Ocean Meets Beach” Cupro Skirt! www.lemonspluslife.boutique 🍋#lemonspluslife
Your autumn glow.🍁 Begins here.🍂Our Fall Leaves modal scarf wraps the colorful leaves of the season around you in a soft, lightweight silk botanic fabric. Handmade. Every purchase provides literacy & math classes to the maker in third world poverty. Be gorgeous.🍂 Be the difference.🍁 Today. Shop link in bio👆🏼. www.lemonspluslife.boutique#lemonspluslife
I love the colors this Caribbean Street Artist has mixed together for his palette of tropical art! Blue to turquoise, yellow to gold and orange to red-a mixture of warm and cool colors that bring both energy, vitality and serenity to any room or vignette and your go to colors for that beach vibe style, coastal living and tropical decor! Even if you only add the colors in your throw pillows to a neutral palette, the magic of the harmony of these cool and warm colors lends a Caribbean charm! Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
Yes, YOU! There’s no one else exactly like you! What you bring to this world-no one else has those exact gifts and talents! You have indescribable value! So, be like the flower that blooms never doubting its beauty. The tree that rises into Light always choosing growth. The river that loses itself in the ocean only to find itself again within something much bigger than it could ever accomplish on its own. Be like the sun who continues to shine even when the clouds momentarily block its purpose and glory. Yes, you! Spread the message. Wear the tee. Shop link👆🏼bio. www.lemonspluslife.boutique #lemonspluslife
Throw pillows are like diamonds! They’re a girl’s best friend and you can’t have enough! Plus, they are the quickest way to a room re-do! Check these out and more to create your coastal style! Shop link👆🏼 in bio. www.lemonspluslife.boutique#lemonspluslife
My daughter did a photo shoot of fashions in my boutique using her 5 year old as the photographer.🤣 Here she show that a mom can rock my Southern Girl t-shirt and Ocean Skirt having coffee with invisible people and a 2 year old crashing in!😂🤣shop link👆🏼bio😅www.lemonspluslife.boutique#lemonspluslife
Throw some love around for Florida today with our 16 X 16 totally washable and wrinkle resistant fabulous Florida Home throw pillow! Ok. I admit. This IS one of my favs! Shop link in bio👆🏼. www.lemonspluslife.boutique💜🍋#lemonspluslife
My summer travels brought me to this sign. In an airport. At a restaurant. Humankind’s purpose. Every individual’s mission. The heartbeat of my life and company: Lemons Plus Life.🍋#lemonspluslife
Our latest Caribbean adventures have made me want to turn everything into these gorgeous pastels of pink, orange, turquoise and yellow on a vintage palette! #lemonspluslife #vintagestyle #vintagestyles #homedecorblog #caribbeanvibes #caribbeancolors
Summer breezy and chic in this ensemble from the boutique! Get this fresh look today at an amazing value! Shop link in bio👆🏼. www.lemonspluslife.boutique #lemonspluslife
Watch for my new blog post coming soon on bringing a beach vibe into your home anytime of the year inspired by some of the Caribbean gorgeous in our recent summer travel! This is one of my favorites! The aged green painted wood on this vintage home is a WOW! I love the way distressed wood creates an immediate coastal feel! Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
Summer Caribbean architecture, decor and more! Get your beach vibe on in my newest blog post coming soon!📝 #lemonspluslife #boutiqueblogger #lifestyleblogger #homedecorblogger #boutique
Vintage staircase in the heart of the Caribbean. To some, it’s just some old steps. To me, it was a timeless reminder of how we never fully know the steps of another’s journey, so judgement is never an option; it ridicules and insults the infinite design of unconditional love. Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
Really. This is the only thing I do in my kitchen💃🏼. Hence, the t-shirt!. Bella Canvas Unisex and sooo soft! So for all the girls out there with dancing in your heart instead of flour on your hands, this is your t-shirt! #lemonspluslife www.lemonspluslife.boutique
I’ve always wondered if the cure to just about everything is two words, “Just Dance”. This is some of my fav street art painting the Caribbean culture! I’m certain it will show up in my boutique! Summer lovin’ on the vibrant colors, and the shadow of the tree limbs dancing to the music while hanging on the background like curtains of time. #lemonspluslife #justdance #streetart #caribbeanart #dancingislife #boutiqueblog #boutiqueblogger
Gotta add some crisp white and black somewhere in your home and a new throw pillow is the quickest, stylish and a chic addition! Here’s a glance. All our throw pillows are 20% OFF today with the code: ZSUMMERLOVIN. Shop👆🏼 in bio www.lemonspluslife boutique #lemonspluslife
What’s better than a sunny combination of 16 X 16 floral and botanical retro yellow, black & white throw pillows? Getting them today at 20% OFF. Put in code: ZSUMMERLOVIN at checkout. Shop👆🏼 in bio. www.lemonspluslife.boutique. #lemonspluslife
Oh my gosh, ya’ll! Look at the sale that just sailed in!🌴💧 All day long our exclusive 16 X 16 totally washable throw pillows are 20% OFF! I’ll be sampling them for you throughout the day, starting with these three to give your home that sunny beach vibe all year long! Just put in our friends’ code: ZSUMMERLOVIN at checkout! Shop link👆🏼 in bio. www.lemonspluslife.boutique#lemonspluslife
Time for you to put the blue in the red and white! Happy 4th of July! #lemonspluslife
Some things in life you can’t ignore. One would be music. Here’s a glance at a little musical pillow talk🎶 16 X 16, wrinkle resistant and totally washable. Musicians and music lovers only.🎶#lemonspluslife www.lemonspluslife.boutique
Humanity. Just like a symphony. A song. A melody.🎶Every note matters. No two notes alike. Just like people. The differences of each note are what make it music when joined together with other notes-Nan Riddle#live inspired #celebratemusic #celebratediversity #lemonspluslife
Today in the boutique it’s for the love of music🎶 Just like in a song, every note matters. 🎶 In life, everyONE matters. The differences are what make the music!🎶Here’s s glance at just a few gifts for the love of music! More at 👆🏼shop link in bio.🍋www.lemonspluslife,boutique#lemonspluslife
Ok. I admit it. Lots of summer bike rides and hikes in the forest and I’ve fallen in love designing botanical themes🤷‍♀️🌿. These totes are all year long fabulous, roomy and double-stitched! The earrings under $5! Go nature inspired!🌿👆🏼 in bio. www.lemonspluslife.boutique#lemonspluslife
Island hopping today🌴. Anastasia Island is one of my favs! 💦🌴Of course, I have a new E-book with me for some inspa and light reading! I wrote it, but still! 🤷‍♀️🙄And my fav beach bag from the boutique💦. Shop link👆🏼 in bio for both. E-book also available at Barnes & Noble. www.lemonspluslife.boutique#lemonspluslife
Bestsellers and favs for the holiday weekend! Check out the boutique for summer tees and totes! Happy Friday! Carry your fun in our totes and a smile with our t-shirts. www.lemonspluslife.boutique#lemonspluslife
Island hopping today🌴. Anastasia Island is one of my favs! 💦🌴Of course, I have a new E-book with me for some inspa and light reading! I wrote it, but still! 🤷‍♀️🙄And my fav beach bag from the boutique💦. Shop link👆🏼 in bio for both. E-book also available at Barnes & Noble. www.lemonspluslife.boutique#lemonspluslife
In a summer heat slump? ☀️Need some new ideas, some DIY inspiration and a feel good moment?💃🏼Check Out my latest post “Summer Daze” on my home and lifestyle blog: Live Beautiful Inside Out Link👆🏼 in bio.🍋www.lemonspluslifeboutique #lemonspluslife
Fun DIY Ideas and summer charm on my latest post “Summer Daze” on my home and lifestyle blog: Living Beautiful From The Inside Out. Check it out. Get inspired! Link👆🏼 in bio. www.lemonspluslife.boutique🍋#lemonspluslife
Bring the California Wine Country into your home decor ambiance with my mix and match watercolor Vineyard Throw Pillows. Gorgeous. 16 X 16, soft, wrinkle resistant and totally washable. It’s Wine O’clock Somewhere🍷Shop 🍋link👆🏼in bio. www.lemonspluslife.boutique
I absolutely love bringing naturals into home decor! After several hikes in the forest, I had gathered these large pine cones and wondered just what to create. I love this new tabletop vignette featuring the large pine cones on a cut piece of wood with a small terrarium feature. 🍋Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
Have those moments where you just want to ditch it all and curl up with your fav book and a glass of wine?🍷These soft, throw pillows, 16 X 16 and totally washable, will be the perfect excuse to snuggle in and read! I suggest my new E-book: Water to Wine🍷 for some fresh inspiration for living! See, doesn’t that go perfect with your comfy new pillows and vineyard bliss?🍷Available at 👆🏼shop link in bio, Barnes and Noble, and www.lemonspluslife.boutique. #lemonspluslife
Some things you can’t ignore. 🙄Like music🎶and my summer romance with our musical scarf, Amen t-shirt and this darling retro yellow and black floral Cupro Skirt! Get the look and more at 👆🏼shop link in bio🍋www.lemonspluslife.boutique. #lemonspluslife
I have always had a romance with crisp, white paint. From vintage to modern, it’s an amazing palette upon which to add, piece by piece, your own signature story. #lemonspluslife
With holiday time around the corner, I see sunshine in your forecast and some of our summer tees and totes!☀️ Lots more at shop link in bio👆🏼. www.lemonspluslife.boutique#lemonspluslife
I love creating designs in my boutique home decor that celebrate life! This throw pillow is...well...so me!🤷‍♀️ There are sooo many great throw pillows in my boutique and you can check them out today using this coupon for 20% OFF TODAY only for my friends!💜Coupon Code: PILLOWCRAZY20. Shop link in bio. www.lemonspluslife.boutique
Loving the calming vibes of blue against a crisp white palette in this upstairs space! Blue is a great accent color for a touch of the serene and peaceful ambiance! #lemonspluslife
Summer gardening!🌿 I’ve been filling pots with flowers. Every color of petal, shape and size. My favorite standout and pop color inside or outside in florals is yellow. Whether a vase of fresh flowers on the table or garden accents blooms that put the charm and dazzle to your garden, yellow is the sunny summer standout in florals. My first love is sunflowers🌻Get the Flower Child Sunflower tote at shop link👆🏼 in bio. www.lemonspluslife.boutique#lemonspluslife
I don’t know when it happened. But one day the tide came in. Swept me away. I’ve been a beach lover since the first wave.💦The Boutique is full of your summer tees and beach accessories! Shop link👆🏼 in bio. www.lemonspluslife.boutique #lemonspluslife
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