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// Somebody asked me today why I use film for my photos. I started by spending too long talking about technical aspects (eg medium format film being very high quality (more details on why) and accessible for little money (more examples on just how much cheaper)) and then entirely refuted that whole argument because that’s so not important to me and why I choose to use film for some of my work. // I love the process of shooting film. I love looking through a massive viewfinder. I love that ground glass feel. I love metal and leatherette and I love the way those materials feel. I love advancing the film along with a thumb lever, or a side-winder. I love waist level finders. I appreciate the feats of engineering these cameras embody. I love that there’s a tool for every job. I love that there are almost no screens. // I feel that my work is better when I am not distracted by a screen. That means I have to intuitively know, inside my body, that I got the shot somewhere on the roll, because I have no way to review the photos. A week later when I see the photos, I’m not even attached to that, and I can curate from a completely objective point of view. // I could go on and on, but I won’t. Can only postpone cuddles for so long.
"Ogni autunno che arriva è più vicino all'autunno che avremo; e ciò vale anche per l'estate; ma la natura dell'autunno fa venire in mente la fine di tutto, cosa che in estate è facile dimenticare. Non è ancora l'autunno, non c'è ancora nell'aria il giallo delle foglie morte o la tristezza umida del futuro inverno. Ma c'è un'incrinatura di tristezza anticipata, c'è un dolore pronto a partire nell'attenzione che prestiamo ai colori diffusi delle cose, al diverso tono del vento, alla quiete che sul far della notte si diffonde sull'inevitabile presenza dell'universo." .. Fernando Pessoa, Il libro dell'inquietudine . . ... ...#archivecollective  #paperjournalmag  #agameoftones  #oftheafternoon  #wanderlust   #minimalmood  #subjectivelyobjective  #somewheremagazine   #phornography  #broadmag  #phroom  #noicemag  #n8zine  #thesmartview  #etc_zine #minimalzine  #instagood  #lekkerzine  #24hrchurch  #accidentalzine  #ifyouleave  #wizardsoftones   #myfeatureshoot #portbox #picturesque #collemag  #imaginarymagnitude #phroommagazine #indiependentmag
Kick us in the face summer 🌞 #35mm
When I grow up I wanna become expensive ... . #300sl #toycar #asundaycarpic . . . .
No matter how old we are, a part of us will always remain 💚
I spent the day trying to recharge and got to witness this pretty lil sunset/moonrise combo. I am so grateful for all of the help and support you all gave me this week and I’m excited to get back on the grind for next week! 🧜🏼‍♂️🌙
Happy #nationalpubliclandsday to all the monuments and preserves and forests and deserts that never get any attention. This one’s for you.
Aku memperhatikanmu dari jauh, cukup jauh hingga aku sering terlalu khawatir padahal kamu baik-baik saja aku selalu menantimu di jendela untuk kembali padaku, rumahmu.
gravitate to me
송광사의 아침.
A&Dphoto ➖Be Flamazing
Paradise spice #la #downtownla
It’s vintage
Practicing color grade from a recent shoot. Shot on Ursa Mini 4.6k & Sigma Lens.
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