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Слушайте правильное музло👌😎 #2pac #tupacshakur #oldschool #stilldre #allthewayup #legendsneverdie #делайгромче
MUITO OBRIGADO A TODOS QUE PARARAM UM POUQUINHO PARA ASSISTIR NOSSA APRESENTAÇÃO NO PROGRAMA “MULHERES” DA TV GAZETA. AMANHÃ(12/06) ESTAREMOS NO QUINTAL DO ESPETO(UNIDADE TATUAPÉ) LEVANDO ATÉ VOCÊ AS MAIS LINDAS CANÇÕES DE UMA DAS MAIORES BANDAS DE TODOS OS TEMPOS. OS BEE GEEES. GARANTA SEU INGRESSO PELO LINK: http://www.aloingressos.com.br/show-bee-gees-alive-1.html MAIS INF: 11 5095-6565 #beegeesalive #beegees #legendsneverdie #beegeestribute #tribute #alive #quintaldoespeto #diadosnamorados #tvgazeta #programamulheres #gazeta #barrygibb #robingibb #mauricegibb
rEaL x FaNs
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#ArrestedPhotoPt11 1. ShawtyLo 2. Eazy-E 3. Ol Dirty Bastard 4. 2 Pac 5. Prodigy 6. Nate Dogg 7. XXX Tentacion 8. Fredo Santana #LegendsNeverDie 🙏🏾
For me handling is a #passion and when you can handle #greatdanes like this one, you can think you're in a dream!!! 🖤 MultiCh NEGROMANTE du Cuir d'Arabie 🖤 #greatdane #brindlegreatdane #dogueallemand #deutschedogge #brindledog #alano #alanotigrato #dogshow #legendsneverdie #nevergiveup #workandpassion
On 19th Sept 1973, country rock singer/songwriter Gram Parsons, formerly of The Byrds and The Flying Burrito Brothers, died under mysterious conditions in Joshua Tree, California at the age of 26. His death was attributed to heart failure but later was officially announced as an overdose of morphine and tequila. And this is where it all gets a bit strange.. ✨🌵 Parsons' body disappeared from the Los Angeles International Airport where it was being readied to be shipped to Louisiana for burial. Prior to his death, Parsons stated that he wanted his body cremated at Joshua Tree and his ashes spread over Cap Rock, a prominent natural feature there; however, Parsons' stepfather arranged for a private ceremony back in New Orleans and neglected to invite any of his friends from the music industry. To fulfill Parsons' funeral wishes, Phil Kaufman and Michael Martin, a former roadie for The Byrds, stole Parsons' body from the airport and in a borrowed hearse drove it to Joshua Tree where they attempted to cremate it by pouring five gallons of gasoline into the open coffin and throwing a lit match inside. What resulted was an enormous fireball. Police chased them, but the pair got away. The two were arrested several days later and were fined $750 for stealing the coffin. 🔥 The site of Parsons' cremation was marked by a small concrete slab and was presided over by a large rock flake known to rock climbers as "the Gram Parsons memorial hand traverse". The slab has since been removed by the US National Park Service and was relocated to the Joshua Tree Inn which was where he was staying at the time of his death. He’s been called the father of country rock; he pioneered the concept of a rock band playing country music. Gram was not with us long enough, but he accomplished what he set out to do. He touched a vast array of musicians who have Gram to thank for loosening the invisible, yet powerful, restraints that shackled the music he loved so dearly. We love this photo of Gram Parsons with the The Flying Burrito Brothers playing at the Altamont Speedway, Livermore, CA December 6, 1969 by Robert Altman ✌️❤️🎵 #gramparsons #joshuatree #robertaltman #rockandroll #blendergallery
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Find something that makes you happy and just do it… and enjoy it. cause you do not have forever.. - Rowdy A 🤙🏼🙏🏼 #UrbanLight #LosAngeles #HefeSupplyCo #HighFashion #LegendsNeverDie
Nope... they just don’t make em like this anymore. #superclassic #legendsneverdie #realshit #nevertheless #dontmesswithtexas 🎶🎵🙌🏼
So Lisa and Cleo are releasing a master piece which their sons have created thank you so much for this #legendsneverdie #lilpeep #xxxtentacion 💔🙌😭😭
Turn back Tuesday. Fifteen years has been for the passing of Jonathan Brandis, the former child star from the family movie “The Neverending Story 2: The Next Chapter.” He played Bastion Bux, a boy who had rediscovered the book called The Neverending Story. He was transported in a place of Fantasia when the AURYN came off from front cover of the book. He was summoned by the Childlike Empress who called for help with Atreyu and Flakor the Luckdragon were they encountered the evil 😈 Sorceress 🧙‍♀️ named Xayide who plotted to take over the Ivory Tower and rule Fantasia. Bastion is the only one who can stop her reign of terror and return home to the real world 🌎. He was also in t@theshinigbystephanking tv miniseries IT in 1990. He than was in the NBC’s @seaquest.dsv , after they canceled in three seasons. He appeared in Saved By the Bell: College Year as himself. All thou he will be missed Legends Never Die. #legendsneverdie #ripjonathanbrandis #seaquestdsv #it #stephankingsit #blossom #theneverendingstory #turnbacktuesday
@fwdom made this song for #xxxtentacion Go give him a follow #LLJ #wshh #domswagg #legendsneverdie
Rest in paradise my king ❤️
Brother made last 2 ✖✖✖tentacion💔 @theslumpgod i love him hope he keeps making music🙏🌎#legendsneverdie 😟
Rest Easy Jah... #Repost #LLJ #legendsneverdie ❤❌😞
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I used to have nun but “xxxtentacion” Pictures in my phone but ever since he died I couldn’t look at him no moe so I was like wait I still got jojo but everytime I look at a picture of jojo I see him in a casket 😩😭😭😢 why is life what it is today #imabadbitchyoucantkillme #jojoworld 🌍 #liljojo #legendsneverdie #lljojo #ripjojo @nerobanz #swaggdinero #nerobanz #llj 🕊🌺
Mac told me to open photoshop today cuz I haven’t touched it in months... glad I did. He continues to inspire. Plz share this so ppl around the world can see it💫 & DM me if you want the wallpaper size for your phone~ Also thinking of selling this as a poster so you guys can have it up on your walls. 🧡 Lmk if you’d be interested! #macmiller #macmillerart #ripmacmiller #legendsneverdie #mostdope
. Wish that I could stay forever this Young. Not afraid to close my eyes Life's a Game made for Every One. And Love is the Prize🌏. . . #COYS #LegendsNeverDie #WakeMeUp
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