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#latepost Family, friends and OTR...what a weekend! #otrii #clubcarter #houston #bestfriend
Until next time! #latepost
💕💕💕👸 That moment when a hater tries to be noticed🖐 and you just DON'T GIVE A FUCK🖕🖕🖕 HEYYYYYY #wityohatinass 😂😂 you haven't seen shit yet! #staytuned #unbothered #keepwatching #queen #unstoppable #haters #lovethem #moments #sorrynotsorry #bitchmoves #savage #growth #betyoudontdoshit #fakes #real #stfu #houston #tuesday #mood #latepost #libra #smile
Berada ditengah2 mreka berdua itu sesuatu yg tak pernh terpikirkn sbelumnya...makasih atas kepercayaannya... #repost #latepost #mymoment #wismapermatain #kapuas #hitskapuas #kotaair #lamandau #hitslamandau #adwindolamandau #adwindokapuas #kalteng Makeup by me @dhita_mrunting_wedding @dhitamua Gown by @abozabyantonamiabdi
Aduh!! AMPUN BOS KU TESTI UPDATE TERUS GINI 😂 GAK HANYA ITU2 AJA KAN TESTINYA, ARTINYA SEMUA SUKSES 😱 MASIH AJA KETAKUTAN GAK JELAS? Masih ragu? Masih nanya2 berkepanjangan tapi gada ujungnya? Udah berapa lama kamu nunda registrasi? Udah berapa juta yang kamu lewatkan?😆 Pilihan ada ditanganmu☺ MAU MEMULAI atau PELUAN UNTUK SUKSES HILANG Siap REGIST DAN SIAP SUKSES INCOME 1-8 JUTA SEHARI SEPERTI SAYA DAN LAIN2 NYA? KETIK "FIX JOIN" #dropnshop #dropship #dropshipwelcome #dropshipper #dropshipdeperlukan #dropshipwelcome #dropnshopsukses #dropnshop2018 #bisnis #bisnisrumahan #bisnis2018 #bisnissyariah #bisnishalal #picoftheday #photooftheday #likeforlikes #likeforfollow #likes4likes #like4follow #latepost #instago #instagram #instapic #instadaily #instagood
Lechona Tolimense un plato que no puede faltar le a un Tolimense. Una buena lechona con apenas de arroz, mucha carne de Marrano, tierna y jugosa muy bien sazonada, unas arvejas cocidas a la perfección. . . . . .. .. . . . . . #Colombia #peru #tropical #foodie #tbt #profile #mood #instagram #Perú #trekking #travel #travelfood #travels #Lima #foods #ny #model #sunset #instagood #igers #Bogotá #pizza #photooftheday #cheflife #streetfood #holiday #cocktails #chucrut #latepost #paris #igers #tbt
My first work ootd selfie since i came back from vacation 😊 #wcselfie #workootd #thatwhiteshirt #averygoodhairday #latepost
#latepost bendera katun hitam emas st. eka widya santhi br. tengah lodtunduh ubud
Calsium sangat di butuhkan untuk menambah tinggi... Nah... jangan remehkan temanmu yg masih belum tinggi... Balik ejekan itu dg memberikan saran keteman untuk menambah tinggi dg cara saran untuk tambah tinggi dg calsium terbaik dunia... Untuk meninggikan badan itu bisa aja... Dg zinc untuk hormon dan calsium untuk tulang.. Top 500 brand asia.... AYO SEGERA ORDER !!! 👉Mau tambah tinggi 3-10cm ??? ✔️-BPOM ✔️-Penghargaan internasional ✔️-Aman karna herbal ✔️-Tidak ketergantungan ✔️-HALAL MUI #suplemen .peninggi_badan #peninggibadan #penggemukbadan #pelangsingbadan #pembesarpayudara #maskerwajah #penggemuk #pelangsing #diet #pencerahwajah #kecantikan #maskerwajah #pemutih #singapura #malaysia #taiwan #indonesia #latepost #peninggibadanmurah #pelangsingmurah #pelangsingherbal #penggemukmurah #pengencangpayudara #pemutihkulit #pencerahkulit #bruneidarussalam #worldwide #peninggibadantiens #suplementtiens
Bahagia bukan soal hidup yang sempurna, melainkan saat kita bisa menikmati dan mensyukuri sesuatu yang telah kita terima. #latepost #happiness #photo #wonderful #god #indonesia
As I was riding the boat tour of Giethoorn, we were passing the Bovenwijde lake which is also connected to the canals of the Giethoorn. Locals are traveling with boat everyday, just like this guy. - (04/05/2018) . . . . . . . . #giethoornvillage #giethoorn #overijssel #instanetherlands #netherlands #europe #eurotrip #latepost #throwback #instagood #instadaily #igers #photooftheday #photography #ongooglemaps #exploreeurope #exploringeurope #village #boat #boatlife #canal #lake #meer #bovenwijde
¿Así o más ternura? Muero de amor con este par. 💜 👵🏼🐶 #love #dogstagram #instadog #family #tenderness #grandma #grandmagrandson #familydog #doglover #cute #myloves #saturday #latepost
Before we can begin to fix our problems as a society, we have to change the way we treat and value the most innocent and vulnerable beings on the planet. Animals are here WITH us, not FOR us. ❤️🌍✨ • • • • • #vegan #love #peace #humanity #compassion #consciousness #freedom #animalrights #animallovers #bethechange #veganlife #loveandlight #positivevibes #vegansofig #veganism #environment #vegano #health #wellness #nutrition #healthyfood #plantbased #plantpower #lifestyle #fitfam #govegan #motivation #latepost #happymonday
Craving some quality Mexican food in Rockville Centre? Give Mesita (@mesitarvc ) a try; you wont be disappointed. My personal favorites? Shrimp Tacos🍤, Carne Asada Tacos🌮 & Mexican Street Corn🌽.
Surf 🌊 and Turf 🥩
I may have eaten my body weight in gelato while in Italy 🇮🇹 🍨🍦
Woke up craving pizza 🍕! Any way I can transport myself to Rome real quick just to have this prosciutto and mushroom pie again?
While roaming around the streets Florence, I stumbled across a small corner eatery and for a mere $22 I enjoyed the best seafood pasta dish I’ve had in recent memory. 🍝🦐
Roma Sparita! Best known for their Cacio e Pepe (cheese and pepper) pasta dish. If you've never tried it or heard of it, I implore you watch the episode of "No Reservations," hosted by famous Chef Anthony Bourdain where he goes as far to say that it "could be the greatest thing in the history of the world," upon dining at Roma Sparita. While it may look simple (often referred to as the Italian version of Mac and Cheese) and sound simple since it only requires five ubiquitous ingredients (pasta, pasta water, fresh ground pepper, melted butter and pecorino or parmesan cheese), its truly one of the greatest bites you'll ever have. The depth of flavor is so incredibly evolved for such a "simple" recipe. Don't even bother having it at your local favorite Italian eatery; hop on a flight and have it in Rome or Trastevere. It's not the same otherwise.🍝🇮🇹
I can’t decide what I love most about Chalait (@chalaitnyc ): the mocha latte, the matcha latte, the beautifully decorated cups or their delicious smoked salmon toast with avocado!☕️🍵🥑
Ube or Matcha & Black Sesame swirl? Scratch that, give me BOTH! 🤤🍦 Check out Soft Swerve (@softswervenyc ) for your dose of ice cream heaven; they’re best known for their Asian-inspired flavors which are typically paired with whimsical toppings.
I’ve been meaning to post about this place for a while now but I keep forgetting. Tavern 157 (@tavern157 ) in Flushing is on the low a really solid and affordable option for brunch, lunch, dinner, happy hour etc. I’ve dined at this eatery a couple times as it’s walking distance from my house. Some of my favorites are pictured above: •Wagyu Beef Sliders •Risotto Cheese Balls •Bone Marrow with Crostinis •Short Ribs
Some of the best sweet treats for your Mom on Mother’s Day! Silk Cakes (@silkcakes ) in Forest Hills has a killer selection of cupcakes, both vegan and not, and even ice cream cupcakes! Indulged in several yesterday and they were fantastic! 🎂 Their 3 ice cream cupcakes menu consists of: •Lychee with Kalamansi Glaze •Pandan Coconut •Chocolate with Nana Chocolate Bits Cupcakes Pictured: •Thai Tea with Condensed Milk Buttercream and White Chocolate Truffle •Green Tea with Blueberry Buttercream and Semi Sweet Chocolate Truffle •Yellow Butter Cake with Dulce de Leche Buttercream and White Chocolate Truffle •Banana with Nutella Buttercream & Semi Sweet Chocolate Truffle •Vanilla Cake with Green Tea Buttercream (no truffle filling) •Black Sesame Cake with Vanilla Buttercream
Lunch at The Ainsworth (@theainsworth ) yesterday featuring their famous “Mac and Cheese Burger.” 🍔🍟🥃
Looking for a sweet treat at Citi Field? Head over to the Wowfulls stand near the Jim Beam Highball Club for Waffles & Ice Cream. I promise you its a home run dessert! ⚾️🍨 @wowfulls @mets @amazinmetsfood @mlb @citifield
If you're a foodie or invested in the culinary scene in some form, I'm sure you're well aware that the James Beard Awards were handed out this past Sunday in Chicago, IL. For those who aren't, the James Beard Awards are considered amongst the highest honors in the American restaurant world; simply being nominated is an honor which typically leads to an uptick in restaurant publicity and if you win well that's your ticket to skyrocketing into fame. I'm privileged and honored to say that I had the opportunity to eat at Lilia in Brooklyn where Head Chef Missy Robbins just became the latest to win the "Best Chef: New York City" award. Simply put Lilia is fantastic; it's everything you want in an Italian meal. It's wonderful to see Missy getting her well deserved recognition for years of hard work! 🏆🥇Until next time Lilia... 🍝 Dish 1: Sheeps Milk Cheese Filled Agnolotti with Saffron, Dried Tomato and Honey Dish 2: Rigatoni Diavola with San Marzano Tomatoes, Chilies, Oregano and Pecorino Dish 3: Mafaldini, Pink Peppercorn and Parmigiano Dish 4: Grilled Clams with Calabrian Chilies and Breadcrumbs Dish 4: Double Chocolate Torta with Espresso Zabaglione Dish 5: Olive Oil Cake Dish 6: Chocolate Soft Serve
Celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Head over to @casaenrique , the ONLY Mexican restaurant in New York to earn a Michelin Star. Taco wise, the carne asada and al pastor are the top of the line. 🌮
Dear Chocolate Lovers, I may have just found the cake from Matilda. Add it to your bucket lists! 🍫 🍰 Signed, Another Chocolate Lover
Thank you @cosmenyc for an absolutely spectacular meal this past weekend, start to finish. Easily the best Mexican meal that I’ve had to date in Manhattan. It’s no wonder that your restaurant and world famous Head Chef Enrique Olvera were chosen to be featured on an episode of Chef’s Table on Netflix. Appetizer 1: Razor Clams, Green Chorizo and herbs Appetizer 2: Cobia al Pastor with Pineapple Puree and Cilantro Main Course 1: Flat Iron Steak with Nixtamlized Celery Root over Herb Mojo Main Course 2: Lamb Belly with Green Mango and Tamarindo Dessert 1: Husk Meringue and Corn Mousse Dessert 2: Caramelized Cacao Butter, Pistachio Sorbet and Raspberries Dessert 3: Guava Cheese Tart Not Pictured: 2 Perfect Margaritas and a birthday Tres Leche cake
These drinks are almost too cute to drink! Bears, pigs and puppies smile on up to you from your cup of coffee, hot chocolate, matcha, red velvet etc over at @sweetmomentnyc ! Located in the heart of New York City’s Little Italy and Soho, Sweet Moment NYC is making a name for themselves because of their artsy baristas, Bingsus towers and their famous Korean shaved ice.
Rainy Day Ramen 🍜 from @justforfennyc featuring their Beef Rice Noodle Soup; braised beef chunks, sliced beef shank, pickled radish and cabbage, baby bok choy, scallion, cilantro in beef broth.
It’s no secret that I love food. Two of my favorites at face value come across as straight forward dishes, burgers and pizza, but the possibilities that come with those options are endless and can be taken in a million different routes. Seeing that I love these two items, I’m always on the hunt for my next “great” burger or slice and that’s exactly what I found at Emily Pizza. At first glance, you read “Emily Pizza” and you think this eatery is just another pizza joint but boy are you in for a surprise. The appropriately named “Emmy Burger” (served with fries) consists of Pat La Freida dry aged beef, a Tom Cat pretzel bun, caramelized onions, Grafton cheddar cheese, cornichons and their house Emmy sauce that comes together to make an award winning burger, arguably one of the best New York has to offer. While you’re there you might as well grab a pie or two from their menu or whatever the daily special is that Chef Matthew S. Hyland has come up with. Pies pictured above are their Luca (house made sauce, buffalo mozzarella, basil), the Emily (mozzarella, pistachio, honey, truffle sottocenere) and a daily special pie of pancetta, pickled onions and seasoned dressing. 🍔🍕
Sweet Saturdays! Head over to Catch NYC for this interactive dessert called the “Hit Me”! Chocolate cake-liquid Klondike, roasted white chocolate ice cream, brownie and devil’s food cake; talk about getting “chocolate wasted!” 🍫🔨
75 degrees calls for Ice Cream city strolls! Head over to the FIRST Taiyaki Ice Cream shop in New York City to grab one of their world famous creations. Pictured on the left is their Unicorn Soft Serve Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream with sprinkles and fondant. On the right is their Matcha and Black Sesame Ice Cream with Mochi Balls. 🦄🍦
There’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with a sweet treat after a long work week! 🍫🍨
TBT to a meal that spoke to my culture, roots and background... Growing up I was always around Indian and West Indian cuisine but it was always prepared and served in a old school homestyle sort of way. Truthfully told, I didn't love Indian food as a kid but I've come to grow fond of it and the countless possibilities and recipes that come with it. I love seeing restaurants such as @indianaccentnyc , spearheaded by Chef Manish Mehrotra, who have sought out to elevate Indian food into a fine dining experience rather than merely relying on the old world ways. Hopefully as time goes on society will become more accepting and receptive of this shift from old school to fine dining in regards to Indian cuisine. Here’s a peek at the amazing offerings that Indian Accent NYC has: Sweet Pickled Ribs, Mathri Trio (Crispy Duck Curry, Foie Gras & Tamarind Cones), Vegetable Tart, Ghee Roasted Lamb with Roomali Roti, Khasta Roti with Goat Brains, Naan Bread, Makhan Malai Dessert (Cream Foam with Honey, Saffron, Almonds and Rose Petals), Meethe Chawal (Sweet Rice, Almond Milk and Barberries), Doba Barfi Treacle Tart with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and The Proper Copper (Kaffir Lime Leaf Infused Vodka and Honey Rose Blossom Water).
Cha Cha Matcha is easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing coffee shops I’ve ever come across. The mélange of green and pink hued décor gives the place a throwback yet hip vibe that compliments their colorful drink selection. If you’re a Super Mario Bros fan how can you not try their Magic Mushroom Latte? But if you’re not feeling so frisky, you absolutely can’t go wrong with their classic green tea latte.
Seafood Saturday! Who doesn’t love themselves some good ole lobster? @edslobsterbar hits the mark with their classic lobster roll and a lobster filled grilled cheese.
Throwback Thursday to one of my favorite steakhouses in New York City: Smith & Wollensky. Pictured above is a Porterhouse for two, Lamb Chops and last but not least swipe to the last photo for a secret off the menu steak dish that only those in the know, know. Garlicky toasted bread topped with perfectly medium filet mignon served with a blue cheese dressing makes their Steak Toast a dish you’ll rave to everyone about. If you haven’t been to Smith & Wollensky yet, you’re making a big mi-steak.
Monday morning fuel from BEC! What’s more New York than a bacon, egg and cheese? Also, I can never resist avocado toast!
Some of the good eats from Mets Opening Day yesterday at Citi Field! Going to the ballpark to catch a game no longer means just eating a simple burger, french fries or hot dog. Ballparks across the MLB now feature restaurant quality gourmet dishes. Can’t wait to try the rest of the new eats at Citi Field this season!
Perfect lunch on this brisk Spring day at Totto Ramen. If you’re in the Manhattan area and in the mood for some delicious ramen or pork buns, this spot is Totto-lly worth it! 🍜
Did someone say Taco Tuesday? Celebrity Chef Julian Media, best known for his wildly successful restaurant Tolache located in Manhattan and his epic showdown on Iron Chef America with Chef Jose Garces, delivers a well contrived menu at Tacuba Astoria and Tacuba Hell’s Kitchen. The décor pays homage to Latin culture with south-of-the-border flags on the walls, colorful Mexican sugar skulls hanging from the ceilings and of course upbeat Latin music playing in the background. The staff is welcoming, warm and friendly which lends well to the festive nature of the restaurant itself. As for what to order, here are my recommendations… the “Tableside Guacamole” is a must try as its heralded by Zagat as one of the best in the city. Taco wise, the “Pulpo y Chorizo” are utterly amazing and will having you coming back for more. The “Carne Asada” are expertly seasoned and cooked to perfection. A third favorite of mine is the “Camaron” (shrimp al pastor) as it’s a perfect balance between spicy and sweet. If you’re feeling frisky order the “Chapulin” taco (Oaxacan grasshoppers), they’re surprisingly tasty. For a few extra dollars grab an order of the classically made “Sweet Plantains” as a perfect accompaniment to any meal. If you’ve got a sweet tooth like me you’ll always leave room for dessert; the flan and the churros are executed to perfection. Drunks wise you’ll find a menu loaded with tequila and mescal based cocktails that offer zesty counterpoints to your meal. If you’re planning a date night, girls/guys night out or just want a solid spot after work for happy hour, give Tacuba try. You won’t be disappointed.
Coffee AND Dogs? I mean what’s not to love at @hutchandwaldo , a dog themed coffee shop in the UES of Manhattan. Matcha Almond Latte on the left and a Turmeric Oat Milk Latte on the right to get the work week rolling!☕️🐶
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