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that’s funny bc i was just at a volleyball game and it sucked! i sat next to some of my “friends” and they didn’t even look at me. they all turned the other direction and THEN they went to get snacks and didn’t even tell me and just left me there by :) my :) self :) then i went to sit next to my mother while they were gone and literally never noticed i was gone. some of them even came up by me bc their parents were there a couple times and didn’t even acknowledge me. but whatever. i just needed a rant. also one of the girls follows me here so that’s fun. anygays enjoy this picture of harold and goodnight lovelies 💖- - #larry #larrystylinson #larries #larrie #larryisreal #larents #larryshipper #28stylishlarry #harrystyles #louistomlinson #niallhoran #liampayne #zaynmalik #onedirection #haroldstyles #sassmasterfromdoncaster #nialler #limapayne #djmalik #zayn #gay #gays #pride #lgbtq #loveislove #chooselove #dad #dads #zaddyzayn #bye
How Louis really is... Not too big but also not too small. How is Louis for me... Well😂 ➡️➡️➡️
Our precious little bean!😍😊💙💙
📸| Louis en los ensayos de TXF el día de hoy (18/10)
Harry hoy en LA 😍💕
I would give my soul just to touch one of his curls
Niall be like “Hay look to me take selfie with me boyfriend “
People are being so loud tonight! There is people running in the hallway while making so much noise and I just want to sleep😫 Sometimes I truly fucking hate living in a dorm
Idk how I feel about shane dawson rn. During the last video I was like....eh I feel a bit odd with him brushing over things and focusing on these really small issues like merch then just doing a quick segment on the racism, not to mention he seemed very casual about the abuse things and didn't even mention the way he treated team ten members. Like he focused on tiny issues and then spent the rest of it discussing alissa. Like there were bigger issues like Jake possibly taking the Martinez twins money and the way he treated tessa Brooks and why didn't he even MENTION nick??? We had a WHOLE episode on Nick and he didn't even mention it? And then he planned this sociopath thing and barely discussed it at the end. And the way he's reacting to fans online just makes me feel weird. Especially when they have good points. And considering how disgusted he seemed with Logan, I felt a bit odd when he said Logan is like family now like wtf happened? That's a big claim. I can get Jake, but logan? This whole series was great imo but now the last episode left a bitter taste in my mouth and it's actually more towards shane than Jake? Like I feel weird about shane now. He really excused a lot, and even before Jake would speak. Idk. Did he ever reach out to the twins? He never said. They have a side to the story too.
JJAJAJAJAJJSJSJSJSJSJ Pueden creer que estas imágenes yo las tenía guardadas para hacer este meme? @one_edits_direction01 gracias por ahorrarme trabajo ahre . . #larrystylinson #larry #stylinson #larryislove #larryshipper #louistomlinson #harrystyles #harry #styles #louis #tomlinson #lou #tommo #hazza #harold #onedirection #1d #niallhoran #liampayne #promise
JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJSJ la pregunta era para que se entienda la imagen pero pueden responder de que se disfrazarían jusjus . . #larrystylinson #larry #stylinson #larryislove #larryshipper #louistomlinson #harrystyles #harry #styles #louis #tomlinson #lou #tommo #hazza #harold #onedirection #1d #niallhoran #liampayne #promise
today i went to the doctors and i got a note hehe
eu simplesmente sumi, estava tão cheia de tudo que nem me expliquei antes. me desculpem. ··@louist91
Babies 💚💙 -Poppy
Girlfriend / worst enemy Just saying...
What the hell is this? I demand an explanation!!!
I'm upset now
I wonder sometimes
I'm getting the blanket 😍😍
He would love, he would 💙💚💙💚
*cough* @harrystyles *cough*
am i like the only person that’s seen this before?
This fandom is so dead these past couple months it makes me sad. So many accounts left or deleted and the boys aren't doing shit rn (louis is but I don't really care for shows like that and don't watch them 😔). Highkey wanna change my account to a bts/1d account but I know I'd lose like thousands of followers so 🙄 And I won't lie like tons of people will. I like numbers ok. Cause numbers equal success and more people seeing your posts and making more people laugh and I really wanna get at least 50k (I wanted it for my birthday which is Oct 30th but now that wont happen since I actually keep losing followers cause lately people are leaving the fandom and deleting accounts 😭 ) I just miss the boys. Honestly I noticed the fandom died like right after Harry's tour ended. I might just change my account to that anyways but i'll wait it out. I mean I get half the amount of likes than I used to anyways, so might as well post what I want but we'll see. 500 likes a post while having 49k followers? Idk. Does it matter what I post at this point? Lmao. It's weird. I also know it's the algorithm too so.
Yeeeeeessss I can’t wait to hear his beautiful gay voice singing his own gay album I’m gonna feel so proud of his gay ass😭
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asjasjk THE BEANIE.
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hey 🤣🤣 @harrystyles
harry yesterday ❤️❤️ @harrystyles
louis today 😭💜💜💜 @louist91
my baby 🤭❤️❤️ @harrystyles
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