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I hope she is doing well 😞😕 (Rwik) #killemwithkindness #getwellsoon #mygirlselena
Anxiety, depression, is any other feeling in the world a human could be suffered from?? (Rwik) #killemwithkindness
This is next-level "Killem with kindness" It takes a conscious effort but it can be done. I try it as often as possible. #killemwithkindness #turntheothercheek #gohigh #dontbepetty #bethechange #goals #E3 #Change #AU
My beanie came today & it made my entire daaaaayyyy yaaaasss 😍😍😍💗
Loving all these pics 😍
"Journey onward toward the mountains gathering lessons, gathering strength, from all that you have learned and all the places where you have been. For though it takes a while, you will make it there in time. And all the things you've gathered will only help you as you climb". ~ MHN ○•○•○ Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. It's the journey that counts. The sweat and tears. The pain. The struggle. The real stuff no one puts on social media often... Beautiful things bloom after the longest seasons of waiting. Replace "why" with "what" --> what do I need to learn from this, instead of why is this happening... How can I better myself in this moment? What can I pray for? How can God use me in this situation? Don't let mountains break you. Let them shape you. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Try not to stress over things you cannot control and instead give God control in those aspects of your life where you feel out of control. God is bigger than the giants you face. He gives beauty for ashes. ••• "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer" ~ Romans 12:12 ••• #tbt #faithoverfear #choosejoy #keepyoureyesfocusedabove #killemwithkindness #passiontoinspire #positivevibes #dontbeafraidofchange
New Style, still weirded out lol. . . .▶ . ▶ . ▶▶▶▶☀ . ▶ .▶ . . . . . . . . . . . . #haircut #newhaircut #fresh #follow #killemwithkindness #blackandgray #restroom #jesus #followme
Overcome evil with good. #KillEmWithKindness #LoveConquersAll #HABD
i'm starting to feel better about the outcome of some things. before i wanted to slice my own head off & flush my heart down the toilet, but now i'm asking myself why? why do that when the best way to move on is to love yourself even more & keep yourself in a positive mood. kill em with kindness is what i go by & so far it's worked. people are annoyed by an overly nice person so what better way to get revenge than that? show them that despite the fact that they hurt your feelings, you're still the happiest person around. they envy that shit. ♡
Opening Statement: I’ve been wanting to reach out to the community for a while now. I want to serve as God serves, and help those who are in need of guidance, words of encouragement, or people who just need a friend. What truly inspired me however, was the fact that recently at my school, people have been creating rumors about me. Lies. Because of my interest in horror, some people think I’m going to come into my school, and start killing people. Crazy right? Well, they’re right. I am a killer. A killer of kindness. We need to be the people God Wants us to be. We can’t let lies like this put us down. We need to continue being kind and caring. Loving. I know I’m not perfect, but I am going to try my best to be like my Lord and Savior. Father and Creator. Christ Jesus, and Holy God. In conclusion, if you are one of those people, and you read this. I forgive you. And if you try anything else, I’ll still forgive you. And I won’t let it get to me. Not again. My first Devotion should be up after school. 3:00 PM EST. Thanks guys. (:
Good morning everyone I hope you guys have a great day today and remember to spread positivity and kindness Amanda 💖#selenagomez #killemwithkindness
I guess our lines are sturctured like a haiku🍂
This girl in the photo, you first met her on the 10th of May 2014(maybe you don't remember but she does) It was the day she hosted her first loto draw. She had a dream; Even though she was only 18, she wanted to always stay humble. She values kindness and honesty as she started her pathway in acting and TV hosting. Even today she'll say she's no 'celebrity'... Cause she isn't 😒 Unfortunately for some reasons she knows nothing about, some people want her to be unhappy and do all they can to bring her down. She stays quiet and faces these situations in silence as she believes that maybe she said or did something or that they are just having a bad day... Tomorrow is another day... Most of the time such situations change people and turn them into heartless individuals...💔 But she wants to stay true to herself. Yes! She is sensible! And Yes! She cares about others so much that she might have helped the wrong people, who are now bringing her down... But she's just a passionate and believes in the good... -Why do you wake up everyday?(comment your answer down below) -Do you know why she does? Cause she has a loving and supportive family, a dog, 2 guinea pigs, a passion and YOU reading this... Yes you count! I'm now 23years, and I promise that i'll keep spreading the love till my last breath ❤️ #killemwithkindness
WHY YOU MAD THO? (Mortal kombat 2 soundtrack - wastelands - I own no rights to this song) It easy to get upset and become negative but real strenght is when you can still show love and kindness in the midst of your storm!!! Sure this mindset is not popular but LOVE covers OVER a MULTITUDE of SINS!! 1 peter 4:8 Getting mad and being nasty never helps it just add fuel to a burning fire!!! #motivation #inspiration #selfcontrol #positivevibes #whyyoumadtho #christianencouragement #behappy #God1st #Fitmind #havecontrol #itwillgetbetter #kindness #loveyou #trialsandtribulations #Goodword #beblessed #killemwithkindness #lovecovers #thursday #motivations #overcome #Godbless
KILL EM ALL WITH KINDNESS . . Don't you take me for a fool In this game, I OWN the rules . . #killemwithkindness #iowntherules
“Oh it should be easy to let you go, but I love you and I hate that you know.”🌑
When @selenagomez rocked the song by the amazing @alexandrastantheartist #mrsaxobeat such an underrated artist i just love @alexandrastantheartist so damn much y'all better cheak out her works #alexandrastan
Selena with Puma⚡️. I hope she’s feeling better now❤️.
#staysolid 💪🏾#killemwithkindness 💯🙌🏾🖤❤️‼️👈🏾
H A P P Y T H U R S D A Y ⚜️ ————————————————————————So, kleiner Freitag ist schon fast rum! Kennt Ihr das wenn man scheinbar das Pech gepachtet hat?! Gefühlt habe ich das im Moment. Das Einzige was da hilft?! Bisschen Beauty, Pflege, die Girls und Champagner 🥂 Ich wünsche euch einen schnellen Feierabend! #beauty #zoevalipstick #inlovewiththiscolor #autumnfeeling #autumnfashion #blondeshavemorefun #gold #afterwork #girlsgirlsgirls #soon #wineoclock #killemwithkindness #successisanattitude #cheers
Don't worry, be happy. (and shredded) #unbothered #killemwithasmile #killemwithkindness _________________________________ 👑Become Alpha🐺 _________________________________ Apparel @gainz_addict_apparel Discount Code 🌀JD15 🌀 _________________________________ DM or Email me for any questions, custom plans or posing 📨 _________________________________ 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎
All the people who are trying to break me make me stronger🔥🔥🔥 ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ LOVE YOURSELF AND SELENA❤️❤️❤️ #selenagomez #djsnake #taylorswift #taylena @demilovato #delena #vogue #elle #usa #unicef #killemwithkindness #revival #jelena #gomez
Another day, stay strong and have faith Sel. I love you so much❤ #prayforsel #killemwithkindness #strongselenators 💚 #selenagomez #notjustahashtag
Sad... some hater had to report them is my guess.. forgot I never made a post here about it cause this is my backup account. but when they make a new account (if they do) I'll make a post tagging them to help get their followers back up they were deleted just over 10k #thousanddollarsmoke #killemwithkindness #fuckaverage #fuckcancer #wedontsmokethesame #420 #flowers #joint #heady #headyglass #dabs #claritycounts #710society #dabbersdaily #stoner #weed #weedlife #stonersdaily #710 #raw #rawlife #rawlife247 #medicalmarijuana
You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it. ✨
It’s simple. Become this person and everything around you changes. Trust me, I know 😉 #whythehellnot #sunshinestateofmind #killemwithkindness #positivepatty #onfireflock
One pot, one problem. No vegan sour cream 😭 Yesterday I ate a blank tortilla so this is a complete upgrade 😜
The famous “crow on a pumpkin” pose! Had to do it 🙌🏼😍 Anyone else afraid that the pumpkin would squish below you? 😂
“We’re just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me.” — @selenagomez #selenagomez
Veyda came home from school so proud that she got a “PAWS” card and I’m super proud of her too! #soproud #killemwithkindness
When life is always changing and every day is a new obstacle to overcome or a problem to solve... . . For me, one thing is constant. . . I will always have fitness. It may sound silly to some... . . Like, you actually enjoy working out? Yes. What is wrong with you?! IDK! I think it's weird too! 😆 I never thought i would enjoy this as much as i do. NEVER. I always loved the idea, hated the actual doing of the things. I tried and i quit, i tried and i quit. It was an ongoing process of giving up...i just couldn't stick with it.... . . Then i had children. It became a release. It became a time for just me. A time that i made a priority! And it was easy because....i was able to focus on something else. When your entire life revolves around your children..it's nice to get away mentally. It's NECESSARY to get away mentally. . . I started because i needed out of the hole i was in. I keep on because it keeps me from falling back in.
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