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dude why is she so pretty. can we just take a moment to appreciate this beauty. #maddieziegler #kenzieziegler
so ready for this
I miss them so much, so glad to know that they’re still friends!
chemistry⁣ ⁣ —chapter five⁣ ⁣ Annie’s POV⁣ Cassie decided that she was too nervous to ask Asher for the gym keys at lunch, so I went solo and walked over to his table in the cafeteria to ask him. ⁣ “Hey.” I said.⁣ “Hi.” Asher replied. A few people from his table looked at me, in clouding Caleb.⁣ “What do you need?” Caleb looked at me weirdly.⁣ “I just need to speak to Asher.” He stood up and we walked a few steps away.⁣ “What’s up?” He asked.⁣ “I need you’re key to the gym.” ⁣ “Why would you need them?” He questioned.⁣ “Cassie has convinced me to try out for cheerleading so she wants to practice after school.” ⁣ “Ok but I’d have to be with you.” He said.⁣ “If you insist creep.” I smirked and walked back to Cassie and Tommy. I had more friends since starting at this school, we just sat in different groups.⁣ ⁣ Caleb’s POV⁣ “What did she want?” I asked as Asher sat back down.⁣ “We have to stay back after school, Annie and her friend are practicing for cheer or something.” He replied.⁣ “Ha.. great.”⁣ ~*~⁣ Asher and I met Annie and Cassie at the front of the school gym, we decided to shot around a basketball while the girls practiced. ⁣ “Remember we have that history thing due tomorrow.” I shot the ball into the hoop.⁣ “We do? Shoot.” Asher replied. ⁣ ⁣ Annie’s POV⁣ Cassie and I went into the girls change rooms to get into something more comfortable to work out it. I changed into some workout leggings and a sports bra (swipe). We started with a simple warm up, some sprints, lunges, squats and full body stretches. ⁣ “Do you think they’ll want to see the splits?” I asked Cassie. ⁣ “Probably.” She eases into them, “So we better stretch them out, you can do the splits right?” She looked slightly concerned.⁣ “Oh, yeah.” I went into my splits and stretched forward.⁣
good morning friends
everything about her is gorgeous 😭😭 i want her full lips,her eyes,her lashes and everything ugh. im just trash here. and she’s a goddess @kenzie
𝖜𝖊𝖑𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖊 𝖙𝖔 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖈𝖑𝖚𝖇😈 * ੈ✩‧₊˚ oof i want this year to end so bad im getting constant headache sigh:( anyways here’s an 11 sec edit that took me way longer than it should (prob abt 50 mins) and i’m sure it’ll flop just watch:) * ੈ✩‧₊˚ app: cute cut pro🥀💛 song: idk the song😔🥴 cc: colorsforccp ♡
they are both stunning & look so alike :’) @kenzie @maddieziegler
today is the last that u can like this 🤧❤️ #johnnyorlando #kenzieziegler #jenzie
kenz and annie are up to sth☕️☕️ i feel sry for hayden getting dissed by two ex in a year omg tmr john is 16 i’m not ready for thissss😂💩😍🥰 tags: #johnnyorlando #kenzieziegler #annieleblanc #hayleyleblanc #laurenorlando #maddieziegler #haydensummerall #jenzie #lenzie #jaddie #jadia #jaurenzie #johannie #hannie #fanedit
ι ℓσνє нєя ωιтн му ωнσℓє нєαят <3 • •DT: [tagged] • •tag her? @milliebobbybrown
this is the song i’m currently obsessed with 😍 like it’s so goooddd. i know the edit takes awhile to start , but i was too lazy to crop the audio🙂 • • • • • ac; cant remember😬 ib; dt; the first person who likes ❤️ tags; #bratayley #caleb #caleblogan #calebleblanc #annie #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #jaydenbartels #kenzieziegler #chickengirls #hotelduloon #ripcaleb #calebedit #purpleheartsforcaleb #celebratelife #edit #like #follow
Chapter twelve Three days later Jayden: has everyone got everything Annie: yes *tired* sush it’s 3am Everyone expect Annie: *laughs* Hayden: okay let’s get to the airport 1 hr later Flight to Hawaii at gate 217 is boarding now Annie: what about the seats Hayden: love birds are sitting together so you’re stuck with me Annie: of course they would *laughs* Annie: falls asleep With cayden Jayden: jenzie look at hannie All expect hannie awe their cuddling in their sleep Jayden: I’m taking a photo Johnny: turn the flash off remember when u did that to me and Kenzie Jayden: oof I nearly died *laughs* After the flight at luggage Annie: so how was everyone’s flight I slept the whole time Jayden: we know and good got some nice phots Annie: what off the sky Jayden: I’ll show you at the resort Annie: okay *goes to hayden* I’m still scared Hayden: *takes Annie’s hand* I’m not gonna let you get hurt They get their rooms Annie: let me get this straight we got double booked so we have 3 connecting rooms with 3 double beds Jayden: yes because well it’s meant for couples mainly or family Annie: okay so how about me and Kenzie Johnny and Hayden then cayden Johnny: I ain’t sleeping with a guy u and Hayden are sharing Annie : okay fine let’s go to the rooms Jayden: get ur beach wear on we’re going to the beach Annie: okay *worried* In hannie room Annie: can you not tell them I feel ill Hayden: don’t they know what happend Annie: no only you *worried* the girls packed me just bikkins* Hayden: here *passes her a black top Annie: thank you Jayden: time to leave Ann’s where’s your costume Annie : under my top and shorts let’s go They get to the beach their all in the water but Annie Hayden: im gonna go get her Hayden : Annie are you okay Annie: yes just haven’t been in the water for awhile Hayden: picks her up and runs to the water Annie: put me down rn *laughs* Hayden: okay *in the water* Annie: summerall you’re dead *bumps into Jayden* Jayden: you have ur clothes on Annie: he threw me in *laughs* wait where is he Hayden: boo *annie screams* End of chapter
One more day and my bby will turn 16. WTH I’m not even readyy ahhh
I like it when you smile 😊☺️ @kenzie #kenzieziegler
precious 🦋 ─ kenzie #kenzedits #kenzieziegler #selfiesforkz
making this a multi fan acc💓@kenzie #kenzieziegler
omw to school again💓 @kenzie #kenzieziegler
gm beautiful people☁️🐝🧡✨ @kenzie @kenzie @kenzie #kenzieziegler #kenzie
Do u ship kashton? ❤️❤️❤️ @kenzie @ashtonarbab #ashtonarbab #kenzieziegler #kenzie #kashton
@autumnmiller with green eyes🌿💗
I love this friendship😍😍😍they should reunite soon😩❤️I miss them together 😘☺️😃 • • • #jayzie #kenzieziegler #missjaydenb #cuties #favouritefriendship 😎♥️♥️
Kenz looks soo good here haha #kenzieziegler #ashtonarbab
ʼs new post. 🏹♡☁️ — A smile can change the world, but yours changed mine. 💛🕊️ Follow me for more aus. — i post everyday; also could you repost this on story?! have a nicey day. tags: @laurenorlando88 #laurenorlando @nadiaturner #nadiaturner #johnnyorlando #kenzieziegler #annieleblanc #maddieziegler #rp #au #jenzie #ladia #jadia #jauradia #rulenzadia #fff #l4l #rphelp #rubyroseturner
•chapter 4• - it’s our school one that our parents are handed during parents evening. Well then, he probably does have a kid. I mentally scan through the possible people in my year that can be related to dale, kind of hard because I don’t know his last name. Well then, he probably does have a kid. I mentally scan through the possible people in my year that can be related to dale, kind of hard since I don’t know his last name Finally, dale unlocks the door, pushing it open and gesturing for us to walk in first. Politely, my dad nods at him then walks in, followed by my mother, then me “Welcome home” he says As i am looking around admiring their living room, I hear the sound of tapping heels. “Welcome” the chirpy voice comes from a brunette women, who is approximately the same age as dale. “My name is Meredith” she stretches her hand out to shake my fathers After hugging mom, she shuffles to me and hugs me, squeezing me tightly. I try not to gasp because of the pain caused by her bracelets pressing against my spine. After a while, she pulls away. “Ah how adorable, my daughter isn’t here at the moment but I’m pretty sure yall get along with my son” she smiles Great the have a son. I sit with my parents on one the the sofas, as Meredith and dale sit directly opposite us. “What’s ur name sweetie” mer asks in a warm, friendly way “Mackenzie but I go with kenzie more” I smile Dramatically she sighs again. “Kenzie” she repeats “such a beautiful name” she compliments “Thank you” I smile After a few minutes of chatting and laughing, we all turn our heads to the door of the living room when were interrupted by a clicking sound of a closing door. Then we hear footsteps, I wait for mer or dale to explain who it is. “That must be our son” dale reveals “Honey!” Mer calls “we’ve got visitors!” I’m not entirely sure why, but my nerves start to appear. I lace my fingers together and pray ‘please don’t be hot,please don’t be hot, please don’t be hot’ The footsteps become louder, the echo against the walls of this massive house Don’t be nervous, he’s just a boy, act cool “Hi” Oh my god I stare at my shoes, i can’t tell his feet are pacing along
Twins what the heck?They look the sameee.💓My Ziegler queens! #kenzieziegler #maddiziegler #zieglersisters Screenshots by me.wow u can see my comment too
they are so cute together. @kenzie @ashtonarbab #kenzieziegler #followmekenz
Chapter 25 "the flight for Chicago" ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ku: hi Mackenzie I didn't expect my dad to come and say sorry to me. He has never done it before. K: go out of my room. Ku: it's important, I promise I will not annoy you. K: if you want me to say sorry, don't expect that. Ku: it's about Johnny. K: w-what, what is it? Ku: he's going to Chicago for work. He'll practice in a scientific research study and he'll come back after one year... K: one year? Omg *takes her head with her hands* He stayed quiet as I wanted to cry. Ku: look, we're really sorry. I'm really sorry. K: it doesn't change things! He's leaving me and I won't see him for an year. *cries* maybe he'll move on and find someone else... Ku: he left a message trough the phone. I listened to it cause I knew you weren't coming downstairs. He said really good things, I understood how much he cares about you and... K: what? Ku: you have to reach him. K: what do you mean? Ku: I know this is wrong but you have to avoid that. You can't let it happen! K: you're right dad. When is he leaving? Ku: one hour. K: Omg, I guess he's already at the airport...I have to go there, can I borrow your Tesla? Ku: well, I- K: please it actually goes really fast. Ku: okay fine. K: thanks! Oh, dad...thank you. I appreciate it. I'm sorry for the things I said yesterday...I love you. Ku: I love you too. *hugs her* I ran downstairs and got the keys of the car. Ro: where are you going lady? K: to Johnny, bye *runs out* Ro: aw...how beautiful is love? ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ I arrived at the airport and I saw a lot of people. I didn't know what to do. Then I heard a woman talking through the speaker. Wo: "the plane to Chicago will leave in 19 minutes. We are praying the passengers to go to the gate 5." Gate 5, gate 5! I started running hoping to arrive at the right time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do you want last chapter today or tomorrow? ❤❤ #jenziefanfics #jenziefanfiction #johnnyandkenzie #johnnyandlauren #johnnyorlandoedit #johnnyorlando #kenzieedits #jenzieisreal #jenzieforlife #jenzie #jenzieedits #kenzie #kenzieziegler
They’re so cute together I definitely ship!!
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