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I’ve come up with about a million reasons not to workout this week, why it would just be easier to order take out, why I didn’t have time to read and why I shouldn’t even bother putting any effort into pretty much everything.... then I thought about all the disservice I would be doing to myself, to my family and to my challengers who are counting on me. So I got the F up, and I worked out, I made myself and my family meals (except on Wednesday 😬) and I read my book. Did I have to? No. Would anyone know or would they even care if didn’t? Maybe, maybe not. But I would know and I care. There is no way other than self discipline to make changes happen and to make yourself show up. If you’re looking for a change YOU have to make it and YOU have to keep yourself accountable. YOU are in charge of YOU. 💕 #itstartswithyou #changeyourownlife #keepyourpromisestoyourself #doitforyou
Make a promise to yourself. And then put your whole self into the effort of keeping it. You are an awesome human being and you deserve to be proud of yourself. Every single day. #positiveaffirmations #affirmations #beproudofwhoyouare #selfcare #mentalhealth #keepyourpromises #keepyourpromisestoyourself #bbraveproject
A mile this morning to start my day, and another 4 miles after I made it to Fort Collins this afternoon! I realllllyyyy regret not getting all of my miles in this morning... running after traveling fucking sucks. It’s a real struggle that hurts, y’all. Ugh. The number of times I wanted to call this run before I was done...but I made it happen with run/walk and some pep talks. I even finished in time to grab dinner with a friend! &&& she had epsom salt to share, so I took advantage of my hotel tub and soaked in a salt bath for a bit to help with my recovery! I have 5 miles on the schedule tomorrow... let’s hope this goes well! 🤞🏻🏃🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️✈️
I'm not a reader ,I'll be honest. And I'm only on chapter 2 of this book. I happen to pick it up on my break today and read and I'm so glad I did. I know I'm guilty of lying to myself and not keeping promises to myself but I have come a long way with this. I'm sharing this for anyone out there that might be struggling with a diet or gym routine or whatever your promise to yourself may be . So many things stuck out to me that it was just easier to share the whole chapter. #girlwashyourface #illstarttomorrow #keepyourpromisestoyourself
Stop searching for the one person to change your life🖤 Just Look in the Mirror💪 #themessymomsguidetolife #itsnevertoolate #keepyourpromisestoyourself #yougotthismomma #youcantotallysitwithus #handsyoumirror
I promised myself I’d keep my promises to myself. I promised 2019 to be a year of growth in many ways. ....Studying still sucks 📚 .•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.• #study #learn #grow #keepyourpromisestoyourself #akitas #akitasofinstagram #dogmom #pharmacist #entrepreneur
Back into my morning routine and this day is amazing. Got up early, did some reading, exercised, worked and now on to the afternoon. No stress and good things happening. Happy to be back in the routine that suits me so well. #keepyourpromisestoyourself #workhard #playhard #happy #healthy
It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to make you feel uncomfortable. It’s going to push you. It’s going to make you want to stop. It’s going to make you want to tell yourself you can’t. But you can. And it will be so worth it. Keep that promise you made to yourself. You deserve it.
#mondaymotivation : it’s a snow day, the kids are home, my schedule is off now, I feel sluggish after too much red wine this weekend, it’s cold, I’m tired, I don’t feel like it —> all the excuses that I could have used to not eat nutritiously to fuel my body or to skip my scheduled workout this morning. However (and I know I’ve said it so many times before😉) I try to #nevermissamonday because I want to make sure I set the tone for the week in a way that’s going to help me be productive and meet my goals. Even if it’s just making sure I’m eating well and getting some daily physical activity in, I’ve gotten -*something* done ✔️ So I put the remote control and coffee mug down, hauled my butt up to my “gym” ( #mybedroomismygym ) to press play ▶️ on my workout and did the work. 🙌🏻 #liift4round3 #chestandtriceps5050 done , #igyogachallenges done and my #dailyyogapractice (because #yogaeverydamnday ) is done! Of course I have a whole list of other things to do (or should do 😉) and whether I get to them or not, I kept my promise to myself to show up and be in control of my healthy today. 💖✔️ #momneedsthis #itsnotadietitsalifestyle #fitterafter40 #healthyish #stronger #liift4 #liifthiitrestrepeat #liift4mom #breakfastismymostimportantmealoftheday #eggs #veggies #skinnytastebagel #uncuredbacon #weighttraining #hiitworkout #yogaforlife #inversionpractice #whatworksforme #keepyourpromisestoyourself #takecontrolofyourhealth #bestself
I promise. 🖤 So many times we do this. Say we are going to start working out, quit eating poorly, spend more time reading, doing that thing we love, taking that vacation, but end up letting something else (someone else) take precedence over ourselves. Don’t. Stop that today. Start taking care of you. To fully be able to give of ourselves we must be whole ourselves. Set that goal. Make that promise and make zero excuses to break it!!!!! . . . #mom #wife #momphotographer #fitmomlifestyle #fit #fitmom #childofgod #momthatlifts #wifethatlifts #keepyourpromisestoyourself
Today I had the pleasure of attending Plexus Super Saturday via live stream right to my family room! 💓 I love the support and training we get and how simple it really is to share something I love, help people find better #health and #happiness all while growing a #smallbusiness on my terms and my time. 🙋🏻‍♀️ If you think you could benefit from better health, some honest to goodness happiness, or a #financialboost this year, why don’t you check it out for yourself? You might love this as much as I do! #imreadywhenyouare #2019goals #whynotyou #whynotnow #financialfreedom #noartificialanything #guthealthmatters #holistichealth #newyearnewyou2019 #weightlossmotivation #keepyourpromisestoyourself #riseandshine ☀️
Today I had the pleasure of attending Plexus Super Saturday via live stream right to my family room! 💓 I love the support and training we get and how simple it really is to share something I love, help people find better #health and #happiness all while growing a #smallbusiness on my terms and my time. 🙋🏻‍♀️ If you think you could benefit from better health, some honest to goodness happiness, or a #financialboost this year, why don’t you check it out for yourself? You might love this as much as I do! #imreadywhenyouare #2019goals #whynotyou #whynotnow #financialfreedom #noartificialanything #guthealthmatters #holistichealth #newyearnewyou2019 #weightlossmotivation #keepyourpromisestoyourself #riseandshine ☀️
You don’t need a yoga studio, yoga clothes or even a yoga mat to keep your commitment. Early Saturday morning before the conference in Dallas and it started with @yogawithadriene Expand practice. #ywadedicate #roadwarrior #chairpose #keepyourpromisestoyourself
*general message * So I see here someone not taking action on what they speak. This could be someone making promises to you they dont keep or could even be you making promises to yourself & not following through with them. Either way, your having trouble seeing things long term. Not being able to see a way to get through or past this. You really do know what to do & how to create your new beginning. Trust yourself! Trust the feeling you have when you think of a way to overcome what your going through. It's time to get past the hurt & set backs. Yes it can feel as if you just can't do it, I'm telling you that you CAN! Find a way to balance yourself, your thoughts, your emotions & words you speak even! Yes it's been a tough road but sometimes things have to just fall apart so that something better can take its place! #Tarot #MessageOfTheDay #FindYourClosure #EndOfSetBacks #PushForward #KeepYourPromisesToYourself #SelfLove
Have you finished your tasks for this week? This week is coming to an end. Are You on track with your end goal and finished this weeks tasks? Day #12 Get it Done! Finish this weeks tasks! That is... If You wanna keep your end goal? #ConnectToExcellence #GetYourShitDone #BringOutTheBestYou #ReachYourGoals #KeepYourPromisesToYourself
No one is going to knock down your door and force you to make your dreams happen. You have to go out and fight for it💪 #yougotthismomma #keepyourpromisestoyourself #itsnevertoolate #themessymomsguidetolife #youcantotallysitwithus #dreamer #fightforit
THIS AMAZING NEW PRODUCT IS EXPECTED TO SELL OUT IN 72 hours that’s how amazing it is because it works so well!! So many people are buying it and I’m getting a lot of messages about it! What is this year you finally don’t wuot on yourself?!! 🤸🏻‍♀️in a clinical trial, two groups followed a reduced calorie meal plan. One group was given the active ingredient in our ThermoFightX and they lost 2.5 more weight than the other group over 90 days! One teammate lost 9 pounds in two days! 💚 If you’re serious about making a positive change in your health, then this product could maximize your efforts. 👙 Where do you want to be in your health journey at the end of March? Drop an emoji below or private message me but do it soon! I’ll be placing orders today and through the weekend! I can’t wait to help you feel awesome!! #springbreakiscoming #feelawesome #committobefit #weightlossjourney #newyearhealthieryou #keepyourpromisestoyourself
Did you create any goals around the New Year?! I love this not so gentle reminder from Rachel Hollis: You keep your promises to everyone else, so don’t break those promises you’ve made to yourself and don’t quit on yourself! Enjoy the process, Stay nourished in all the ways that bring you joy and Do the hard things!
Last night I went and saw Made for More by @msrachelhollis. I loved when she said in life things don’t happen for a reason... I honestly hate when people say that, but that when the storms happen they can teach you things that make you a stronger and better version of you. I know I can handle what ever life throws my way... but I haven’t been handling it very well this past year. There were a few key points I took away from last night but probably the biggest was this ... you can only focus on one goal at a time. That doesn’t mean you let everything else fall to wayside it just means you can only focus on one thing and make it the most important goal. I’ve seen this when I focus more energy and time into photography business I book more clients, or shift to Monat more focus more customers, the year I spent volunteering at 2 schools to get back on the school board to teach. I know I have many balls in the air and juggling life, that won’t go away, I will split my time between my children and jobs ... what I lost in the process of that was self care. So I’ve made a promise to myself to start getting up at 5:15am again... when I was doing that consistently I was happiest, got my workouts in and took time for me before the insanity of the day began. That is my one goal...I need to refill the vase as she says so that I’m overflowing and spreading all the goodness to others instead of just giving all the goodness away to others before keeping some for me. What is your one goal, what is in your heart, the one thing you can’t stop thinking about. Take that and make it your priority and make a promise to yourself to devote 1 hour to that goal...and as @msrachelhollis would say “don’t break that promise!” What could happen if you did that for 30 days!! Thanks @lisarobertscakes for inviting me...when she says whether you’re photographer or own a bakery you know you’re in the right place at the right time hearing what you need to with the person who will stand up for her sister 😘 #madeformore #rachelhollis #onegoalatatime #selfcare #fillyourvase #keepyourpromisestoyourself
Am I the only one who works really hard to keep promises to everyone else but myself? 🙅🏻‍♀️ In 2019, I am deciding to do something about it! Just got my @brendonburchard planner, and I could not be more excited about it. It includes solid thought provoking questions to assess your productivity! This has already aloud me to not break promises that I made last night by reminding me to do them, but also why I am doing them! I encourage you all to not only head to @amazon and grab yours, but throw in his book #highperformancehabits ⭐️ This has been the most productive day of 2019 for sure! Ok, time for me to get off the scroll hole, and zone into my afternoon power-hour while the baby sleeps. • • • • • • • • • • • #takeaction #personaldevelopment #financialfreedom #sayyes #buildingourdreamlife #travel #travelmore #yestolife #givemore #traveler #freedomliving #goals #pursuingourgoals #yestofreedom #networkmarketing #stopsettling #ourhealthjourney #residualincome #createyourlife #watchme #dreambig #dreamboard #visiontoaction #therightvehicle #bizpartners #brendonbruchard #keepyourpromisestoyourself
Kids are back to school & I’m back to my reading. I pat myself on the back at 10 pages a day. 😉 This bit, everyone can use! January is all about goal setting. Saying, I’ll start tomorrow, is just a way to put things off, & break your own promise to yourself. The commitments you keep to yourself mold you & your life. They train you to have habits, habits that will shape your life. Swipe left to hear a bit from Rachel Hollis. #girlwashyourface #keepyourpromisestoyourself @msrachelhollis
💫🌼Magical Monday🌼💫 • One of the most beautiful actions you can do for yourself is keep promises you make to yourself. Just like if you tell a child that you will take them to a park after school, you should make every effort to keep that promise. • Set intentions for your week every Monday. Start with one and move up to three when you are ready. State your intentions as if they already happened and really visualize and feel it happening. This week I am so happy that I finished a module for The Reparenting Project manual that I am designing for parent educators. I am also very happy that I worked out three times this week and that I ate a nutritarian diet this week. • What are some of the intentions you have for this week? Send it as a message to someone, comment below, or just tell someone for accountability. Keep this promise to your inner child. Make it a promise you can keep! •Sending you lots of love this week! . . . . . #momblogger #momsofinstagram #parentalk #momlife #parenthood #reparenting #reparentingtheinnerchild #innerchild #innerparent #selfcompassion #integrity #keepyourpromisestoyourself #mentalhealth #recovery #anxietyrecovery #depressionrecovery #loa #addictionrecovery #emotionalintelligence #selflove #selfcare #magicalmonday
#ketosnacks #dontgiveup #keepyourpromisestoyourself #yougotthis #ketodiet Down 7lbs in 6 days, let’s keep this going!
Vegan meal, my gut is thrilled about my choices. Hit the ❤️ if your gut is happy or leave a comment if you need help for a healthier, cleaner, happier inner system ✋🏽2019 kick off 🙌🏽. . . . . . #lifestyle #happygut #immunesystem #lifestylechanges #lifestylechangesforthebetter #life #cleaneating #rawfood #realfood #vitamins #justeatrealfood #veganfood #veganeating #kickoff2019 #mybodyismytemple #selflove #selfcare #motivation #motivated #succesmind #booster #vitality #glow #health #innerglow #energized #antioxidants #keepyourpromises #keepyourpromisestoyourself #naddynatascha
Didn't feel like walking today even though I promised myself I would. I didn't sleep well. It's really cold out. But I decided to keep my promise to myself this morning. It wasn't fast or easy, but I did it. Walked to a sweet nature trail and also found a little free library and picked up a book! Great morning so far. #walk #keepyourpromisestoyourself #naturetrail #lititzpa #newstreetnaturetrail
Got my reading on! Loving this book 📖 - favourite bit so far is all about keeping your commitments to yourself. What you reading? #girlwashyourface #rachelhollis #2019ismyyear #womenentrepreneurs #keepyourpromises #keepyourpromisestoyourself #readinglist2019 #leadersarereaders
Okay y'all. If you know you're planning to work out but you just don't feel like it... do it anyways! You'll never regret working out but you'll always regret not working out when you said you were going to. Trust me on this one. You'll feel a lot better if you just move your body. ❤ #workout #moveyourbody #keepyourpromisestoyourself #yougotthis #weightlossjourney2019 #weightloss #fattofitjourney #motivation #takecareofyourself #chelsgetshealthy
What 3 months of discipline can do... The quarter passed by amazingly fast and I’ve never felt or functioned better! #betterthanyesterday #keepyourpromisestoyourself
Keep the commitments you make to yourself!!! It may not seem like you aren’t hurting anyone when you break the promises you made to yourself, but you are hurting the most important person.... YOU!!!!! I was ready to cancel the work date I set for myself, I was sleepy and slow moving trying to get out of the house but I held myself accountable and got to work! I had an awesome brainstorm session and found some great inspiration!!! Keep those promises you made to yourself in 2019!!! You got this!!!!
She believed she could.... so she did. It was a late night. Lynn and I went to see the Rachel Hollis documentary. It was phenomenal. It’s playing next Wednesday night at select theaters. If you can go, do it. I snoozed once but then got up and kept my promise to myself. My legs needed this piyo Lower after my run yesterday. I needed this time to make sure I’m taking care of myself so that I can take care of others. #piyo #madeformore #keepyourpromisestoyourself #design19
I’m doing a 30 Day Challenge to stop breaking promises to myself. If you promised yourself to get pedis every other week then do it. If you promised to workout then do it. If your promised to see a therapist then do it. If you promised to seek freedom inside and out then now is the time to do it. If you promised yourself to write or read daily then do it. Make a 30 Day Challenge to keep promises to yourself and turn it into a habit. #promise #workout #single #healthy #mentalhealth #happy #fitgirls #fitness #weightloss #30daychallenge #2019 #keepyourpromisestoyourself #keepyourpromise
Have you ever thought about how many people make New Year’s resolutions and we don’t stick to it? Well I am here to say, that I have decided, that I am going to stick with a word that I want to be consistent about and that word is “FAITHFUL”! Too often and too many times, we say that we will do something and we don’t follow through, and this definitely applies to me, YES me! So I decided that I will choose faithful, because too many times have I broken promises to myself and have not been faithful to myself! So now I would like to ask you what are you doing for this new year to better yourself? I would love to hear your thoughts! #Faithful #KeepYourPromisesToYourself #BrokenPromises #Myself #YesMe #WhatAreYouGoingToDo #BeFaithful #AppliesToMe #IChooseFaithful #MyWord #MyWordFor2019
Today is one those days that I'm #grateful I have set up the #discipline and routine to just get that #workout done. #noexcuses #justdoit I am running on an empty Tank, up all night with a sick baby boy (well, he's six, but he's my baby 😉) and still nursing him through it today. Baby boy just fell back alseep. So I'm about to down my #pwo and get in there. Bonus of having a #homegym 🙌 #makeithappen #keepyourpromisestoyourself #selfcare #workouts #disciplineovermotivation #fitspo #eyesontheprize #weighttraining #legday #momproblems #fitmom #fitnessmom
1/2/19 Woke up this morning just wanting to relax and lounge around all day. I don't feel motivated to get up and move. However, I'm gonna do it anyway because motivation doesn't matter. Dedication does. It's ridiculous to think anyone feels motivated 100% of the time but these are the moments that make or break you. Get up even if you don't want to and do the hard things even when you don't feel like it. Don't break the promises you make to yourself. #motivation #weightloss #makehabits #health #dedication #keepyourpromisestoyourself #selfloveclub #fattofitjourney #weightlossjourney2019 #chelsgetshealthy
Now that you have set them, whatever you call them (resolutions, goals, etc.), because it’s the new year, quarter or just the start of a new day, how are you going to make them happen? Many will sign up in January to join the gym to improve their fitness but will stop by Match! Why? When Life throws challenges your way, (also known as distractions) how are you going to stay laser focused to your commitments? Success leaves clues and the ageless “clues” of those most successful can be found in my book! Over a decade of personal development and reading the books of those successful people is the heart of “Three Things That Everybody Wants To Know About You/Five Step Plan For Life Success”! Don’t wait until your hopes are on the ropes! Get your copy today! DM me for details and go to my bio for details. #keepyourpromisestoyourself #authorsofinstagram #author #publishedauthor #threethingsthateverybodywantstoknowaboutyou #fivestepplanforlifesuccess #writer #writersofinstagram
Great #latenightworkout this evening. 🏋🏾‍♀️ 🌛✨ Now the pain in my back and shoulders will distract from the soreness in my legs from Monday’s workout! 🙃 Had kind of a tough time with the Palms to elbows. Got super intimidated by them. 😞 Started getting emotional, tried to think of a substitute workout to replace them, wanted to lower the rep count, and overall just started doubting myself. ☹️Certain body weight exercises really push me out of my comfort zone. 😥 But when I started training with Julie again, I promised myself no cut corners, no shortcuts, and I would do the work. 👊🏾💥 So even though everything in me said “run, don’t do it, it’s too hard, just do push-ups or something,” I just prayed really hard and asked God to push me through those sets. 🙏🏾 I’m proud to say I finished every single one of them, and I’ve got the scars to prove it! 😂 Definitely have to disperse my weight better and shift it backwards off of my elbows, but I’m a work in progress! 🤷🏾‍♀️ Felt good to get it all done today. This year is all about commitment. 💪🏾 On Sunday my Pastor preached about committing to our purpose and the plans God has for our lives in 2019. ✨ He said, “When you run out of strength and get tired of trying to do it on your own, let God give you the additional strength! He has all the strength we need.“ 🙌🏾 I did just that and it felt so good to see my break down become a break through. 😩 So glad that I don’t have to always be in control. ✝️ Great start to the new year. ❤️ #hoodiegang #sweatcheck #backday #shoulderday #bicepday #Julie #irippedmyskin #battlescars #bettereveryday #workinprogress #keepyourpromisestoyourself #Godisgood #letHimuseyou #Hisstrength #notmine
Happy 2019! 🎉🎊This is going to be a year where I keep more promises to myself! I am looking forward to it! 😊💪 What are you resolving to do this year?1 For now, I am working on my crafting side and trying out corner to corner crochet! So far, I like it!! It seems quicker than traditional style. I may be hooked - pun intended!! 😂😂 I want to make more gifts this year too, so starting off on the right foot! 👣 . . . #imaybehooked #c2ccrochet #crochet_relax #crocheting #craftingmoments #giftsmadewithlove #homemadegifts #happynewyear2019 #newyearsresolution2019 #keepyourpromisestoyourself
Onwards & Upwards 2k19 ↗️↗️↗️ Radiate peace & compassion 💛 Practice patience & self love ⚡️ #loveyourself #bepositive #radiatelove #keepyourpromisestoyourself #all2019
Ask a mom to make a list of priorities, how often does she even put herself on the list? Are you on your own priority list? Be honest…you aren’t. Why not? Would you let anyone else leave themselves off the list? Did you make a resolution to take better care of your health, eating habits, etc? Let’s keep that promise this year. Mamas often give 150% to everyone around them and at the end of the day…they don’t take care of themselves. Let’s do this together mamas…let’s make 2019 the year of YOU! My friend Ana @bluebirdkisses said it perfectly in her year end reflection “this was the year of ME and that’s neither selfish nor materialistic. It’s the year I gave my family and myself a happy healthy mom.” What do you say ladies…ready to spend 2019 believing in yourself, taking care of yourself, loving the person you are, the person you have become. Let’s do this! 2019 is the year of YOU! #getinthepicturemamas #takecareofyou #keepyourpromisestoyourself #believeinyou #momlife #happyhealthymama
🎊Happy New Year! 🎊 ~~ 12 new chapters ~~ ~~ 365 new chances ~~ #newyear2019 Make 2019 your year to accomplish something new, do something on your bucket list 📝, show kindness💓, step out of your box 📦, help a random someone, throw a party for no reason🎊, keep a promise to yourself, read more 📚 , laugh more😂, dance more💃🏻🕺🏻. You have 365 new chances. Use them all! 😊 . . . #2019goals #bucketlist #travelholic #randomactsofkindness #newyearsresolutions #keepyourpromisestoyourself #standupforsomething #helpastranger #readmorebooks #dancelikeyoumeanit
TRUTHBOMB: If you constantly make and break promises to yourself, you’re not making promises at all. You’re just talking. As another year comes to an end and another begins, what promises are you going to make to yourself AND keep them for 2019?🙋🏼‍♀️💜 #newyear2019 🎉 #hustlemodeison #christmasvibesonly #workonyourselfeveryday #keepyourpromisestoyourself #justkeeptalking
I know it’s not #transformationtuesday but can we talk about this transformation anyway? The girl on the left is one I don’t even recognize. Lacking confidence. Lacking purpose. Lacking passion. It’s amazing how much of ourselves we can lose before we actually notice. Especially as a mom. . Right now I’m reading Girl Wash Your Face and I’m in Chapter 2 where she talks about the lie we tell ourselves that we’ll “start tomorrow”. Isn’t that true? How many times did I start something to better myself that I then put off for tomorrow and ultimately didn’t finish? Way too many times. She talks about how hard it is to respect and trust people who constantly bail on you, but we bail on ourselves all the time and find ways to justify it. No. Just no. Not anymore. . My next boot camp starts in January. 6 weeks of support, accountability, and hard work. I even have 2 free gifts left for the first two people who choose to take a chance on my mentorship and be part of the group before the end of December. If you’re not honoring the promises you’re making to yourself, it’s time to start. . #bettertogether #tomorrowmaynevercome #keepyourpromisestoyourself #youreworthit #mentorship
Keeping the promise to myself to be consistent with my workouts is so important to me. . Trust me I have lots of days where I just want to break it, especially when it’s 4:30pm and I’m tired after a long day. . I just tell myself it’s only 30 minutes, sometimes even 20 and you know you will feel so much better afterward and so proud that you kept your promise. And that’s exactly how I feel! So worth it! . So even when your mind is telling you to quit, push through and do it anyway. You will never regret a workout that you completed! . Lucy loo missed us all day she just needed some extra Mommie snuggles at the end❤️❤️. . #teamburninitdown #keepyourpromisestoyourself #pmworkout #momlife #furmamalife
Back on the barbell today for an hour and half training session that included snatch, hang snatch, floating pulls, back squat and pull ups. Nothing to do with motivation, it’s just habit and routine and life, oh and the knowledge that if I want to stay in half decent shape, stay strong, move well then this is what I have to do. It’s a priority. And that means even in the midst of Christmas chaos and a lack of a usual schedule, it has to be built into my day, somewhere. You are a product of your habits and your routines and those things that you prioritise or don’t prioritise in your life. It’s nothing to do with motivation. If you waited for motivation to come to take action, you’d probably never do anything. It’s all to with habit; routine, discipline, commitment and consistency. That’s where results come from and that’s how you sustain them. No grand gestures, just basics executed day in and day out until it becomes who you are. Your new normal. Keep your word to yourself, make the basics your priority and you won’t go far wrong. #projectme #mastersweightlifting #womenonlygym #liverpool #liftlikeagirl #dothebasics #keepyourpromisestoyourself
2018....you have been one hell of a chapter in my life. Needless to say I’m grateful for the lessons learned and I’m equally grateful for the beautiful, new and true relationships formed coupled with the plentiful blessings received. This year has definitely set the foundation for an even better chapter to come. I cannot wait to see what The Most High has in store. So with that said, Here’s to continuous growth in the new year and the years to come! #growth #blessed #foundationiskey #trusttheprocess PhotoCred: @clyde.501 aka ‘bae’ . . . . . . . . . . . #newchapterbegins #newbeginnings #blessed #highlyfavored #happy #positivity #positivevibes #only #everyday #i #am #growing #and #learning #trusttheprocess #yourtimeisnow #keepyourpromisestoyourself #2018to2019
You know those lists you create? Those promises to yourself that you make? What if you actually kept them? What if you stepped your game up and bossed out like the Goddess that you are. 👠 I bet you would achieve some pretty amazing things. Accountability and action are the secret sauce to success. 🌠 Want a community of soul sisters who has your back and keeps you on track? Join us for Goddess Boss Society 2019! Enrollment is closing soon. Let's cook up some awesome sauce together. #soulsisters #keepyourpromisestoyourself #manifestyourdreams #goalsquad #2019goals #2019 #boss #bossladymindset
Since Friday I have been lax for the holidays... I indulged in some sweet treats and carb-filled dishes. My water intake was low and I drink more sodas than I should have... but it was for the holidays. I told myself through Christmas it was fine, I would get right back on track the 26th - no excuses - 😾 Today is the 26th and I am going to keep my promise I made to myself. Today I am getting back on track. You can to! Don’t let a few days turn into weeks and months! We got this! 💪🏻 . . . . #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossinstagram #fitness #fitnessjourney #naturalweightloss #dietandexercise #fightingobesity #lifestylechange #healthylife #activelife #gettingbackontrack #dontderail #keepyourpromises #keepyourpromisestoyourself #backontrack #holidaybinge #holidayindulgences #christmasisover #dontfalloff #healthyandhappy #foodisfuel #foodisfuelnottherapy #dontlosesightofyourgoals #fattofit #obesetofit #obesetofitjourney #fattothick #commitment #dedicated
Just incase you needed a reminder! #keepyourpromisestoyourself
Whether it be a tough shift at work, an emotional situation, or a rough day in general there is only one thing to do. Although exercise will not solve all your problems it is GUARANTEED to help. Even if it clears your mind for a whole minute THAT is doing more than you know. I’m a big believer in external strength channeling inward as long as you allow it too. Remember to breathe. If you are capable of exercise just do it and trust the process of your endorphins boosting your mental game. #freetherapy #guaranteedstressrelief #keepyourpromisestoyourself #youmatter #youareworthit #justdoit #noexcuses
Taking the year ahead with some serious intentions. 2019 isn’t about resolutions, it’s about actions. * What I will do, how I will do it and never promising myself something I can’t keep. * Mindful intentions, obtainable goals, always growing....pushing to the uncomfortable zone. * I love the ocean. When I’m ready to make BIG things happen for myself I come here for the perpetual motion. Her power is palpable, the universe is here. * Be carful what you give to her to help you with. May sound totally corn ball but I get nothing but peace and clarity when I’m here with my toes on the sand. * #dawnlovesfood #eatwellstaywild #2019intentions #theuniversehasyourback #keepyourpromisestoyourself #fearlessandforty #taketimetolisten #oceanvibes #mothermotherocean #starttodayjournal #onelifemakeitcount #lovethelifeyoureliving
If a friend treated you the way you treat yourself, would you still be friends? . Um, probably not. . Where are you blowing yourself off? . I only have 1 more spot available for coaching starting in January 2019. If you’re ready to be your own best friend and let go of relentless self-criticism. Apply using the link in profile. . #beyourownbestfriend #keepyourpromisestoyourself #coaching #impressyourfutureself #drsashaheinz
Green beans. Never in a million years did I think I’d have green beans on my lunch plate! 😱 I can thank Arbonne’s 30 day to healthy living challenge for changing my relationship with food and inspiring me to take better care of my overall health! 💚💪🏼 Message me for info on our January group! 🙋🏼‍♀️ #newyear #newyou #healthyeating #cleaneating #healthgoals #weightlossjourney #healthjourney #lymphiegoals #ww #healthymom #healthymama #gethealthy #keepyourpromisestoyourself
❓Question for you: do you keep promises to yourself? If not, why not? This can be a tough one, especially with health & fitness, since we often want to change everything at once. We can't keep that commitment of working out every single day or eating only whole foods. Instead, try making smaller promises to yourself. Instead of working out daily, why not commit to working out twice a week. That way when you crush it, you will feel like a success and keep the momentum going. ❤️ Start by making small commitments and keeping them - your faith in yourself will grow and you will feel confident in yourself to tackle the bigger things!!! Watch today's video on IGTV to find out more!!! #fitchicks #fitchicksacademy #mindset #keepyourpromisestoyourself
❓Question for you: do you keep promises to yourself? If not, why not? This can be a tough one, especially with health & fitness, since we often want to change everything at once. We can't keep that commitment of working out every single day or eating only whole foods. Instead, try making smaller promises to yourself. Instead of working out daily, why not commit to working out twice a week. That way when you crush it, you will feel like a success and keep the momentum going. ❤️ Start by making small commitments and keeping them - your faith in yourself will grow and you will feel confident in yourself to tackle the bigger things!!! Watch today's video on IGTV to find out more!!! #fitchicks #fitchicksacademy #mindset #keepyourpromisestoyourself
Have you read “Girl, Wash Your Face” yet?? If you haven’t, you can listen to several of the chapters on the Rise podcast, read by @msrachelhollis herself 💜 . I love her analogies with the point in this quote. So often, we say, “I am definitely going to workout today,” and then we get too tired, wrapped up in a TV show, or find any other number of excuses to not do it. . If you promised your best friend you’d meet her for a coffee date, would you call her last minute and say, “Sorry I can’t make it, I just really don’t feel like getting off the couch. This #friends marathon is just too good.” 🙅🏻‍♀️ . No!! So why do we do that to ourselves? Make a commitment to YOURSELF. For yourself, and not to please anyone else. . You are worth it, and keeping those little promises to yourself over time won’t just make you healthier {if you’re using the exercise example} — it’ll make you trust yourself more as you consistently do what you say you will, and that will lead to more self-confidence ✨
I now know why this is a best seller. I highly recommend this to all the women in my life... #girlwashyourface #keepyourpromisestoyourself
🌸Mange af os sætter en dyd i at holde vores ord - ihvertfald når det gælder det vi lover andre. Men hvad med det du lover dig selv? Er du lige så tro mod de løfter du giver dig selv?🙄 Husk på, at du er den du bedst selv kan stole på og regne med! Så lad det skinne igennem, når du lover dig selv noget. Vær minimum så tro mod dig selv, som du er overfor andre💞 Make your own words count❤️ #promises #keepyourpromisestoyourself #værtromoddigselv #lightwork 🌸
If you make a promise to your kiddos, your husband or your best friend, what are the odds you'll keep it? Likely pretty high, right? So why don't we honor our promises to ourselves? 💖 Today, vow to keep the promises you make to yourself. You know, the ones where you swear you’ll never again be with a guy who doesn’t treat you well; where you promise yourself to eat better; where you commit to exercising daily. Don’t let those promises be the first ones you break when the going gets tough! #loveyourself #youareworthit
It’s Friday at 5pm and while Happy Hour 🥂 is calling my name I made a promise to myself to finish 2018 strong! #last90days So a sweaty happy hour before I officially start the weekend off right!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Surrounding myself with people who are pushing themselves to be the best versions of themselves they can possibly be has had a profound impact on me this year! It has helped me in the moments I just wanted to make excuses... it has taught me to keep promises to myself just like I would anyone else I loved a whole lot....even on a Friday evening at 5pm😜
My Start Today journal came today!!! It's gorgeous. I'm kicking myself for not ordering the companion blank book. Thank you @msrachelhollis for putting this out there for us. #starttoday #fivethings #keepyourpromisestoyourself #goals &gratitude
I did not want to do this today. I was tired, hungry, and cold. It was 58 degrees outside. All I wanted to do was get in pajamas and rest. But then, I remembered what I want MOST: energy, fitness, health, longevity, and continued weight loss. So, I put on my shoes, dragged myself outside, and went. This is far from my best distance, speed, or time. But I did it. And today, that is my measure of success. . . . #last90days #fitness #fitmama #fitteacher #walking #weightlossjourney #26lbsdown #morelbstogo #nevermissamonday #decembertoremember #keepyourpromisestoyourself
This is something we can all work on. We tend to help everyone around us at work, at school even at home but we all break promises to ourselves. Why? Why is it so easy for us? I’m going to work on this starting today! I made a couple appointments that I had canceled for “other commitments”. I hope you try to do the same during this busy month. . Repost: @msrachelhollis . . Thank you Rachel Hollis for these reminders! . .
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