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Make Ohio Great Again! LOL road trip to get some learn on with @sentinel_cncpts this weekend. #dowork #trainhard #alwayslearning #alwaysworking #sentinalconcepts #keepyourpowderdry
“Trust in God and keep your powder dry” which meant, be prepared and save your resources until they are needed! #KeepYourPowderDry #WWIISong #Vintage
Great setup . . #Repost @obj_pizza_kat (@get_repost ) ・・・ thanks to John @uw_gear my 308 set up is slowly getting where I want it to be. If you’re the kind of guy that commutes to work via helicopter, or just looking for good gear that just works, you can’t beat uw gear pouches, plus John is simply a good dude. #loadoutdisplay #CitizenArms #30hate #keepyourpowderdry #uwgear
Great setup . . #Repost @obj_pizza_kat (@get_repost ) ・・・ thanks to John @uw_gear my 308 set up is slowly getting where I want it to be. If you’re the kind of guy that commutes to work via helicopter, or just looking for good gear that just works, you can’t beat uw gear pouches, plus John is simply a good dude. #loadoutdisplay #CitizenArms #30hate #keepyourpowderdry #uwgear
Happy Heavenly birthday, Pappy!!! You are so terrinbly missed here on Earth, but we all know Heaven is sweeter and the Angels choir sounds like it never has!!! Thank you for the 30 1/2 years you were my Paps!!! One of my hero's, always!!!! I'll never forget so many of the things you said, especially while I was in the Army and you'd always tell me to "keep my powder dry!" And "We make a good team, Colonial!"... even when I was a PFC and enlisted Lol Happy 87th birthday to my Papa McCann! One of my favorite pictures of us. He wanted to see "his soldier" in uniform while I was home on leave. We always played guitars together and he's always so patient with me while we'd strum along together in the key of G,C, or D because that's all I know lol love him so muchI hope you have an amazing birthday in Heaven!! I love and miss you so very much!!!! #PappysLilSoldierGirl #KoreanWarVet #KeepYourPowderDry #HeavenIsMoreBeautifulWithYouInIt
@obj_pizza_kat building an R&R kit ・・・ Sling- Beachin Tactical #SpeedSling Warbelt- @gadsdendynamics Pouches- @uw_gear Thanks to John at uw_gear my 308 set up is slowly getting where I want it to be. If you’re the kind of guy that commutes to work via helicopter, or just looking for good gear that just works, you can’t beat uw gear pouches, plus John is simply a good dude. #loadoutdisplay #CitizenArms #30hate #keepyourpowderdry #uwgear #beachintactical #2pointsling #arsling #paracordsling #milspecsling #handmadesling #customsling #multicamsling #kryptekriflesling #atacsriflesling #warbelt #gadsdendynamics
@obj_pizza_kat building an R&R kit ・・・ Sling- Beachin Tactical #SpeedSling Warbelt- @gadsdendynamics Pouches- @uw_gear Thanks to John at uw_gear my 308 set up is slowly getting where I want it to be. If you’re the kind of guy that commutes to work via helicopter, or just looking for good gear that just works, you can’t beat uw gear pouches, plus John is simply a good dude. #loadoutdisplay #CitizenArms #30hate #keepyourpowderdry #uwgear #beachintactical #2pointsling #arsling #paracordsling #milspecsling #handmadesling #customsling #multicamsling #kryptekriflesling #atacsriflesling #warbelt #gadsdendynamics
thanks to John @uw_gear my 308 set up is slowly getting where I want it to be. If you’re the kind of guy that commutes to work via helicopter, or just looking for good gear that just works, you can’t beat uw gear pouches, plus John is simply a good dude. #loadoutdisplay #CitizenArms #30hate #keepyourpowderdry #uwgear
I expect quite a few folk who are lucky enough to still have a day or so this season due to cancellations of shoots with low grouse numbers are getting their cartridges , guns and tweeds etc ready for the 13th .. #cartridges #tweeds #leathergloves #grouseshooting #shooting #fieldsports #britishcountrysports #britishfieldsports #keepyourpowderdry #safeshooting #loaders #countryfieldmedia #countryfieldimages
I love having long conversations with my buddy on the way to work.. he is a true philosopher.
Extreme throwback...well reliving it. Garage workouts and carnifex. No distractions, no waiting, no bullshit. Weighted wide pullups Barbell press ss with rope chin ups Close grip bench ss with tricep extension Plate shrugs ss with knee ups on bar and more core work. #keepyourpowderdry #andyourpeckerhard #andtheworldwillturnmybrotha
I have always felt and been taught that time spent grieving or dwelling on past and pain was waisted. I still feel like your time is better served by counting your blessings and being grateful for what you have. In all of this, however, I have found some new perspective. I would not care to have my reminiscing and appreciation be mistaken for sorrow or self pity. Fall is in the air tonight and with it comes some fond memories and new hope of hunts to come. The picture is of my dad’s last elk hunt and I am extremely grateful for having shared it with him. #itsinmynature #itsinmyblood #icomebyithonestly #elkhunting #hunting #huntingwithdad #dadslasthunt #ilovemydad #keepyourpowderdry #ihavebeenblessed
Real quick late night post but i got something that grinds my gears.. listen, carrying a gun is not being paranoid. Being situationally aware should not be talked down upon.. people want to live in their perfect little world where nothing bad ever happens and that’s cool. But guess what. We live in a real world. A real would where there is evil and evil people. A real world where bad shit happens. I carry a gun because I accept reality for what it is not what I wish it was. Every day there are 43 reported murders, 247 reported rapes, 896 robberies , 3281 violent crimes. And you’re defense mechanism for you and your family is to “hope” it never happens to you and your family.. I find that incredibly naive. If you don’t want to fine.. but understand the risks and that nobody gives a shit about you.. hope will not get you anywhere.. and if your plan is curling in a ball and waiting to die then you are the the problem when it comes to helplessness in this country. And last thing, have you ever needed your seatbelt before you got in a car wreck?
Matchlocks, pikes, and swords just some simple tools of he trade of Berwick. #16thcentury #militaryhistory #matchlock #keepyourpowderdry
I carry appendix 100.99% of the time.. and I carry in the @tier1concealed axis.. and I carry from the time I get up and put pants on to when I take said pants off at night. I drove back from Santa Rosa Beach (about 7 hours to where I live in TN) and I didn’t take my rig off once.. yes it is comfortable. Yes I carry an almost full sized gun and yes I carry with a 20 rd spare mag.. no I do not take it off in the car.. ever.. quit making excuses.. carry the gun
I'm in Facebook jail. 😑 #keepyourpowderdry
My edc + my preferred long gun. And an extra mag I had in the nightstand. I carry my long gun any time I am 3 hours away from home or crossing state lines.. that’s my rule and I stick to it. I carry my Glock 19 in a @tier1concealed axis all the time along with a sof-T tourniquet, a knife and a light. But I also carry a long gun to work and if I am feeling a little uneasy about something.. because of the @lawtactical folding adapter mine sleeps in a backpack used to transport to my Jeep and back. It goes from the house to the Jeep and back.. there is nothing wrong with carrying a long gun. Just don’t be an open carry douche bag.
“Hope is the last thing a man does before he dies.” - Chris Kovacik. This is my edc (it’s missing the light). I carry a gun because there are people in my life who are more important than myself.. My friends, my family, my girlfriend, innocent people who happen to be around me. All these people I see as my responsibility. I carry a gun because nobody gives a shit about me. And that’s something everybody needs to hear.. Nobody gives a shit about you. The government is not here to protect you. Nor are they going to. The police are here to protect you but the average response time can be 11-18.5 min. And how long does it take for you to die? Or your loved one? That means you are responsible for yourself in that time. I support them but the police show up and your dead, they go on about their shift because that’s what they are supposed to do. Everybody will continue to live because nobody gives a shit about you.. So you need to give a shit enough to be your own first response. . . . Glock 19 with @jagerwerks slide and @lantac_usa barrel, @tacticaltrigger and @lead_baron_customs frame job. @tier1concealed axis slim
A friend of mine always cautions me to "keep my powder dry". This practice speaks to managing your emotions in all situations. #emotionalintelligence #beyoutiful #keepyourpowderdry #eq
3 days and 2 nights sailing around the Whitsundays with an epic crew and ship!! To wake up at 5:30 am for the sunrises and the snorkeling were definitely worth it!! Love you guys ;* #Whitsundays #sailing #snorkeling #sunrises_and_sunsets #peaceful #keepyourpowderdry
Ha and y’all thought I didn’t bring a long gun to Florida.. this is the true protector of the house. . . . Upper- @bravocompanyusa 11.5in Brace- @gearheadworks Tail hook 2 Optic- Romeo 5 (for now) Sling- @blueforcegear Light- @streamlightinc 1,000 lumen @lawtactical folding adapter
Florida house protector.
LET’S GO SKEETING🌲❄️ #skiingisbelieving #keepyourpowderdry
My peeps, I am going off grid for a week. Next #centurionconcealed class is Sept 1st. Please sign up and when I get back I will respond to all registrations. #evengunfightersneedtorest #concealedcarry #edc #ishallfinishthegame #gotyoursix #staysafe and #keepyourpowderdry
I love it when the sun set hits your eyes 😍
Stay strapped (thirsty) my friends.
So is a “shotgun rider” supposed to be a shotgun orrrr?
Good morning darlings! Susan Peters is actually one of my favorite actresses. She played in one of my favorite movies, “keep your powder dry”. On 1945 she had a spinal cord injury by an accidental gunshot which made her get in a wheelchair. She had been having troubles with her personal life as well and unfortunately she died very young, during 1952 at the age of 31. She had been an amazingly talented actress and I’m sure she’d be able to give so much more. ❤️ What’s your favorite actress? Have a lovely weekend! 🌞 #Vintage #VintageLifestyle #SusanPeters #Oldies #OldTimes #VintageBlog #VintageBlogger #KeepYourPowderDry
Pour. Load. Tap. Prime. Aim. Fire 👍🏽🔥👌🏽 just a few more steps then your average rifle ⏰🤔🤷‍♂️ #muzzleloadermonday #packitdown #keepyourpowderdry #musketeers #blackpower #50cal #oldschool #notsoefficient #rifle #guns #colorado #stayprotected #sheepdog #2a #united2a #2ndamendment
We ship all over the USA! We do custom orders for all sorts of different customer requests. This piece was made to meet the needs of the customer for his custom truck project. We made it to his specific dimensions that he provided. If you need something welded, repaired, created, designed, etc. We are only a phone call away! #rltw #rangersleadtheway #battboys #battboy #75thanniversary #rangerwife #75thrangerregiment #airborneranger #deathfromabove #messwiththebest #messwiththebullyougetthehorns #ranger #keepyourpowderdry #rangerregiment #usarmy #usarmyranger #gwot #c130rollingdownthestrip #c130 #oef #oif #vietnam #veteranownedbusiness
Got in a bunch more 30 cal and fat 50 cans in today. Only have a limited amount of the 50 and they go quick. ———————— #gunstore #guns #ammo #ammocans #reload #keepyourpowderdry #manyuses #milsurp #odgreen #50cal #30cal
Just incase I need to rebel against some invading force. Because WOLVERINES!
Throw back to my short lived modeling days & when I had a beard. 🤣 visiting Sebastian over at @elite_guns_austin_tx & the largest collection of FULL AUTO rifles to choose from, go check out the amazing historical pieces. #firearms #2a #rifles #pewpew #fullauto #2ndamendment #boom #guns #keepyourpowderdry #bythenumbers #lockedandloaded #licensetocarry #CHL #ar15 #rifle #noredflags #nostoragerequirement @lonestargunrights
Only kalashnikovs at work today. Today we start rebellions.
So Maxwell may have done a thing.. Say hello to Sletvana the Saiga. Sletvana likes long walks on the beach, starting revolutions and rebellions, and shooting tyrants. Time to start my AK journey.
Everyone out there exercising their freedom of speech, especially those using it to attack our Second Amendment rights need to remember the United States would not exist today without the armed men who confronted the British in April 1775. Guns purchased our independence and they will continue to protect our liberties......🇺🇸 #Truth #KeepYourPowderDry
Even after putting all the money I have into this gun and others.. they are still tools.. they get used and abused just like anything else. They are dropped on the ground, slid across pavement, drawn out of my holster a hundred times a day creating more holster wear than most. It is a tool. It is carried, shot, and it’s purpose is to save my life and others.. obviously I don’t believe is safe queens.
“Concealed carrying a pistol is too uncomfortable.” “I need a smaller gun to carry.” “A glock 19 is just unrealistic and impractical to carry.” “I have a gun in my truck” “Carrying a spare mag is just too much.” “I just can’t keep one in the chamber” “does that gun have a safety?”... Gun shop excuses. Carry a damn gun. . . . Glock 19 w/ @jagerwerks slide work, @lead_baron_customs frame work. @tacticaltrigger Carried in a @tier1concealed axis.
A tough set of progression intervals was the perfect lab for my current preoccupations with power and volition. Go haywire just because I can, or it feels good in the moment, and I sag later on, when I need that power. But keep something in reserve—even when I’m DYING not to—and direct it intelligently, and I’m much less likely to flame out (on that trail, in writing, in tough life moments). It’s only taken me, oh, decades to learn this. #runnersofinstagram #womenwhorun #keepyourpowderdry #emotionalsobriety #volition #hardwonlessons
Silent protector of the night.
I'm sending the order off to the printers today, so make sure you have yours in so we stock your size! . Also, you men are awesome! The sales for the new designs have been stellar! Thanks for the support. I can't wait to see the manly pics of you guys wearing the gear.
The side chick for my all my driving on this rainy day.. . . . . - @bravocompanyusa 11.5 in upper - Cheap savage lower - @streamlightinc 1,000 lumen light - @lawtactical folding adapter - @gearheadworks tailhook 2 adjustable brace. - @sigsauerinc Romeo 5
Because do you even carry if you don’t have an EDC pic? The only thing that changes is the hat. And sometimes a third magazine. . . . . . -Glock 19 w/ @jagerwerks slide, @lead_baron_customs frame work, @tacticaltrigger and @lantac_usa barrel. -20 rd extra mag with @tarantactical Base plate. -Both carried in a @tier1concealed Axis - @streamlightinc 350 Lumen light. And a tourniquet. -and can’t forget the @warriorpoetsociety hat
As a good man and a great friend moves on to his next adventure it’s an honor to send him off. Love you brother... #keepyourpowderdry #youknowwhattheysay #itgoeswithoutsaying #fwafs
Dry fire practice is so important.. no it’s not always fun but if you want to get better at almost anything that has to do with shooting it is necessary. Working on my draw and reload. Going at a good 80% speed I’m trying to live that search and assess life cuz you know, operator. It is always a good idea to work draws with your hands in different spots.. you never know where they might be. And change where the draw comes from and working movement into it. . . . .
The blaster of the day, pretty much every day. . . Slide- @jagerwerks Frame- @lead_baron_customs Trigger- @tacticaltrigger Sights- Dawson Precision Light- @surefire_llc Barrel- @lantac_usa
Workin on one of the businesses. Y’all will find out soon. Coming soon to own on video and DVD. . . . . . . . . . . . . #bcm #ccw #concealedcarry #edc #glock #glock19 #pewslinger #pewpewlife #keepyourpowderdry #appendixcarry #gunsofinstagram #ar15 #556 #9mm #gunlife #secondamendment #gunrights #sti #shooters #glockporn #rangeday
Happy Father’s Day to all the OG’s holding it down. Just think, we could have went pro had it not been for the accident! Learn them well gentlemen! #keepyourpowderdry
Happy Father's Day Pop! 🚜 You set the 1st example of what a father should be to me. You were hardworking, selfless and the most badass pop any girl could ever have. I looked up you in more ways then one.. and i think i will forever get a chill through my body every time i hear a harley. Hope your causing cauios in heaven and a big 🖕 to rice burners! #keepyourpowderdry #mechanic #biker #grandpa #father #inlovingmemory #haroldmajor
Cow horns procured. Let the powder horn making begin. #oldtimecrafts #keepyourpowderdry #powderhorn
Feathers you were always one of my favorite people to be around. It doesn’t feel real that you’re gone, you sure are missed brother! #keepyourpowderdry
My co pilot to work is probably better than yours. Just sayin.
Do you even have a shotgun rider bro? . . . Upper- BCM 11.5 Lower- Savage Optic- SIG Romeo 5 Light- Streamlight ProTac + LAW Folder
#wwiimaychallenge Day 11: movies I’m a few days behind so playing catch up. Here are three of my favorites from the era about the era. “Keep Your Powder Dry” had footage shot at Ft. Oglethorpe close to where I Greta and used to attend the WWII event held there. The other two films I draw inspiration from for my own USO canteen shows. #wwiifilm #wwiimovie #historyfilm #uso #hollywoodcanteen #stagedoorcanteen #keepyourpowderdry #wwiireenacting #vintagehollywood #40sfilms #filmfriday
Zeroed and tested the new build today. Every American should own a defensive battle rifle. I’m not talking about daddy’s 30-06. It can be an AK, AR, mini 14, M1A. I don’t care. We have lived in a society that has made people complacent.. if something happened on our own soil 99% of people would sit there and wait to die. Whether it’s for self defense or there is tyranny and evil in our home land, Get a rifle. Get some training. Stay alert. Stay vigilant. Stay violent. “Hope is the last thing a man does before he dies” - Chris Kovacik . . Upper- 11.5 BCM M-Lock Lower- Savage Optic-SIG Romeo 5 Brace- Gear Head Works Tailhook + LAW Folding Adapter
#wwiimaychallenge Day 11. #FilmFriday . • “Keep your Powder Dry” is a movie that I'm currently watching. It has been a highly recommended movie, and so far I'm enjoying it!
WWII May Challenge Day 11: #FilmFriday It's a tie between Keep Your Powder Dry and I Was a Male War Bride :) #wwiimaychallenge #keepyourpowderdry #iwasamalewarbride #carygrant #annsheridan #lanaturner #laraineday #susanpeters #wwiifilms #womensarmycorps #wac #waac #womeninwwii
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