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244-page deadline done! Time to rip the town up #jolietjakeblues #paulruebens
One of the most known features at the Joliet Correctional Center. Everyone always asks if the Simpsons graffiti is still there.
Water flowing down a brick wall in the Church and icy staircases in the cell house courtesy of Mother Nature
Back at the Old Joliet Prison to bring you guys more content!
On November 28, 1978 the debut album “Briefcase Full of Blues” by The Blues Brothers was released. It was recorded live on September 9, 1978 in L.A., when the band opened for comedian Steve Martin. Jake & Elwood Blues! I don’t think anything more needs to be said! #thebluesbrothers #jakeblues #jolietjakeblues #elwoodblues #briefcasefullofblues #johnbelushi #danakroyd
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