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Welp! They got Melania @flotus firing cats now? Yoooooooo! What happened with that “The White House @whitehouse is running like a Well Oiled Machine” Bullshit? There’s nothing but Chaos up in there and even a blind man could see it coming Son! Stay Woke People! @nbcnews #gtfoh #nbcnews #swipeleft #truthhurts #melaniatrump #generalkelly #johnbolton #chaos #welloiledmachine #fuckouttahere #yourefired #trumpamerica #thisisamerica #fucktrump #dumptrump #notmypresident #fuckery #snowflake #triggered #funnyshit #resist #theresistance #staywoke 💯💯💯✊️✊️✊️😫😫😫🗣🗣🗣👀👀👀👌👌👌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Bolton himself needs to go. #johnbolton #melaniatrump #nationalsecurity
So this piece of shit, yes I said it #MiraRicardel who I'm sure #johnbolton is fucking had the nerve to disrespect my baby @flotus , serves her right that she got fired, NOBODY Messes with my baby #flotus . #OSDOTUS
Despite reports all over the media stratosphere, Mira Ricardel, deputy national security adviser, has not been fired and two White House officials have confirmed she is still there and is still working.⠀ ⠀ In fact, the above photo is from Trump's Diwali ceremony the evening after the reports. The day may come that Melania will have Ricardel eventually fired, but it is not this day.⠀ ⠀ 📰 LINK IN THE BIO⠀ ⠀ 📷 (AP PHOTO)
First lady #Melania Trump, in a remarkable move carried out by her spokeswoman, publicly pushed for the ouster of deputy national security adviser #MiraRicardel after just seven months on the job. Her potential departure would leave national security adviser #JohnBolton without one of his key allies in the administration, a deputy who has also shared his penchant for bureaucratic infighting. It was those sharp elbows that sources said led to the first lady's stinging statement, with Ricardel most recently feuding with members of the first lady's staff over her trip to Africa. One person familiar with the matter said #Ricardel quarreled with the first lady's staff over seating on the plane and use of #NationalSecurityCouncil resources.>>”She was in my seat. She has to go”
🚫Beyaz saray Ulusal Güvenlik Danışmanı John Bolton, İran’a karşı yürütülen ekonomik savaşın ardından uygulanmakta olan yaptırımların ve baskıların yoğunlaşmasını istedi. #BeyazSaray #İran #yaptırım #JohnBolton
#RIPStanLee thank you for giving us X-Men. In your work, you remain forever immortal. Ok, here's today's issue: FIRST APPEARANCE OF MARIKO YASHIDA, return of Sunfire, and a supporting story low-key sets the #DarkPhoenixSaga in motion in "Uncanny X-Men" #118 (February 1979) written by Chris Claremont & John Byrne, pencils by John Byrne, inks by Ric Vallamonte, colors by Glynis Oliver *The X-Men, presumed dead after their battle w Magneto 5 issues back, continue their long homecoming, making it from Antarctica to Japan. *SUNFIRE RETURNS! And his attitude is just as shitty as it was when he quit the X-Men 27-ish issues ago. Turns out Misty Knight has jurisdiction for some reason, which makes no sense, but I'm rolling with it, cause Misty. *Misty calls Iron Fist long distance to tell him she and Colleen Wing won't be home cause they're working late, and also on a different continent. *FIRST APPEARANCE OF MARIKO YASHIDA, and Wolverine is instantly smitten. It's actually kinda sweet, opposed to the shitty entitlement he feels towards Jean. *for only the second time Wolvie (starts to) confess his real name is Logan. *Moses Magnum reveals he's the one behind this anarchy in Japan. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post where he receives an odd Claremont retcon. *believing the X-Men to be dead, and with too many memories in New York, Jean Grey travels to Greece in an important supporting story by Claremont, illustrated by John Bolton. *a disguised Jason Wyngarde, aka Mastermind, begins to psychically mindfuck Jean, manipulating her into becoming the Hellfire Club's new Black Queen. *this sets the iconic #DarkPhoenixSaga in motion, and cements Mastermind as a sleazy ass creepy-as-fuck scum-monster who deserves every bad thing that ever happens to him. #RIPStanLee #XMen #UncannyXMen #Cyclops #Storm #Nightcrawler #Colossus #Banshee #Wolverine #Sunfire #MistyKnight #IronFist #MarikoYashida #MosesMagnum #JeanGrey #Phoenix #JasonWyngarde #Mastermind #Logan #ChrisClaremont #JohnByrne #RicVallamonte #GlynisOliver #JohnBolton
(AR/EN) استقبل صاحب السمو الشيخ #محمد_بن_زايد آل نهيان، #ولي_عهد_أبوظبي نائب القائد الأعلى للقوات المسلحة، جون بولتون مستشار الأمن القومي الأميركي. وبحث سموه والمستشار جون بولتون، خلال اللقاء الذي جرى في مجلس #قصر_الشاطئ ، علاقات التعاون والتنسيق والعمل المشترك بين البلدين الصديقين في مختلف الجوانب، إضافة إلى عدد من القضايا التي تهم البلدين. وتبادل سموه والمسؤول الأميركي، الآراء بشأن عدد من الموضوعات والملفات الإقليمية والدولية، ذات الاهتمام المشترك. وتطرق الجانبان إلى الجهود الدولية والتنسيق المشترك لمواجهة #الإرهاب و #التنظيمات_الإرهابية ، والسبل الكفيلة باجتثاث هذه الآفة وتجفيف منابعها، إضافة إلى تحقيق تطلعات شعوب المنطقة في البناء و #التنمية و #الاستقرار . حضر اللقاء سمو الشيخ #طحنون_بن_زايد آل نهيان مستشار الأمن الوطني، ومعالي #ريم_بنت_إبراهيم_الهاشمي وزيرة دولة لشؤون التعاون الدولي، ومعالي #خلدون_خليفة_المبارك رئيس جهاز الشؤون التنفيذية، ومعالي علي بن حماد الشامسي نائب الأمين العام للمجلس الأعلى للأمن الوطني، ومعالي يوسف مانع العتيبة سفير الدولة لدى #الولايات_المتحدة ، وسعادة محمد مبارك المزروعي وكيل ديوان ولي عهد أبوظبي. His Highness Sheikh #Mohamed_bin_Zayed_Al_Nahyan , Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, on Monday, received #JohnBolton , #US National Security Advisor. During the meeting held at #Qasr_Al_Bahr Majlis in #AbuDhabi , Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed and Bolton discussed ties of cooperation and coordination between the two friendly countries, as well as issues of mutual interest. They also exchanged views on a number of regional and international issues and tackled the international efforts and joint coordination to combat terrorism and terrorist groups, means to eradicate the scourge of terrorism and to dry up its sources, and ways to achieve the aspirations of the people of the region for development and stability. (Get a closer look at the article through the link in our profile).​ #UAE #Sharjah #Sharjah24 #الإمارات #الشارقة #الشارقة24
'Nationalist' Donald Trump felt alone in Paris - President Donald Trump quickly learned in Paris that America first and being a nationalist resulted in him feeling mostly alone. #DonaldTrump , #EmmanuelMacron , #JohnBolton , #VeteransDay https://movietvtechgeeks.com/?p=57474
The X-Men save The Savage Land, and close out 1978 in "Uncanny X-Men" #116 (December 1978) written by Chris Claremont & John Byrne, pencils by John Byrne, inks by Terry Austin, colors by Petra Scotese *X-Men w Ka-Zar on the cusp of Anartica and The Savage Land aka "Holy Shit I Love John Byrne!!!" *OH MY GOD JOHN BYRNE - look at the detail! Makes me want to reread early "Next Men". *Storm back cover by John Bolton from the supporting story in "Classic X-Men" #22 (June 1988) written by Chris Claremont, colors by Glynis Oliver *ZALADANE. UGH. I can't stand Zaladane. She's not as annoying as Eric The Red. And maybe just a tad less irritating than Selene (but not much). Garokk's all right, but he's not long for this world. *I love when Cyclops gets to go off. *Banshee for the save! Storm not so much, as Garokk falls to his death (bye Garokk). *Wolverine full-page illustrated by THE Frank Miller, probably to promote the new (in 1988) ongoing "Wolverine" solo series. *Storm doing her graceful goddess schtick *original cover reprinted on back page *ok, together maybe Zaladane and Garokk ARE kinda cute (art by Art Adams) #XMen #UncannyXMen #Marvel #Cyclops #Storm #Wolverine #Colossus #Nightcrawler #Banshee #TheSavageLand #KaZar #Zaladane #Garokk #ChrisClaremont #JohnByrne #TerryAustin #PetraScotese #JohnBolton #GlynisOliver #FrankMiller #ArtAdams
Resenha 17/99: OS LIVROS DA MAGIA (roteiro de Gaiman; desenhos de Bolton, Hampton, Vess e Johnson; ed. Panini) Em homenagem ao aniversariante de amanhã,  o inimitável NEIL GAIMAN, tenho o prazer de resenhar Os Livros da Magia, publicado em 4 edições entre 1990 e 1991 pela DC Comics e alguns meses depois aqui no Brasil pela Abril. Tim Hunter é um adolescente de 13 anos que de repente se vê assediado por figuras muito esquisitas: John Constantine, Mister Io, Vingador Fantasma e Dr. Oculto, que formam a “Brigada dos Encapotados” com a missão de apresentar o mundo da magia - e seus perigos - ao garoto que poderá vir a ser “o mais poderoso mago da Terra”!!!!!! De cara Tim é indagado pelos encapotados se ele crê em magia e coisas afins; o jovem obviamente debocha deles e fica questionando se tudo aquilo não passa de uma pegadinha. A partir dali, os encapotados esquisitos vão aos poucos mostrando a Tim que a magia existe; tal qual os espíritos do Natal de Dickens - passado, presente e futuro - que assombram Scrooge em Um Conto de Natal, cada encapotado irá guiar Tim Hunter para revelar que a magia faz parte da história da Humanidade desde o começo dos tempos; também mostrarão o quanto é tênue a fronteira entre o nosso mundo e o mundo de fantasia dos seres mágicos, onde não existe tempo nem espaço. Mal a aventura se inicia e forças ocultas querem a cabeça do menino!  Nesse vai e vem, temos as participações especiais do Espectro, Boston Brand, Sr. Destino, Merlin, Titânia, Madame Xanadu, Zatanna e o Mestre dos Sonhos: Sandman, e sua irmã Morte!!!!!!! Cada uma das edições foi desenhada por um craque; minhas favoritas foram a 1ª parte (John Bolton) e a 3ª (Charles Vess). Na conclusão dessa HQ, o leitor irá perceber que, mesmo Tim Hunter tendo o potencial de vir a ser um mago poderoso e ciente dos riscos e ameaças mortais desse destino, caberá a ele escolher. Tal qual um adolescente normal que começa a bater asas rumo à maturidade. Curiosidade: tempos atrás, foi levantada uma suspeita de plágio por parte de J.K. Rowling, que teria se baseado no bruxo juvenil de Gaiman para construir seu bruxinho Harry Potter, mas isso pode ser assunto para outro post….
HELLO WE ARE BACK (therapy-mandated, thanks Brigid) FROM BREAK in "Uncanny X-Men" #115 (November 1978) written by Chris Claremont & John Byrne, pencils by John Byrne, inks by Terry Austin, colors by Petra Scotese *"She-Mutant"? What the hell, Sauron? Do you also say "Lady Cop" and "Woman Doctor"? *wonderful John Byrne splash page where Wolvie proves you can be in the heat of battle, and still drop sweet references to Greek mythology *look, Wolverine's being mind controlled by Sauron, so Cyke was just doing his due diligence. But you know Scott really enjoyed this. *"Wha? A Flying Savage?" At first I thought this was more ignorant bs Sauron banter, but then I recalled this place is literally called The Savage Land. If we were in Canada, and Sauron said "wha? A flying Canadian?", I'd probably feel he was just being prudent. Do love that Banshee's ego is bruised Sauron's never heard of him: "Dinna y'know hoo e'am?" Claremont would probably script it. Dude. Moira MacTaggert's in love w you. Your ego should be fine. *Ka-Zar, I love you, but I have to agree w Wolverine on this one. Sure, he deverted from Sauron to Karl Lykos, but it's not like he'll never Sauron again. It's like how many people has Batman doomed to death by not taking out Joker? *Jean, thinking all the X-Men other than she and Beast are dead, mourns. *"What's the point?" I hear ya, Jean. That's how I currently feel about the present content on my unreasonably expensive HBO NOW acct. *SOOOO CLOSE to the Phoenix saga. Can you feel it coming? *Colossus in The Savage Land section of Antarctica, topless as Archie in a Gregg Araki-directed episode of "Riverdale" (of which there actually is one) in a backup story written by Claremont, illustrated by John Bolton, colors by Glynis Oliver *never run into a T-Rex, but reasonably certain if I did, the last thing I'd say is "By the white wolf". Also, what white wolf? There's a white wolf? Is it a white wolf I should know about? Who is this white wolf? #XMen #UncannyXMen #Marvel #Sauron #Storm #Nightcrawler #Banshee #Colossus #Cyclops #Wolverine #KaZar #JeanGrey #Phoenix #ChrisClaremont #JohnByrne #TerryAustin #PetraScotese #JohnBolton #GlynisOliver
#AlienEncounters #14 (1987) #JohnBolton Cover & #TomLyle , #GrahamNolan Pencils, #JackButterworth , #ChuckDixon Story, RARE! "The Buster Crabbe Collector" "In Other News, #Aliens Landed Today!" "Stillborn" https://www.rarecomicbooks.fashionablewebs.com/Alien%20Encounters.html#AlienEncounters14
What a show 😍 the cast for #anastasia are enchanting and unforgettable. Anyone who can, should see this ♡♡ #christyaltomare #zachadkins #johnbolton #maxvonessen #judykaye #vickilewis #broadway #newyork #broadhurst #theater #♡ #costume #dress #imperialrussia #thankyou #handsshaking
HQs inéditas no Brasil 004: Amazing High Adventure #4 Achei esta pequena joia em um sebo alguns anos atrás... com data de novembro de 1986, esta foi a quarta edição da quase desconhecida no Brasil Amazing High Adventure, uma antologia - o equivalente a uma revista tipo mix aqui - do selo Epic Comics da Marvel. A linha Epic foi uma iniciativa do Editor-chefe Jim Shooter e publicava material autoral de quadrinistas, como Dreadstar de Jim Starlim e a Legião Alien de Carl Potts, bem como histórias adultas de personagens da própria Casa das Ideias, como Elektra Assassina de Miller e Sienkiewicz. É por isso que coloquei fotos de anúncios da própria revista para contextualizar. O selo Epic durou muitos anos e precede a Vertigo da DC em mais de um década... e como ela também produziu muito material de alta qualidade e de vários gêneros. Este título era reservado para histórias curtas, talvez para testar personagens inéditos, ou simplesmente contos fechados, sem a pretensão de virarem uma série. A maioria sequer voltou a aparecer uma segunda vez. Quem reparar nos autores no rodapé da capa vai concordar que o line-up era respeitável. Ah, a bela arte dessa capa por sinal é do fantástico John Bolton, cuja habilidade pode ser apreciada na graphic novel Marada, recentemente publicada pelo Pipoca & Nanquim. Ainda destaco nesta edição o argumentista Bill Mantlo, famoso por inúmeros trabalhos com heróis, como o Hulk, e o ilustrador Steve Bissette, imortalizado no Monstro do Pântano da fase Alan Moore. Curto antologias americanas e esta em especial adoro cada página! #lendoquadrinhos #marvelcomics #epiccomics #amazinghighadventure #importado #comics #billmantlo #johnbolton #johnseverin #stevebissette #alanzelenetz #stevenperry #minhacoleção #hqs
AXAR.AZ = ABŞ "Saakaşvili-Nikol cütlüyü" yaratsa… - Sensasion şərh = Армения вполне может пойти против Ирана - Трофимчук = https://axar.az/news/gundem/320695.html?fbclid=IwAR1Y8C1-jdX-cAxQsbPb-wrg9GEJoWFa-CTsVrMKaoUWMZ-Usebdfl2Q-Sk http://ru.axar.az/news/politika/320733.html?fbclid=IwAR2Hj6FDop272YjoonmX3uA3rkWDyrLUCRyT51dOIBYAsy0vdV_SQ5QZfG4 #джонболтон #johnbolton #azerbaijan #az #baku #азербайджан #визит #сша #us #usa #южныйкавказ #am #ge #armenia #georgia #армения #грузия #ir #iran #иран #тур #tour
ADMINISTRATION SANCTIONS CUBA, VENEZUELA -- Last week, National Security Advisor John Bolton announced new sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela and threatened sanctions against Nicaragua as well. #cuba #venezuela #nicaragua #johnbolton #nationalsecurity #economicsanctions #sanctions #embargo #unitednations #generalassembly #nikkihaley #heathernauert
IM SO HAPPY CHRISTY FINALLY GOT HER TACO BELL CANTINA and to celebrate i will have tacos for dinner who’s with me !!!!!!!!!! 🌮 🌮 🌮 🌮 #johnbolton #acrossmymemory #figuresdancinggracefully #derekklena #christyaltomare #anastasiabroadway #tacobell #newtacobell #tacobellcantina #newyorknewyork #crying
For the 5th consecutive year, RGE was the event planner for ZOA’s Annual Louis D. Brandeis Awards Dinner in NYC! Over 1000 people came together at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square to celebrate Israel @ 70 and the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem and to honor some pro-Israel leaders including Chief U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton, U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grennell, Israel’s Ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon, TV Host Mark Levin, Investor and Media Entrepreneur Dr. Bruno Wu and many more. It was an extraordinary, powerful, inspiring evening full of passion and excitement for Israel. A special thank you to all the vendors and especially to Violette Mizrahi for her beautiful floral decor. 🇮🇱💙#zoa #wesupportisrael #marriottmarquis #eventplanner #nyc #nycevents #events #eventplanning #eventsnyc #johnbolton #dannydanon #israel #israelat70
@kimberlyguilfoyle Rockin’ it at ZOA tonight- Great to see her getting back to the person we all know and love. #RichardGrenell #SeanSpicer #MonicaCrowley #JohnBolton #MortKlein #MarkLevin #NYC #standwithisrael
Attending the always fabulous ZOA annual dinner featuring Amb. John Bolton, Amb. Rick Grenell, and radio host Mark Levin, amongst others...#kimberleyguilfoyle #mortklein #dannydanon #johnbolton #zoa
Anastasia was amazing 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ and @christyaltomaree asked me to do reviews for every show i watch this weekend so i guess here’s my anastasia one!!: omg everything was perfect i literally cried when once upon a december prologue started bc it was so surreal. the costumes were beautiful (and super realistic) and the sets were so elaborate and i loved them so much!! the orchestra was perfect and so was the soundtrack - not just the songs but even the instrumentals between scenes were 🤩🤩. and ofc the cast was AMAZING. the ensemble was incredible and they were all so so so good at dancing, and they switched through so many characters which was cool. Christy was a goddess as usual, and her singing live is like the exact same as the album lol. derek, john and vicky were hilarious and judy was amazing!! ngl i has my doubts after mbp left but judy was just as talented. and max was so so so convincing as gleb. and delilah is an actual prodigy omg she is amazing. idk how it’s possible for someone so young to be so good at acting/singing but she is. overall this show was so amazing and more than i would’ve ever dreamed of. the only quibble is the orchestra was sometimes a bit too loud so u couldn’t rly hear them; it wasn’t so bad for me as i was in row c but i can imagine how it would be for the ppl in the back. anyways i LOVED it. @anastasiabway #anastasiabroadway #anastasia #anastasiaromanov #anya #broadway #musical #anastasiamusical #bway #musicaltheatre #christyaltomare #zachadkins #johnbolton
ایران ستیزان واشنگتن به هدف خود نرسیدند⠀ ⠀ شبکه خبری ان بی سی آمریکا گزارش داد که تیم بولتون و دیگر ایران ستیزان داخل و خارج #کاخ_سفید به هدف خود برای آنچه « #فشارحداکثری » علیه ایران می خوانند، نرسیدند.⠀ ⠀ ان بی سی در تارنمای خود نوشت: تازه ترین اقدام #دونالد_ترامپ رئیس جمهوری آمریکا تنش های موجود میان مشاوران ارشد وی پیرامون میزان «فشار حداکثری» علیه ایران را آشکار کرده است.⠀ ⠀ به نوشته این شبکه خبری به نقل از چند منبع آگاه، ایران ستیزان واشنگتن در داخل و خارج دولت ترامپ با دانستن این موضوع که کاخ سفید از سیاست تحمل صفر در قبال ایران کوتاه آمده، جا خورده اند.⠀ ⠀ در حالی که #جان_بولتون مشاور امنیت ملی کاخ سفید و تیم ضدایرانی وی خواستار کمترین معافیت ممکن برای صادرات نفت ایران بودند، #مایک_پمپئو وزیر خارجه آمریکا جمعه شب اعلام کرد که هشت کشور واردکننده نفت از ایران از #تحریم های #واشنگتن معاف می شوند. ⠀ ⠀ همچنین با وجود آنکه دولت ترامپ پیشتر بر قطع کامل دسترسی ایران به سامانه بین المللی سوئیفت تاکید می کرد، استیو منوچین وزیر خزانه داری آمریکا همزمان با پمپئو گفت که برخی بانک های ایرانی همچنان به این سامانه دسترسی خواهند داشت.⠀ ⠀ ان بی سی همچنین به نقل از برخی منابع آگاه افزود که مقام های کاخ سفید حتی تا چند ساعت پیش از اعلام سیاست های وزارت خارجه و خزانه داری آمریکا پیرامون معافیت از تحریم های نفتی و سوئیفت از جزئیات این موضوع خبر نداشتند. ⠀ ⠀ این گزارش ها در حالی است که ابتدا قرار بود بولتون آغاز دور دوم تحریم های آمریکا علیه ایران را اعلام کند، اما برنامه وی لغو شد و پمپئو و منوچین این اعلان را به عهده گرفتند. ⠀ ⠀ عقب نشینی دولت ترامپ از فشار حداکثری به ایران، تندروهای کنگره آمریکا همچون لیندزی گراهام و تدکروز را نیز که خواهان قطع کامل دسترسی تهران به سوئیفت بودند، ناراحت کرده است.⠀ ⠀ دولت آمریکا که نمی تواند سوئیفت را که در بلژیک مستقر است مجبور به قطع دسترسی ایران کند، اعضای هیات مدیره این نهاد بین المللی را تهدید به تحریم در صورت پیروی نکردن از تحریم های واشنگتن کرده است. ⠀ ⠀ اتحادیه اروپا که مخالف خروج آمریکا از برجام و همچنین بازگشت تحریم ها علیه ایران بوده، در حال طراحی و اجرای یک سامانه مالی مستقل اروپایی است که تعاملات مالی با ایران را تسهیل کند.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #سوئیفت#پمپئو#فشار_حداکثری#جان_بولتون#JohnBolton#تحریم_نفتی#برجام#13آبان#ترامپ#نفت#تحریم_ضدایرانی
John Bolton, asesor de Seguridad Nacional de Estados Unidos, en rueda de prensa desde Miami envía un mensaje del presidente Trump a los gobiernos de Maduro, Díaz-Canel y Ortega, así lo reseña CNN en Español en su canal de noticias. - “No nos acercaremos a los déspotas y a los dictadores. No recompensaremos a los torturadores, a los asesinos”, así lo comentó Bolton. - Este jueves Estados Unidos comunicó nuevas sanciones a los gobiernos de Venezuela y Cuba, a la vez que prometió nuevas penalizaciones al de Nicaragua en una jornada en que el gobierno de Donald Trump estableció una política de línea dura contra países que la Casa Blanca llamó la “troika de la tiranía”. - Bolton condenó lo que llamó "fuerzas destructivas de opresión, socialismo y totalitarismo" que dijo representan esos tres países. - En su alocución  en Miami, el asesor de Seguridad Nacional dijo que Estados Unidos “ya no tolerará dictadores y déspotas cerca de nuestras fronteras en este hemisferio”. Habló en la Freedom Tower, un edificio emblemático para la comunidad cubana y donde los cubanos que huyeron de la revolución encabezada por Fidel Castro recibieron documentos del gobierno de Estados Unidos en la década de 1960 y principios de 1970. - El gobierno prohibirá a los estadounidenses participar en el negocio de exportación de oro de Venezuela. - Visita nuestro sitio y descarga nuestra app para más noticias http://www.bmthenetwork.com/ - #johnbolton #trump #sanciones #usa #venezuela #cuba #nicaragua #noticias #news #bmthenetwork
El presidente de #EstadosUnidos , #DonaldTrump , difundió un mensaje político sobre sus próximas medidas al estilo de la serie televisiva Juego de Tronos, con un póster que lo pone como el protagonista de una película. . “VIENEN LAS SANCIONES. PRÓXIMO 05 DE NOVIEMBRE”, dice la imagen, sobre una foto de un #Trump muy serio que mira hacia la distancia. . El mensaje en inglés es “Sanctions are coming”, en referencia al lema de #JuegoDeTronos , “Winter is coming” (“Viene el invierno”). A HBO, la productora de Juego de Tronos, no le hizo gracia la imagen publicada. . Por otro lado, en la prensa #venezolana enseguida corrió como pólvora que se anunciarían nuevas sanciones a #Venezuela , sobre todo después del mensaje de #JohnBolton , el asesor de Seguridad Nacional de la Casa Blanca, este jueves en #Miami . Sin embargo, las sanciones serán a #Irán , restituyendo una política que había sido eliminada por el expresidente #BarackObama en 2015. . . #Usa #Trump #Noticia #Internacional #Sanciones #USA #Norteamérica #Información
MBS CALLED KHASHOGGI A TERRORIST -- The Washington Post is reporting that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told White House officials that Jamal Khashoggi was a terrorist. #saudiarabia #mohammedbinsalman #mbs #jamalkhashoggi #murder #assassination #terrorism #muslimbrotherhood #johnbolton #jaredkushner #trumpadministration #yemen #warinyemen
#Repost @elvenezolanonewspaper (@get_repost ) ・・・ #NoticiasEV El asesor de seguridad nacional del presidente de los #EstadosUnidos Donald Trump, #JohnBolton , ofrece un discurso sobre posición de la Casa Blanca en relación a la situación de Latinoamérica con énfasis en #Venezuela , Nicaragua y Cuba. Desde la Universidad de Miami Dale, Bolton aseguró que “Estoy aquí para dar un mensaje del presidente trump con respecto a los regímenes, no acercaremos a los déspotas, dictadores y torturados. No recompensaremos a los asesinos, defenderemos la libertad de nuestro vecinos. Las tiranías en Venezuela, Nicaragua y Cuba se encontró a su oponente”. Bolton considera “Los pueblos de Venezuela, #Nicaragua y #Cuba son grandes luchadores. Mientras que las figuras del totalitarismos acercan más a los tres chiflados que a jefes de Estados. Los tres chiflados del socialismo”. . . #Evnews #socialismo
Bolton brands Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua a ‘troika of tyranny’. Right wing war monger and former Spiro Agnew intern, John Bolton is behind the tightening of sanctions whose timing is considered to be in coordination with getting conservative voters to the polls in big swing states like Florida where Bolton gave the speech. #cabinetofhorrors “Used War Salesman” by @robbieconal at #track16gallery . Oil on archival board. Email or call for inquiries. #politicalmemes #politicalart #streetart #guerillaart #bendixbuilding #johnbolton #cuba #troikaoftyranny
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