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Reason #1 : Hi Jen! I would love to share the stage with you! Your truly a big inspiration in my life and nothing will make me the happiest than being able to share a little bit of that dream of yours that you have created by having me on your stage , there’s more that I would love to tell you but can’t tell you much in a 15 second video haha, anyways love you so much my queen! Thank you for the inspiration you have brought me 😘 @jlo #allihavefinal15 #AllIHaveVegas #JloContest #JenniferLopez #Jlover #jlover4ever
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Beautiful ❤ "Sometimes, especially as women, we don't feel comfortable giving ourselves that credit. We're selfless in the best ways. But that can be dangerous too. You need to feel comfortable with affirming the greatness of who you are as a partner, a wife, a mother, a person. You are great. What you have to offer is great. When you give your time, your love, your respect, you deserve respect in return. You deserve comfort, you deserve honesty, and you deserve to feel safe. That's what relationships are supposed to be about - a place where you feel good, right?” ❤ I love this quote from Jennifer in her book " True Love ". I found it very inspirational and powerful. Woman works hard daily not just as daughter but as mother ,wife ,friend , partner and as a person . It is so difficult to mountain all that with all the pressure on while others are always judging her daily. "Woman deserves respect by back for what she is doing and all the sacrifices she is making and all the decisions she is taking " ( My quote). Woman deserves to be happy , comfort and feel safe 💖
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1998 & 2018 ❤ Her cutie face is over all costs and her beautiful smile is so precious 😍 I won't talk today about Jennifer but I will talk about jlovers. In fact we are not fandom but we are family at least that's what I thought about that.Many jlovers were stealing my edits without giving credits while I was for a year doing edits with love and big efforts , people think that searching for the right pics for the perfect edits is an easy thing and without forgetting stealing ideas , I don't have problem with reposting my edits in fact I become so happy because jlovers liked them but with giving credits ! Lately some jlovers start calling me fake jlover for just looking for the same thing they want too "Jlo Notice". For your information I have been jlovers for more than 10 years and I became jlover since @jlo first album came out. Calling me fake is real deal and it's disrespectful to me because not seeing each other doesn't allow you to say anything about me and what Jennifer means to me. For those jlovers who found that my edits make Jlo getting hate @jlo by herself liked my edits and her boyfriend @arod (follows me too) & her nail artist @tombachik so if you have problem with my edits don't repost them. By my speech I don't mean all jlovers and I just want to say that I love you all unconditionally even if you think that I am fake jlover because forgiveness is always in my priority. Don't Hate Me Because I Am Real 😍
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