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— it’s called a lane✊🏼. - {do not repost} ac:jvnary dt: @babynezza cc:infinifx
I love my doggo 💓 Dt: Megan 💘 @violetsbean Ib: nobody 🤷‍♀️
he‘s literally the cutest cc mine | ac annikasofie.love 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐤𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐞 💜 [@katie.editing ]
. too cute not to post @erikacostell @shannon_curry @cortney.erin
— only e.c I Stan ☺️ dt_ madi, marissa, jess, & april [ no hate to emma💞]
Why r they actually cute and why am I single o yea cuz ima depressed piece uh shitttt💀
— no man needed 🤪 @tessabrooks 💛 • I didn’t use vs packs so that’s why this is so bad 😂😂 • ac; roseyanns app; vs & InShot fc; 871 dt; @smoltessa @juliannalbc 💫💫 • tags; #tessabrooks #alissaviolet #mackenzieziegler #maddieziegler #annieleblanc #lorengray #follows #likes #hannie #johannie #jerika #jessa #talissa #jalissa #terika #kessa #balissa #erikacostell #cloutgang #edit #fanpage #tessabrooksedit #angelsedits #gainpost #gaintrick #rice #omgpage
— i am still living in beverly hills ✨ ac: @jerikasglow cc: idk oops 🙊 dt: erika stans @erikacostell @angel_sheehan
This is such a scrap but new theme!1! More importantly AHHH THESE PICTURES ARE EVERYTHING! ac; siredtodelcna dt; Alissa stans app; video star time taken; 15 mins lol @instagram please get your shit together and fix your fucking quality - - - - #alissaviolet #alissavioletedit #edits #quayaustralia #quayxalissa #violet #videostar #chanteljeffries #cindykimberly #shanedawson #cloutgang #clout #fazebanks #balissa #jalissa #lalissa #loganpaul #logang #ksi #ksivsloganpaul #sommerray #candyshop #kyliejenner #kimkardashian #youtube #vlogs
this is bad but the song is so good so just listen to it😂 also i got this idea from someone but i cant remember who so shoutout to them😂✌🏻 @jakepaul @erikacostell #jakepaul #erikacostell #alissaviolet #jerika #jalissa #nother #jerikaisreal #jerika4life #cute #goals #ccp #cg #cc #loml #love #team10 #awe
Model thick 🤤 Dt: cassidy Ac: idk Cc: ccp color ? { #alissaviolet #views }
the only one for her i love emma and ellie’s friendship sm ac: kyclaedits dt: everyone lol scenes: @dotegurls 💓 {@_emmachamberlain @elliethumann } tag them please!!
— deserves the world , ily💞 @tessabrooks - {do not repost} ac:yt dt:paula❣️ cc:infinifx
𝐡𝐮𝐧𝐧𝐲𝐛𝐮𝐧, 𝐬𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐫 𝐩𝐥𝐮𝐦 🤠👊🏽 —@erikacostell @jakepaul for liv ;) & jake since this is his song for her.. cc. emfedits ac. eudialite whoosh. ccttutorials #pinkrikrct
the real goddess. *no hate to erika, i love rik, this is a joke lmao* 🍒 ac ; alissasxglow dt ; @chessaxtalissa @violetsboo bc they already saw it ksks || #emmachamberlain #emmachamberlainedit
What about us? dt: @erikasglow and @jerikalaughs ac: I never remember bahaha cc: All of my coloring is from @videostar_coloring always @erikacostell @angel_sheehan @erika_costell @cortney.erin @shannon_curry
“you’re the only friends i need” dt: @atwoodsty , @atwoods_soldiers
━ there's no other ship that makes me soft ⁺.༄ 🌕 《@erikacostell @jakepaul 》 ━ ac. [my loop] cc. oml.baddiesx dt. ami, lila, nikki, tea, raya, marissa, judy.
Chapter 6: the haunting Jakes POV: I was horrified when I got to the part. I saw a tall figure climb down from the climb space a over the kitchen. She went over to the fridge and stuffed her face with food. When Erika saw she was shocked. She came closer to me and said "should we call the police?" I replied back with "I'm to scared to move or even make any noise, me and Erika sat there scared to death. I said to her "she must have been making those noises up in the crawl space. But we can't let her know we know she is here so don't say anything about to crawl space. Let's not call the police just yet. We need to go down and catch that girl in the middle of the night" Erika replied back with "Jake are you crazy we are not going to catch her, we need to call the police because who knows how long she was here, or if she was here before us." I obviously agreed. Erika's POV: I was trying to convince Jake that we needed to call the police but he didn't want to. He was honestly so crazy. I was scared to even get out of bed now. I think Jake was to but he didn't want to call the police he wanted to catch her. Which was kinda stupid but I didn't want to say this to Jake. He looked over at me and said "Erika lets go catch her right now, we don't need to call the police lets just catch her" I honestly was thinking to myself wha is wrong with Jake. I replied back "we don't know how old she is, if she is dangerous, if she has weapons or what she will do to us if we come up there. We don't even know what is in that crawl space." Jake replied back with "Erika we need to do something about this and I'm going over to the kitchen and go up to the crawl space, I'm sorry if you don't like it but I don't want to wait for the cops to get here." I just said back to him "okay fine go"
my account kinda dropped when i stopped being a hate page but anyway here’s an edit ig —— dt | alissa ♡ ac | emiliasbastard cc | me tag alissa? [ @alissaviolet + @alissa_violet ] #alissaviolet #teamviolet #alissa #edit #hashtag #violet #balissa #jalissa #cloutgang
i love the piece of merch, it’s my fav🐐 #jerika #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerikaedits
I feel so alone at home even when my mom is with me we don’t talk I prefer school more than home all I do is stay in my room. I feels so like lonely omg. I honestly honk something is wrong with me like I think I have add I don’t know I have so many questions I wanna go to school but I wanna stay home fuck what is life fuck
Not Jake related by his shit is meeeee bro
School is SHIT help
Erika is her own beautiful, strong, and talented person. She is no man’s property😉 #jerika #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerikaedits
@loren @lorenxgray #angeledits ac; ? cc: Aubree
erika showed me in her documentary😭❤️(follow my twitter @jerikacentral ) #jerika #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerikaedits
Slow Down The Sun ☀️ dt: Rhiii ac: ? @erikacostell @angel_sheehan
** NOT REAL** Erika and Jake are in a happy relationship and he realizes he has feelings for Tessa. Jake talks to Erika about it and is not happy he cheated on her. Jake feels very bad and realizes he made a huge mistake and wants to be back with Erika and she takes him back❤️❤️*NOT REAL* - DONT TAG THEM! - dt: @jerikaxheart
I’m so proud of rik for everything she had done this year. Last year she presented an award to her boyfriend jake, now this year it’s her turn to receive one. Regardless if she wins or not, which she’s going to, I will still be so happy for her. This is only the beginning for miss costell, extremely proud of her. @erikacostell #jerika #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerikaedits
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