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#tbt “People are born, then they fall in love with someone and then, one day, they die. It’s completely meaningless, just like a short film I once saw in an aeroplane.” (The Great Invitation — Pizzicato Five)
Construida entre 1163 e 1245, a Catedral de Notre Dame ( Nossa Senhora) foi construída em homenagem à Virgem Maria na Íle de la Cité. Após oito séculos, sofreu várias reformas e também foi local de importantes marcos históricos como a coroação de Napoleão Bonaparte e a beatificação de Joana D' Arc. Em estílo gótico, a Catedral que possui duas torres de 69m, possibilita belíssima vista de Paris e até mesmo visita ao campanário onde vivia Quasímodo (O Corcunda de Notre Dame), romantizado inicialmente por Victor Hugo e transformado em filmes depois. #tbt ❤️ #catedraldenotredame #paris #super_france #pariscityworld #topparis #parissempreparis #topparisresto #conexaoparis #quetalviajar #best_paris_photos #paris_gram #francescultural #its_so_paris #hello_france #franceexplorer #destinosesonhos #euvoutrip #biluantrip #parisdomeujeito #topfrancephoto #sights_of_france #topeuropephoto #airfrance #klm #euvounjanela #secrets_paris #parisiandoporai #blogpartiumundao
"Church on the Hill" • This image of sacre coeur took some time to scout out. I took it atop The Galleries and would not have seen this composition if I didnt look hard enough. This composition located between some buildings in a really secluded section on the roof so you'll need a really tight lens to get it. Always scout before popping any shots. I always look for both wide shots and tight, zoomed in shots within the wide shot. • I really didn't have much to work with here. It was a really tight frame and I had to make sure I didn't get any of the buildings on the side in the composition. So I positioned my camera until the entire the church was in the shot and fired away and the chose the best one. Please I want you to guess which lens I used to take this (be specific). You won't guess it.
It’s almost springtime in Paris! We’ve watched this city change from winter to early spring, and it gets prettier by the day 🌸 #adventuresofjamesandjess #paris
“A Brush of Light” • This shot was taken up on the walkway of Notre Dame. Climb up a very narrow staircase up to a walkway that extends 360 degrees around the church. This walkway is also VERY narrow and you’ll only have 5 minutes at around each part so be pretty quick. After the walkway, you’ll climb through a small hole to see the bell. • Commentary: A few elements in this shot include leading lines, a main subject, and depth. The leading lines include the buildings on the side, the lines on the street, and the river. The main subject was the building which all the lines lead to. Also, all the textures in the cloud which lead to the light right under the building was absolutely perfect. I also used a frame in frame concept to frame the subject.
“Cloudy Days in Monparnasse” • One of the places that you’ve got to visit is the Montparnasse Tower. Ascend 59 stories and see all of Paris in 360 degrees. I’m only going to show you the side with the Eiffel Tower. For my fellow Bostonians, it’s like going up the Pru but better. • Commentary: In this shot, I wanted to show how everything in Paris looks the same and how dominant the Eiffel is on the cityscape. The thing about Paris is that you can travel for 30 minutes on the metro, step out, and feel like you haven’t traveled at all. All I did was place the Eiffel in the center, go out as wide as possible, and showcase what the architects and city planners have worked so hard to create. I love the monotony of the designs of the buildings so I did a monotone color grade. I also love the leading lines (roads) which lead to the tower. How many landmarks can you spot?
"____________" • Every once in a while, I can't come up with a name within 3 seconds so I give up. So naturally, I ask you guys for a name. Who would like to suggest a name for me? • Another shot on top of the Galleries. The rooftop has so many different compositions to choose from. • Commentary: The frame was pretty straight forward. Put the dome in the middle, shoot wide, and press the button. I wish I could say I really have this frame thought like every other shot I have but the frame was just set up for me because it's the city. The only concept I really applied was symmetry and saw that the frame was filled.
The "Umbrella Sky Project" was born in Águeda, in the year of 2012, it's composed by various colorful art installations spread by the city, the sky of umbrellas that seam to float in the air is the strong element of this project. The idea is coloring peoples lives, bringing color to the grey places in the city, and making people smile! This urban art installation has conquered followers all over the world, and will be on display in the "Royal Village" in the heart of Paris for approximately 3 months. #parigi #paris #loves_france_ #super_france #loves_paris_ #igersparis #hello_france #eiffeltower #pariscartepostale #mylittleparis #super_paris_channel #pariswithlove #parisgram #bns_paris #igers_opengallery #parismylove #vivreparis #paris_focus_on #pariscestlamour #igers_paris #secrets_de_paris #loves_united_paris #decouvrirensemble #paris_sans_moderation #its_so_paris #levillageroyal #umbrellaskyproject
The middle of February and +16 degrees🤩 can’t be any better☀️ 💜💚💛🧡💙❤️ ⠀ Пока инстаграм разделился на тех, кто выставляет фото с фильтрами и без, я буду продолжать использовать фильтры и пресеты, ибо люблю, когда красиво и идеально💁🏻‍♀️👠
"Pink Skies over Paris" • Happy Valentine's Day. What a better way to commemorate today than to post a Golden hour shot about the City of Love • This is a wide shot from the Galleries. Same day as the shot from yesterday, we walked up to the roof and saw these glorious rays. • Commentary: So there are a few things here that I positioned to make the frame look more organized. I found this composition where the rats are placed in the first third portion of the frame and the Eiffel is placed in the final third portion of the frame. I used the building in the foreground as two leading lines directing to both the rays and the tower. I also placed the corner of the building in the center of the frame so the frame would show better depth and symmetry. • If you read this far, thanks! Would you like to be my Valentine? ;)
Hoje é dia de #tbt ❤️ e #valentinesday2019 e essa fotoca tem tudo a ver, pois foi tirada no #murjetaime ou #lemurjetaime . Como o próprio nome diz, o muro possui diversos jeitos de dizer "eu te amo",mais de 200 idiomas. Diferentemente dos outros muros, le mur des je t'aime não serve para separar ou limitar, mas ao contrário, em clima de romance, possibilita e ajuda a celebrar a união entre todos, não é por acaso que Paris é a capital do amor, não é mesmo? Divirta-se com seu mozão tentando encontrar o " Eu te amo" em português, será que você consegue? 😍 #mozao #paris #super_france #pariscityworld #topparis #parissempreparis #topparisresto #conexaoparis #francetravaleres #quetalviajar #best_paris_photos #paris_gram #francescultural #mylittleparis #its_so_paris #hello_france #franceexplorer #destinosesonhos #biluantrip #parisdomeujeito #euvounjanela
Paris mon amour🖤💖😌
"God Rays on a Golden Dome" • I took this shot on top of the Galleries. The shot itself was very spontaneous. During the day, we had to make emergency plans. We initially wanted to visit the catacombs but decided to hold off when we saw the line. We did see the catacombs eventually and I took shots but we reserved a skip the line ticket for the next day. Tip for visiting Paris: Reserve tickets to attractions beforehand so you don't have to wait in a 2 hour long lines. You'l wait in a 30 line with all the other people who also reserved tickets lol. It's a ticket to get in the line to skip the line. That day, we searched on Google and went to Montparnasse and The Galleries. We explored around the galleries and saw that we could go on the roof. So we did that. We get up and the sky opens up to reveal these beautiful sun rays piercing through the clouds onto the buildings. • Commentary: This shot was taken with my telephoto. I just saw the golden Dome and really wanted a tight composition. It was a difficult frame because the foreground had a ton of construction and cranes so I really manuvered to try to crop those out (I also did a little bit of cropping in post. You can still see a little but if a crane in the lower right. It's that white and red platform.) For this shot, really used rule of thirds and focused on depth. This way, the dome sticks out and is really dominant. Went in post to make the depth more pronounced, did some color correction and here it is.
"A Gloomy Day in Paris" • I don't recall ever seeing the sun in Paris. Every day was cloudy and every day was gloomy but that didn't stop me from going out and shooting. You never know what you'll get. We had just gotten off our plane from Boston and still had 3 hours before we could check in to our Airbnb. We decided to walk around the city a bit and I came across this street. We decided, after a long flight and severe jet lag, to have some espresso over at the cafe on the left (red brick building) • Commentary : I took this one pretty quick but I don’t randomly click the shutter button. The buildings on the side serve as leading lines to the subject of the shot. I also love the pastel colors the buildings have in the streets of Paris. The sidewalk here also serves as a leading line. The little strip that differs in tone from the sidewalk and separates the sidewalk from the street is the main focus for this leading line. While this detail is subtle, without it, the image just wouldn’t show the same amount of depth. I also love the lamp in the right third section of the frame. It helps to show depth and its luminance is so contrasting from the rest of the frame that it pulls your attention and really helps establish itself as a good foreground element.
Et voilà...Pont Alexandre III, that is considered the most sumptuous and elegant bridge in Paris. Stretching between the Champs-Ėlysées quarter and those of the Invalides and Eiffel Tower, it was build for the Exposition Universelle of 1900. It displays wonderful Beaux Arts and Art Nouveau décor, with masterful sculptures and stunning Art Nouveau lamps running along the edge of the bridge on either side, providing illumination. Très bon! . . . . . . . #pontalexandreiii #pontalexandre3 #artnouveau #lampadaires #patrimoine #parisienne #ig_france #parismylove #parisjetaime #jaimelafrance #parismonamour #vivreparis #seulementparis #visitparis #paris_maville #topfrancephoto #its_so_paris #iledefrance #super_france #hello_paris #parisgram #passionpassport #traveladdict #travelgram #wanderlust #perspectivephotography #architecturelover #architecture_hunter #archi_unlimited #archigram
"Up the Alley" • I just saw this Alley during a walk through the city. I loved the soft pastel colors and street lights that I just had to shoot it. • Commentary: When I take a picture, I look for 3 main things before I take a shot. (In no particular order) Leading lines, a main subject or vanishing point, and a foreground element. Alleys are great because the buildings act as leading lines to a vanishing point or subject. They're great at showing depth and many alleys have repeating patterns to help the leading lines and convey order like the windows on the side. Here, there is no foreground element so I did a low angle shot to make the bricks pop and give the image more depth
ЧТО ОТЛИЧАЕТ ПАРИЖ ОТ ДРУГОЙ ЕВРОПЫ? Как думаете? ⠀ Для меня - это то, что здесь чтят каждый уголочек, каждую горгулью на каждой стеночке каждого дома и берегут свое архитектурное наследие, как зеницу ока 👀 ⠀ Здесь глаз не спотыкается об ободранные стены архитектурного шедевра, а каждая деталь на фоне окружения и сама становится шедевром ⛪🏰 ⠀ А широкие проспекты и ухоженные тротуары позволяют оценить особенность каждого здания Парижа на все 💯 ° ° ° ° ° #loves_europe #ig_europe #living_europe #living_destinations #ig_europe #topeuropephoto #perfect_europe #topstreetphoto #europe_vacations #citybestpics #igworldclub #earthfocus #hello_worldpics #speechlessplaces #beautifuldestinations #travelphotography #travellingthroughtheworld #travelandleisure #travellife #ig_travel #natgeotravel #topparisphoto #its_so_paris #Paris_vacations #topfrancephoto #hello_france #parisjetaime #France_vacations #super_france
Speak your truth regardless of how it is received. Always remember, people can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves. When others misunderstand you, it never has anything to do with you. The right people will always understand you. They hear you differently. Those meant for us align with our inner essence and they hear us before we even speak. @akitching -pure inspiration on twitter🦋
"A Cloudy Day in Paris" • There wasn't a single sunny day during our trip in Paris (which is why I started with the night shots.) Everywhere we went, it was cloudy and cold but tourists were still everywhere. • Commentary: This frame was really rushed which is not ideal but I tried to take it in under 1 minute. In any shot, I always try to find a foreground element and straight leading lines. Here, the concrete line is both a leading line and a foreground element. Shooting at a low angle lets the line feel closer and stronger so that it can be used as a foreground element. If you can't see the mistake I made, I didn't center everything properly. It's a foolish mistake but it costs the shot. The gates aren't properly aligned. I should have steped in between the two concrete lines but my brain didn't catch that. I won't be showcasing this any time but I'll post it here because it's not the worst looking and it can be a lesson on what to pay attention to.
le Bon Marché Rive Gauche.... Chaque fois vous pouvez y voir un autre chef-d'oeuvre des différents artists...cette fois-ci, c'est l'artiste portugaise Joana Vasconcelos qui a imaginé cette immense créature qu'elle dénomme SIMONE...en faisant dédicace à une collègue y travaillant, il me reste de prendre en photo cette "création" d'une perspective dite amoureuse avec la grille en forme de ❤... Pour @instagram #whp ❤️ #topparisphoto #lebonmarche #pariscityworld #its_so_paris #best_paris_photos #lebonmarcheparis #bonmarche #Parisgram #paris_vacations #parissecret #Parisjetaime #thisisparis #pariscityvision #pariszigzag #parisonline #vivreparis #bonmarché #parismonamour #parisluxurylifestyle #secretsdeparis #europestyle_ #seemyparis #doitinparis #parisinsiderfr #visitparisregion #earth_superior #awesome_phototrip #best_worldplaces #easytravels
🚩 Jardins du Trocadero, Paris, France 🇫🇷 ⠀ Walking around Trocadero with magnificent open view to Eiffel tower and wonderful cascades of fountains. ⠀ This view is one of the most spectacular in Paris and couldn't be missed in your sightseeing list ° ° ° ° ° #ig_europe #living_europe #living_destinations #igerseurope #topeuropephoto #perfect_Europe #europe_vacations #bestplacestogo #ig_travel #toureffeil #hello_worldpics #speechlessplaces #topparisphoto #its_so_paris #Paris_vacations #topfrancephoto #hello_france #France_vacations #super_france #passionpassport #paris 🇫🇷 #travelingladies #girlsthatwander #shetravels #wearetravelgirls #femmetravel #nomadgirls #girlsdreamtravel #girlsborntotravel #sheisnotlost
Another pic of this jewel, combining outstanding architecture, enchanting design and aesthetics and the right location 😎. In Art Nouveau art, forms found in nature were flattened, abstracted and transformed into something unique, with elegant motifs and long sinuous lines. . . . . . . . #galerieslafayette #artnouveau #artnouveauarchitecture #parisianbuilding #parisienne #ig_france #parismylove #parisjetaime #jaimelafrance #parismonamour #vivreparis #secrets_de_paris #seulementparis #visitparis #paris_maville #topfrancephoto #its_so_paris #iledefrance #traverseparis #hello_paris #parisgram #parisvacation #passionpassport #traveladdict #travelgram #wanderlust #architecturelover #architecture_hunter #archi_unlimited #archigram @galerieslafayette
Итак, почему я в Worldventures? ⠀ 🔷давно с завистью смотрю на трэвелблоггеров 😄 но конкуренция с каждым годом все больше и стать им все сложнее 😅, а у нас есть уникальная возможность путешествовать чаще и качественно; 🔷если ты действительно активный в нашей компании, со временем для тебя путешествия могут стать бесплатными; 🔷конечно же, самое главное -пассивный доход, при чем немаленький, но всему своё время; 🔷постоянное саморазвитие, это как школа по прокачке себя, которая ещё помогает преодолевать внутренние затыки; 🔷если нет попутчиков, с кем поехать в путешествие, то здесь такой проблемы не возникнет🙌🏻по всему миру 2 Миллиона партнеров-найдете друзей по интересам в турах в любой точке на планете😁; 🔷кто любит быть на сцене и в центре внимания, и учить людей, может стать тренером и ездить по миру на тренинги; 🔷для людей, кто посвящает всего себя этой работе и своей команде, полагаются поездки в подарок😍; 🔷можно возвращать кэшбэк за рестораны, кафе, спа и развлечения во многих странах мира, и за счёт кэшбэка удешевлять туры; 🔷можно не только поехать в тур, по цене дешевле, чем одно только жильё в таком же отеле на букинге, но и удешевлять туры как себе, так и своим близким с помощью специальной валюты в нашей системе👌🏼; 🔴Возможно, я некоторые плюсы упустила, кто из партнеров хочет, может добавить😉 ⠀ ❗️Никогда не говорите плохо о том, в чем не разобрались, ведь вы, возможно, лишаете себя самой большой возможности в жизни☝🏼❗️ ⠀ Как видите, это не тот сетевой, каким вы привыкли его видеть😆 у нас уникальный продукт😉 #arcdetriomphe
Paris is packed with architectural beauties 💗. In my view, an Art Nouveau unmissable gem is the stained glass dome at Les Galeries de Lafayette, an old upscale department store. This magnificent cupola was opened in 1912. It has stained-glass panes decorated with elaborate patterns and floral motifs. There are wrought iron balconies wrapping around the central main hall. They are ornated with sophisticated carved and painted floral patterns. Every floor offers a different view on this divine place. Sitting in the balcony, drinking a coffee and looking at the ceiling and discovering new details I previously overlooked, was truly wonderful. I did not want to leave... . . . . . . . #galerieslafayette #artnouveau #artnouveauarchitecture #parisianbuilding #igersfrance #igersparis #parismylove #parisjetaime #parismonamour #secrets_de_paris #seulementparis #visitparis #parismaville #visitfrance #topfrancephoto #its_so_paris #iledefrance #traverseparis #parisphotography #hello_paris #parisgram #parisvacation #passionpassport #traveladdict #travelgram #wanderlust #architecturelover #architecture_hunter #archi_unlimited #archigram
"Romantic Night on the Seine" • When you think of Paris, the word romance usually comes into mind. I knew I really wanted a romantic twilight shot of the city. What better way to do it than to overlook the Seine River on the Lock Bridge am I right? While this was one of my quicker shots and not the most thought out, I still think it turned out well and has become one of my favorites. • Commentary: When looking, I always try to find some main element in a landscape to focus on. Usually, it's a foreground element because you can really convey depth but in this case, it was that small just near the right side of the frame. I really try to amplify that part to really try to bring out depth in the shot. Using a variety of tools, I amplified the soft red-golden tones to really give the shot a romanti feeling and I reduced a lot of texture in parts that didn't need it to again give a soft glow.
#tbt « La nuit cache bien le jour, qu'elle le fasse pour mon retour. Encore une autre fois car je reviens toujours vers toi ».
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