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ArtCredit: @hannycho12 . S: *hugs tony from behind, resting his head on his shoulder, sighing* . T: got a rough day..? . S: *nods on tony’s shoulder* . T: what happened? *frowns&runs his fingers through stephen’s hair* . S: mordo left.. . T: your teacher? . S: yeahh.. . T: why? Does he want to try teaching magic in the kindergarten now? . S: No, Tony.. . T: then? Is he gonna have a little vacation to Hawaii while you and the other sorcerers are struggling to protect the earth in Hogwarts? . S: he isn’t coming back.. . T: oh.. *feels sorry* i’m sorry, wizard, but he must have his own reason.. . S: yeah and the reason is me. . T: *turns to face stephen, lifting his chin up* did you get into a catfight with him? . S: kind of. . T: what did he do? . S: nothing.. it was me.. i did what the ancient one did. . T: if the ancient one did it too then why was he mad about it? . S: because what we did was forbidden, tony.. mordo found out today and thought sticking with us was a big mistake. . T: why did you do that then? . S: because the creature that threatened the earth i fought today was too strong.. . T: well sometimes rules are meant to be broken anywa- . S: no, tony! It’s not just a medical rule! Or a company rule! It’s the rule that should be obeyed for the safety of the earth. I couldn’t even believe it when the ancient one did it! . T: but you did that to safe the earth! . S: still, i- . T: *cups stephen’s jaw* Look at me. Look around you. Is the earth safe now...? Are we safe? . S: *frowns* . T: everyone is alive. I’m alive. Peter is sleeping in his bed. Probably dreaming of having the awesome facial hair we have now. this all wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for you... . S: *feels a bit better* . T: YOU saved us, today.. stephen.. You probably lost your favorite teacher’s respect for doing something you shouldn’t have today but you saved us all. The earth.is.safe. . S: he was like a family to me, Tony.. i’m tired of seeing people leave me one by one. . T: i won’t,i promise. Well.. maybe i can’t promise i’ll be with you for the rest of your life.. . S: why not?? . T: Bc i can only promise i’ll be with you for the rest of mine. *smiles softly* . S: *blushes*
cmon, stephen, answer the goddamn question —
a wonderful collab i did with wonderful editors!! i love this a whole lot! . . . this fucks up my theme but oh well . part 1: @elixrelio part 2: me part 3: @daisyfrcst part 4: @mvtiny part 5: @vanghxst part 6: @starksnack part 7: @shamelessmikaelson . . . ac: me . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [#omgpage #omlpage #omgmcu #marveledit #mcuedit #marvel #mcu #shipedit #shipcollab #marvelcollab #thruceedit #thorbruceedit #ironstrangeedit #fitzsimmonsedit #stonyedit #scarletvisionedit #romanrogersedit #romanogersedit #starmoraedit ]
тħєɾє ωåѕ иσ σтħєɾ ωåу-Stephen😭 Like and comments please and maybe repost🙏 - - вut díd чσu díє fσr tσnч? - - @robertdowneyjr - - #ironstrangeedit #therewasnootherway #avengers #benedictcumberbatchedit #avengers4 #ironman #doctorstrange #doctorstephenstrange #stephenstrangeedit #stephenstrange #tonystark #benedictcumberbatch #benedict #cumberbatch #robertdowneyjr #rdj
ArtCredit: @to_d . T: wizard, are you okay? . S: yeah, i’m fine. . T: no, you’re not. I know something is stressing you out. Is there anyone i should kill with my cool toy now? . S: *sighs* . T: what? Tell me, steph.. you know i won’t do nothing to anyone who’s trying to hurt you. . S: that’s the problem tony.. *sheds a tear* . T: *sees it from the reflection of the window* Hey.. *turns him around gently* . S: *wipes his own tears* . T: it’s okay, steph.. you don’t need to keep it to yourself.. . S: *looks down, hiding his tears* . T: Since when did we have to keep things secret? You’ve seen my tears. *touches stephen’s face gently* My scars. You healed them. You’ve been so strong long enough. I know you don’t want to seem weak in front of people but You don’t need to put your strong mask on when you’re with me. I’m not just one of those people, remember? It’s okay.. . S: *squints his eyes, releasing his tears* . T: *rubs stephen’s arms, worried* let the toxic out.. . S: *let the tears flow down his cheeks* . T: Now breathe.. Is it still binding your heart? . S: *sniffs* . T: *hugs him&rubs his back* . S:*floods tony’s shoulder with tears* . T: let’s just go to our bed, ok? . S: *nods&sits in their bed with tony* . T: Now tell me the reason behind these precious tears. *forces a smile* . S: i.. . T: No secret, wizard. . S: i killed a man, today.. Tony.. i’m a murderer. i took an oath to save people’s lives and i killed a man. I’m disgusted- . T: did he try to kill you too? . S: yes.. . T: then you’re not a murderer. You had to defense yourself. he deserved it. . S: there’s always anoth- . T: how? By letting him kill you? . S: *looks down* . T: he wouldn’t have stopped, stephen. You would take his place now if you’d done otherwise. . S: but it was selfish.. . T: HOW IS- would you let me&peter mourn over your death without having the chance to say goodbye to you? . S: *shakes his head no* . T: then you didn’t just do it for yourself. You did it for everyone who loves you. it wasn’t selfish. . S: *hugs tony tight* i love you,tony.. . T: i love you too,wizard.. *rubs his back* -- T: You’re not gonna let me go now, are you? *chuckles* . S: No.. *hugs tony tighter*
He's not wrong though • • Ac: @deadaudio Dt: @brnmous • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #marvel #avengers #tonystark #tonystarkedit #ironman #ironmanedit #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #edit #omgpage
upd: I don't know what's wrong with sound at the beginning ig sucks fix your shit I DID IT FUCK YEAH I'M BACK BITCHES dt @tsvetckova @nemezidv @m.oralcs @hvwkeyeeditss @sxdmxtch @ohmyygrethan ac mine cc mine
ArtCredit: @yiselcoffee . L: Hey, Awesome wizard bro- . S: don’t call me bro. . L: but You let tony call you bro?! . S: that’s because- *blushes* ...he’s different. . L: what makes us different?? We both have daddy issues! . S: daddy issues? . L: Our dads neglected us,we both grew up in our step brother’s shadow and- . S: wait,tony has a step brother...? . L: So he’s not told you yet. . S: about what?!? . R: *comes in* hello,everyone! . L: *points at steve with his chin*Him. . S: his ex!? what!? . R: what are you witches gossiping about? . S: Remember when I asked you to join our conversation, rogers? Me neither. . R: do i really annoy you that much, potterhead?? Why? Are you jealous of me ? . S: Me? Jealous of you?? Woah. You read fanfictions too much, Rogers. And oh, don’t worry. You only annoy me when you’re breathing, really. . R:*clenches his teeth&hands* . L:*grins,waiting for them to fight* . Thor: brother!!*smiles&breaks the deadly silence between them as he enters the room* . L: God! U’ve just ruined a perfect moment, Thor! . Th: what perfect moment? . R: *sighs* thor,let’s just leave these amateur witches alone here. . S: finally. Yes please do leave as far as possible before i turn you back into sleeping ugly again. . L: *laughs as they leave*you just love tony so much don’t you? . S: *ignores the obvious question* you were saying? . L: k. in short,steve was perfect in howard’s eyes&he wanted tony to be like him. . S: perfect.Now i have another reason not to like this guy. . L: i know how he felt,bro. . S: Stop calling me bro! . L: why not!? . S: why not??! Really Loki??? You keep trying to kill me! Constantly! . L: but you’re still alive&breathing now. *shrugs* I was just fooling arou- . S: THAT’S BECAUSE I’M A BETTER WIZARD! . L: *grins* see so you admitted that we’re not so different after all. *smirks* . S: how the hell- no i didn’t! *reads his book* . Loki: *tries to distract stephen* let’s play a game. *shuts his eyes* Fuck, marry, kill: Me, Tony, Thor. *opens one of his eyes while waiting for the answer* . S: F*ck Tony, Marry Tony, KILL STEVE! . L: that’s not ho- . R: I’M NOT EVEN ONE OF THE OPTIONS! WHAT THE F*CK!?
We're Not Just Friends
I Know You Want Me to Stop Time
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ArtCredit: GutsnStuff || Tumblr . T: Okay, this is gonna be fun. . P: you sure you can do this dad? . T: yeah. Pfft. Cooking is my secret talent, son. The food is gonna be deliciouso. . P: it’s delicioso, dad. . T: yes. Delicioooso numero uno. *speaks in spanish accent,making a spanish hand movement* . P: stop it, dad. . T: i’m just trying to teach you some spanish. . P: this isn’t spanish class. . T: Be polite to your teacher! . P: Okay, Sir. *rolls his eyes* So what do we do now? . T: Great. first of all.. . P: . T: . T: wait, what’s the first step again? . P: *reads the book* Heat 150ml extra-virgin olive oil in a frying pan. . T: extra what? . P: v-virgin? *hands him the extra-virgin olive oil from the grocery bag* . T: *grabs it,smirking* it’s not virgin anymore now. *pours&heats it* . P: what? . T: nevermind. . P: wait so you didn’t know this existed? . T: i did. I just- i think I know someone who’s more virgin than this olive oil. . P: who? . T: No one. Nothing. Not important. Next step? . P: Beat 6 eggs separately, then stir it with 3 tbsp chopped flat-leaf parsley and plenty of salt and pepper. . T: how much is plenty?? . P: i don’t know it only says plenty here. . T: Isn’t there any more precise information in it? *reads the book and stops paying attention to the pan* . P: Nope. See? . T: this is the worst cooking book ever. I’m not james gordon! . P: this should be easy for you. . T: i’m not saying it’s not. *lies&does as it says* . P: dad! That’s sugar!! . T: oh- sh- You know what? I think it’ll make it-o more tasty-o. . P: adding o at the end of something doesn’t make it spanish dadd.. . T: stop lecturing me, young man. I’ve learned a lot of things you haven’t. . P: *sighs* i bet spanish isn’t one of them. . T: *glares* . P: s-sorry.. *frowns* . T: it’s ok. Now let’s go back to thi- . *the pan is on fire* . P&T: AAAAHHHHH!!! . P: what do we do!? what do we doo!??!? . T: calm down!! calm do- DUMEEEE!! . S: *steps out of a portal* . T: oh there he is.. 👀 . S: what the actual f*ck, tony!? *stops the fire with magic* . T: we’re hungry.. *frowns* . S: So what!? you guys set your kitchen on fire when you’re hungry!?
Thanos was found dead cc: voidlinslow ac: reignalds (soundcloud) sc: celestialbellarke #thoredit #captainmarveledit #wandamaximoffedit #doctorstrangeedit #omgpage
ironstrange 💘 [ #pepperonygrp #peppergrp #tonycult ] I finally posted the ironstrange edit @starktrauma 😂 I hope you like it ❤ honestly this edit is SO BAD I CANT 😔 I wanted it to be perfect but the more I watch it the more I hate it... - song: rewrite the stars - the greatest showman | ac: aud.io dt: marlene, kris, ashwini, lis, mikayla, sophie, lexy, berk, emilie [ @starktrauma @satxrn.mp4 @acchu_raj_ @stcrkmorgan @lcstloki @multiazula @drstrck @ironbarncs @tstrrk ] #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #tonystark #tonystarkedit #stephenstrange #stephenstrangeedit #rdj #rdjedit #benedictcumberbatch #marvel #marveledit #mcu #mcuedit #omgpage #omgedit #omgmarvel #omgmcu
' edit One of the best ships of marvel 👌
your favourite boyfriends <3 ac. jaimeysedits dt. jawnlock grp + tesseract grp fc. 2123 I DONT OWN THE FANART
ArtCredit: LoveTheDaniel || Tumblr . T: Guys, before we battle with Thanos, i have something to confess. . S, crossing his fingers: GAY GAY GAY GAY *daydreams* . M: excuse me, but does your friend often do that? *points at stephen* . T: *comes closer* wizard, r u alright? . S: *gasps* y-yeah. . T: what was that? . S: i went forward in time to view the possible outcomes of our future marriage proposals. *shakes his head* “M-MY” future marriage proposals. . T: oh.. —- S: Tony, if it was the end of the world, if this was the very last night, would you have dinner with me? . D: *chokes on his chips* . S: What the f*ck drax!? how long have u been standing there!? . D: since you smacked his ass and blamed your Aladin carpet for that. . S: it’s a cloak! *turns to tony* Don’t listen to him, he’s lying. *blushes* . T: uhh.. *blushes* . M: *touches drax’s arm* He’s telling the truth. I can feel it. . D: could you please stop following me everywhere? i’m NOT your freakin hen! . T&S: *laughs at them* . D: Stop laughing you gays!! . T: you mean gu- . Q: *claps his hands, laughing from afar* Daang drax!! . S: oh Look, another dumbass. . Q: *cups his hands* at least we’re not HOMOSEXUALS! . D: yeah!! WE’RE LESBIANS!! . T&s: pffft you’re wh- *bursts into laugh* . Q: in the name of flash gordon’s, What the actual f*ck, Drax!? . D: what?? Are you gay too now? . T&s: *laughs even harder* . Q: you’re embarrassing me in front of these flaming homosexuals!! . D: Thor told me th- . Q: I TOLD YOU NOT TO BELIEVE THAT NOT SO HANDSOME GUY!! . D: Why!? Is it wrong to believe in god?? . Q: He’s NOT god, he’s a MORON, Drax! . D: i know you don’t believe in god, but people have different beliefs, Quill! Learn to respect that! . T: Will idiots ever find out that they’re idiots? . S: no idea, but let’s just wait and see how this one ends. it’s always funny when idiots are trying to be smart tho. . Q: we could hear that, gays! . T: oh sorry, did we offend you idiots?? . S: you wouldn’t be offended if you weren’t ones tho. . Q: we’re not offended!! . D: yes. Lesbians don’t get offended pretty easily! . Q: STOP THAT DRAX!! . S: okay, lesbians.. *laughs w/ tony* . T: calm your titties.
the only mcu ship i love with my whole heart. - dt : ironstrange fans fc : 2014 ib : a tatbilb edit ac : me/youtube ig. - #ironstrange #tonystarkedit #tonystark #ironstrangeedit #marvel #omgpage #likeforlike #omgunderrated #mcu #stephenstrange #stephenstrangeedit #edit #ship
Credit: Teruteruya || Tumblr . T: *watches peter interacting with the other avengers from afar* . S: *walks towards tony* after witnessing what that boy did with us, He is brave, i must admit. . T: more than you know. . S: no wonder why you invited him to join your gang&fight ur ex days after you knew him. . T: days? Pfft. *sips his wine* . S: so you’ve known him long before that. What is he? Your secret son? . T: *chuckles* no, wizard. I saved him a long time ago. When he was a little kid. You know justin hammer? . S: i heard the news. . T: The kid believed his fake iron toy possessed the power of the real one,thinking he could actually shoot hammer’s worse toy with it. Luckily, i saw him&yeah. I wasn’t the only one wearing the ironman mask. So i impressed that fanboy with the real badass toy to save his life. . B: you’re so good- . T: i know. . B: at showing off, really. It runs in your blood, doesn’t it? . T: *chuckles* I made it look like it came outta his toy&told him it was a nice work actually. I wanted him to believe that he could be a hero like me too someday. i think it worked because he literally told me he wanted to be like me last year. . B: Nice work then. . T: No.. i wanted him to be better. He almost ‘got himself killed’ for trying to be like me that day. . S: oh, i had no idea he really wanted to be like you ‘that much’, sorry. . T: *rolls his eyes* Also, i stole his identity with my tech tho. Y’know. To make sure he wouldn’t try to be like me too soon. But then i accidentally kept his stubborn ass safe for years til it was the right time to show up&get 2 know him better. He’s not just a random kid i knew yesterday, wizard. I learned him for yea- wait.. it’s not that i’m a creep or somethin but- . S: *chuckles* It does sound a little creepy but i believe you’re his hero, Tony. *smiles warmly,bringing a red color to tony’s face* . T:*sips his wine&raises a brow to hide it* . S: that alcohol is gonna kill you slowly. . T: look,i know you were a doctor but if you think- . S: No. of course my friendly advice won’t stop you from killing yourself. But... i actually- uhh- *clears his throat* Thank you. . T:*chokes* F-For what? . S:(read the art)
Okay, Lemme make this quick. First, I only use 1 pic as the theme divider bc i don’t wanna spam ur timeline and i don’t even think i can post 3 times a day to keep the dividers placed neatly.🤧 Second, I’m not actually gonna change the theme of this page tho. It’s just the format of the caption that will change a bit. I think, my caption is too long to read sometimes that some people who don’t like reading or bother to read the whole one shot i write under people’s amazing art think the art belongs to me which leaves less recognition to the artist itself. So, in order to respect the artists that inspire me to write a long ass caption for their arts more, i’m gonna put the art(edit: if there’s any[except if it belongs to me]) credit (& source: if the space is enough. If not then i’ll just include the artist) in the very beginning of the caption so people can see it better. ☺️ However, i’m not gonna change the format of the ones posted here because it’s too much and which is why i made this instead. Okay, that’s the only difference you’re gonna see on my page and all i wanted to inform today. Thank you so much for reading this crap. 🤧 Again, Sorry for my inactivity and absence due to my study a few days ago. And oh! I’ll start posting again today!🤧 Have a nice day/night!🖤 . #Drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #marvel #sherlock #sherlockholmes #gay #spiderman #peterparker #stephenstrange #marvelart #doctorstrange #benedictcumberbatch #robertdowneyjr #tomholland #incorrectquotes #mcu #avengers #infinitywar #ironstrangefanart #headcanon #fanfiction #ironstrangeAU #marvelau
There was no other way
There was no other way
thanos is shaking ac @gaysitos cc mine dt @mustafaayikol @lydiasdreamx @nesquiklover.agm and @esomenic (because you love brie) #omgpage #omgunderrated #omgmcu #omgmarvel IG FUCKED UP QUALITY THANK YOU @instagram
— irondads for alec and myself ✨ > and i swore off dairy but then ben & jerry’s named a flavour after me so... > stark raving hazelnuts > not bad? > hmm bit chalky...
— 𝐟𝐮𝐧 🖇 ab + ib @chemsiie sc r.osify & wulnei #qodly #marvelcultgrp
if I don't get more of this duo in the next avengers movie i - ... ac drizzyaudios cc me ib djerholm , acontinum | #mysticartsgrp #fluvialgrp
holmes + watson <3 ac. me dt. jawnlock grp, watson grp + tesseract grp
𝓃𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓇 𝒸𝒽𝒶𝓃𝑔𝑒 - - Strange was about to confess his love to Tony in IW and you know it. - Ac/rm wonderkirk Song: idk sorry if you do please lmk :) - - #marvel #mcu #stephenstrangeedit #doctorstrangeedit #tonystarkedit #ironmanedit #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #omgmcu
falling in love: alan watts | stevexbucky, thorxbruce, peterxgamora, tonyxstephen . . . . program: openshot video editor . . . . this isn't all of my otps but some of them . . . . #avengersedit #avengers #marvel #marveledit #guardiansofthegalaxy #guardiansofthegalaxyedit #thorbruce #thorbruceedit #thruce #thruceedit #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #gamoraxpeterquill #gamoraxpeterquilledit #stucky #stuckyedit
Ironstrange has a very special spot in my heart. Dt: @abi.yeun
wow look at their beauty sksviab . . . t: #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #tonystark #stephenstrange #mcu
— [ luth ] • inspired by @starkosexual cc divxnes dt @xmutantsx @eizkalt <3 [let yall know that i really tried my best and hope you’ll enjoy]
Awww 🤧♥️ cr: https://alyamgoreng.tumblr.com/
wow I'm such an idiot. jsvsoavsha . . . t: #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #tonystark #stephenstrange #mcu
S: *takes his clothes off, waiting for tony under the cozy blanket* Alright, Tony! I’m ready when you are! . T: *comes in* H-Hey! Handsome! You ready for this?! . S: *gets sick of tony repeating him* You heard me. . T: right i’m gonna take this off in 3..2..1.. . S: *waits* . T: *turns off his suit without stepping out,pretending he’s not in it* . S: *gets so pissed* F*ck this! I’m gonna project into my astral body! *goes there with his arms crossed* . T: *opens his mask* HONEY, I’M SORRY! I’ll take the suit off! Just come back from the astral plane please! *laughs* . S: *goes back&is still mad* . T: *takes his ironsuit and clothes off, joining steph* Are u ok? . S: i guess!! —— Thor: wizard, Wong told me you were at Tony’s last night. . S: you came to my place last night?? . Th: i needed your help.. . S: let me guess.... your brother? *sits down* . Th: *lifts his brows&sighs* . Clint: pffft. Did you and tony take your pants off last night tho? *laughs* . T: Hell ye- . S: No we didn’t. . T: No we didn’t. . S: . T: . Th: So? . T: so what? . Th: are you gonna standing there the whole meeting? Come here and sit with us, Tony. . T: I can’t my ass hurts. . S: *chokes on his magical coffee* *coughs* *coughs* . Th: you alright mate? . S: yeah. Don’t worry. *glares at tony when nobody’s looking* . T: *glances at stephen and realizes he shouldn’t have said that* . Clint: your ass what, tony? . T: *clears his throat* I-i have hemorrhoid. Clint: You sure it’s not bc u had a giant stuff in your iron ass last night? *laughs* . S: *helps tony convince everyone* No he didn’t. He does have an awful hemorrhoid. . C: oh.. i thought you two- . T: hooked up roughly? . S: *locks tony’s mouth with another glare* Nahhh.. i’m a doctor. I know hemorrhoid when i see one. . C: wait what? . S: what? . C: you said “i know hemorrhoid when i see one” did you actually look into his anus?? . T: *is afraid of worsening the situation* I think i need to go to the bathroom and check my hemorrhoid now.. *clears his throat, leaving stephen in an awkward situation alone* . S: *looks at everyone waiting for his explanation* I’m uhh- his personal doctor now.. *laughs awkwardly* . Credit: soybeanthebean
T: how many times did we win? . S: one.. . T: Stephen, He’ll kill half of the universe that might still hate me for what i’ve done so if it comes to saving me or the time stone, please do not hesitate to let me die. . S: Tony.. . T: Let me make this right, Stephen.. i don’t need them to forgive me but maybe this is the only chance for me to fix everything. I’m tired. . S: it’s too soon to talk about giving up, Tony. . T: it’s not giving up, it’s saving the universe. . S: *looks into tony’s eyes, cupping his face* look, maybe it’s selfish and they’ll probably hate me too but- . T: you’re not selfish. You’re not me. And i don’t want them to hate you too.. *smiles* So, promise me- . S: *sheds a tear* sorry, tony. But i- . T: *shakes his head no* you can’t.. Because the universe. depends. on it.. . S: *sheds a tear&hugs him close* . T: *pulls away* Promise me, Stephen. . S: *nods with tears* . T: say it. . S: i promise.. *sheds a tear* — S: *fights thanos together&tries his best to keep tony&the stone safe* . T: *gets stabbed&is about to be killed by thanos* . S: *breaks his promise bc the view breaks his heart* spare his life! I will give you the stone.. . T: NO!! Stephen! We’ve talked about this! . Th: No tricks? . S: *shakes his head* . T: YOU PROMISED!! . S: I’m sorry, Tony.. *floats the stone to thanos* . Th: *leaves* . T: why would you do that? *runs to stephen&pulls him into his arms,watering his shoulder with tears* . S: *pulls away* you’re crying. Please, don’t.. . T: but the universe- . S: *kisses him goodbye* you’re my universe. *sheds a tear, smiling* . T: No! N-no! *cries harder when stephen’s weak body is slowly erased by the air* Stephen, you’re my only strength.. If you leave me too- *sobs* . S: i can do nothing, but it doesn’t matter. Only this time.. tony.. *wipes tony’s tears away* Don’t give up for me. I believe in you because you’re the only hope in 14.000.605 futures. So, please.. believe me too.. . T: *sobs&hugs Stephen tight til stephen’s breath becomes air&his body is blown away by the cold wind that steals the warmth of his body away from tony’s arm* . S: Tony.. There was no other way.. . Credit: Monkey21fei
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