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IC Myth # 4 - IC has a standard “IC Diet.” ~ The IC Truth - Every single person with IC has different diet sensitivities of varying degrees. Most people with IC are sensitive to a set of common culprits including caffeine, coffee, citrus fruits, alcohol, tomatoes, and spicy foods. ☕️ 🍷 🍋 🍅 🌶 ~ The IC Impact - This myth can cause much confusion - and most importantly - FEAR around food. Many people with IC are actually far too restrictive with their diet to the detriment of their health because they are fearful of the potential flare due to all the long IC food lists masquerading as the “IC Diet.” The reality is that everyone is unique when it comes to trigger foods! The best way to find your personal trigger foods is to take the time to do an elimination diet. This way, you can systematically reintroduce foods into your diet and find the foods that TRULY exacerbate your IC symptoms ... not just the ones that you are AFRAID will make you worse. 💚 ~ My IC challenge to YOU: For every single food that you have to eliminate as a trigger food, find something that is SAFE for you to eat. Keep the two lists ... and hopefully you will find that your IC-safe food list will bring you comfort in a flare and nourishment to your body everyday! 💚 ~ #foodismedicine #dontfearfood #eliminationdiet #healthyfood #knowyourtriggers #icdiet #ICfoodchallenge
😪💖Living with an invisible chronic illness... how do you deal with it? How do you keep yourself going? I'm feeling a bit down and sure could use your motivation and ideas.💓 I have a chronic embedded Urinary Tract Infection, which behaves and reacts much like Interstitial Cystitis. So frustrating...
Debunking IC Myth #4 : Follow the 'Standard IC Diet.' ~ In reality, everyone with IC is different. Some are highly food sensitive, while a small percentage have no discernable food sensitivity at all. Most people are sensitive to a relatively small number of common culprits, including caffeine, coffee, citrus fruits, alcohol, tomatoes, and spicy food. ☕🍷🍋🍅 ~ There's no formal 'IC Diet' that works for everyone. The goal should be to find your trigger foods (with an elimination diet) and avoid them, while eating healthy. Try to add something new and healthy to your diet for everything you cut out, but there's no need to follow a one-size-fits-all 'IC diet.' 🙅 ~ Check out our blog for the full blog post! (Link in the bio!) ~ Like it? Share it! Questions? Comment! Need help finding a pelvic floor physical therapist? DM us! . . . . . . . . #pelvicfloor #knowledgeispower #loveyourself #pelvicmafia #selfcare #pelvichealth #pelvicfloorhealth #physicaltherapy #healthandwellness #balance #liveyourbestlife #bewell #womenshealth #healthylivinginspo #pelvicpain #icwarrior #interstitialcystitis #menshealth #icsucks #bladdersmatter #bladderhealthawarenessmonth #endometriosis #icdiet #chronicprostatitis
For those who don’t know, I make custom pussy blends. I have been getting tons of inquiries about blends so these next few posts are dedicated to my signature blends. Each blend is currently on sale for $33 plus $6 for shipping. How to order: 1) comment SOLD OR 2) click link in bio Each Yoni Cleanse Herbal Blend is infused with Mugwort, White Sage, Peppermint and other cleansing herbs designed reduce inflammation, drain excess vaginal mucus while killing bacteria, funguses, and viruses. Each Yoni Cleanse Herbal Blend includes a #crystal and pussy #affirmation This blend will give you 6 steam sessions. Questions to ask yourself if you are considering if this is the right blend for you at this time. Are you always battling with BV, a yeast infection or a UTI? Are your panties always damp from excess pussy mucus and discharge? Is the discharge white, yellow or green? Does the discharge have a smell? Does your pussy need her flora reset? #theyonidayspa #wombhealth #pelvicsteams #yonisteam #vsteam #yeastinfection #bacterialvaginosis #uti #interstitialcystitis #bladderinfections #cervicalcancer #antibiotics #probiotics #excessmucus #cervical #discharge
Friendly reminder; it’s okay to have rest days, bad days, and taking a break. The process of becoming a better person inside and out, doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes time, effort and patience. The patience comes, after lots of stressful situations leaving you, with your hands in the air saying oh well. When you rush the process you don’t move forward, you move back. Remind yourself daily that you’re moving forward. Especially on a bad or off day. Reassurance and knowing your strength is important. Seeing yourself for what you’re capable of doesn’t usually happen; until you’ve conquered your demons. So it’s okay to feel bad once in awhile but don’t forget to pick yourself up and grow. This is all a process. #thinkingoutloud #feels #growth #wisdom #strength #ic #ibs #trusttheprocess #bpd #anxiety #interstitialcystitis #loveyourself #selfrespect #selflove #breathe #lotsofemotions #deppression #deepinthought #smile #itsokay #selflove #sober #strength
A beautiful friend of mine’s beautiful sister (who I’ve never met) made me this beautiful gift pack. She makes them for lots of people she knows with illness. I just am constantly astounded by the kindness and generosity of others who endure the same kind of challenges or have a really good understanding of life with a body that isn’t healthy. This was such a wonderfully kind and heart-warming thing to receive and such great timing. The extra bonus was it’s all low tox & gluten free (my happy places!). Was talking to a fellow endo-sis about how women in this little corner of the earth are so awesome - I think a lot of the time being sick teaches you not to sweat the small stuff & just to give the world more love than it’s giving you because we could all frankly use a break. Lots of love to you all, let’s keep spreading the care ❤️
Why do doctors and specialist point at each other when it comes to your treatment? I spent a literal game telephone today with my primary and OBGYN because she wants blood work but says it needs to go through my primary. And her suspicions and referral for fibromyalgia apparently are his responsibility, too. SOMEBODY JUST DO SOMETHING. My depression, anxiety, pain and guilt are all spiraling and somebody need to step up and provide proper health care. #healthcareadministration #healthcare #healthcaremanagement #endometriosis #hysterectomy #interstitialcystitis #pcos #fibromyalgia
Hands up 🙋‍♀️ who feels like they’ve wasted way too much money💵 on appointments, specialists, medications 💊that didn’t work, vitamins and supplements that only resulted in REALLY expensive pee. That was ME, I had tried anything and everything and I still wasn’t getting any relief from my health issues. So I can totally understand your skeptiscism because I was skeptical, until I finally had had enough of feeling sick and I gave it a try. It’s now been 19 months since I took that first step.👟 I have said goodbye to: no energy, insomnia, sugar cravings, yeast issues, migraines, food intolerances, inflammation, depression, winter blues and so much more…. Friends I would love share with you how you can have your best winter ❄️ yet. My approach is to get to the root issues of why we are not feeling well in the first place. That my friends begins in out GUT. If you are ready to try, I have a special deal that ends tomorrow. Message me for more details 💕 #healthadvocate #holistichealth #guthealth #migraines #insomnia #inflammation #healthylifestyle #plantbased #itsyourtime #wellness #health #depression #anxiety #interstitialcystitis
my body = my choices. simple as that.
What would we do without our furry little nurses? I’d be a wreck! Pictured in image one, three cats. Image two? Two goober puppers. #endometriosis #endometriosisawareness #hysterectomy #hysterectomyrecovery #pcos #interstitialcystitis #fibromyalgia #catsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram
“Although I deeply love oceans, deserts and other wild landscapes, it is only mountains that beckon me with that sort of painful magnetic pull to walk deeper and deeper into their beauty. They keep me continuously wanting to know more, feel more, see more.” -Victoria Erickson For some reason, my soul feels so much more at peace in the mountains. There’s a slowness, a serenity, and a sense of smallness that’s so comforting to me about the mountains. Being amongst the mountains is a reminder that no matter how big life’s problems may seem, there’s a world out there that’s so much bigger, so much greater. Standing in their majesty, I feel as if their beauty casts a glow around me and my life making me feel more beautiful too. ❤️ • • • • • • • • #spoonie #spoonieblogger #fibromyalgia #interstitialcystitis #endometriosis #chronicallyill #chronicallyfabulous #nashville #nashvillegram #bloggergirl #ontheblog #bloggervibes #bloggerslife #bloglife #blogpassionproject #communityovercompetition #pursuepretty #pursuewhatislovely #calledtobecreative #creativelifehappylife #darlingmovement #seekthesimplicity #wordstoliveby #feelfreefeed #theeverygirl #lovelysquares #mountainside #mountaingirls #autumnintennessee
The Grinch showing what interstitial cystitis is like 💁🏼😂 #ic #interstitialcystitis #painfulbladdersyndrome #pfd
Ok, this might sound dramatic but I’m seriously depressed about my new job. 4 days in and my commute is awful and I feel like a lost puppy here. I come home every night and cry. I miss my old job, even though I was ready for a change. I don’t want a change anymore. I can see the effects the stress has on my health. I need help. Any advice would truly by appreciated.
I found an amazing podcast! *The Pelvic Messenger* Just give it a google, they are hosted on Blog Talk Radio. I've got a link to them on my blog. Link in bio I think it's important to always be learning and growing, this podcast is a great place to do it. They have all the industry experts you dream of on here! #itsallyoga #yoga #podcast #learning #awareness #ic #invisibleillness #interstitialcystitis #pelvicfloor #fibromyalgia #pelvicpain #pelvichealth #spoonie #spoonielife #icwarrior #yogaofinstagram Wanna work together online? Send me a DM!
Snow ⛄️, in Oxford Street?! Very glad that my migraineous head is behaving itself and I made it out to see the lights and do an early bit of shopping for the holidays. A half-decent nights sleep seems to have done the trick. Back in central tomorrow for a physio appointment- so really hope my head keeps on being well behaved 🤞. . #fibromyalgia #fibro #migraine #chronicmigraines #headache #chronicheadache #vestibular #vestibularmigraine #ehlersdanlos #interstitialcystitis #mcad #mcas #mastcellactivationdisorder #raynauds #painfulbladdersyndrome #pelvicpain #pots #posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome #london #oxfordstreet #prettycitylondon #lovelondon #londonlife #londonchristmas #redbus #snow
Some people stalk up on toilet paper before a winter storm, I stalk up on carts 😂. I haven't tried anything from Standard Farms yet. I picked up a Jack Herer and Mazar. After taking a few rips of Jack Herer I've noticed it's a very clear high. The constant pressure I feel in my pelvis and bladder is almost gone. I'm definitely pleased so far. #pammj #medicalmarijuana #interstitialcystitis
The NEW UNDERWEAR, created for us women, DESIGNED to PREVENT CYSTITIS and URINARY inflammation! STOP the unbearable PAINS that ruin entire days, let's enjoy all the time we want! Choose the model that's right for you! #healthcare #cystitis #womanhealth #health #interstitialcystitis #cistite #healthylifestyle #medicine #biotechnology #innovation #wellness #healthwellness #inflammationsupport #urinarytract #underwear #sportsupport #biovtec #cistislip
Catching the last of the beautiful autumn leaves at Westonbirt.
Ankle Reconstruction Update: My ankle is healing SO well! I seriously could not be happier with my progress. It sits straight, is tight and solid in the joint and I can even bear weight already!! I start physical therapy today, and as long as I keep it slow and steady and don’t get ahead of myself, I should be good! Seriously PERFECT timing to be able to hike next spring!
I hate doing this. After finally getting genetic testing to show I needed a hysterectomy (adopted with a history of uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer) and then paying out-of-pocket for all of my procedures and then losing my job for being out at appointments so often, I find myself in a pickle. I’m in the hole about $11,000 after all is said and done. I just got my final notice for losing my car for lack of payment. I’m the only member of my family in the state and my friends work so if I’m not driving, I’m not getting to appointments. Plus, this is LA so it’s basically a 5-excursion on multiple transit types for a single appointment. And when you’re in pain, it’s hell on earth. I don’t ever ask for handouts, but this health meltdown has cleaned me out. Example: My ER saw a post-op complication and transported me to the hospital I had the procedure at. Legally had to be transported via ambulance. $1700. Anyway, that’s my super embarrassing plea. Help if you can and I promise to pay it forward when I can. ***Link in bio*** #endosisters #endosister #hystersister #hystersisters #endometriosis #endometriosisawareness #endometriosissurgery #gofundme #fibromyalgia #interstitialcystitis #hysterectomyrecovery #miracle #sos
The body is such a weird, complex, yet #beautiful masterpiece. Over the years, I have fallen in #love with how #resilient the body is...at how much the body will endure, yet still fight to heal itself. But it needs the right tools in order to do so. ~ For some people, that might mean exercising daily so the body can regain its #functional movement. For others, that might mean stopping exercise for a while so the body can lower its cortisol and #inflammation levels. For some, it means learning to eat less. For others, it means eating more. But for everyone, it means self-mastery. We all need to take ownership of our body and our lifestyle choices. We need to learn our own body- the signs it gives us when in distress or the feelings we get when we are thriving. Give attention & love to your body... you only get one #temple 🙏
Every year this sweet tangerine tree grows bigger & stronger! I feel so blessed to have it tucked back in my yard. Last year it provided us with the sweetest fruit. Grow my friend, grow 🥰🌳🍊🍃#wildfruit #tangerine #florida #regenerativedetoxification #deeptissuecleanse #detoxification #cellulargeneration #juicefasting #rawvegan #crueltyfreeliving #drmorse #vegan #healing #naturalhealing #naturopathy #systemicacidosis #veganchristian #endometriosis #interstitialcystitis #adenomyosis #ibs #pelvicfloordysfunction #thyroidhealing #iamhealed
#Repost @foodiefittwinmummy (@get_repost ) ・・・ Happy Thursday all - looks like we got the autumn 🍂 vibes here with this fig-gin delicious bowl ✌️ . Actually taking it easy with this comforting bowl of creamy vanilla egg white oats, after a horrible bladder flare the last few days . Ingredients: Gluten free and chia oats cooked in water/ @plenishdrinks almond milk, with @twochicksproducts egg whites and @kin_nutrition vanilla vegan protein. Topped with a fig, and finally, a sprinkle of cacao quinoa granola (use whatever granola you can tolerate) . #interstitialcystitis #icdiet #ic #chronicillness #antiinflammatorydiet #oats #eggwhiteoats #oatmeal #figs #nutbutteraddict #glutenfree #veganprotein #fitfood #eatforgains #healthyfoodshare #instafood #fitfoodie . #fitness #fitspiration #eattotrain #fitfam ##instafit #flexibledieting #strongnotskinny
🍉💦🏋️‍♀️💆‍♀️the perfect dose #linkinbio
I’m sorry, but their ill-placed comment just really got to me. I’m normally not this petty but the combination of the hysterectomy at 33 for medical reasons + watching my area burn to the ground, etc., I was triggered. Plus, the meds made me out on weight so I’m not a viable candidate for your brand. So hey, @wildinclothingco , get a social media who gives a shit (like me who worked for Disney, Nintendo and all of the Fox and NBC television shows) about your brand and not just hitting numbers and getting a paycheck. #hysterectomyrecovery #fibromyalgia #interstitialcystitis #endometriosis #endowarriors #hystersisters #PCOS
Want to know more about CBD for chronic pelvic pain?????⠀ ⠀ Then check out the blog at buff.ly/2zQuVa5 . One important point in particular is the fact that unlike opioids it does not have an addictive effect. Something I think is hugely beneficial as we continue to seek opioid alternatives for those dealing with chronic pain. ⠀ ⠀ To all the clinicians out there having success with chronic pain patients comment below👇👇👇 ... AND... ⠀ please feel free to share and tag someone else. ⠀ ⠀ If you have found success with CBD oil then by all means, chime in! https://buff.ly/2DA6PVa⠀ ⠀ #CBDoil #chronicpelvicpain #marijuana #endometriosis #vulvodynia #interstitialcystitis #somanywomenneedhelp #pelvicPT #awareness #jmmhealthsolutions
PUT ON YOUR POSITIVE PANTS... I get asked A LOT how I stay so positive. Straight up, there is no easy answer to this. I do not have some kind of magic or shortcut. It is not always easy & being positive is not something that just happens. But I'm not faking it either. It really is a decision that I make. And I don't mean a one off type of deal... I mean daily. It is a constant choice that I consciously make over & over again. Yes I have bad days. Yes I have negative days. Yes, sometimes I feel sorry for myself. Yes I get frustrated, angry & sad. But when I finally pop my head out from under my Blanket Fortress of Despair™ & emerge back into the world... I dust myself off & I CHOOSE to go forward with a positive perspective. I fully acknowledge that you, I & the rest of the chronic illness community have EVERY reason to feel down on life sometimes. I would NEVER take that validation that from you... nor should anyone else. But have a bit of a think about the following: "Would you rather to be right, or would you rather to be happy?" This saying has always resonated with me, mainly because I'm a stubborn bitch from hell & can be my own worst enemy... I blame the red hair. Case in point: "Living with a chronic illness is soooo shitty." Fuck yes, you're RIGHT, it is. "Chronic pain is the absolute worst." Fuck yes, you're RIGHT, it is. "No one in my life understands what it's like." Fuck yes, you're RIGHT, they probably don't. You are right & all of those things are true. There, I concede. Now, has focusing on that made you feel any better? Ok, maybe a little... it's totally natural, however... it's entirely momentary. But focusing on it long term, day in, day out? Um. Fuck. No. It doesn't. It really, really doesn't. It can make you feel like you've been sucked into a dark vortex of grumpy faces & scary clowns. A positive outlook is not the same thing as denying your experience & being all... CONTINUED IN COMMENTS BELOW 👇 📷: @amberibarreche
If you have a weak stomach, keep scrolling because I am about to share why I go to physio! I thought long and hard about sharing this with you as it is very personal, but decided to go for it, in the chance of this information reaching other woman who are going through the same thing! In January 2018 I pulled a muscle in my pelvic floor, but at this point I didn’t know it yet. It started off with a bladder infection. Simple enough, I went to the clinic for antibiotics and was better within a couple of days. A few weeks later it happened again, a common thing, so off I went for more antibiotics. Unfortunately it didn’t end there the infections just kept coming back sooner and sooner and more and more painful. I went to the emergency room twice, visited my family doctor 3 times, had two ultrasounds, an x-ray and did a billion urine samples over a span of 5 months with no answers. I ACTUALY THOUGHT I WAS DYING. I was in pain every single day, missing work, missing social events and just down right unhappy. My doctor finally diagnosed me with Interstitial Cystitis, in other words chronic bladder pain. This condition is incurable. NOW, I AM NOT DISSING our health care system. But something just didn’t add up to me. I truly felt that this was not the right diagnosis. I don’t know why I felt like this, but it was just in my gut. So I did some digging, and long story short, I found a physio therapist who specializes in women’s health including patients with Interstitial Cystitis. After meeting with her, she also felt that I did not have the correct diagnosis. Together we determined that I pulled a muscle in my pelvic floor, causing all of my muscles ‘down there’ to tighten. Unfortunately because of that, when I went to pee (sorry TMI), my muscles wouldn’t release all of the urine…..causing all of the infections!!!!! Now I go to physio every 6 weeks and am PAIN FREE!!!!!! Ladies, if you have ever had any bladder/pelvic floor issues my heart is with you!!! PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME because unfortunately there is not a lot of information out there about this touchy subject. ALSO, WE ARE OUR ONLY ADVOCATES. If we think something is wrong, WE NEED TO ACKNOWLEDGE IT.
I picked up some cherry Diesel by @terrapin_pa and I'm falling in love with this Indica. It keeps me relaxed all day but not couch locked. This Cherry Diesel doesn't make me groggy like other indicas do. I can enjoy some of this without having to take a nap directly after. #medicalmarijuana #pammj #cherrydiesel #indica #terrapin #chronicpain #interstitialcystitis
This is #chronicillness and it isn’t always pretty. I’ve had migraines to the point of vomiting almost all day. I’ve slept on and off and now I’m wide awake at 5am. I’ve cuddled puppies, watched Netflix, and tried not to run to the bathroom to puke. That’s my productivity level today. #migranes #endo #interstitialcystitis #fibro #chronicillnessisntpretty #real #furchildren #ifeellikeshit #myheadhurts #allthemeds
🎶 Set me free, leave me be I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity Here I am, and I stand So tall, just the way I'm supposed to be 🎶
Good morning 😘 namaste 🙏
// Cherry Wine - @hozier // I'm drained. This weather makes me feel every jagged millimeter of torn flesh and bone in my hips. Not to mention the depression that seems to be hitting me in tidal waves. Listening to Hozier makes me feel more alive...so I listen to him often. "Movement" is beautiful, right? The video made me want to cry. The elegance, the simplicity, and the MEANING...getting such a great new song definitely made my day a little better. Trying to fend off a migraine so I can sleep. If I wake up in two hours with a full-fledged attack, I won't be happy 🙃 Love and Spoons 💕 to my chronic illness warriors, we can do this. #spoonie #spoonielife #ehlersdanlossyndrome #ehlersdanlos #fibroflare #fibromyalgia #dysautonomia #interstitialcystitis #arthritis #osteoarthritis #hippain #hipfai #migraine #clusterheadache #chronicillness #chronicpain #hozier #andrewhozierbyrne #movement #cherrywine #lyrics #love
Dear Chronically Ill Patients, I’m so sorry you feel terrible. I BELIEVE YOU more than you know. Remember that. You are not a burden. Your illness is not and never was your fault. You are a FIGHTER, just choosing to get up everyday. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Love, A fellow warrior
A correlation between IC, diet, and UTIs? I just found out yesterday that my pathogens have grown a bit more. If you've been following my story, I knocked 1.5 million to 72,000 in 2 months!🎉 I did this naturally on a SUPER STRICT alkaline + mostly veggies + Candida diet.🥑🥦 I was feeling better so I began sneaking in some normal foods (milk, noodles, cookies) in the last few weeks because I feel so hungry.🥛🍪 Then I started feeling worse and my bladder pain crept back within those weeks! I was terrified I was heading back to my severe bladder pain wheelchair days.😢 I re-tested my urine yesterday and sure enough, the ecoli grew to 178,000! The ecoli growth correlated to my growing bladder pain which coincided with eating the 'bad foods!. The key to healing is food.🥒 If you are new to my instagram, my full story of healing my chronic UTI (misdiagnosed as IC) is on my blog and on my old instagram posts, link in bio.👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 PS, my bladder pain is down 70% today and hot urine is down 80% because I ate raw vegan all day out of terror, it alkalizes your urine.🥑🥒🥦😂 I'll be doing raw vegan for a month to accelerate the healing. I'm so annoyed I got tempted to eat noodles, dairy, and cookies. Dumb move put me backwards. Thank god for the @microgendx DNA urine tests so I can do them as soon as I feel something is better or worse. It's $200 a test, not cheap. I do them once a month to track my progress. Standard urine tests find nothing, and over 8 trials of various antibiotics couldn't cure my UTI, sigh! I do not read DMs, msg me in comments first if you want to do a DM.✉
Today was a good day. I’ve currently been on prednisone for one week and feel 100 times better. My work day started at 8am, I had a construction site visit, and marketing meeting after work. So I didn’t get home from the day until 830 pm after leaving this morning at 730am. This is a typical work day for me and the past few months I haven’t felt 100% at work. Today I felt like I could do it. I felt motivated and I felt like the medicine is working. 🙏💕✨
Peace out uterus! I’d like to say you’ll be missed....but ya won’t. You’ve done you’re job. You carried my 3 babies {barely} and you’ve put me through hell for 24 years. Tomorrow will be my 5th surgery since September 2018. So here’s to new beginnings and one less organ in my body! Ovaries: you’re staying put though ok. ✌🏼#adenomyosis #interstitialcystitis #hysterectomy
I may not be able to fully say this yet. But, I will get there. It has been a very hard day for me emotionally, mentally, physically, etc. It has just been a disappointing day. Last night I didn't sleep hardly any. Today, I left early for a doctor's appointment that didn't turn out like I expected. But God is still good. My heart just hurts something fierce. I have spent today just crying and binge watching on different streaming sites (Netflix, Hulu). My heart hurts, but it is well with my soul. Thanks be to God that He sent His Son Jesus, so I don't have to go through this alone. I couldn't bear going through it alone. Thanks be to God for the friends who spotted the signs that I most definitely wasn't okay today and reached out. So if you think of me, please pray. I am not as well off emotionally right now. But tonight, I can say that after talking with friends... I am finally stable, and better than I was earlier but in a struggle. #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Fibro #Dysautonomia #POTS #NCS #PTSD #Depression #Anxiety #PCOS #InterstitialCystitis #TrigeminalNeuralgia #FaithBlogger #ChristianBlogger #Christian #Faith
👅Lix oral vibrator user review: Easy to install batteries. Screws into tongue fine. Slightly awkward in the mouth at first... take a minute to figure out how to maneuver it around. 👅His review: thumbs up, feels nice! Would use again! 🖤Dont be afraid to spice things up once in a while!
My weekend off self-care started off like magic. My husband surprised me with a trip to the spa for the weekend to celebrate my birthday that was this week. The Infinity tub with a magnificent view of the snowy mountains and a 16-jet steam shower to begin. The next day, more surprises! #interstitialcystitis #ic #bladderawareness #chronicillness #spoonie #bladderawarenessmonth #november #selfcare #selfloveclub #spa #spaday #icespa #anchorage #alaska #pamper #hotel #birthday #scorpio #allnatural #massage #selfcaresunday #surprise #thatview
Need help finding a special gift on a budget? Check out this handy gift guide and the links below! There are tons of items that are $15 or less, including jewelry, stickers, coffee mugs, keychains, and more! Chronicillnesschronichope.com #dysautonomia #lupus #fibromyalgia #lymedisease #gastroparesis #scleroderma #sarcoidosis #scoliosis #amps #pcos #interstitialcystitis #multiplesclerosis #chiari #trigeminalneuralgia #ehlersdanlossyndrome #posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome #endometriosis #hypothyroidism #migraines #mentalillness #chronicfatiguesyndrome #kidneydisease #eds #hypermobility #iih #intracranialhypertension #pseudotumorcerebri
Ignore the "X". This is what I need to hold onto tonight, as I wrestle with this prison of sickness... Oh Lord, help me. #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Fibro #Dysautonomia #POTS #NCS #PTSD #Depression #Anxiety #PCOS #InterstitialCystitis #TrigeminalNeuralgia #FaithBlogger #ChristianBlogger #Christian #Faith
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