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And today’s post has just brought another wonderful surprise- a beautiful little work of art in the form of a hand made Christmas card. It depicts children playing in the snow by a very pretty little Christmas tree 🎄. Made by another wonderful instagram friend Sue from @calicoandstitch , she’s an expert needlewoman and a very kind and generous friend. Thank you Sue I’ll treasure this lovely picture and it will be going up on my wall after Christmas 🎄 #instagramfriendsarethebest #handstitched #embroidery #beautiful
So this beautiful soul is doing quite the amazing #holidaygiveaway ! Yes, we all love checking out giveaways, but more importantly, you’ll love the captivating artistry, engaging stories, and genuine vibe you instantly get. People always comment on my positivity, but we all have periods where we need to crumble a little in order to rebuild into someone better. @oliversedgwick , the hours upon hours that you listened to me, even though you were across the world, made more of an impact than you’ll ever know. You are beautiful both inside and out! 💛💙💛 #oliversedgwick #makeupgiveaway #christmasgiveaways #instagramfriendsarethebest #internetfriendgoals #abeautifulsoul #createinspirepositivity #makeupartistry #captureyourcreativity #youneverknowwhoyouareinspiring
PLEASE READ. 😊 I know y’all get sick of princess stuff but I absolutely love this picture from yesterday’s event at Building Church. Tonight is our city’s Christmas parade. Keilee has worked her butt off but she loves it so much. Also someone on this beautiful space blessed us with a Christmas tree. I know that it was someone on Instagram because that’s the only place I posted my fiasco with the Christmas tree. There were many tears shed at the generosity of you. As much as I love it I’m going to use ours this year (because it is decorated and Keilee refuses to help me undecorate) and then next year we have a shiny new tree!!! I think back over the years and all the precious people that I have met here. People who I have prayed for and cried with and laughed with. People who become every day mentions in our life. People who I would give anything to know in real life. People who I would love to hang out with and have Keilee hang out with your kids. So whoever it was God bless you. It was the most beautiful thing. Thank you from me and my girl. #InstagramFriendsAreTheBest #MagicalMemoriesAL #PrincessKeilee #KeileeT
Over 4 years ago this girl started following me on Instagram and we started chatting. We became fast friends on different sides of the country. After sending her headbands to photograph and model in Cali, I finally got to hand her some headbands in person. The internet is the best sometimes.
Lucy won’t pose but all my favourite inanimate stuff is happy to oblige. No more posts today, promise, but tomorrow there will be a reminder about a doll quilt swap that I’d like to host, starting Jan 2019 with completion (by that I mean the date swapsters should have received their quilts) by Easter 2019. More soon! #justafewofmyfavoritethings #featherweight221love #instagramfriendsarethebest
Christmas came early from Arizona thanks so much @heart_to_hands_design ! I love everyone of them... one missing from photo as I had to wear it.. the material in these tee shirts are just so soft! Go check her work out some amazing print work available on her site... the kitchen tea towels are great to I am not sure of material but I now have two sets of them and I love them. . . #printing #screenprint ##smallbusinessowner #supportsmallbusiness #instagramfriendsarethebest #teeshirtdesign #printedartworks #screenprintedteatowels #hearttohandsdesigns
Thank you so much Denise @fabricdiva54 for a wonderful evening and this precious gift. You had a long and tiring day. It was wonderful to meet you IRL 😘😘😘 # The gift was made by an IGer whose tag I will include when I have it. #happytrailsquilttour #instagramfriendsarethebest
So my bestie Margaret @littlegirlgolden and her daughter B sent me the BESTEST package ever!!! They know me to well right? Margaret found the Puglie booth at a gamers convention and got me the most true to form pug shirt ever! Heaviest Breathing. Omg I die! I love it so much! That fat little Puglie pug is the cutest ever!!! THEN there’s an even more magical gift from my Miss Bee, a Unicorn suncatcher for my sewing room window!!! She also snuck in Princess Celestia which I shall treasure forever!!! #mlpfansforever I love you Miss Bee! Omg then the last pic is the giant Puglie bag she sent. I’m pretty sure you could fit five pugs in there.... where can I find five pugs. I need to test this. 😂 Anyway, I love your guts Margaret Louise! Thank you for being my bestie! 😘😘😘 #puglie #instagramfriendsarethebest
The lovely Rachel @messmousecreations tagged me yesterday as to what I was doing #widn , sorry Rachel I'm a day behind in replying! I actually had a day off from roman blinds and spent a few hours with @gilly_makes , I supervised her progress on her sew together bag (which she didn't really need) and Gilly very kindly showed me how to sew a rope bowl. The top picture was the first one I did, with a slightly chunkier cord and it's only very shallow as I didn't have that much. I then progressed to the other two and experimented with adding fabric scraps. It was very addictive. I think I will be making a few more now and experimenting with size. #craftyfriendsarethebest #instagramfriendsarethebest #funday #ropebowl #ropebowls
Thank you to our dear Instagram friends Siobhan and Murphy @barrclan , Sarah ,Bobby and Duffy @bobby__duffy and Helene , Dolly and Naya @dollyandnaya who sent Clyde the most fabulous Birthday gifts a few weeks ago . He loved his toys and I loved the Sally Grist Treat Box and beautiful plaque . You are all too kind . Clyde received such beautiful cards and messages here on instagram and a wonderful cake by our beautiful friend Dominique @domiiigram . Thank you again my friends . Clyde is one lucky boy ❤️#instagramfriendsarethebest #instagramfriendsarelikefamily
First of all, thank you guys so much for all of your support!! This has been a really tough ride for me with Jooby’s status changing daily. Reading your comments has helped more than you know!!! I don’t have kids, but I do have 30 feathered babies and Jooby is my absolute favorite! Yesterday was rough, Jooby went through periods where her breathing was very labored and gurgly. So, I decided to make her and Roober a yurt out of my trampoline with some of her favorite things. I even included a pothos plant. I cant even count how many of those she has destroyed in my house!! It’s kind of endearing actually. Sadly, she didnt even touch it. I hung out with them until Jooby decided it was time to go inside. Update: Jooby is doing ok today(6/10). She took a nap with me before venturing to the laundry area. Whenever I hear her making those noises I just melt!! 💕 . #maybeyurtisthewrongword #trampolinefort #joobyislife #instagramfriendsarethebest
Since I’m so sad about my missing ball, mom let us have our Halloween gifts from our furrend Pinecone and his mama @themrscardy ! Thank you for the witch and lion! I love them and am working hard at ripping the witch’s hair out! 😺 #willow #bluetabby #instagramfriendsarethebest
Today is my birthday!!!🎂 I turn 4!!! And because we do things bonkers style in our house Mama made the coolest cake with cream cheese frosting. And as you can see in pic 2: of course I rocked out!!! 🎉🎉🎉 I have received so many birthday messages and my friends have kept my postman busy with all the cards and gifts I have received! I cannot say thank you enough to all of you lovely pups and humans!!! A million gracias!!! 🙌 #birthday #birthdaycake #dogbirthday #rafathemasterfishcatcherturns4 #instagramfriendsarethebest #itsmybirthday #lakelandterrier #lakielife #floridadog #ilovemydog #dog
Clyde and I would love thank all our dear Instagram friends who took the time to send such beautiful birthday greetings to him and his daddy . It was a super busy weekend and we’re all just recovering now ❤️😘sorry if I haven’t been able to message you all privately. I’m making my way through them . We are so lucky to have so many 🎉I would also love to wish a very Happy Birthday to the gorgeous Nina who’s reached the phenomenal age of 16 years old @nina.kerryblue and wee Bobby who like Clyde turned 1 years old @bobby.the.wire . Hope they both have a fabulous day 🎉🎉#happybirthday #instagramfriends #instagramfriendsarethebest #instagramfriendsarefamilytoo #wirefox #wirefoxterriers #wirefoxterrierpuppy #wirefoxterrierlovers #wirefoxterriersofinstagram #wirefoxterriermoments #foxterrier #foxterrierlove #foxterrierwire #foxterrierpuppy #foxterrier_official #foxterriersofinstagram #dogswithbeards
🎉🎉happy 1️⃣4️⃣th barkday to my dear furriend @teddywt 🎉🎉 he’s one of my first terrier friends and the bestest brother to Angel Paws Lola and Little Mighty Maisy. Wishing you a Vegemite cake, Teddy!! #teddythecounselorturns14 #instagramfriendsarethebest #VTAgroupies #everydayVTA
🥗🥕🥑🍅🥒🍓🍤🍤🍤🥗Today lunch was inspired by @dg_frenchy. She posted a picture of her lunch yesterday and it looked fabulous Today I used shrimp instead of lobster in my salad because I didn’t want to wait for the lobster to defrost. I cut the beets with my waffle cut slicer I peeled a purple carrot into a curly slice Add tomato , avocado, cucumber,cauliflower, Brussel sprouts I wish I had some bread sticks... I put it in a takeout container just so it would look like Donna’s ❤️#lunch #salad #everthingbutthekitchensink #shrimp #lunch #instagramfriendsarethebest #breckshouseofplatesused
Well, I tried to post this a bit earlier but couldn’t get the words right so took it down and then Insta froze up due, I suspect, to the universe trying to tell me something. Anyway, Pinky is there, as are two gorgeous doll quilts that I received from @dorryvanosch and @suzannevanderschoot via the fabulous #ntatdqssu2017 and #ntatdqssu2018 . Dear old Pinky is vaguely related to Perky, now owned by 4yo Annabelle from the Pentland Hills. And that brings me to, um, speechlessness again. I really don’t know what to say except that I am totally overcome by the kindness of people and the generosity of the quilty community here in Instaland. Thank you so much @diannabelles - it will be so nice to meet your family on Saturday and I won’t work you too hard in my garden, at least I’ll try not to 😘😘 #randomactsofkindnessmaketheworldgoround #instagramfriendsarethebest
In our recent move to our new house I lost most of my good silver rings, devastated! In hearing this, one of my beautiful jeweller Instagram friends, which I’ve never met may I add, has made me a full set of gorgeous silver rings 😍 @jackie_oh_no_ I cannot thank you enough, I’m so very grateful and I love them sooooo much!!! Thank you Jac, you’re the best! #instagramfriendsarethebest #rings #silver #gooddeeds #thankyou #blessed
This is so, so, beautiful even if I do say so myself. There are some gorgeous fabrics in here - some from dear IG friends, some from a delicious giveaway win and some from my deep dark stash. The back is done, the label is incorporated and the binding is made. Rose and I are just finishing off the very last long seam. Stash, glorious stash, plus a quilt I had no intentions of making this side of Christmas. Thank you all for your beautiful bits and pieces 😘😘 #snailstrail #featherweight221love #myfriendpythagoras #rememberinglindabrannock #instagramfriendsarethebest
A little over an hour ago, snail mail arrived from Canada 🇨🇦- hurray! For a day or two there I thought it may have been lost. Patience is a virtue and virtue is a grace. Grace was a little girl who didn’t wash her face. # Thanks so much Karen from Canada @faeriesandfibres for the precious fugitive-like purple, thanks so much Jan from Canberra @jaeuckens for the shirtings paired with the reindeers and the red dotty rings, thank you Jacqui from Candelo @jacquilts2 for the cornflowers in my earlier post and thank you me from Canterbury for the other bits (and to @maxandlouisepatternco for the Nicholson Street shirting that I paired with the snail from Canada). I don’t know anyone from Kaniva, alas, Kandahar or Cann River. So, that’s the ultimate block for The Snail Mail Express and it will be incorporated into the remainder of the top later today. Yay for a finish! #snailstrail #featherweight221love #myfriendpythagoras #instagramfriendsarethebest
Wow Yarndale you were amazing! I'm over the moon I got to meet @debgar58 @downsheepylane and @ancaitinbeag in real life 💕 it was great to chat with you all and to see all the wonderful stalls. Oh I briefly spoke to @countessablaze too. I also found a new supplier for some deliciously squishy yarn I'm going to try out.....I need to get practising for some kits I may just be doing after a chat earlier on 😘 I'm home now with my makeup off and pjs on for a chilled night before I start my presentation prep tomorrow! #lovedbymia #instagramfriendsarethebest #yarndale #allthewool #supportsmallbusiness #suportlocal #cantwaitfornextyear #modesthaul
Social media can be an amazing thing. It brought a stranger 300 miles away into my life — and not only are we getting married the same weekend but we just instantly clicked and I’m soooo happy that we did. This was our second time meeting up and it definitely won’t be our last 👯‍♀️ @fitnessmadebreezy #instabff #sweatingforthewedding #bffbrides #weddingplanning #weddingplanningsucks #instagramfriends #instagramfriendsarethebest #zacbrownband #zacbrownbandconcert
@_thepigeonhouse_ knows me well! She brought me my new favorite flower- protea! I love their unique shape and they last forever. Thanks, Nicole, for brightening my day! #instagramfriendsarethebest
Gotta bite that bullet and write that label before the grainy, multi-pieced strippy back can progress. @laurence.d6 told me to put a few slabs of cheddar in. I obeyed, of course! And then I scrounged for a wee bit extra fabric and found that gorgeous woven check with flowerpots on it. It just had to go in. The scrappy binding is comprised of leftovers from previous projects all joined up and trimmed back to my new binding width of 1” when folded. #snailstrail #thesnailmailexpree #featherweight221love #instagramfriendsarethebest #myfriendpythagoras
The Snail Mail Express is nearly done. We’re just awaiting one more fabric so that a little bit of Canada can be in the mix. The snails are meeting not quite perfectly but quite nicely. 100 blocks, about 180 different fabrics. I’m going to integrate the dull, boring, label into a dull, boring, scrappy backing using leftovers from other quilt backs. And, why not?, I may as well use up binding leftovers too but I may sneak a piece of cheddar into the mix to jolly things up a tad. Or not. #snailstrail #featherweight221love #rememberinglindabrannock #instagramfriendsarethebest
I'd say thanks for the birthday presents but my mouth is full...and so is my belly😉💜🐾 A huge thank you to one of my besties @chelsea_acd_max_amstaff I just love my new toy and the chicken liver treats are delicious 😋🤗😘 #fuzzyard #dogsta #instagramfriendsarethebest #wannaplay #happyheeler #spoiltrotten #boopmynose and #kissmybentley #redheeler #australiancattledog #cattledog #heeler #acd #heelergram #twdoa #heelernation #dogsofmelbourne #dogsofinstagram #heelersofmelbourne #heelersdownunder #heelersofinstagram #redheelersofinstagram #ilovemyheeler #australiancattledogofinstagram
A lot of quilty action is happening here today: Snails in a Maserati (working title) is progressing apace (a carapace?) thanks to my injection of wonderful shirtings from @maxandlouisepatternco PLUS, @helenowens9189 , your beautiful gift of blue whirligigs arrived in the midday mail, so I had to chop into that straight away. Thank you so much 😘 Helen. The count is now at 82/100 but with the day still a pup and with four more prepped, I should be at 86/100 by bedtime AND have eaten 😄. #snailstrail #featherweight221love #rememberinglindabrannock #myfriendpythagoras #instagramfriendsarethebest
I heard a dull thud on the front porch just now! Fat eighths of eight of the most gorgeous shirtings in three different colourways; three glorious metres. Thank you @lala_quilts and @lorrainequiltsallday for tagging me to this giveaway and huge thanks to Lisa and Louise @maxandlouisepatternco for such a generous gift. I’m still pinching myself. #nicholsonstreetshirtings #sewwiththebest #andoverfabrics #instagramfriendsarethebest
Sending out giant birthday wishes to one of my besties today @drizzlemeskinny Thank you for your amazing friendship, support and encouragement. This picture from my birthday in January reminds me that we need shakes again soon. Hope your day is just a fraction of how awesome you are. #instagramfriendsarethebest #instagramfriendsarerealfriends #birthdaywishes #happybirthday #chroniclesofchar
OMG just look at that serpentine snail - thank you so much for the fabric @akamary281 - I have finally cut into it. So special. # Thank you to everyone who found some Judie Rothermel blue whirligigs in their stashes - @helenowens9189 @akamary281 @quiltsinthebarn @once_upon_a_quilt @bevbannard @prurtyquilts and anyone I’ve forgotten. And thanks to those who woulda if they coulda. Helen has posted some, so I’m all good. IG friends really are the best. # A raspberry friand and a raspberry slice will head to the Barossa Valley tomorrow, just as soon as they’re out of the oven @koonunga_post_office # In other news, some lovely greys arrived yesterday for conversion into Stars of le Moyne for @junction.ten who is making a version of my Nine Squared quilt for a wedding gift. I’m gunna love being a tiny part of that project. And, QuiltFolk number 07 Louisiana has arrived. Fab read, fab quarterly mag with no ads. It’s great @quiltfolk #featherweight221 #myfriendpythagoras #snailstrail #rememberinglindabrannock #instagramfriendsarethebest
Guise, I have met some of the sweetest souls here on Instagram. Probably just my period making me tear up but I am so blessed to have found and continued following those of you who have seen me and my babes grow all these years. Life has been rough lately and i would be so lost if it weren’t for all the support I’ve gotten. Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ashley. I swear I’ll repay you somehow sweets 😭💖😭💖😭💖 #instagramfriendsarethebest #soblessed #thanksforeverything #imnotcryingyourecrying #shesoneofthebest #shedeservesallthegoodintheworld #💖
Look at the amazingness I got in the mail today!!!! Sloth earrings!!! Thanks to a very beautiful soul called Tiffany @shy_shelby 💜 Thank you so so so much!! You are absolutely amazing! And I adore these!! Can't wait to wear them to work tomorrow 😍 Thank you Tiffany, I absolutely adore you 😘 #surprisesinthemailrule #instagramfriendsarethebest #slothsaremyspiritanimal #stompingstyle
Third or fourth challenge I’ve been sent to do. Perfect timing for this considering I’ve been sorta dealing with an injury since Friday and can do the bare minimum with legs. ☺️ 18 reps under 30 seconds. @repfitnessequipment #repchallenge Ps. @libra_monkey @nytburn i challenge you ❤️☺️🤭 #instagramfriendsarethebest
🙏💪 Prayer Circle Needed! #Repost @deeby_and_friends Please keep the prayers and good vibes coming. Deeby has not improved. They’ve had to sedate him every two hours. We are on the way to the University of Illinois emergency clinic. There we can see a neurologist, and whatever other specialist they feel is needed. We have no idea what’s happening. Although the possibility of an aneurism, cancer, etc has all been thrown at me. His blood work has given no answers. Thank you so much for the outpouring of love that you all have shown. It means so much to us, and I need your strength too. ❤️#instagramfriendsarethebest #stillpraying #deebyismyheart
Please keep our sweet friend Deeby in your prayers @deeby_and_friends "Please keep the prayers and good vibes coming. Deeby has not improved. They’ve had to sedate him every two hours. We are on the way to the University of Illinois emergency clinic. There we can see a neurologist, and whatever other specialist they feel is needed. We have no idea what’s happening. Although the possibility of an aneurism, cancer, etc has all been thrown at me. His blood work has given no answers. Thank you so much for the outpouring of love that you all have shown. It means so much to us, and I need your strength too. ❤️#instagramfriendsarethebest #stillpraying #deebyismyheart "
Please keep the prayers and good vibes coming. Deeby has not improved. They’ve had to sedate him every two hours. We are on the way to the University of Illinois emergency clinic. There we can see a neurologist, and whatever other specialist they feel is needed. We have no idea what’s happening. Although the possibility of an aneurism, cancer, etc has all been thrown at me. His blood work has given no answers. Thank you so much for the outpouring of love that you all have shown. It means so much to us, and I need your strength too. ❤️#instagramfriendsarethebest #stillpraying #deebyismyheart
Louie cat loving Lily’s bone from @golden_evie ❤️ #lilyrocks #ridog #catsofinstagram #instagramfriendsarethebest
A big birthday shoutout to two beautiful ladies. Firstly the gorgeous Lils @mcluckiel and the gorgeous Ginger @ginger_the_whft . Hope you both had a fabulous day 🎉🎉🎉🎉💗😘#instagramfriends #instagramfriendsarethebest #birthdaygirls #wirefoxterrier #wirefoxterrierpuppy #wirefoxterrierlovers #wirefoxterriermoments #foxterrierpuppy #dogswithbeards #foxterrierlovers #foxterrierwire #foxterrier_official
#Thanks @chanel1428 for coming all the way from #germany to visit me here in #dubai . Had a lovely time. It was nice meeting u & hope u enjoyed our moment trying out the latest and exotic #handbags together 😀 Till we meet again... #instagramfriendsarethebest thanks #youtubeluxcat #subscribers #followers #chanelcommunity #guccicommunity #lvcommunity #hermescommunity #instagrammers #handbaglovers #photooftheday #sunday
I’ve never been to an expo, but when @libra_monkey asked me to come i said why not. I was only there for maybe an hour which was enough IMO. The coolest thing was to be at this section and do pull ups with Frank. That moment was worth the money. ❤️🙏🏻 See you soon, @libra_monkey ! #anaheimfitexpo #pullupsfordays #highfives #instagramfriendsarethebest #fullrepsonly
@janeshisler , here is the start of my #thecrownwoolsmkal using your yarns!! I’m loving it. I think of you each time I work on it. #getyourquiltywishesgrantedsummeredition #instagramfriendsarethebest #casapinka #knitting #knitstagram
Just look what arrived in the mail today... my #thelittlethingsswap2018 #ss_teamkeyfob package from the fabulous Tracy @madaboutbags. She really stalked me well, she sent the Noodlehead large pincushion, fabric basket, pinnie pennant, coaster, sweets for the kids, a fab heart tin full of buttons ribbons hexies and last but by no means least the fantastic hoop art for our camper van conversion #buttercup that we only bought a week ago. Thank you so much Tracy, we absolutely love it and can't wait to hang it in the camper once done. #howluckyami #instagramfriendsarethebest #craftyfriendsarethebest
All the posts today, got to meet up with @kreeturefeature for a little while 😍🤗 decked out in all the cute space ranger & aliens gear. I can only hope one day I’ll be as cool! I’m always game to meet my fellow Space Rangers, see you next month!!! 👽🚀💚 #instagramfriendsarethebest
My girls deserve an award for being such a great photographer & making everyone ootds look gewd 👀💓 #instagramfriendsarethebest
आपणै तै जलण आले ब्होत सै । फेर के फर्क पङै सै... . आपणै पै मरण आले भी ब्होत सै ।। #instagramfriends #instagramfriendsarefamilytoo #instagramfriendsbr #instagramfriendsarethebest #instagramfriends2018 #instagramfriendly #instagramfriendship #instagramfriend
The greatest joy I receive from this culture we call Arbonne are the people I meet. This gal and I became friends on IG and had no idea that we were both living in central MS and we both are Arbonne consultants. I was attracted to her on IG because of her transformation pictures, and her inspirational posts. Little did I know that we would accidentally meet each other months later in Flowood, MS. at a celebration for a promoting MS gal! Fast forward, here we are today celebrating again! Cheers to Gail on her promotion and I’m looking forward to @toadallyhis and I celebrating our own Mercedes Benz one day in the near future!! * * * * #💚 #💚🌱 #💚🌱🍏 #instagramfriendsarethebest #instagramfriends2018 #newfriends #newfoundfriends #arbonneculture #arbonnesisters #joyoffriendship #celebrationtime #whitemercedesbenz #cheerstous #cheerstonewfriendships @toadallyhis @table100 @flowoodfleamarket @centralmississippimissions @mercedesbenzusa @jacksonmississipi
Now she's received it I can show you what I sent to @lapetitefrance_ for our little swap. She loved the Tasha Noel pouch I made a while back so asked if I would do her a swap. I've included a little simple needle book in her favourite colour, some fabric scraps, fabric stamps and cute wooden ruler too. I really enjoyed picking little extras to send to Nicole and loved everything she sent me. . . . . . #swap #instagramfriendsarethebest #pouch #needlebook #needlekeeper #sewing #waketomake #createeveryday #makersmovement #makersofinstagram #craftsposure #creativelifehappylife #waketomake #instasewing #sewsewsew
Yesterday I had the most delightful morning - I had a chance to meet with lovely Michelle @coleandtaffy in real life! (swipe to the right to see the photo of us two 🙈😊) She is such a wonderful, kind and fun persons! 👏🏻😘💗 It was amazing to finally meet one of my IG friends in real life, exchange some handmade gifts, share a cup of tea and a cake, talk and laugh together. Oh! We even patted some HR fabrics in my stash (something my non-quilty friends would think is totally crazy 😂) It was magical! 💗 Thank you, Michelle for this brilliant idea and for my Liberty pouch (it's so cute!) and all the goodies! 🤗😘💕 . If you ever get a chance to meet your IG friends in real life, don't hesitate for a second! It is truly amazing to meet a "stranger", but to feel like you have known this person for a long time. Sweet! 💗 . Oh! If you would like to have a sneak peek at my sewing nook, head over to Michelle's amazing inspiring feed and see the photo of it.😀 . #igfriends #amazing #gifts #instagramfriendsarethebest
More pretty pink fabrics squares, thank you very much @rlebt for granting my wish 💕💖💗#getyourquiltywishesgrantedsummereditionreceived #getyourquiltywishesgrantedsummeredition #instagramfriendsarethebest #pinkfabric
Take a look at my happy mail that arrived today. @lapetitefrance_ and me did a little swap and this is what she sent me. The pouch is a really decent size and I love the colours and design. The draw bag is completely adorable plus she sent me loads of lovely fabric scraps! How lucky am I? It was perfect timing as I was struggling to pick fabric for this weeks theme for 100hexies100days - summer fun and these ladies lounging in the sun were exactly what I needed! . . . . #happymail #pouch #cottonandsteel #weebrawbag #sewing #instagramfriendsarethebest
Lascia andare quello che vuole andare,lascia venire ciò che vuole venire..tu rimani con ciò che rimane .#seratatraamici ❤️#ferragosto2018 #cena #amici #orefelici2018 #instagramfhotografy #instaloveinstagram ❤️❤️💓#fhotoofthenight #fhotoinstagram #instangramfriends #instagramstories #instagramfriendsarethebest #instangramfoto #instangramfriendslove #lovefriends ❤️#lovelyday ❤️❤️
I got to meet Larisa @stitchingnotes IRL today👏🏻👏🏻 I just knew by all the pretty things she made that she would be the sweetest person ever!! And she is!!💕💕And I got to meet her little 3yo cutie!! Look at these beautiful creations - I feel so blessed to own some of her beautifully made projects (and totally spoiled!)💕💕Swipe across for close ups, a photo of her sewing space (yes, it’s pretty AND organised!), and a selfie of the two of us!! Larisa’s a bit camera-shy so I put our photo right at the end😉 I must say that I’m just rubbish at taking selfies (though Larisa’s looking pretty gorgeous😘)! If you ever get the chance to meet an IG friend in real life - don’t hesitate! Just do it! #instagramfriendsarethebest
Check out this cute & generous parcel I received from @forkandneedle Taryn's young daughter Kate made these cute wheatbags for a stall she had. I'd been meaning to make some for a while, but decided to buy these 2. Well done Kate, you've made them beautifully. Taryn was really generous & added in some bits of lovely fabrics from her stash, & some hexies papers. Thank you both so much. What a lovely parcel to receive.🌼🌼👏👏🙂🙂 #instagramfriendsarethebest
Hey guys! If you're tagged but you dont want to repost because it destroys your theme, (which I totally understand😂) it's ok! I reposted it from @snape._girl (thx for the tag btw!!!❤❤) • • • • • #harrypotter #lunalovegood #lovegoodlove #ravenclaw #ravenclawgoals #loveharrypotter#ravenclawpride #instagramfriendsarethebest
What a lovely surprise to bump into Lesley @duckpoollane in Rothbury today 😊 I may have popped into Rainbow Yarns @rainbowyarns and made a purchase or two after my delicious coffee and cake at Tomlinsons Cafe and Bunkhouse ☕ #instagramfriends #instagramfriendsarethebest #knittersofinstagram #knittyfriends
When Instagram brings you friends like this @clairerisper 💗💗💗💗Thankyou, you have made a pregnant lady & her stupid craving extremely happy!🤗 #instagramfriendsarethebest #instagrambroughtustogether #thankyoufriend #pregnancycravings #pregnancycravingsatisfied #whatmammawantsmammagets #cheetoscrunchy #cheetosarelife
Wishing a very Happy 7 th Birthday to the beautiful Dolly @dollyandnaya Remembering when we met you and Naya and the family last year . Happy Memories shared with Missy too #dollyturns7 #happybirthday #birthdaygirl 👑 #instagramfriendsarethebest #instagramfriends #wirefoxterrier #wirefoxterriers
Happy friendship day to all my insta friends 😘😘😘🙋🙆 #happyfriendshipday #instagramfriendsarethebest
A big thank you to @valloves2create for all the amazing goodies included in her giveaway! I received the package yesterday morning and it was all wrapped up so nice and was full of so many pretty things that I felt like it was my birthday again. Thank you so much, Val! 💗#happymail #instagramfriendsarethebest
Guys it has been a while since I created this account of mine it has been going until now. I appreciate your SUPPORT AND KINDNESS AND LOVE you all have showed to me and for this account. After creating this account I got many new friends . I hope the support continues till the end. I am thankful for all my followers and friends. Love you all.💕💕 I PURPLE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!💜💜💜💜. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP DAY.💞💞#happyinternationalfriendshipday #happyinternationalfriendsday #lovemyfollowers #lovemyfollower #instagramfriendsarethebest #instagramfriends #friends
A big happy 4 th birthday to this gorgeous wee french boy Joe @joe_and_family I had the pleasure of a cuddle and a kiss when Joe and his pawrents came to visit Missy and I last summer , such happy memories to treasure and share . Hope you had the best birthday sweetheart 🎉🎉🎉❤️love you #instagramfriendsarethebest #happybirthday #birthdayboy 🎉 #bestfriends #instagramfriends #welshterrier #kissesfromjoe #dogswithbeards #joeturns4
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