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After 15 years of marriage, it looks like a divorce will be happening between actress #WendyRaquelRobinson and her estranged husband, #MarcoPerkins . Perkins has filed for divorce citing a dissolution of marriage claiming that after he suffered a stroke in 2015, Robinson abandoned him and left him without financial support. Perkins claims that Robinson brings home $200,000 a month and is therefore demanding that a judge grant him $10k a month for spousal support. #industrybreakups #celebalore
Former #NBA player, #KevinGarnett and his wife, #BrandiPadilla are headed to #divorcecourt after 14 years of marriage. The two claim #irreconcilabledifferences as the cause for the breakup. Padilla filed the papers and is requesting physical custody of their two daughters, Kapri (10) and #Kavalli (5). #industrybreakups
Congratulations to our siSTAR, #MaryJBlige !!! Her #divorce is FINAL!!! No more #KenduIsaacs . A judge made the divorce official early on Wednesday however the details of the settlement are sealed. #industrybreakups
It's OVER!!! It looks like #BlacChyna and her boy toy #YBNAlmighty have called it quits. Who saw this coming?? #industrybreakups #troubleinparadise #sugamama #boytoy
🚨RUMOR 🚨There are some reports that #CamilleCosby is filing for #divorce from her husband of 54 years, #BillCosby , however his reps are denying the claims at this time. #industrybreakups πŸ’”
#QuadLunceford and her #husband , Dr. #GregoryLunceford are done. As of May 1st, Quad has filed for divorce. πŸ’”πŸ’”#industrybreakups #marriedtomedicine
The #divorce is official! #KeshiaKnightPulliam won primary #custody of one year old, #EllaGrace and under the terms of the divorce agreement, the once married couple settled for the baby's name being Ella Grace Pulliam-Hartwell. During the trial, #EdHartwell admitted to living with his #pregnant #girlfriend , #TonyaCarroll , and the divorce was granted on the grounds of adultery and cruel treatment. Hartwell has been ordered to pay $3007 a month in #childsupport . #industrybreakups #celebritybreakups
#VanessaAWilliams has filed for #divorce for a second time in ten years from her #husband , #AndreWiseman . The first filing didn't come to fruition but alas it has come full circle and looks like it will happen this time. Williams is requesting joint physical and legal custody of their 14 year old son. πŸ’”#industrybreakups #divorcefilings #separations #soulfood
#industrybreakups After six years of being engaged, #JohnCena and #NikkiBella have called it quits. πŸ’”
After just a few weeks since announcing their separation, #GraceMiguel has officially filed for #divorce from #UsherRaymond . Sources close to the couple have stated that prior to the separation there were no real signs of marital discord citing the couple had taken Raymond's kids to see "Black Panther" just days before. Be that as it may there is no secret that Raymond has been the topic of recent headlines alleging his sexual activity outside of the marriage. Additionally, Miguel has been toying with the idea of having a child via surrogate however her husband was not on board. Just a few things that could have possibly led to this moment. πŸ’”#industrybreakups (Sidebar: I see Usher and Amara LaNegra hooking up in the future. Just saying.) #youmakemewannaleavetheoneimwith
Say what?! No one saw this one coming! #ChanningTatum and #JennaDewan have split after nine years. πŸ’”#industrybreakups
@jiggaleah Here is the reason behind the #EvaMarcille and #LanceGross #breakup in her words. #oldnews #industrybreakups #ifoundit
#KendraWilkinson is planning to file for #divorce from her #husband , #HankBaskett . The couple married in 2009 and have two small children. #industrybreakups πŸ’”
Congratulations to our siSTAR, #MaryJBlige . Her #divorce from #KenduIsaacs is official, however the settlement details have not been made public. #industrybreakups
Rapper Common and Analyst Angela Rye have called it quits! After several months of dating, the "woke" couple have parted ways but Rye says, 'Common is an amazing human being and they have and will always be friends'. πŸ’”#industrybreakups #common #angelarye #breakups #cnn #analyst #singleagain
#UsherRaymond and his #wife , #GraceMiguel have separated after two years of marriage. As the couple heads to #divorce court, their joint statement vows that they remain deeply connected and the enormous amount of love and respect that they have for each other will only increase as they move forward. #industrybreakups πŸ’”We called this weeks ago!!
#DuaneMartin was spotted for the first time since his wife #TishaCampbell filed for #divorce . Martin was seen leaving #dinner with good friend #JadaPinkettSmith . πŸ’”#industrybreakups #celebritybreakups #jadapinkett #willsmith #industryfriendship
Shocker!!! After 27 years together, 22 years of #marriage and two children, #tishacampbellmartin has filed for #divorce from her #husband #duanemartin . πŸ’”This seems to have come from left field but we wish both of them well during this storm. Tisha has already released a statement saying that this was a painful decision for her. πŸ’”#industrybreakups #celebrities #celebalore
πŸ’”#JenniferAniston and #JustinTheroux have split after just two years of marriage. The couple #wed in a surprise #ceremony in August 2016. Per the #publicist the split was 'mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year'. πŸ’”πŸ’”#friends #mulhollanddrive #industrybreakups
Cheryl #Coko Clemons has announced via her blog that she and her husband of 15 years, Mike Clemons, are divorcing. πŸ’”SWV's lead singer says that they thought they'd be together forever but they've simply fallen out of love. Coko, 47, says the two will continue to co-parent their son, Jaylon, and she wishes her soon-to-ex, the best. #industrybreakups #swv #sisterswithvoices #divorcecourt
Industry Breakups: Simone Whitmore of #marriedtomedicine is filing for divorce from her husband, Cecil, after 21 years of marriage. #industrybreakups
After several months of dating, #jessewilliams and #minkakelly have split. πŸ’”#industrybreakups #brokenheart #splitsville #singleagain
After several months of dating, #jessewilliams and #minkakelly have split. πŸ’”#industrybreakups #brokenheart #splitsville #singleagain #greysanatomy
Jesse Williams has been ordered to pay his estranged wife, Aryn Drake-Lee an extra $17k a month (total $50k) in spousal support. #industrybreakups #payup #divorcepending #divorcepapersinthemail #spousalsupport
Nipsey Hussle has announced his breakup from Lauren London. #industrybreakups
Jennifer Hudson and her fiancΓ©, David Otunga have split. The forever engaged couple who share a son have been in process of breaking up for months. Former pro wrestler, Otunga proposed to Hudson nine years ago after less than a year of dating. πŸ’”#industrybreakups
#industrybreakups After a little over a year, Jill Scott and her husband, Mike Dobson are heading to divorce court. Scott filed citing irreconcilable differences and inappropriate marital conduct. The couple wed in June of 2016 in a Tennessee ceremony where Big Daddy Kane performed. Under Tennessee state law, inappropriate marital conduct can be anything from cruel treatment to infidelity, however Dobson disputes any of those things happening in their marriage. In fact he says that Scott is an evil woman who wants full control and he is not the one. He also says that she likes to emasculate men and he's not here for it. He will not allow her to tarnish his name when it's all her and her crazy. This is Scott's second failed marriage. She was married to Lyzel Williams from 2001 to 2007 and was engaged to Lil John Roberts who she shares a son with. πŸ’”
Say it ain't so...Tamar Braxton has filed for divorce from her producer husband, Vincent Herbert. The couple were due to celebrate ten years of marriage next year but unfortunately won't make it to their marital milestone. The divorce report is almost not a surprise after the two have collectively and individually had a wild past few years. Tamar was let go from her spot as co-host on 'The Real'. Vince suffered a major health scare which motivated him to lose upwards of 100 pounds. Rumors (which were denied) circulated that the couple had a few public physical altercations. Sony filed a lawsuit against Vince for $3.7 million and won. Tamar announced her retirement from music after recently releasing her latest album, "Bluebird of Happiness". And last week it was reported that Vince and Tamar listed their Calabasas, California mansion for sale (so if you have $15M lying around, the house can be yours). If the couple (who share a four year old son) move forward with the divorce (Tamar will join her sisters Toni, Trina and Towanda in divorce court) this will be Tamar's second failed marriage and Vince's first. We can say a lot of things but at times like this all that's necessary is..we wish the couple well. πŸ’”#industrybreakups
😩😩😩Reportedly, 'The Real's Jeannie Mai and her husband, Freddy Harteis are divorcing after ten years of marriage. πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”Prior to announcing the split, Mai revealed on the day time talk show that she and Harteis were discussing whether to have children or not. Mai said then that she has always expressed to her husband that she does not want children but as they get older, Harteis is beginning to want kids. Mai hinted that she was worried about the future of their marriage as a result of their differing desires stating that they both ultimately want the other to be happy. Speculation is that this may be the cause of the amicable separation. #industrybreakups Wishing both of them the best during this difficult time.
πŸ’”Laurence Fishburne and his wife, Gina Torres, have split after 14 years of marriage. The separation was initiated last Fall and the ex couple have remained quiet and cordial committing to co-parent their daughter, Delilah. #industrybreakups Pictured above: it is clear that Gina has moved on.
Well what in the Basketball Wives do we have here?! πŸ‘€πŸ‘€Reportedly, Evelyn Lozada and fiancΓ©, Carl Crawford are no longer together. #noweddingbells The rumor is that Carl cheated...and well, you know the rest. #industrybreakups πŸ’”
Amidst divorce rumors and court filings, Tiny celebrated her 42nd birthday in St. Lucia with her husband, TI. #issamakeup #hopefully #industrybreakups #celebalorebreakups
Mel B has been ordered to pay her estranged husband a one time payment of $140k for attorney and forensic fees and $40k per month in temporary spousal support. #industrybreakups
In today's divorce files: A judge has reinstated Terrence Howard's divorce judgement by allowing his ex-wife (2010 - 2013), Michelle Ghent, a claim to his 'Empire' earnings. #howdoesthatwork #industrybreakups
Carmelo and LaLa Anthony are in no rush to sign the (divorce) papers. The estranged couple both agree that the end to their marriage is inevitable but they like the way things are right now and they are still trying to figure out what's best for their 10 year old son, Kiyan. #industrybreakups
Mike and his estranged wife, Mechelle Epps, are headed towards a not-so-pretty divorce. Mechelle is accusing Mike of stopping the support payments as a way of getting her to accept less in the divorce settlement. Mechelle says that Mike had been paying the bills per usual but recently stopped. He has also stopped her access to credit cards and bank accounts in an effort to force her to settle. Mechelle maintains that she needs $118,468 a month to care for herself, their two daughters and their home. Per Mechelle, the LA mansion alone costs $30,000 a month to upkeep, the private school that the girls attend costs $72,000 a year, the nanny is paid $3500 a month plus she says she spends between $5,000 and $10,000 a month on shoes and clothes for herself and a couple thousand more on the kids shoes and clothing. Mechelle says she hasn't worked most of her adult life because Mike asked her to stay home and take care of the house and kids. Mike on the other hand is willing to pay $26,503 a month saying that Mechelle needs to cut her spending. On his behalf, his lawyer said that paying anymore will be "ruinous" to the family as a whole. We'll see how this plays out. #industrybreakups
It's Official: TI and Tiny are moving forward with their divorce. Tiny served her husband with papers and TI filed his own papers this past Monday. Per Tiny, there is no getting back together as the marriage is irretrievably broken. She is asking the court for primary physical custody and legal custody of their three children. Tiny also wants the judge to determine the amount of child support and health insurance TI will have to pay. Furthermore, TI's soon-to-be ex wife is demanding that her husband turn over all financial records regarding their money and investment accounts. The petition states that the couple acquired many cars during their union and Tiny wants them split. She is also petitioning for temporary and permanent alimony that will be consistent with their standard of living. #whoaboy #industrybreakups
As The Pending Divorce Turns... As reported yesterday, 'Greys Anatomy' star Jesse Williams has filed for divorce from his wife, Aryn Blake-Lee. Sources say that Jesse wants out as he feels the relationship has "played itself out" although Aryn doesn't want the divorce. Jesse is seeking joint custody of their two children and he is asking that the judge not make him pay spousal support. πŸ€” Also there is speculation that Minka Kelly and Jesse have been spending a lot of time together. Although they are currently working on a project, the two have supposedly been hanging outside of work. #industrybreakups
Exclusive: Jesse Williams and his wife of five years, Aryn, are heading for divorce. The couple has split ways citing irreconcilable differences and sources report that they have been separated for awhile though they are trying to keep it on the hush. πŸ’” Jesse and Aryn have two children: a son, Maceo and a daughter, Sadie. #industrybreakups
Scottie and Larsa Pippen have decided to move forward with their divorce. The couple separated at the end of last year after 19 years of marriage but reconciled a few months later hoping to work things out. Fast forward and the two will divorce after all but agree to remain friends and maintain a great partnership for their children. #industrybreakups
Breakup Report: Carmelo and LaLa Anthony have split. The two are currently separated but maintain an amicable relationship. In fact, they were just together a few days ago at their son, Kiyans' basketball game. Reportedly this NBA season and the strain and stress that has resulted is what caused the basketball star and his wife to part ways. Anthony has been subject to talks of being traded by the Knicks and with the uncertainty that is spewing, discord found its way into the marriage. The couple have agreed, however, that they will not uproot Kiyan from his school in NYC. πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”#industrybreakups
Ben Affleck files for divorce from Jennifer Garner after 10 years of marriage and two years of being separated. πŸ’” #industrybreakups
See the way Janet Jackson's prenuptial agreement is set up, she is guaranteed $500 million after 5 years of marriage. Welllllll...it's been 5 years and 2 months sooo... #dothemath #industrybreakups #jdissomewheresmiling
Gasp!!! Sources are saying that Janet Jackson and her billionaire husband, Wissam Al Mana, have split. The couple welcomed their first child together, Baby Eissa on January 3rd, 2017. πŸ’” #industrybreakups #JDissomewheresmiling
Last week we found out that Mel B filed for divorce from her husband, Stephen Belafonte. This week, Mel B is speaking out about the physical abuse that she endured during the marriage. Brown has filed a restraining order citing that she was victimized. Reportedly, Belafonte beat her after she "flirted" with Usher, he forced her into threesomes, sexually exploited her and impregnated the nanny. Whoa! This isn't gonna end well but we wish Mel B the best! #industrybreakups πŸ’”
So Kendu Isaacs is back at it again. Last October, Isaacs reportedly requested $130k a month in spousal support from soon to be ex-wife, Mary J Blige. Fast forward to earlier this week, Isaacs amended his total reducing it to $110k a month. He is cutting his request for help paying $8k a month for a private chef, $3200k a month for a personal trainer and a few other expenses. He still wants a monthly allowance, however, for meals, a housekeeper, clothes and money to care for his parents and his children from a previous relationship. Additionally he is asking for a $95k contribution for his attorney fees and $52k contribution to his forensic accounting fees. Isaacs says that he and Blige met back in February under amicable terms but noted that nothing was resolved. Blige says she has helped Isaacs financially since the separation citing that she gave him $35k in August, $50k in September, $25k in October, $30k this past January and $30k last month plus $55k towards his legal counsel so far. Isaacs says it costs him $116k a month to maintain the lifestyle that he was accustomed to being married to MJB. PHEW!!! This is too much! Court date: July 11, 2017. βš– #industrybreakups
Mechelle Epps, wife of Mike Epps, is asking the court to grant her $109k a month in spousal support as a ruling in the couples divorce. Wanna know why the 36 year old is asking for that amount?! Mechelle says she is too old to work. 😳 #industrybreakups
Just shy of 10 years (June 6th) of marriage, Mel B has filed for divorce from her husband, Stephen Belafonte. πŸ’” #industrybreakups