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A divisive varietal which people love or hate, I am quick to spray shit on it but truth be told when done right it's amazing and Sancerre was one of the whites that got me into wine. Pretty much just like Riesling the over commercialisation of this varietal has made people completely misunderstand it. Thanks to Peter at Pierre's Wines for making a style that shows off this varieties true potential. #deathbeforenzsauvblanc #indielife #indiewine #legend #winesofinstagram #branxton #hunterwine #huntervalley
'I had to condition myself to think and act like a winner'. ~ D. Harvey, Author 🙏🏾🎶 . From my bestselling book 'Music & Money' . 💥Since I was 'ickle, I always knew that the life 'set out' for me was not for me . 💥I was laughed at and bullied for being different . 💥For not accepting the 'norm' . 💥I didn't care . 💥I found my path eventually on my own . 💥I ignored 'expert' advice about only getting 'one chance' so take it . 💥I followed my gut and my dreams . 💥To make the necessary changes in my life I knew I would have to change my typical habits and thought processes . 💥I knew I had to con-dition myself - address my mindset and drown out the noise around me . 💥So I learned . 💥Sometimes certain approaches are foreign to us . 💥We have to do what we have to do to push past the blocks. . 💥We have to create new habits that help us and not hinder us. . 💥Sometimes we have to let go of those who are not moving with us but against us. . 💥When the approach that we try and try and try does not give us the fruits, it's a sign to try something new. . 💥It's either that or have regrets and one of my mantras is 'no regrets' . Does this resonate with you? . To all you amazing people who have purchased this book. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🙏🏾💖💖😘 . To those of you it has helped, it thrills me to have helped in some way. . To those of you who wish to buy, 'buy' link is in the bio.☝🏾 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #SuccessHabits #Bestseller #BestsellingAuthor #author #musicbiz #musicgoals #MusicBusiness #MusicandMoney #indielife #ladyboss #businessowner #ceo #indieartist #liveyourdream #determination #mentor #MindsetisEverything #motivation #believeinyourself #Amazon #book #Kindle #femalemusician #focus #visualize #visualise #youcandoit #femaleceo #howto #goalsetter
Essa semana promete! #producerlife #sampa
Drum kit. REC! @taviows
Foi uma honra participar do bate papo com Ale Siqueira! #inspirador #producaofonografica #producaomusical
TCC aprovado!! Nota máxima!
"Don't let them say you ain't beautiful, they can all get fucked, Just stay true to you"
Novo companheiro de trabalho "Olha, eu sou o Woody, saiam todos da cama".
Começando a mixagem da música "Contrabaixo da Minha Cozinha"
RODOLFOS no Fica!!!
@capitaonemo.oficial No festival da canção de hoje!!!
Querem ver Capitão Nemo no João Rock 2017? Então vota neles! Depende só de vocês! Votação até às 22:00 https://www.facebook.com/groups/piranojoaorock/permalink/1895641924037973/
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