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hi! yes i will continue stung but it will be coming to an end soon. i’m thinking of beginning a new fanfic. right now i understand i’ve been very inactive, but i will try my best to post more regularly. i’m trying to balance sports and school and outside life, so please be patient. <3
What do YOU think about voting? 🤔 Does it matter? Does it make an impact? What issues matter the most? What changes do you wish to see? Well, I would like to hear from you! Please feel free to comment or DM about your perspective on voting and share your voting habits! Information is kept anonymous and confidential, per your wishes. I am neutral and do not seek to sway voters; I simply wish to gather data for a project. Thank you! 😎 #Vote #Voter #VoterRegistration #Registration #Info #Information #Politics #Political #PoliticalParties #Party #Habit #Survey #Polls #Election #Elections #Project #ThankYou #College #University #Thoughts #Think #Important #Democracy #Freedom #Impact
February 19th 1945: World War 2 has now been going on for four years, Hitler and his Nazi Reich is on the verge of defeat, and Hirohito's Japan was inching closer to invasion by the day. The United States set its sights on the Japanese Island of Iwo Jima. Iwo Jima was home to a dormant volcano known at Mt. Surabachi. It was important due to its airfield which could be used for refueling of bombers. The United States Marine Corps and Navy landed on the island on February 19th 1945. Iwo Jima was considered the most heavily defended island of the war and the US knew it wouldn't be an easy win. The Japanese were prepared to defend their island to the last man. The 18,000 man garrison of Japanese troops was under the command of General Kiribyashi. The Marines and Sailors were met with a lot of machine gun fire and heavy artillery bombardments. The Japanese used a cave system to transport men and ammo. This would be seen most prevalently at Hill 382. The Hill was known as the "Meatgrinder" this was due to the shear bravery and willingness to die the Japanese had. General Kiribyashi ordered his troops to shy away from a traditional Banzai charge and to die more honorably. Hill 382 was a hard victory but a victory nonetheless. Iwo Jima lasted until March 26th 1945 and saw 26,000 American casualties, with 6,800 paying the ultimate sacrifice. The last Japanese soldier didn't surrender until January 6th 1949, close to four years after the battle ended. Iwo Jima was an important battle which ensured the preservation of liberty and freedom as it helped the United States win the war for all of mankind. #america #history #war #military #armedforces #battle #world #worldwar1 #worldwar2 #pacificwar #coldwar #koreanwar #vietnamwar #americanhistory #important #veterans #unitedstates #usmc #usarmy #usa #airforce #navy #coastguard #marins #marinecorps #godblessamerica
I saw #vaginamonologues for the first time and it was so moving. @jillz_bw @vivianachavez and all of you ladies are amazing. Be sure to catch the next show on Wednesday and Sunday! All proceeds will be donated to charity. @campcadi #important
I have a band concert next Tuesday, so I probably won't post much or even post nothing that day. Goodnight! - I feel like I'm posting a lot of LGBT content lately, so here's something unrelated. I think the article is older, but the point is still valid. You should come up with a code word for your family to use in cases like this. #activism #activist #protectchildren #kids #children #parenting #protectyourkids #parents #newparents #families #family #emergency #urgent #important
❤ 47. Know how to #change a #tire 48. #Remember people's #names 49. Don't try to #upstage , someone trying to tell about an #important event that happened to them 50. Keep your #watch five minutes #fast 51. #Pay #bills on #time#Monday #MondayThoughts #Tips #TipsToABetterLife #BetterLife #timemanagement #financialliteracy #punctuality #Learning #selflearning #leadership #appreciate #relationships #Lifelessons #success
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El Señor es mi ancla ⚓ The Lord is my anchor ⚓ Yes He is! And that will never change! #doral #drawing #art #anchor #ancla #lord #God #bible #verse #pation #faith #strength #quotes #draw #dibujo #portraits #gif #message #important #specialday
Remera Gucci L/XL disponible #gucci #marcas #importados #important #moda
Hair finally getting long . Why the hell did I get a pixie 😭 #dontdoit #letitgrow #hairgrowth #important
Un belle grosse histoire d’amour entre ces deux là ! 🌹 . Cette petite Magalie et cette petite Thalia sont ensemble depuis leur arrivée à la vie et le seront jusqu’à la dernière seconde de cette vie.💕 . #friends #forever #life #love #important 🌸
Do you think these three young stars can lead us to the playoffs? Comment your opinions. Tag: @jamesconner @juju @_tjwatt42
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Baker has a franchise on his back, he is the cornerstone of this franchise let’s build around him and win a super bowl, we have a been in a drought too long our savior has come, U guys better be fucking hype next year at the browns games this is going to be a dynasty to remember, NO ONE NEXT YEAR IS GOING TO BE ABLE TO FUCK WITH THE CLEVELAND BROWNS @tnartwork
Will this be the new connection for the Steelers? @juju
The Browns are winning the AFC North next year said and done @steelersfootball.news @steelcitychamps @ravensfan.network @officialdawgpound @nflbrowns @angrybrownsfans
Happy Birthday to the greatest running back and human being of all time Jim Brown, we love you Jim, we we get a super bowl before you die @bakermayfield do for Jim the greatest human being of all time
This is going to be the year David is going to breakout or bust how good do you guys think he will he in the near future?
@alex_desalvo @theartistformallyknownasreich This trick play was wild, watching this play unfold was phenomenal browns fans this is going to be such a fun year stay with me through this long boring stretch of the offseason
It’s happening next year Baker will fuck up the Steelers next year, at Heinz field AB gone their pitiful team is falling apart and Baker will be their on his horse, raining with all of his glory @bakermayfield
After Kareem Hunt’s suspension will we resign and keep him, and run a two back offense or will we trade Kareem Hunt?? Comment below 👇
Thanks for making me a new logo @sportslogos_ looks pretty dope
Cleveland Browns Free Agency Pickups Predictions: Trey Flowers: is a very underrated player for the patriots, he gets a very good pass rush and is good at stopping the run while being very young at age 26 Grady Jarret: he is an all around monster clogs the hole gets a great pass rush on the QB, still very young at age 25 Myles Garret, Larry Ogunjobi, Grady Jarret, Trey Flowers easily a top 5 D-Line to cause some destruction @iii_flowers @gradyjarrett @flash_garrett @olumide
Browns fans we love our brownies Baker brought us a little gift here @bakermayfield
Baker Mayfield’s Big Three Next Year: D.K. Metcalf: Cleveland uses the 17th pick on him gives Baker a No.1 a big, faster stronger than most receivers in the league Jarvis Landry: Our offense is becoming a lot better with Kitchens and Monken behind he reigns juice is a beast except some more for my guy Antonio Callaway: He is starting to remind me of Tyreek Hill Callway is extremely fast expect him to have a breakout year
My boy Kareem Hunt Toledo native in orange and brown limitless possibilities he could do @ohio_designs
BROWNS SIGN RB KAREEM HUNT TO A ONE YEAR CONTRACT FOR 1 MIllion also he is a restricted free agent so we control his destiny now their is many possibilities we could do with this guy Hunt and Chubb will the best duo to every exist John Dorersy drafted this guy and still believes in him, my boy is a Toledo native what a beast Comment what u think below!!!’ 👇
@juice_landry my man is a beast; Baker is going to be making some nice juice next year good browns puns @bakermayfield
It’s a long offseason without our brownies we got a long way to go but the offseason fun is not that far away, it’s an exciting time for our brownies
With this group of people, Non-biased opinion I think we could compete for the Super Bowl, who else should we consider in the draft and we free agency?? (DM me if u would like to know more about one of these players I would be happy to tell you) Jeffrey Simons- he is an defensive monster so strong, quick and agile off the ball, he is very good at stopping the run and gets a great pass rush we take him at 17th Frank Clark- he is a young defensive end from Seattle that has absolutely break out this past and is very quick off the ball this could make Myles and Larry better and this group could be one of the best d-lines in the NFL Mack Wilson- He is a backer from bama, that is a great pass coverage backer and has a good feel for the qb and is very strong we need a pass coverage backer that could add depth to be used on certain schemes D.K. Metcalf- I honestly think we could get him in the 2nd or 3rd he is so explosive off the ball for a reciever of his size, with him being 6’4 and we need a big body outside receiver to get Baker another great option to throw to out of our many good receivers Julian Love- a corner from Notre Dame which I think he is very underratd player who was a nominee for the Jim Thorpe award, great speed, a great feel for the WR and QB great vision when it comes to identifying where the balls is before the play happens
Read the article the browns staff is very intelligent and is a very good explanation for our long term success to come just like the Rams and the Patriots
One day away from the NFL honors, Our favorite Qb is going for a possible Rookie of the Year, Also Fuck Pepsi @pepsi ; @cocacola Go sponsor my page and Cleveland what a blessing Baker has been for Cleveland in 30 years their will be a statue in front of First Energy Stadium
Fire Edit @retrogrfx hoping you put up some big numbers next year @juice_landry
Which DE would you guys rather see us taking in free agency?? I could see any one of these guys being a great fit Comment below 👇
Their is our cap space how should we use it??? Comment Below 👇
Top 3 Realistic Defensive Tackle Prospects For the Browns 1. Dexter Lawrence- he had 37 tackles 7.5 for a loss, 3 pass breakups and this dude is massive at 6”4 350lbs extremely fast for a big man gets off the ball get good pass rush and c is a extremely good run stopper he ran a 5 second 40 time; In my opinion he is the best fit for the browns 2. Christian Wilkins- he had 50 tackles, 5.5 sacks and is an absolute monster he is a bigger guy at 315lbs and gets a great pass rush Christian Wilkins might be a better pass rusher than Dexter Lawrence but we need a run stopper and he runs a 4.9 40 time 3. Ed Oliver- he is the wildcard for the browns because he is an extremely good pass rusher good technique and fast off the ball he is 275lbs and racked up 54 tackles with 14.5 for a loss and he could potentially be really good Comment below your opinion open for discussion because of how talented this class is 👇
My Top 3 Linebacker Prospects: 1. Devin White- he has 123 tackles and 12 tackles for a loss with 3 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and one pick, Devin White has a really good feel for the game of football and is very smart he has good measurables at 6”2 and 236lbs his 40 time was 4.64 which is pretty good he is a great fit for Cleveland 2. Mack Wilson- he had 71 tackles 5 pass breakups with 5 tackles for a loss and had two picks, he has good measurables 6”1 238 a little bit bigger guy and a little slower 40 time at 4.79 40 time he is a very good player I would like to have him 3. Tre Lamar- he had 80 tackles, 3 sacks 5.5 tackles for a loss, one pass breakup and he is a bigger stronger faster dude at 6’3 and 243lbs but he is also very fast personally I think he is better than Devin White, I wouldn’t mind having either of them he runs a 4.65 40 time he also has a giant wingspan he is also a great leader and a great player Comment below what u think 👇
Out of these free agents who do u guys think would be best? I want to hear your opinions before I give u mine Comment below 👇
@nflbrowns this was very true and very funny every browns fan needs to see this
“We should look at are team and give ourselves a nice evaluation on the Cleveland Browns organzation heading into Free Agency”-John Dorsery The big question is who are the good free agents out there? Comment below 👇
Joe Thomas signed football
Freddie Kitchens: has coached at every offensive skill position to every exist, has a great feel for the game of football, speaks meaningful words to the players, players love his mentality overall has potential to be one of the greats Todd Monken: his passing game was electric in Tampa Bay and is a great pickup for the Cleveland Browns Todd and Freddie will make one fire offensive Steve Wilks: was the defensive coordinator of the panthers when they won the super bowl. The cardinals didn’t really give him a chance he is young and is an aggressive play caller
3 young defensive cornerstones Myles Garret: lived up to the potential of a first round #1 overall pick with 13.5 sacks should of had more but penalties costed him he is an absolute superstar and will continue to be Gernard Avery: is going to be a phenomenal outside linebacker/ defensive end he had shown throughout the season he is a great football player Denzel Ward: young buckeye coming out of Ohio State who played great with the browns is a an elite young cornerback
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