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Personal for @fini.gnrs ❤️ hope you like it;) thank you so much for 1,7k!! #mm #likeitlikeit #marcusandmartinus #imagines
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Catch a peacock !!!✌️discover pretty things anyway anytime anyplace 😄😄😄#shadow #photography #night #light #folk #folkart #funtastic #creative #imagines #gesture #cool
Through a Screen *Part 6* - - - You guys got into an Uber and they drove off Sam, not Colby would tell you where you guys were going. It was a kind of quiet ride up until you got to where the Uber was dropping you off. "Y/N, close your eyes!" Colby said as he got out of the Uber. "Why do I have to close my eyes?" You said as you covered your face with your hands. "Just do it." Colby said, laughing a little bit. He held on to your shoulders and was directing you where to go. Eventually you stood still and Colby told you can look. You took your hands from your face to see Tender Greens. "Wow you guys made me cover my eyes for food." You chuckled a little bit. You guys walked in a got food. After you guys ate you got into another Uber. "The next thing you're going to absolutely love." Sam said with a smile on his face. You guys were in the Uber for about ten minutes. "Ok close your eyes again." Colby said getting out of the Uber. He opened your door and you closed your eyes. He walked you inside the building and you could here barking and meowing. "Ok open your eyes." You opened your eyes you guys were in an animal shelter. "Oh my god! What are we doing here?" You said with a smile on your face. "The three of us are going to volunteer, and possibly take a dog home." Sam said. The girl walked you back to see all the animals. "This is amazing!" You said as you picked up a little husky. You held the husky to your chest and continued to pet it. Eventually the puppy fell asleep on you. "Wow you guys are honestly to cute." Colby said pulling out his phone to take a picture. "You should keep him" the girl,who took you into the back, said. "Can I?" You asked as you pet the husky's head. "Yea why not, let's just go get some papers signed." She led you guys back to the front. "I can't believe this is happening!" You signed the papers and then got a collar and a leash and a few other things, like food, bowls, a bed, etc. I can't believe this! This is the best trip ever!" You said as you put the dog down so he could run around play. "Well what are you going to name him?" Colby asked petting him. (continued in comments)
– i have like 197382 things to do for college + i need to hurry my ass up and think of a new college to go to smh... — #shawnmendes #mendesarmy #sm3 #shawn #mendes #imagines #textmessages
A women's beauty is reflected through her soul and not through her face ❤ . . . .#portrait #imagines #drawings #paper #art #happiness #instaart #instapic #crartprojects #crartprojects2018
Can he just pick me up like that and throw me out of the window——
Newwwwww fanficccc..! Cover made by me . Characters in the story:- Y/n Y/l/n (Your name Your last name) : Well u r a really special person.. ☺ . Star light: A really amazing, sensational singer, who keeps her identity secret... Well,  it's actually you.. 😍 . Thomas Stanley Holland aka. Tom Holland: An English actor, and a really nice person. The only person u can rely on always, and he's on a mission to prove you wrong. 😉 . Ur parents . His family . Grant Harvey:  Your boss,  will be revealed later 😈 . Others . Posting Part 1 in some hours! Tell me if u r interested in this fanfic..?
over the course of travelling to many places, I have seen a lot trough airplane windows... but the pic of the face of a lady with a hat is amazing and unique... if that‘s not cool, I don‘t know what is#imagine #imagines #phantasie #fantasie #vorstellungskraft #woman #womanwithhat
Part 5 “Stay while we get a better angle.” The director says. Tom just starts laughing as he stares at you. “Oh shut up I’m sorry I’m crushing you.” You say. “Your so light!” He yells back. “Action!” The director yells. “What is going on!” Tony stark yells. You quickly get up off peter. “It’s nothing nothing I fell and he doesn’t know how to knock!” You yell at your dad. “Get out!” Tony yells at peter. “Get some clothes on we will talk later amber!” He yells as he walks off. You plop on your bed. “Cut! Great take a lunch break!” The director yells. You run to the dressing room and put on your clothes. “Dang it you got changed.” Harrison says laughing. “I hate you!” You say to him. “We ready.” Tom says. You all go out to eat and talk about all your life’s and where you grew up. “So you got a boyfriend?” Harrison asks you. “Nope still looking for the right guy. What bout you guys got girlfriends?” You ask them. “Nope.” Harrison says. “Nope still looking.” Tom says. Harrison whispers something to tom but you can’t hear what he said. “That’s not gonna happen I call dibs!” Tom yells at Harrison. “Dude! we will just have to see!” Harrison says back. “Dibs on what?” You ask them. “Nothing!” Harrison says back. “Ok?” You say. “Oh shoot it’s 1:00 we got to get back to set.” You say as you start to walk out but you hear Harrison whisper. “She’s mine!” Harrison says to tom. “You wish!” Tom says back. End of part 5 comment for moreee 💚😆💚😆 #imagines #avengersimagines #marvelimagines #tomimagines #tomhollandimagines #lokiimagine #thorimagines #tonystarkimagine #peterparkerimagine #spidermanimagine #captainamericaimagine #steverodgersimagine #marvel #avengersinfinitywar #scottlangimagine
🦋: The balls some tumblr people have...y’all truly start fucking with the wrong people at the wrong times
Hope you like it! ------------------------------- °requested by : @stitch_and_scrump16 °ac: Free by Why Don't We
I sorry for not making imagines more often im trying to get better at it but I'm a procrastinator... anyways here's part 2 to the last imagine 😊 • • • • Audio: Empty Wallets be 5 Seconds of Summer • • • • (IGNORE) @colbybrock @samgolbach @coreyscherer @samandcolby @aarondoh @jakewebber9 @eltoncastee #colby #colbybrock #colbybrockimagines #imagines #colbyimagines #samgolbach #coreyscherer #samandcolby #aarondoh #jakewebber #eltoncastee
Harry Imagine Part 12 *Harry's POV* "Dan we need to talk" I said "Styles! What's up?" He said "This is over, I'm not doing this anymore" I said "are you falling?" He teased "of course not..." I heard books falling and hitting the floor and met those beautiful eyes that I'm madly in love with having tears running down her face "I can't believe it, I was such an idiot!" She ran F*ck! F*ck! F*CK!!!!!! Why? God I'm such an idiot!!! Why do I care about what people think about me and my reputation so much? I had a beautiful, sweet, kind, intelligent and happy girl as MY girl! Why am I such a f*ck up? I ran after her, I'm gonna get her back and treat her like she deserves "Y/N wait let me explain" "go away styles! You've done enough!" Liz said "please let me explain, baby girl please" "I'm not your baby girl anymore Harry" her words stung "p-please" I felt tears forming "I don't care what you have to say Harry. Just stay away from me because I never want to talk to you ever again and I can't even to see you at the moment without feeling anger, pain and...hate" my baby girl said looking down "please don't say that..." I whisper with tears running down my face. "it's true.... I fell out of love with you and it's time for us to move on. Therefore you won't have to worry about hiding me or worrying about your reputation. Goodbye Harry" were the last words she said to me.//🐬🐳sorry for the late update! I'm so sick, this weather has been killing me... We just had a hail storm! Comments? 2 parts more💕
You watch the sky as you were listening to your music. A few hours past, you were grabbing your bag waiting for everyone to get off so you can be last. As you walked off, you realize it was grey outside. You took out your earphones and let them hang from your neckline of the sweater. You waited for your suitcase to come. As you seen it, you grabbed it and walk to seating area. Tom was supposed to be picking you up. " Where the hell is this kid at?" I thought to myself. " Y/n?!!" I heard someone. I look to see it was Tom. Gosh... He look so different, but in a good way. I jumped into his arms giving him a hug and he spinnd me around. " I miss you so much!" He whispered to my ear. "I missed you more!" I said hugging tighter. " Look at you! You grew a bit taller.!" He said looking at me. My heart starts racing, I don't know what's going on. " Okay common!" I slightly punched his arm. He just laughs. My heart starts thumping when I seen heard his laugh. WTHH is going on!?? " How was Cali?" He asked. "It was great, there sunsets are beautiful, the beaches are warm and hot. And beauty of the state." I said grabbing my bag. Tom grabbed my suitcase. " Thanks" I smiled. "No problem." He replies looking down. He stopped me from walking an further. He grabs the hood of my sweater and puts it over my hair and puts sunglasses on me. I already know what's going on. Paparazzi just don't Know when to give him a break, don't they? As i walked out i heard alot of clicking from the cameras and alot of flashlights which can blind you, that's why tom put the sunglasses on you. " Tom are you and y/n dating? Are you still dating Angela? " Blah blah blah. But what bothers me is who is angela? Oh well. We got to car and sighed in relief. #tomhollandimagines #tomholland2013 #imagines #tomhollandfanpage #tomhollandfanfiction #peterparker #spidermanfarfromhome #spiderman #tomhollandfan #marvel #thomasstanleyholland #zendaya #fanfiction
Olá pessoal 👻 Quero fazer alguns imagines com especial de Halloween, então façam seus pedidos nos comentários que logo logo postarei os imagines 💞 #imagine #imaginebts #bts #imagines #halloween #imaginesuga #imaginerm #imaginejhope #imaginejimin #imaginejin #imaginetae #imaginekook #kimnamjoon #minyoongi #kimseokjin #junghoseok #parkjimin #kimtaehyung #jeonjungkook #army #방탄소년단 #방탄아미
so this is the beginning for the first short story i’ll make.❤️ and as u can see, it’s about my bias, Taehyung. u can tell me in the comments, who i should make next when this is over. (and that’s divorced, not devorced ik:)) And in this story, Taehyung is in a high school like you. 💜🐯💜🐯💜🐯💜🐯💜🐯💜🐯💜🐯💜🐯 • • • • #bts #btsimagines #imagines #army #bangtan #kimnamjoon #kimseokjin #minyoongi #junghoseok #parkjimin #kimtaehyun #jeonjungkook #rm #jin #suga #jhope #jimin #v #jungkook
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