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To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul”
Rooftops ________________________________ #vscocam #vscoportraits
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If someone ever ask(ed) me y do i love to take pictures at cfd, here's the reason. No matter how many times I've been there, the moment will never be the same. Eventho the background is still the same, like the road, transjakarta, buildings etc, but the story, the vibes, the emotion, they will always be different. . This shot for example. I've never seen this man until that morning. This masked man hid himself behind the barriers while other performers took 2 lanes of the road so people could notice them. . But this man, nah. He sat there, with his head down, while his hand played the instrument. I don't even know what song he played, but somehow it just sounds so sincere (or is it just me being emotional idk). He doesn't look at the passerby, asking for money. No. He only put a box in front of him and he just play the song. Even when someone is giving him money, he kept playing. . He's kinda mysterious but... Idk maybe it's because that unique-mask. . #killyourcity #citykillerz #illgramers #way2ill #agameoftones #urbex #createexplore #exploretocreate #streetactivityteam #streetdreamsmag #neverstopexploring #featuremeinstagood #igersone #shoot2kill #streetshared #streetmobs #urbanphotography #streetphotography #streetexploration #urbanandstreet #imaginatones #streettogether #streetmagazine #streetmobs #peopleinsquare #moodygrams #illgrammers #instasunda #explorejakarta
Greed or Desire
Off to Foreign Shores ⛵
safe place
Tropical 🌴 #beachside #fromabove
. 人酷不怕巷子深. Stay cool in alley. ——————— 👇🏻 ——————— Photo credit to @ucchow . In frame: @bizarre_4 . ——————— 🔍 ——————— 关注并在贴文中添加标签 #DiscoverShenzhen , 分享你探索发现的深圳。 Follow and tag your photo with #DiscoverShenzhen to share your discovery about Shenzhen.
* Yeh meri family - Part 1 * फूलों का तारों का, सबका कहना हैं... एक हज़ारों में, तेरी बहना हैं। * With the boy I love the most - @kartik.sahdev * Best friend, worst enemy... Partner in crime. * P.S. - I love you the most, but dad loves me more! * I miss you, idiyat 💩 *
, Walau panas terik matahari, . . Terkadang pada suatu perjalanan kita terlalu mementingkan tujuan apa yang diperoleh. Padahal dibalik itu ada sesuatu yang lebih penting dan selalu dikesampingkan, yaitu proses yang kita lakukan setiap saat tuk menggapai tujuan. . Bukankah menyenangkan berproses? yang pada akhirnya nanti kita bisa mengerti mengapa tujuan itu ada. . #ExploreSingapore #NationalStadiumSingapore
Beauty and the Beast. ❤️
John Lim with a cool look. 🧑
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