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Guess what I did?!!!?? . . . I figured out the cause of the mystery bloat..... drum roll please 🥁 STEVIA. —-Yup. That healthy sweetener has been causing me horrible painful bloat for months now and because it is technically the best of the sweeteners it didn’t cross my mind that it could be the culprit. I am so happy that I’ve figured this out. But I’m also incredibly sad because some of my favorite treats have stevia in them and the supplements that I JUST ordered and finally got in the mail also have it in them 😩 so moving forward I will be sticking with the real deal when I want sugar and just limiting the quantity and or using honey or agave. But bye bye fake sugars and ✌🏻 out bloated belly 👋🏻
READ 👉🏻 I’ve always believed that consistency was key but I have NEVER been able to be consistent for more than a week because I believed that “consistency” had to be restricting and being “perfect”... consistently. I’d do great for a day or two and then I’d begin to start eating “bad” food like those chocolate chips that I was craving like crazy and then I’d start to feel like I was failing and before I knew it, I’d binged all weekend. It’s a vicious cycle. - Tracking macros is not for everyone and that’s okay! You do you! But for me, it’s been a serious life saver. I’ve been truly consistent for almost 3 months now and I’m seeing SUCH great results while still being able to enjoy the holiday treats, date night treats, the chocolate that is a necessity during that time of month 🤷‍♀️ etc! - Special thanks to @iheartmacros for recipe inspiration and killer workouts 🙌🏻 • • • #mombod #momlife #fitmom # #abcheck #consistency #macrotracking #macros #iheartmacros
🎄Easy peasy Homemade Donuts! I used @vonshef.us mini donut maker, but you can totally make these as muffins!! Frost or eat plain😉
🎄Bringing you... 12 days of protein⁣ products⁣! ⁣ Day One 🍌🍌🍌 What: @detourbar Detour Smart Banana Nut⁣ Oatmeal Bar with Whey Protein Yogurt⁣ Drizzle⁣ Claims: Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Good⁣ Source of Fiber⁣ Nutrition: 4g Fat, 18g Carb, 10g Protein,⁣ 3g Fiber, 4g Sugar⁣ Price Point: $1.25⁣ Score: 8/10⁣ Smell: Sweet and Banana-y⁣ Taste: No distinct whey protein⁣ taste. Apparent banana flavor that is not overpowering. Banan bread-esque with hints of cinnamon and brown sugar. Not overly sweet.⁣ Texture: Soft, chewy, a little crispy here⁣ and there from the walnuts and dried banana pieces!⁣ ⁣ #protein #proteinbars#healthysnacking #christmas#snacktime #banana #oatmeal#healthysnacking #iifym #macros#iifymgirls #healthy #eathealthy#healthysnacks #food #foodie #instafit#fitfam #foodiefinds #macrohunter#iheartmacros
Just getting to the gym -> post warm up Got my workout in today!! Even though it was cold and I didn't want to go. I'll be suuuuper honest and say today was NOT an easy day to motivate myself. But once I got to the gym I was in my happy place. Learning to still do hard things even when we're not motivated is what keeps us progressing through it all. This simple habit doesn't demand perfection. Or 100% of your energy. It does however make your mind stronger. . . . Also. I'm always in a jacket now unless I'm at home wrapped in a heated blanket or actually working out 😂 I've lost some extra blubber and I'm struggling to stay warm in the winter. Oh well, this whale turned dolphin ain't going back! When summer hits and its warm all the time I'll be thankful 😂🤷‍♀️ . . . . #TooColdToCare #SummerBodInTheMaking #NSV #FitnessMotivation #FitnessJourney #WeightLossJourney #55PoundsDown #BlatantlyBlaire #GirlsWhoLift #ObeseToBeast #WeightLoss #GymShark #FitnessCarliMealPlan #IHeartMacros #FitSpo
New blog post is up. Basically, I got fat. Now I must do something about it. Link in bio. . . . #fattieboomboom #deuce #deuceandahalf #variantpressing #iheartmacros #myfitnesspal #heavydroptraining #goruck #brokemansrunning
Day 16.. down 10lbs and extremely hungry. Between logging all my movements and the @endurelite #performelite I am staying motivated and full of energy at the gym. Starting to add more running into my workouts now so I can find my way back to an OCR event soon, and to get ready for Broken Arrow Skyrace. Here's to working on being consistent. #iheartmacros #iheartpizzaandcake #findingmyfast #legday #inspired
Transformation Tuesday Shoutout! “I’ve been an athlete and active my entire life and had never struggled with weight until grad school. But since starting grad school in 2016, I let the late night hours of studying and mindless eating get the best of me. In 18 months, I put on almost 30 pounds. I felt unmotivated and overwhelming fatigue every single day. Fast forward 7 months into my journey with the FASTer Way to Fat Loss - I’m feeling stronger, have more energy than ever, I’m sleeping like a baby, and I’m actually eating MORE than I was 7 months ago! I’ve been able to keep up with this program even throughout my crazy grad school hours and late nights of studying. I finally feel like I’m in control of what I eat, rather than trying to starve myself to lose a few pounds. This program is truly life-changing and not just another quick fix! If you’re looking for a sign to make a change in your life, this is it!” -Kelsey | | | | You can have a story too!! If you are ready to write it with a different ending here’s your chance!! Get signed up for my next round in the NEW YEAR!! @aubrey_borba
Who bakes and creates with their protein powder? .. Miss @kalekouture for sure does! — • 1 cup oat flour • 2 scoops @iheartmacros vanilla cream protein • 1/4 cup melted peanut butter • 1/4 cup @naturenates vanilla honey • 2 Tbsp almond milk • sprinkles 😍 - #kalekouture #cakebatter #proteinbites #proteinballs #iheartmacros #protein #proteinpowder #preworkout #healthysnack #macrofriendly #healthytreat #kansascity #wellness #instagood #instafood #buzzfeedhealthy #buzzfeedtasty
The main question I get from people is how do I lose my stomach weight . . Unfortunately you can’t choose where you are going to lose weight but you can start making changes to start seeing the scale move or jeans get a little looser . . 1. Start logging your food, not only is it so helpful to really open your eyes and see what’s going on with your diet but it also lets you know how much you are currently eating . 2. Once you know what how many calories you are already eating you can start adjusting it to meet your goals . 3. Start Trying to eat protein with every meal. You can get protein from meats, fish, dairy and protein shakes. It helps keep you fuller longer and is what feeds your muscles . 4. Start moving, walking running anything that you enjoy and can commit to as well as resistance training at least 3 times a week. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn so get in there and start lifting . If you need any help with this don’t hesitate to reach out, put a link in my bio to an article all about protein and its roll in fat loss if you would like to get more info!
Cant even believe my #TransformationTuesday post today. Everytime I compare to my starting photo I'm blown away. This wasn't a 12 week transformation. This isn't about a short term solution. This is about teaching myself and being willing to learn good, sustainable habits. This took over 10 MONTHS and I'm still not done! That's because this is a JOURNEY. A life change. Along the way I've learned a few things... 1.Make time for the gym, because it's never gonna be convenient. 2.Eat your vegetables, because not only will your body thank you, but you'll learn to enjoy and appreciate them. 3. Eating a cheat meal wont ruin your progress. ENJOY YOUR LIFE! It's about balance, and as long as you're on track most of the time it's going to work! So have a piece of cake. You deserve it. I've been proud of myself as every stage, and I continue to blow my own mind with the progress I'm making. Here's to continued development and change for the better, we got this ya'll!!!❤❤❤ . . . . P.s if you laugh at my expression in the first photo? Know that I'm laughing 10X harder 😂🤣🤦‍♀️ what face was I even MAKING?? #WhatEven . . #Transform #55PoundsDown #BlatantlyBlaire #GirlsWhoLift #ObeseToBeast #WeightLoss #GymShark #FitnessCarliMealPlan #IHeartMacros #FedUpFam #WeightLossJourney #FatToFit #FitnessMotivation #FitnessJourney #PlusSize #CurvyFit #FitSpo #Motivation #GoalDigger #DreamChaser
Man... I’m trying not to beat myself up. Every time I’ve done a post on this I was already seeing results... this time I’m posting yet another “before” picture. I’m on week two of the @iheartmacros_ 8 week program. And week one ended with THREE Christmas parties. I was not strong. Not only that but I started week one following a flu weekend so I gained some weight back that I lost with the flu. That is to be expected, but still disappointed me. I’m posting this because it’s HARD to start over again, but I’m doing it. You have to start somewhere. Progress is a lot slower this time, but hopefully that’s because the changes I make will be lifetime changes. And hopefully those changes are just as much mental as they are physical. Starting over means I’m doing something! Here’s to starting again. #postlapband #postlapbandrecovery #iheartmacros
those of you who voted for cake batter protein balls last week, I didn’t forget about you! cake batter bites sweet enough to cure any monday blues 🍰 these bites are packed full of @iheartmacros vanilla cream protein (and pink sprinkles for good measure 💓) & are the perfect pre / post workout snack! recipe is below! “kale30” gets you 30% off on IHM protein powder 😊 - • 1 cup oat flour • 2 scoops @iheartmacros vanilla cream protein • 1/4 cup melted peanut butter • 1/4 cup @naturenates vanilla honey • 2 Tbsp almond milk • sprinkles 😍 - #kalekouture #cakebatter #proteinbites #proteinballs #iheartmacros #protein #proteinpowder #preworkout #healthysnack #macrofriendly #healthytreat #kansascity #wellness #instagood #instafood #buzzfeedhealthy #buzzfeedtasty
One of my favorite lunches the last couple weeks and it’s loaded with awesome macros. I could eat it everyday but I do like to switch things up so I don’t get bored. __________________________ 642 calories C: 52.2 | F: 22.4 | P: 31.9 __________________________ #foodporn #foodisfuel #lunchidea #macros #momlife #fitfam #foodie #healthyandhappy #goals #fitfam #foodgram #healthyeats #delish #instagood #absaremadeinkitchen #sundaymotivation #onedayatatime #eatclean #foodlover #macrocounter #iheartmacros #nutrition #flexibleeating
If you look at me, you would probably not guess that I’m a chronic overeater. ⁣I am partly blessed with a good metabolism and I stay active enough that the extra calories have never affected me *too* much. Either way, I know that what I’ve done isn't normal. It definitely isn't healthy. Trust me, if statistics bear out, it would eventually make me overweight.⁣ ▪️⁣⁣ My lowest points and unhealthy behaviors:⁣⁣ - Buying a package of lemon Oreos and eating the whole pack on the way home from the store⁣⁣ - Eating half a dozen cupcakes to “get them out of the house”⁣⁣ - Waking up and having all of the leftover dessert because I couldn’t have it just sit on the counter ⁣⁣ - Buying a container of lofthouse sugar cookies and “eating as many as I could” before I pulled in the driveway before throwing away the evidence in the trash⁣⁣ - Gained 8-10 pounds the months of Sept-Oct of this year. ⁣⁣ ▪️⁣⁣ Shameful? Yeah, maybe. But when I look at my binge eating paired with the ups and downs of my life over the past year, it makes sense. Food has been my security blanket, my shoulder to cry on, and my best friend. Food has also been my worst enemy, making me disgusted with myself and my behaviors at times. ▪️⁣⁣ I woke up one day EXHAUSTED and determined to quit the cycle of giving in, binging, and regretting. I was placing too much VALUE on the taste and feeling these foods provided me. I am not perfect and it’s something I work at daily.⁣⁣ My tips:⁣⁣ - Since binging is a way to comfort yourself, try replacing it with another comforting practice. I meditate/ practice deep breathing for even just 5 min a day! ⁣⁣ - Give yourself permission to be where you are in your life. ⁣⁣ - Love yourself enough to know you are worth not binging. ⁣⁣ - Stop bargaining with yourself. You know what I’m talking about, “I’ll eat this and then I’ll be good from here on out”. “I’ll do whatever I want today then start fresh tomorrow”. ⁣⁣ ▪️⁣⁣ These are things I’d never dream of sharing a few months ago but I sincerely hope being vulnerable and sharing helps someone going through the same thing. There is a light at the end of the tunnel ♥️
Oh Suuuuunday 💗 ... Rest day? Or go-day for you?
Sweat so good!!! This workout had me dripping sweat! Rolling off the tip of my nose🎉 I love when my workouts leave me lookin' like I just poured a bucket of water on my head 🤣🙌💪 #strongisthenewbeautiful #strengthtraining #iheartmacros #anxietyfighter #depressionfighter #depression #anxiety #chasingdreams #goals #nevergiveup #chasingboston #igotthis #goldsgym #goals
Kiiiinda fun to actually have a waist line now 😂😂😂 #NonScaleVictory This is from my leg work out which I finished around midnight last night. First time in months where I've worked out 5 days in a row! It just goes to show that when you have a plan, and you DECIDE to do something, you can really stick to it. I made a date with myself. And I didn't stand her up. . . . . . . . #IHeartMacros #FitnessCarliMealPlan #55PoundsDown #Fi #DietBetChallenge #GymShark #FitnessMotivation #GoalDigger #HealthJourney #FitnessJourney #FatToFit #CurvyFit #GymRat #ThickerThanASnicker #BlatantlyBlaire #GirlsWhoLift #LegDay #Gains #ObeseToBeast #WeightLoss #WeightLossJourney #FitFam
Currently on vacation in Mexico, visiting my hometown and spending some downtime with family and friends... but also taking this time to work out and do some strength training before I start training for @halflakesammamish next week! - Loving that I am losing more weight the more I run and that I’m actually taking my time to be fit, while also indulging in some Mexican goodies 😋 - 2 things I’ve noticed while being here: 1) Running faster is easier, I don’t run out of breath that much 2) The food is less greasy in Mexico and lighter. No stomach issues! 🙌🏼
🍑BOOTY BURNER 🍑 I do these burnouts until failure a few times throughout my leg workout and then to finish at the end! I guarantee your buns and quads will be on fire and your heart rate will be UP! 🙌🏼 #booty #legday #glutes #workoutmotivation #iheartmacros #gluteworkout #fitness #hiit #legworkout #cardio #plyometrics #ptulaactive #ptula #weightloss #momswholift #mombod
It’s amazing how much easier it is to run when I’m not pushing two babies in a stroller. Got some good beads going. #soattractive #goodthingimmarried #postlapband #postlapbandsuccessstory #iheartmacros8weekprogram #backonthewagon #healthyliving #iheartmacros
dinner on the go tonight!🏃🏽‍♀️my favorite @iheartmacros protein shake in my favorite @healthyhumanlife tumbler 😍 this tumbler keeps coffee steamin’ hot 🔥 and my smoothies ice cold ❄️ it would be the perfect Christmas gift! in my smoothie: 1 cup almond milk, 1 scoop vanilla cream protein, & ice, all blended up and topped with @earthbalance coconut pb & frozen raspberries! basically an adult pb & j 😉 “kale30” saves you 30% off on @iheartmacros protein powder! - #kalekouture #healthyhumanlife #healthyhuman #tumbler #coffee #smoothie #proteinshake #iheartmacros #protein #buzzfeedhealthy #fitness #kcblogger #wellnessblogger #kcigers #igeats #kansascity #wellness #instagood #instafood #buzzfeedhealthy #buzzfeedtasty
⛄️GIVEAWAY WINNER @jenniferhess75 ⛄️ Tis the Season!🎁The Season for Giveaways!! And coffee and snowman cookies⛄️Enter to win a $20 Starbucks gift card AND a tub of the delicious Strawberry Lemonade BCAAs from @iheartmacros 💖Sorry... Cookie not included... Already ate his head🙃 • To enter to win: ❤️The post 👉Follow @kimhoeltje (Me😉) and @iheartmacros 👉Tag your friends 👉Go to Starbucks drink?? • US Only 💛Enter multiple times by tagging more friends 💛Post in story for extra entry 💛Winner announced in the post! • This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.
#tbt to last week when my husband (who can drive me nuts) loved me so much that he was a #basicwhitegirl with me and went to every possible LA bravo hotspot we could find to celebrate my birthday. And even though that was fun what was even better was spending 36 hours with my best friend. Feeling very grateful this week for all that we have together. 💗💑💗
This is a video from work..testing out some pads to see if we can stop some of the vibration in the room above all our cardio equipment. But this is also my Day 9 post. Workout was ok, but I hate getting home late from gym. #makingitapriority #forgotmyperformelite #iheartpizzaandcake #iheartmacros
Gym selfies for dazeee 😘💪 HIIT is DONE and so is day 4 of the Cut! Just had my first unofficial weigh in for dietbet, and let's just say I've got this goal in the bag 😍😍😍 #55PoundsDown
Lunch: while my 30 days cut has officially finished I’m still going with it this week doing a 36 days cut! 😂 • This are the leftovers from last night. Prawns with taco seasoning, homemade mango salsa, coconut jasmine rice and coleslaw without sauce. Yummy and protein packet! 80g of rice 100g of prawns 2 tablespoonfuls of salsa 32.8g C • 4.4g F • 28.2g P• • #mymacros #iheartmacros #proteinpacked #yummo #cleaneating #lunch #leftovers #dontbescaredofwhiterice #dietaflexivel #flexiblediet #macrocounting
✌🏻posts in one week?! The slump must be over @familyfitlife 😃 @melsweatstyle and @graymatterstrong motivated me to really push my weight today and I managed to squat my body weight 🙀 super proud of this. It’s definitely been a mental block more than anything but @stephanieh84 helped me to realize that slow increases will get me there. And I DID IT 💃🏻 and when you’re on a roll you go ahead and finish off a killer #legday with some pistol squat practice obviously. . Can’t have a bad day when it starts off with a double 🌈 🌈 now off to try and buy the hardest man in the world a Christmas gift. Any of you ladies have a husband like that? I think going to the golf store is my safest bet 🏌️
How do you guys count points for Acai bowls? 🍓 First time trying açaí and I went with @traderjoes unsweetened açaí packet and @iheartmacros protein powder as the base. Yum! If I enter it as not a drink, it’s 2 points, but if I enter it as a drink, it’s 7... I decided to go with the middle ground and count it as 4. Thoughts?
❄️What makes cold, snowy mornings better? Cookies for breakfast! Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies that is😉Best part? 10 cookies is one serving! * * * * * Macros: 10 cookies (base recipe without chocolate) - 285 calories 9F 24C 31P Recipe in the comments as always👇Tag me if ya try! #KimHoeltje
Loved working out in my new @gymsharkwomen gear!!! Also I just had the best sesh for Back & chest +30 minutes LISS cardio EVEEEER😍😍😍 If you were curious my workout plan is via @iheartmacros cut program!! I've been asked a few times now which workout program to buy, and my answer is ALWAYS to find a program that works for YOU. That YOU can stick to. That makes YOU feel powerful!!! Get that? Its entirely about you and what makes you excited to go to the gym, excited to push yourself. I've found mine, and I couldn't be happier with it!! #IHeartMacros #55PoundsDown #WorkoutSmashed #FitSpo #FitnessCarliMealPlan #FitnessJourney #GoalDigger #GymRat #GetItGirl #GymShark Edit: booty-poppin pose instructions are via @ellacherise 😂😍😘 thanks girl!
W H E R E T O S T A R T⠀ here is quick list of whole foods to help clean up your diet. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the balance life and treats, but it’s 80/20 so most of the time I’m aiming for healthy and whole foods. ⠀ ⠀ Carbs⠀ rice, quinoa, oats, breads, wraps, most veggies and fruit⠀ ⠀ Protein⠀ Chicken, lean ground beef and turkey, fish, shrimp, tuna, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs⠀ ⠀ Fats⠀ Peanut butter (my fave), Avocado, nuts⠀ ⠀ These are just a few examples. But they are my go to’s⠀ Ps, I know this pic has nothing to do with food lol- but I really thought it was beautiful!⠀ ⠀ Photo credit @stellalunastudio ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #macrosforthewin #macrocounting #balancebabes #balance #crushinggoals #discoverunder5k #discoverunder10k #microinfluencer #Boostyourmood #foodforthewin #foodie #iheartmacros #tsawwassen #lungesandlipstick #lungesandlipstickfitness #Ladner #BC #canada #Delta #Fuelthebody #workhardplayhard #seeksimplicity #changeyourdiet #watchthemagic #Startnow #justdoit #dontgiveup #f21xme #bethechange #iifymgirls
Pre and Post workout. Loving the @endurelite #performelite and my R8 @rollrecovery. Day 8 of the journey in the books. Feels great to get back on the horse that I fell off of after WTM 2017. #findingfast #endurance #ultradreamer #inspired #iheartmacros #iheartpizzaandcake
Today’s workout was perfect 👌🏻 I could not have loved it anymore. I finished off the day with a follow up visit in regards to some of my ongoing symptoms I’ve been dealing with and my doctor suggested I try a #lowfodmap diet. I’ve been avoiding this but I think he is right and it’s time to suck it up and give it my best effort . Anyone here try it with success? What’s funny is that I am sad about all the veggies I can’t eat. He basically told me I eat way too many of all the bad veggies. Who knew a vegetable could be bad?? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤯 I still plan to track my macros especially since something can be low #fodmap at one serving and higher at the next. Looks like I’ve just found my new December goal that I was contemplating over yesterday
Macro friendly breakfast 🤗 . . 🥚 egg whites 🥬 spinach + kale 🍫 chocolate rice cakes 🥜 organic PB2 . . Protein ✔️ Fats ✔️ Carbs ✔️ . . #iheartmacros #macrocounting #macros #countingmacros #ifitfitsyourmacros #health #healthylifestyle #healthysnacks #healthybreakfast #healthyeating #macrofriendly
Do you mentally prepare yourself for tomorrows workout the night before ? ... I do! 🙋🏼‍♀️— Why? It actually helps me eat just a little cleaner at dinner time and really stick to my macros! — When you do this your workouts are soooo much better in my opinion! Do you follow??? .... If you over eat and/or binge you will feel sick. Your workout may feel sluggish and most likely you will be unmotivated. AND on the flip side if deprive yourself your workout can suck the life right out of you! 😭 ... So CHOOSE how you want to feel!!! Fuel your body. Be nice to your body! It is one amazing machine!
Thank you @fitbabemichelle for coming up with this! I needed a sweet treat and this hit the spot! I didn’t have any almond milk so I used hemp milk instead with @iheartmacros Protein powder and it was so good. 7.2g fat/20.3g carbs/22g protein. . . . . . . . . . . . . #iheartmacros #countingmacros #macros #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #fitness #fitnessjourney #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #diastasisrecti #halfmarathontraining #marathontraining #preworkout #preworkoutdrink #sweettooth #bbg #bbgstronger #bbgmoms
When a cookbook changes your mind from being intimidated to cook to holy shit what can I make next?! You know it’s special . . You all know how much I love this Cookbook, especially since I have never used “excited” and “cook” in the same sentence . I am constantly blown away by the ease and tastes of every meal that comes out of this book. I have found a new excitement for cooking that I never thought possible . . So with great pride I am happy to share that I am now a Brand Ambassador for Fit Home and health . . The Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen Cookbook is something that I truly have gained so much from and am excited to continue to share it with all of you! . If you would like to see what all the excitement and love is about I put the link in my bio where you can get more info and free shipping on your order. I can’t wait for you to fall in love with this book as much as I am! And as always if you have any questions I’m here if you need anything!
Signed up for my third half marathon! This one will be 2 weeks before my marathon 😱 I’m hoping to get in one in January also, to make sure I really was to run 26.2 🤔😬 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #health #healthyeating #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #runningcommunity #runnersworld #fitspo #fitspiration #healthblog #runnergirl #runnerlife #womansrunningcommunity #runhappy #halfmarathon #halfmarathontraining #halfmarathoner #brooksrunning #bbg #bbgstronger #exorcise #marathontraining #iheartmacros #macros #countingmacros
This guy says he is just prepping to look 80 years old early in these glasses 🧐... Yay or Nay? #helpme
Sundays are for baking. Sundays are for donuts. Sundays are for baking donuts! Recipe for these Mini Donuts👇I topped with a white chocolate drizzle and sprinkles, but get creative!!
Talking about my diet and fitness on my stories tonight 😬! I’m sooooo sorry they are so obnoxiously long! If you’re not into that kind of thing, save yourself some time and DON’T watch them. I’ve just been getting enough questions lately that I thought I would address the subject of my diet and fitness routine. I would like to put a disclaimer out that I’m NOT a fitness account, personal trainer or nutritionist, but I do love feeling good and all these things are really important to me as I get older. If you’re looking for the real deal, check out my friends at @iheartmacros ! They are amazing and can give you the perfect plan to get you on track with your 2019 goals 💪🏼! I’ll also save my stories in the highlights so you can watch them later. #FitnessGoals #Moderation #HealthyBody #HealthyMind
So ready for my second half marathon tomorrow! I am hoping to PR- but even if I don’t I will be happy for completing a second one🏃🏼‍♀️ Check out @emilyijackson running guide if you are wanting to train for a half marathon, it’s such a good guide! . . . . . . . . . . . #halfmarathon #halfmarathontraining #marathon #marathontraining #momswhorun #hollyjollyhalfmarathon #running #runningmotivation #halfmarathonrunner #bbg #queenteam #iheartmacros #emilyjacksonrunningguide #momswhorun #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #healthylifestyle #healthyliving
Day 6. This is me being accountable. I am at least gonna post every day of my 30 day challenge. I am still grumpy about this but it's mostly because I'm trying to eat better and I like lots of food that isnt really good for you in the quantities I like to eat. Having a little worry moment a few weeks ago that led to a EKG and a Treadmill Stress Test has me motivated. #iheartmacros #doi #iheartpizzaandcake #BANg #poweredby #endurelite #performelite
You know what all my DM’s consists of for the past few days??? .... HOW do you make that cream of wheat stuff? WHEN are you going to post and story the cream of wheat? WHAT is in it? And WHY do you choose cream of what over oatmeal??? ... CUZ I FREAKING LOVE IT! 👊🏼 — So here’s the post on HOW I make it and I will do story today so you can see me in action making it 👌🏼 But just a for warning... it will NOT be as pretty as this picture I found on google. Just FYI ☺️ - Ingredient: 1 packet cream of wheat 150g liquid egg whites 80g frozen blueberries 20g almond butter (crunchy is best) 1/2 cup water Mix: Cream of wheat, egg whites, water in a bowl and stir. Pop in the microwave for 2min and stir every 30sec. You can cook longer or shorter, depending on the consistency that you prefer. About 1:30sec in, I add the frozen blueberries and stir. Microwave for the last 30sec and then top your steamy hot bowl of goodness with 20g almond butter, and your good to go!!! If you need it sweeter add in some stevia or syrup of your choice! #macrobossbabe — MACROS : 25p 33c 10f - 343calories
After I get the kids snacks packed I forget to pack anything for myself . . This is a problem many Mom’s have.We pack snacks and drinks for all our kids because heaven help us if we don’t have snacks at all times! But never pack anything remotely close to a meal for ourselves🤦🏽‍♀️ . . Which then leads to us shoving whatever is left behind or at the bottom of the bag. But that ends right now. This bar is a complete meal replacement. Doesn’t make you feel like you’ve swallowed a brick and tastes like a freaking candy bar cause you know that’s what really matters am I right👌🏼 . . Whole food is always a priority but when you have a bunch of kids running at the park you have to be on your toes. That’s where a protein bar is a perfect choice. 20g of protein will keep your stomach full and happy! Because not eating isn’t good for anyone involved👎🏼 Any questions I’m happy to help!
Last workout as a 37 year old and after going #rouge yesterday with last weeks #challenge this was EXACTLY what I needed. Best full body workout in a long long time. C4 hands down favorite. I love a #Landmine exercise . It’s cold and rainy here and when you are a spoiled rotten so cal girl all you want to do is climb in bed with some coffee and trashy tv. Well at least that’s what I really wanted to do but instead I forced myself to the gym and I am so thankful I did. Last year at this time I started @alexia_clarks program as a birthday gift to myself but I didn’t fully dive in until Jan. But it was by far the best gift I could have ever given myself and I am can not express enough how fortunate I feel to have found this program and all you #Queens that I love and adore so much 😘😘
30 days cut from @iheartmacros. On the right with 57.8kg and on the left with 54.9kg 2.9kg in 30 days!!!(hopefully it will be 54 by next week). • • I had a goal this year to achieve 55kg and besides all my health issues that still ongoing I have managed to train hard and once the doctor told me I was able to do my cut I ran for it! • • You asked me if it was hard and I will say: nops very doable and I’ve learned so much more about counting macros and how disciplined I can be! • • I loved so much I would keep on going if I wasn’t going on holidays next week. • • I’ve been a massive fan of @iheartmacros @iheartmacros_ Quincey and @bwhimpey they’re definitely the real deal and such an inspiring hard working couple. • • While I did work with Quincey’s macros I’ve still done all my dearest @queenteam workouts, because you know you girls have supported me from day one and on the toughest moments of my life this year you were all there constantly for me. Love you girls! #queenteam @alexia_clark • And bring it on my first two piece bikini 👙 in 9 years!! • #iheartmacros #quinceyandbrandon #queenteam #alexiaclark #countingmacros #30daycut #dietaflexivel #flexiblediet #bringitontwopiecebikini #macros
So I have been following this macro coach for a while all while thinking I really should do that and give it a go. To be honest I was very nervous about the whole thing though because when I first started my weight loss journey I found my self with being obsessed with counting calories and eating only things that were low calorie even if it wasn’t always nutritious. So for a while I have sat back and watched this coach support the girls who signed up with her and how she helped change others lives. Fast forward this coach released a protein powder that many raves about how it didn’t hurt people’s stomach who couldn’t handle diary- I bought it and loved it. Fast forward to when I was buying scrubs for nursing school. They were a little right but I thought “ oh I can lose a few pounds in the next 2 months and it will be fine” but then I gained weight. This past Black Friday this coach offered an amazing deal and I figured that NOW is the time. Time to stop sitting back watching others become successful. Stop being afraid of my past. Time to trust the process and that if there’s issue having a coach will be helpful to get past any issues. I am doing this to tone up but mostly I am doing this to get into a routine with eating better and making healthier choices before the hell of nursing school starts. Yesterday was the first day I counted my macros and it wasn’t as hard as I expected BUT it definitely was eye opening. I went over but that’s ok- lessons learned and now it’s time to adjust and keep pushing forward. #macrocounting #ifitfitsyourmacros #macros #macrocoaching #takingaleapoffaith #trustingtheprocess #makingbetterchoices #fitmom #fitgirl #fitnurse #getfit #gethealthy #iheartmacros
G I V E T H E G I F T O F H E A L T H⠀ ⠀ Don’t know what to buy this Christmas? Grab a session for you and your mom, or you and a girlfriend. Spend time together and get fit!! Best ever! 🙌🏽🙌🏽⠀ Or⠀ ⠀ Buy you and your bestie a ticket to the 2019 fitness retreat, sweat laugh and be pampered!! ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #keepitsimple df #workout #liftweights qw#docardio #eathealthy #watchthechange #lungesandlipstick d #lungesandlipstickfitness #ladner #delta #tsawwassen #dontgiveup #persistence #ibelieveinyou #fitnesscounts #selfcare f #dontoverthinkit ty #microinfluencer #nevergiveup #consistencyiskey #consistency ii#iifym #iifymgirls df #iheartmacrosgirls #iheartmacros #onestepatatime ty #eatclean fly #discoverunder10k #seeksimplicity #discoverunder5k
I’ve just come up with a mix of ingredients to help reaching my protein intake. Is yummy and can be enjoyed as a dessert, arvo snack or even brekkie. • Ingredients: • 50g of light cottage cheese • 50g of plain protein yoghurt or Greek yoghurt •1 tablespoon of PB2 •1 banana • stevia a few drops • toppings of your choice (mine is macadamia, coconut and pumpkin seeds) Recipe: Mix cottage cheese and yoghurt with PB2 in a blender, add some stevia. Cut your banana in half lengthwise and quickly pan fry until it gets brown I’ve added 1/4 of a teaspoon of ghee to not stick on the pan. Add the banana on top of your protein packet mix and add some toppings, if you’re not on a cut like me you can add a drizzle of 100% maple syrup! Yummm 😋 • C32.1g F2.9g P13.8g • #mymacros #countingmacros #flexiblediet #30dayscut #iheartmacros #snack #protein #proteinpacket #mumswholift #mamaesfitness #maesquetreinam #mamaesfit #dietaflexivel #dietaflexivelbrasil
I don’t have the time or money to waste on stuff that isn’t going to get me results . Being a stay at home mom I have a budget to stick to, so buying in on gimmicks or the latest craze isn’t going to cut it . . That’s what I love about this industry and helping all of you. I get to share everything that has made living this lifestyle easier for me. I don’t share or promote anything that I haven’t personally used or think you could benefit from! Honest, real and straight up is how this Mama operates 💪🏼 . How many of you are in the same boat and just want to live this lifestyle as easy and true as possible?
I don’t really wanna work out today ... BUT I am going to workout! 💪🏼 I know the difference between needing a “rest day” and then being kinda lazy ☺️☺️ ... it’s just a mere decision to tell yourself “YOU ARE WORKING OUT TODAY” ... cuz have you ever regretted a good sweat session??? — I am working legs, bum and core. What are you working today? Weights, cardio, barre, yoga, running, etc????
In case you forgot to remind yourself this morning... 🍑Your butt is perfect. 😁Your smile lights up the room. 🤓Your mind is insanely cool. 🥰You are way more than enough. 🤘🏻And you’re doing an incredible job. Goal: Work on more positive self talk. Choose strong over thin. Love my body in all its seasons. Body image.
Going out on a limb here. Who can relate? .... I am alittle embarrassed to say that I still deal with body dysmorphia. I fight it. There are days I am unstoppable and feel nothing but self love. Days, weeks and months can go by and I feel amazing inside and out. 🙌🏼❤️ Confidence will be through the roof .... Then there will be a moment like this. And even though I know physical, I have not changed, something mentally has shifted in me. It’s not fun and it’s not fair. 😒 BUT it is real. How do we cope? How do we not throw in the towel, rummage through the fridge and pantry and finish off all the yummy snacks we have been holding out on.... and how do we not second guess everything we have been doing the last few weeks? ....Second guessing our macros and our workouts.. 😒 — WE FIGHT GIRLS! We fight HARD and allow our selves to love on a deeper level. Our size does NOT matter! The girl in the mirror is just as beautiful. Push out the negative thoughts and KNOW you’re as good today as you were yesterday. Our appearance does not make us better. WE make us better. The good stuff on the inside ❤️... Fight hard, shed some tears and realize you are enough. You are right where you need to be. I realize now that if I give into those negative feelings and thoughts, it takes away my power. Power to do good. Power to love. Power to think of others. And power to build someone else up..... So if you’re having a day like this, just know you’re not alone. Know we are all going through something and it’s ok. You will get through it. Just keep fighting ❤️
For real though 😆 @bwhimpey #15years
I’m always low on my fats! What foods can I use to help get my fats in check . I used to struggle to meet my fat numbers for the day. I have realized this is a common problem for most people that reach out for help. A couple ways that help me get my fats up- . •Switching to whole eggs instead of just egg whites . •Cooking in olive oil, with my potatoes especially is delicious I can share the recipe! . •Utilizing nuts like almonds . . •Using peanut butters, I personally make peanut butter protein balls that way I can cure my sweet tooth and get my fats in at the same time! I can share the recipe as well . . Hope this helps! What are some of your favorite ways to get in fats??
Let’s talk body image!! In a world full of body shaming and self doubt. I want to be deliberate about loving and being thankful for the body God gave me. Having an ostomy bag has been a very difficult transition. Physically and emotionally. I have spent to many days looking in the mirror thinking wow this is way harder than I ever thought it would be. People told me not to put on a bathing suite because it would discourage me... Well 9 weeks out from surgery here I am in a bathing suite. Has it discouraged me. No. Has it fueled me to want to bring awareness to what life looks like with an ostomy bag?!! Absolutely..100%!!! Every scar you see or don’t see tells a story of some life saving procedure needed for me to be able to stand here today bathing suite and all. This Ostomy bag is gifting me a summer with my girls. Full of fun, sun and pool time. I want to be confident in this new normal. I want my girls to see a mom who looks in the mirror with thankful eyes. Thankful for the scars.. thankful for this ostomy bag and thankful for the ability I have to be the mom I want to be. We get one shot. One shot to enjoy life. One shot To maximize the blessing it is to live and breathe. I don’t want to be embarrassed or ashamed of the scars or the Ostomy bag that has given me life! Here I am. This is me. Living my best life. Embracing and normalizing life with an ostomy! There is so much freedom in vulnerability and if you know me well you know this is about as vulnerable as it gets! This week starts a five month journey with @iheartmacros to become the healthiest version of myself. Follow along with me as we work together on fueling my body with the proper macros!!! I will be posting on my story fun food options and macro friendly meals. I look forward to having you journey with me 💜#ostomyawareness #ulcerativecolitisfighter #macro #macrocounting #iifym #ibdawareness #embracingthebag #iheartmacros #autoimmunedisease #ulcerativecolitis #confidence #beconfidentinyourskin #baginabikini 🤣
#transformationtuesday ... 🖤 10 years between these photos and 10 things I wish I would have known back then: 1. IT WILL BE HARD - Realizing and understanding that weight loss is hard and will not come easy, is huge. Hard doesn’t mean impossible though! 2. WEIGHT LOSS WILL NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY - Let me repeat that. Weight loss will not magically make you happy. It will not solve all of your problems. YOU make YOU happy! 3. MENTAL CHANGES - Losing weight is just as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one. For me it took loving myself and accepting myself first and then the physical changes followed. 4. YOU WILL FAIL MANY TIMES - and that’s OK! There are only winners and learners. 5. LEAN ON OTHERS - Ask for help. You don’t have to do it alone. 6. LOVE YOURSELF - Love yourself through it all. Don’t wait until you get to a certain size or number on the scale and don’t wait until others find you worthy. 7. STRENGTH TRAINING IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS CARDIO - You will not get “bulky” lifting the weights! 8. RESULTS WON’T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT - You need the strength to be patient too! Don’t be trusted at week 3 when you don’t have your bikini body. How long did it take you to pack on the pounds? Be willing to work and wait! 9. CONSISTENCY IS KEY - Slow and steady wins the race. 10. OK TO SAY NO - You don’t have to have the dessert on girls night. You don’t have to have seconds of grandmas lasagna. You are in charge of what goes in your mouth — 🖤And - PERFECTION IS A WEIGHT LOSS MYTH, AND A MOTIVATION KILLER - Don’t strive for perfection, reach for progression! #macrobossbabe
2019 F I T N E S S R E T R E A T⠀ Well babes here is a save the date because it’s coming soooooon. ⠀ ⠀ It’s up in the web, and you better grab your spot fast!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤⠀ ⠀ January 19th, 2019⠀ ⠀ It’s going to be AMAZING!!!⠀ ⠀ Lunch catered by chopped leaf ⠀ 1hr fitness class (all fitness levels)⠀ Guest Speaker⠀ Goal planning session⠀ Door prizes⠀ Swag bags ⠀ Braid bar⠀ Facial bar ⠀ And more!!⠀ ⠀ Grab your ticket soon, because space is limited! ⠀ ⠀ I can’t even wait!! Xoxoxo ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ⠀ #planahead #womenwithaplan #mealprep #workoutprep #haveaplan #iifym #iifymgirls #failtoplanplantofail #dontgiveup #expectsuccess #watchthemagic #watchthemagichappen #lungesandlipstick #lungesandlipstickfitness #ladner #delta #tsawwassen #seeksimplicity #vanfitfam #chickswholift #iheartmacros #ilovemacros #discoverunder5k #fallinlovewithfitness #discoverunder10k #ibelieveinyou #hustlebabe #bossbabe #yougotthisgirl #makeithappen
Do you know what today is?? NATIONAL CAKE DAY!! Come celebrate with us! We’ve got cake bites, cake cookies and cake bars!!! . . #xpandnutrition #cakeday #nationalcakeday #cake #holiday #thanksgiving #cheatday #cheatmeal #icecream #foodie #protein #swoldier #macro #macros #iheartmacros #cookies #gym #healthylifestyle #health
Day one on @iheartmacros plan! Goal is to lower body fat% and gain muscle and tone out. Got my leg workout in for the day, and have a 6 mile run later tonight. I hit my goals for protein for breakfast, but was under in carbs and fat- so more for lunch/dinner. Counting macros is a lot different then calorie counting- trying to figure this all out 🤓. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #halfmarathontraining #marathontraining #runner #runnersofinstagram #runnerscommunity #momrunner #bbg #bbgstroger #queenteam #macros #countingmacros #iheartmacros #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #postpartum #momswhorun #momswholift #momlife #healthy #healthylifestyle #healthjourney #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #fitnessjourney #fitmom
Another day - another sale ☺️🎁 — BUT this is the LAST TIME this year, we will be doing a discount! So snag a iheartmacros plan for you or your favorite person this year for Christmas or the New Year! — Cyber Monday: take 20% OFF your order by using “cyberme” at checkout ✔️ . . . . #cyberme #lastsale #getfitandstayfit #iheartmacros #hiitathome #ballexercises #bingenomore
My numbers are in, and just in time for the new week to start tomorrow! I am looking forward to this new journey, and know that if I put in the hard work, time, and effort that I will see good results. I also started week 4 of my marathon training, so I am looking forward to seeing how my running gets now that I will be eating better. Look how much protein a day I need- insane! I wasn’t getting nearly enough before. I also need to drink 100 ozs of water a day which will be hard for me, but I’m up for the challenge. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #halfmarathontraining #marathontraining #runner #runnersofinstagram #runnerscommunity #momrunner #bbg #bbgstroger #queenteam #macros #countingmacros #iheartmacros #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #postpartum #momswhorun #momswholift #momlife #healthy #healthylifestyle #healthjourney #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #fitnessjourney #fitmom
My boys picked fresh flowers from our garden for me today. Bless 🙏🏻 I’ve made a protein packet sushi bowl for lunch after such a great leg day it was much needed! • • Os meninos colheram flores do jardim pra mim hoje! Depois de um ótimo leg day eu fiz um sushi bowl pro meu almoço! Bastante proteína e ômega 3! • • #queenteam #postworkout #macros #iheartmacros #30dayscut #lastweek #alexiaclark #lowerbody #cleaneating #comidasaudavel #postreino #mumswholift #mymactos #myfitnesspal #mamaesfit #mamaesfitness #dietaflexivel #lowerbodyworkout #homeworkouts
❄️Don’t be so hard on yourself❄️ I know I’m not alone right now when it comes to getting back on that “fit life” after enjoying Thanksgiving. The holidays are a time for family, friends, joy, and memories. • Cut yourself a little slack and know you are in control! I’m dedicating myself to tracking macros and lifting 4 days a week during the holidays. The other three, I am going to be mindful of what I’m putting into my body but I’m also going to be present with my family and friends. • Hitting your macros and staying on track during the holidays can be scary! But don’t let it be so scary that you don’t enjoy your Christmas parties and fun get togethers. Be mindful of your portion sizes, drink your water, and go to the gym as many days as you can. But overall, BE HAPPY! If that’s staying on track and being 💯 on your plan then so be it. But don’t feel guilty if you’re like me, and take a little break during the holidays. Some will agree with me and some will not. But this is what works for me. It’s a good reset for my body and mind. And there is no better time for me than The Holidays 🦃🎅🏼⛄️
Here is to all of you that have sleepless nights, long hours, over priced health insurance, people and families relying on you, to those that called their dreams into action, to those that risk their future by betting on today, here is to all the small business folks doing their thing. AND to those doing their best to make their side hustle their only hustle . Lord give us rain and a little bit of luck and we will do the rest - John Dutton . #smallbusinesssaturday #iheartmacros
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