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Some of the best people you will ever meet in this life are travelers. There is a certain energy about them that is exciting and inspiring. Their lives are rich in experience that allow them to see the world differently. They are more respectful of other cultures and traditions, more tolerant of each and everyone’s differences, and more willing to bend their opinions to make way for learning. When I started hanging out with them, my life has completely changed. I used to have friends who doubted my capability to visit my dream destinations and for a long time I believed them. I thought that it was all so unrealistic, that traveling is too expensive and that I might need to wait until retirement to afford a trip abroad. With traveler friends, it was different. They made me believe everything is possible. Doesn’t matter if I didn’t have enough money, they told me that I could go wherever I desire if I really want to. They are quite supportive of my dreams no matter how improbable they may seem. They taught me that there is no harm in trying. They advised me not to take life too seriously; make mistakes, live for the moment, enjoy life. Most of all they inspire me to never give up on a dream. But the thing with having traveler friends is, more often than not they choose to leave the country. In fact, 11 of them have already gone abroad, either to settle down or to become expats. In fact, I have another friend who is leaving this week to work abroad. And there’s one who is getting married this year and will eventually fly to Europe with her soon-to-be husband. Though I am genuinely happy for them, it also makes me sad that the people I used to hang with all the time have left one by one. And I am still here wondering if I will ever leave the way they do. You see, even as a kid, I have always wanted to move abroad. My friends told me that there is no doubt in their minds that I will go when the right time comes. You know what, I believe them. For now, I’m just happy that I have friends all over the world.
The light at the other side of the tunnel(Mizumoto Park, Tokyo, Japan/Jan. 19th, 2019)
_ 모든 것은 항상 그래왔다. 여행이 끝나거나 하루가 끝나거나 만남이 끝나는 모든 순간에도, 여전히 조용하고 변하지 않는 모습으로 맞이해주는 일상이 있었다. 모든 것은 항상 그래왔다. . . . 《17.12.18》🐒다이안지
antiques and animals 😍
Wat Chedi Luang é uma das atrações mais notórias e um dos templos mais importantes de Chiang Mai. Foi construído entre os séculos XIV e XV. . A estrutura (Chedi) tem 60m de altura e já chegou a ter 80m antes de um terremoto ocorrido em 1545. O templo passou por restauração nos anos 90 com apoio da Unesco e governo Japonês. . Luang significa grande, se remetendo ao tamanho do templo, que impressiona pela sua imponência e beleza! Sem falar da sensação de paz... 🤗 . 📸 @thiagosantospics #chiangmai #watchediluang #thailand #amazingthailand #peace #1000amazingplaces #beautiful #wonderful_places #traveling #tailandia #thaitrip #reviewchiangmai #namaste #keepexploring #templobudista #contemplar #agradecer #asia #ig_travel #travelgram #thailovers
The haze of the morning sun slowly dissipates — settling over the firey coral foliage of the trees lining the milky lapis and turquoise waters of the Katsura River below. Kyoto is one of Japan's most picturesque destinations, one that instantly enchants and intrigues visitors with its ornamental temples and blooming natural beauty. Arashiyama, pictured here, has been designated by the country as a historic landmark region, as well as an official "Place of Scenic Beauty" — and it's not hard to see why. Travel tip: Hop on one of the "pleasure boats," (tour boats that cruise along the river), for an alternate view of the area. Keep an eye out for other boats passing by, some of them offer drinks, snacks, and even savory street food like freshly grilled squid. (📷: @loic.lagarde 📍: Arashiyama, Kyoto - 京都嵐山) #aframe #superhubs_power #aplacetoremember #destination_wow #goopgo #awesomedreamplaces #travelandleisure #amazingtrips #clubsocial #bestdestinations #visualauthority #adventurepic #liveyouradventure #igpowerclub #capturedconcepts #amazing_pictures #epic_captures #beautifulplaces #igshotz #eclectic_shotz #warrenjc #athomeintheworld #ig_travel #hsdailyfeature #welltraveled #splendid_shotz #feedbacknation #ig_shutterbugs #landscapestyles_gf #beautifulscenery
Sights in Old Havana 🌺
Rumelihisari fortress in Istanbul Turkey built between 1451 and 1452 on the orders of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed ll.... #istanbul #istanbulturkey #fortress #ig_turkiye #ig_turkey #ig_travel #istanbullovers #istanbul_lover66 #istanbul_lovers #castles #castle
“This entire planet is like home. Staying in one city the whole life would be like never leaving the bedroom.” #traveltheworldwithme
Fish & flowers along Bangkok’s canals. 🐟🌸 After biking through alleyways for 5 hours I may or may not have kissed the seats on this long tail boat... 🚲☠️
Enjoy the moment!!! Have a peaceful night ❤️
Le palais du Reichstag, Berlin, Allemagne - 2016 🇩🇪
I’ve heard when you’re expecting a #babygirl she steals all your beauty .. I’d have to disagree ☺️ #morocco #babymoon #moroccanvibes #pregnancystyle
Getting lost with you is my favorite thing to do #moroccanvibes #babymooning #morocco #wanderlusts
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