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It's a journey with changes all along the way. I've learned to embrace and love who I am and the body I have throughout this process. Let me tell you, it has taken me a long time to be comfortable in my own skin and not picking apart every little flaw I found. There is no perfect body or a number on that scale that we need to meet. That's what society wants you to believe. Well, you know what I say to that, screw that!!! There is way too much pressure on what others feel is beautiful or the perfect body or shape, etc. I have grown and developed so much over these last 3 years as I have worked on my physical self but also mentally. The biggest blessing is being able to love yourself how you are and have the confidence to go out there and be 100% you💕! As a momma, it's hard to embrace the changes and sometimes to learn to let go of what was. I honestly feel more confident and feel more beautiful now at 41 than I did at 21! The amount of growth I have had in just these few years has been amazing! I got lost in the shuffle of motherhood and struggled with each new baby. But I decided I needed to take control and find me again or who I was supposed to be and I'm so thankful that I did. What's holding you back from truly loving and embracing all of you? We all need to take time for ourselves and that is not being selfish at all which is what I used to think. I like the saying that if your cup is empty how do you expect to fill others cups? You need to fill your cup first so that you can pour into others❤️ If you're ready to take that next step on your journey, know that I'm here to walk arm in arm with you each step of the way! . . . #strongmommy #bodyafterbabies #strongmom #momofboys 💙 #boymomma #boymomsrock #hotmessmom #busymom #busymama #momofthreeboys #momof3 #floridamom #lifedailymoms #joyfulmoms #boymomlife 💙 #momlifebelike #hypothyroidismsucks #strongereveryday 💪 #strongasamother #workoutfromhome #couplesworkout #coupleswhotrain #believeinyou #believeinyourself #loveyourself #selflove
Awhile ago, my best friend and second husband and I divorced in game and real life. He was Daddy and I relied on him for so much. It’s been difficult without him and though I’ve grown stronger I find myself thinking I miss him. Things are hard right now. I want my Daddy. 🙁 . . #sad #little #littlespace #littlespaceddlg #ddlg #ddlgcommuntiy #ddlgprincess #ddlgbabygirl #ddlglittlespace #ddlglittlegirl #ddlglife #mentalhealth #bipolar #bipolardisorder #hypothyroidism #hypothyroidismsucks #adultingishard
It’s been a little difficult lately and though I am getting my adult responsibilities done I want to spend my free time in little space. 💗 #sad #little #littlespace #littlespaceddlg #ddlg #ddlgcommuntiy #ddlgprincess #ddlgbabygirl #ddlglittlespace #ddlglittlegirl #ddlglife #mentalhealth #bipolar #bipolardisorder #hypothyroidism #hypothyroidismsucks #adultingishard
Before you about to sneer some nasty remarks to people, ask what makes them what they have became today. What may seems like a casual joke actually makes them really hurt inside. Credit to Hypothyroidmom.com. #hypothyroidismsucks
Food Similar to supplements, foods rich in iron, fiber, or calcium such as calcium fortified orange juice or yogurt should be enjoyed at least 2 hours before or after taking your thyroid. Many times we seek different doctors for different reasons. While your endocrinologist could be prescribing your thyroid medication, the general family doctor you seek when sick with bacterial, viral, or maybe stomach issues is completely unaware of any other prescriptions. And we often times forget to mention the over the counter drugs we take, not giving the doctor the whole picture. It is always best to try and keep a list of medication, including supplements, handy to share with each doctor that you see. Observations of these time guidelines can make a huge difference in keeping your thyroid gland and medication performing at its best
Brain on hyperdrive but my thyroid sleeps. No gluten, no dairy, maybe take out nuts, try selenium. Our individual biochemistry is a mystery. ☕ #hypothyroidismsucks #ADHDadult #consistencyiskey 🔑 #navigatethedarkness #fitcops #fitover40 #momofsoccertwins #jerseyshorelocal #thisisme
If you are struggling with #thyroiddisease , you are probably experiencing one or more of the following symptoms:⠀ ⠀ - #weightgain ⠀ - #chronicfatigue ⠀ - Bone and #jointpain ⠀ - Dry Skin⠀ - Depression & #anxiety ⠀ - #hormoneimbalances ⠀ - Heart Palpitations⠀ - Menstrual irregularities⠀ - #infertility ⠀ ⠀ If you answered yes to more than two of the symptoms above, it's time to listen to what your body is saying and start #healing ! Your symptoms are your body's way of telling you that it is out of balance in many areas, not just your #thyroid .⠀ ⠀ To learn more about how to balance your whole body and support your beautiful #thyroidgland in the process, join 2 FREE LIVE webinars next week that are hosted by a Thyroid Expert Andrea Beaman.⠀ ⠀ She'll be covering liver #health , lymphatic congestion, digestive distress, high #stress , and how that all negatively impacts optimal functioning of your thyroid gland.⠀ ⠀ Join at https://outsmartdisease.com/webinar or just use the link in my Instagram profile bio @outsmartdisease
Feel like I might vomit. Feel flustered. Some days are good some days are bad, today seems like a mess in my head. #thehypothyroidlife #hypothyroidism #fuckhypothyroidism #hypothyroidismsucks #totalthyroidectomy #hypothyroid #hypothyroidproblems #anxiety #doubtingeverything #fuckeverything #notcool #flustered
Hello, my name is Victoria I’m 27 years old. I have finally decided to create this account to hold myself accountable. A little about myself, I have always been on the heavier side even as a kid. February 2013 was when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Before this day I had never heard about this. I was completely shocked to learn that this was one of the main reasons for my crazy weight gain. I went from 180 lbs to 220 in a short period of time. Through this account I will show my hard work and my progress. #gettingmyhealthback #hypothyroidismweightloss #hypothyroidismsucks #fitness #myfitnesspaljourney
Supplements Interestingly, taking iron or calcium supplements, while helpful to your condition, can also affect the way your body absorbs your medication. This includes multivitamins and prenatal vitamins that include iron. Even reaching for an over the counter antacid like Tums or Rolaids (antacids that include calcium carbonate and/or aluminum hydroxide can significantly reduce thyroid medication absorption), needs to be taken into consideration, if you are currently taking any type of thyroid medication, observe the 4 to 6 hour rule.
Today is a gloriously happy day for me. For nearly a month, my body has been in a full blown energy crisis, thanks to my trashed thyroid and neglecting my routine. These past 3 weeks, I’ve zeroed in on my micro-nutrition & stress reduction. FINALLY, I was able to complete a workout today that didn’t involve me losing consciousness and waking up a crumpled mess on the floor. That’s straight up scary, ya’ll! The road ahead is long, but my determination to heal myself and lead a healthy and active life with my family will help me persevere. #hypothyroidism #hypothyroidismsucks #fitness #fitnessjourney #neverquit #loveyourself
Antibiotics If you are taking thyroid medication and you are prescribed an antibiotic, you will want to make sure that you know about how thyroid drugs and antibiotics can interact, affecting the absorption of your thyroid medication. There are a variety of reasons why you may need to take a larger-than-usual dose of thyroid hormone replacement medication— but one of the most common reasons is that you are taking a prescription or over-the-counter medication that affects absorption of your thyroid medication. Some medications decrease the absorption of thyroid medication while others increase it. A study from the journal Thyroid found that the antibiotic ciprofloxacin – known more commonly by brand names Cipro, Proquin, Ciproxin, Ciprobay, Cirpoxine, and Ciflox — significantly decreased the absorption of the thyroid medication.(5) [Keep in mind that some experts feel that the warning about ciprofloxacin applies also to similar quinolone antibiotics such as levofloxacin (Levaquin), lomefloxacin (Maxaquin), monifloxacin (Avelox), norfloxacin (Norox-In), and ofloxacin (Floxin).] This means that if you are taking thyroid drugs and an antibiotic from the quinolone family, it could interfere with absorption, and cause you to become substantially more hypothyroid. Interestingly, the antibiotic rifampin significantly increased the absorption of the thyroid medication. This means that if you are taking the antibiotic along with your thyroid hormone replacement medication, it could actually cause you to become overmedicated, or experience hyperthyroid symptoms. Is there a solution? Some studies have found that the impact may be minimized if the antibiotic and thyroid medications were taken at least six hours apart. But it’s not agreed upon across the board by physicians. Your best bet is to discuss the issue with your practitioner at the time these drugs are prescribed (and before you get the prescription filled). There may be other antibiotics available for your treatment that are less likely to interfere with the effectiveness of your thyroid treatment. To be safe, take antibiotics 6 hours either before or after your thyroid medication.
I’ve been working pretty hard (not as hard as I could but definitely hard) to make eating healthy, moving my body in ways that feel good, taking my meds and supplements daily (harder for me than you’d think), and my mental health a priority. It’s paying off. My insulin and hormone levels are all in the normal range, I’m down 40lbs since February, and my T3 and T4 levels are normal. Next up: getting my TSH in the optimal range (it’s still a little above the safe range and far from optimal) with a higher med dose and losing another 20-25 lbs before my next appt in February. As well as continuing to work on how much energy I can expend without waking up the next day feeling like i have mono. #hypothyroidismweightloss #hypothyroidism #hypothyroidismsucks #butimkickingitsass
It’s been getting to me a lot here lately.. it’s not talked about or discussed often. I didn’t even know about it until I heard a friend say to go get mine checked from all the problems I was having. So I wanna make atleast my friends aware! Hypothyroidism sucks! If you are having any of these problems please go get seen! I let mine get way way out of hand 😔 #hypothyroidismsucks #hypothyroidismawareness #Hashimotosdisease Hashimoto's disease Also called: chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis People may experience: Skin: dryness or roughness Hair: hair loss or dryness Also common: constipation, depression, enlarged thyroid, fatigue, joint stiffness, muscle weakness, puffy eyes, sensitivity to cold, slow heart rate, swelling in extremities, or weight gain. Hypothyroidism Also called: underactive thyroid People may experience: Developmental: delayed puberty or slow growth Whole body: lethargy or feeling cold Hair: hair loss or dryness Also common: brittle nails, constipation, dry skin, enlarged thyroid, high cholesterol, irritability, sensitivity to cold, sexual dysfunction, slow heart rate, sluggishness, weight gain, or irregular uterine bleeding
I’m confident in my ability as a wellness doc to lower stress and regain health in all types of women with a variety of health challenges (#infertility #pcos #hashimotosdisease Etc). 👩🏻‍⚕️ What I never expected was to see it not only change themselves but set the foundation for generations after them, inspiring others to do the same. ✨ I have never been so proud! Here’s to unexpected magic growing from the everyday hustle! #createlife . . . . . #infertilityblogger #hypothyroidwarrior #fertilitycommunity #infertilityhope #hypothyroidfighter #hypothyroid #hypothyroidawareness #naturalhormonebalance #hypothyroidismsucks #infertilityawareness #unexplainedinfertility #infertilityjourney #fertilityday #fertilityplan #infertilitycommunity #infertilitysisters #malefactorinfertility #infertilityhurts #infertilitysupport #fertilityjourney #fertilitycare #hypothyroiddiet #thisisinfertility #hypothyroidie #infertilitywarrior
If you are hypothyroid and taking a prescription thyroid hormone replacement drug, you may not be aware of the many rules that need to be followed when taking your medication. Something you may not know is how your other medications, vitamins, supplement, and even food choices are interfering wither thyroid medication. If you are taking thyroid medication, hopefully your doctor or pharmacist has already shared with you the most important things to remember: Take on an empty stomach first thing in the morning Wait one hour before eating breakfast Take it at the same time each day Never miss a dose Don’t take your thyroid medication at the same time as your coffee (coffee may lower the absorption of your thyroid medication)(1,2,3) These are very important medication instructions to follow, however, there is more to the story when taking thyroid medication that you may not be aware of. Over the next Few days I will deep dive into medications, supplements, and foods that are important to avoid or not consume within three to six hours of taking your thyroid medication. These interfere with the the body’s ability to absorb and utilize thyroid medication effectively. When an interference of absorption happens, serious things can occur. You may become under-medicated or even over-medicated depending on the substance causing the interference.
When I first started my fitness journey it’s because I wanted to be skinny. Not cool but being honest. I worked out because I wanted to loose weight. Now I workout because how the workouts make me feel. I feel strong, empowered, like a BA, and so much more. Working out makes me happy. I used to turn to food for comfort and occasionally I still do but now if I’m having a bad day I like to workout. These are some crazy moves I would’ve never dreamed of doing. But when I’m doing them and when I’m done I’m so happy that I did the workout. Due to my thyroid issues my progress is slow. I have ups and downs but I will never give up. . #athomeworkout #workoutathome #weightlossjourney #thyroidwarrior #thyroidweightloss #thyroidhealing #thyroid #thyroidhealth #thyroidhormones #hypothyroidism #hypothyroidmom #hypothyroid #hypothyroidismweightloss #hypothyroidismsucks #momofthree #momof3 #diastasisrecti #diastisrecti #healing #healthyself #selfhealing #heal #progressnotperfect #progress #selflove #southdakota #siouxfalls
I have the Experience & the Knowledge 💪🏽 A healthier, fit, Strong, mentally, physically and emotionally.. YES!! THE BEST THING I COULD HAVE EVER INVESTED IN HAS BEEN ME 💚 Ready to help others 😈♥️ #lifecoach #personaltrainer #holisticnutritionist #spinninginstructor #fitnesscoach #love #loveroflife #live #hypothyroidismsucks #survivor
There’s really nothing easy about being an entrepreneur. NOTHING! There are times when I think I must have been insane to ever have chosen this life. In those moments I remind myself of the nicest thing anyone ever said about my business:::: ✨No doctor ever had any good answer as to how to help my son sleep!!! ✨We've been struggling since our last baby to have another, and it was so sad that I've felt ashamed, embarrassed, and so sad that my body isn't doing what I've felt that it's made to do until we found you." It means so much to receive this kind of feedback and it’s always the thing that keeps me pressing on. And I’m here to connect with you if you have any questions I can answer… #worldmentalhealthday . . . . #fertilityplan #infertilityhurts #infertilityjourney #infertilityhope #naturalhormonebalance #unexplainedinfertility #hypothyroid #infertilityblogger #infertilitysisters #fertilityjourney #futuremommy #fertilityday #futuremum #infertilitysupport #hypothyroidawareness #infertilitycommunity #futuremom #hypothyroidwarrior #hypothyroidfighter #hypothyroiddiet #infertilityawareness #infertilitywarrior #malefactorinfertility #hypothyroidismsucks #fertilitycare #hypothyroidie #thisisinfertility #fertilitycommunity #tryingtoconceive
I was diagnosed with a Hypothyroid almost 4 years ago and one of the biggest reason I was drawn to Isagenix was due to their UNdenatured Whey protein. People who suffer from hypothyroidism like me, typically have a gluten and casein sensitivity - both are endocrine hormone disrupters. This is why many doctors recommend NOT to consume milk products at least one hour after taking thyroid meds, because Milk (or casein) will bind to thyroid receptors. But, did you know there's a difference between MILK (casein) protein and WHEY protein?? HIGH quality whey shakes do not contain casein. Therefore, hypothyroid patients are safe drinking Isagenix shakes because WHEY protein is not goitrogenic. Recap: Gluten and Casein - BAD UNdenatured Whey - GOOD Not only is this important for those with thyroid issues, it is also good for those with a dairy allergy or sensitivity. This is also the reason why so many people with dairy issues have no problem with our shakes!
This might look easy but it's not. Especially when you've just finished back and bicep exercises😛 Plank moves work the whole body especially the core as you keep your back straight and your booty from sticking up😉 . . . . . #strongmommy #bodyafterbabies #strongmom #momofboys 💙 #boymomma #boymomsrock #hotmessmom #busymom #busymama #momofthreeboys #momof3 #floridamom #lifedailymoms #joyfulmoms #boymomlife 💙 #momlifebelike #hypothyroidismsucks #thyroiddisease #anxietysucks #strongereveryday 💪 #strongasamother #workoutfromhome #believeinyou #believeinyourself
My beautiful journey. What a struggle it is to stay consistent in a fitness/healthy lifestyle. Now add hypothyroidism to the mix... what a slow, inconsistent, beautiful learning experience I have endure to get where I am today. My journey which can light up a little bit of hope to everyone who is struggling with a hypothyroid and is frustrated with their bodies not responding “normally”. Our minds are a powerful thing. If we gain strength mentally, we can convince our bodies to follow. #strength #hypothyroidism #hypothyroidismsucks #regaincontrol #fitness #fitmom #weighttraining #traindirty #eatclean #veganfitness #myjourney #transformationtuesday #mindset #strong #yogi #motivation #inspire
When you are pretty much useless to everyone in the mornings night times are for prep; coffee and porridge for breakfast, trying out my new thermos food flask for leftover spaghetti and meatballs on the go with fruit and salad cut up ready then chicken chilli in the slow cooker so tea is ready when I am home from work 👌🏻 #preperationiskey #mealprepdoesnthavetobeboring #gettingorganised #busydaytomorrow #hypothyroidismsucks #imnotamorningperson
I mean 💁🏽‍♀️
Woke up tired..... Damn you Thyroid #hypothyroidismsucks
Bed at 8pm and up at 4am. How to study for a degree with two toddlers and raging hypothyroid symptoms. I will not be beaten again. 💪🎓👊 #studentmumlife #studentmum #hypothyroidism #hypothyroidmom #hypothyroidismsucks #brainfogsucks #hypothyroidexhaustion #fightingback #iwillwinthisbattle
Lol, these crazy kids! I had no idea he was doing that🤣 On another note, those are 20s I'm pressing💪 Crazy to think how much strength I've developed in my upper body! Keep working at it! Change takes time to happen and it will if you keep working at it❤ . . . . . #strongmommy #bodyafterbabies #strongmom #momofboys 💙 #boymomma #boymomsrock #hotmessmom #busymom #busymama #momofthreeboys #momof3 #floridamom #lifedailymoms #joyfulmoms #boymomlife 💙 #momlifebelike #hypothyroidismsucks #thyroiddisease #anxietysucks #strongereveryday 💪 #strongasamother #workoutfromhome #couplesworkout #coupleswhotrain #believeinyou #believeinyourself
....can people with MS...travel..? 🤔⁣ ⁣ What is MS? It stands for Multiple Sclerosis, an incurable neurological illness. To super sum it up, it is when your immune system attacks the nerves in your brain and central nervous system. I recently connected with @dukesadventuress when she did an Instagram post about her diagnosis. I had never personally met anyone with MS, so being my usual nosey self, I asked her like 273893 questions about it. LIKE -⁣ ⁣ “So can you travel with MS?” ⁣ ⁣ The short answer. Yes. The long answer...well, welcome to an updated blog post of mine 🚨 “Traveling with a Chronic Condition.” 🚨 A while back, I posted this with @aroamertherapy and @just_chasingsunsets , sharing our experiences traveling with Crohn’s Disease, Hypothyroidism, and Long QT Syndrome.⁣ ⁣ Catch the link in my blog to read more about traveling with chronic illnesses and navigating TSA with suitcases full of medication and determination. 🏃🏽‍♀️⁣ .⁣ #chronicconditions #multiplesclerosis
So, I'd say the Fat burner and Liquid Waist Trainer are working 😳🙌🏼 I'm so glad she took pictures. This is so important to really see your results! She hasn't changed her eating habits. She always drinks water, just cut out soda and she makes sure to walk more. Some days She gets in 7500 steps but probably 3 of 7 days she reported. If these are her results doing the minimum, I can’t wait to see when she increases her physical activity and makes healthy changes to her food choices 💞
This is your Sunday Evening Reminder 🙌🏻
NEW BLOG POST UP! My ‘New Normal’ is up now guys! It’s about my journey and learning to deal with this horrible illness and how I’ve learnt to accept it! Share the love and give it a read 😘 LINK is in my bio! - Chels ✨💛
First picture is 3 days into my hypothyroidism treatment. Second picture was a few weeks ago. My face just looks healthier and I can see the difference in my face the puffiness has gone down so much. The second picture was my “good day” before I started my treatment. I am feeling so much better thank God. #myweightlossjourney #hypothyroidism #hypothyroidismweightloss #hypothyroidismsucks #thankgod #thankful #loveyourself #lovemyself #selfcare #selflove
Repeating positivity is life changing!! Whenever I need a boost of encouragement I repeat to myself there is no such thing as a mistake, only a lesson. 🙌🏼 This birthed from my time as an amateur violinist. I was very proud of my second chair moments. 🎻 As often as I catch myself beating myself up for *gasp* being human, I know that what doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger. Just like women who never knew ‘holistic baby making’ is possible. Just like women who were told synthetic/chemically assistance is needed because of:::: ❓After 32 (or older) ⚠️When you have a weird period ❓Certain positions are needed after sex ⚠️If it’s been years of trying with no success or sticky baby ❓After several (so many) rounds of failed egg retrievals …then you’re mentally/physically/spiritually drained until finding the holistic route… Then the persistent mantra comes back…” there is no such thing as a mistake, only a lesson.” Tough pill to swallow….Literally. Do you have a mantra? Share yours in the comments below! #instagram . . . . . #fertilitycare #infertilitysupport #hypothyroidwarrior #hypothyroid #ivfsupport #thisisinfertility #ivfwarrrior #unexplainedinfertility #infertilityblogger #fertilityday #ivfmom #naturalhormonebalance #ivfmiracle #infertilitysisters #ivfbaby #ivfpregnancy #infertilitywarrior #infertilityhurts #futuremommy #infertilityawareness #ivffirsttimer #fertilityjourney #hypothyroidismsucks #ivfawareness #ivfbabies #hypothyroidawareness #ivfprep #hypothyroidfighter #hypothyroidie
Day 3 of treatment and I’m already starting to feel better. Brain fog has gotten better and my face is less swollen. ❤️❤️ #hypothyroidism #hypothyroidismweightloss #hypothyroid #hypothyroidismsucks #hypothyroidismfighter
Help me feel better. Please tell me I’m not the only one 🤷🏽‍♀️
My name is Marisol and I have been suffering with my autoimmune disease since February 2013. I was diagnosed as soon as I had my 2 daughter. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and Graves. It was a very difficult and scary time for me.I'm a military wife, my husband is serving in the Army, been in for 18 years and well he is always having to leave. At the time of being diagnosed I was literally across the the country away from family and on my own and with 2 small girls and this life changing diseases. However, when I was diagnosed everything made since to me why I felt so horrible, why I felt so tried, depressed, losing hair, excessive weight loss fainting, heart racing, numbness in my hands, and sleepless nights.But the problem now was I looked so healthy from the outside. So it was very hard for the very few people and by that I mean my husband to understand what I was going through. I was told to do Radiation but then my Dr. said since my daughter was only 3 months that was not going to work so, I took countless amounts of medications that only made me worse. I was sent behavioral care for 6 weeks to deal with alot of the symptoms/ effects of all that I was taking and going through. Never in my life did I imagine I would end up in such a place. My life had changed so much In such little amount of time. I felt like a horrible mother, wife and I did my very best to keep this all a secret from my family to not worry them. On June 2014, I had a total thyroidectomy. Leaving me with Hyperthyroidism. And I'm still battling every day to look and feel normal for myself and family. But most importantly I'm trying to be the Mother my daughters deserve. So in the page you will see another side of me, a side that I keep from others, but I have decided to finally open up and share for it might help others not feel alone. And yes Hypothyroidism sucks! #hypothyroidismsucks #hyperthyroidism #gravesdisease #totalthyroidectomy
I started #intermittentfasting in April and lost 11 pounds. I celebrated my bday, Mother’s Day, anniversary and my husband’s bday hard in May. Shoot even cinco de mayo lol I continued to IF and tried #keto but I was lost in the sauce. By June I had gained it all back. So I kept doing IF and debated going back on #whole30 which I still think is a great woe. I researched keto like crazy and in August after the picture on the left I decided to give it a try again. I’ve had #hypothyroidism disease for about 10 years now and I’ve tried it all. It has caused me to gain over 60 pounds and I hate it. My weight slowly went up over the years. After talking to my dr I decided to get back on levothyroxine and continue my #cleaneating journey. I would eventually like to go back to the holistic route but once I’m back stateside. I am now down 13 pounds. The last few weeks I have stalled so I’m working on switching my macros around and doing #OMAD every day. The scale isn’t moving and I was getting discouraged so I decided to try on some clothes I no longer fit into and they fit! So even though it is Saturday in #guam I decided to do a #facetofacefriday and I was surprised! I have to remember my body has had a lot of damage over the last 10 plus years and this journey is going to take a while to repair it. I know I won’t lose as fast as others and that’s ok. •I’m in this to win it. • I’m in it for long run. •I feel better and I will no longer let hypothyroidism and food control me. If you read all of this thank you 😊 •Thank you to the #ketowarriors that take time out of their day to post their own journey, tips and recipes. I see you! You inspire the rest of us. #hypothyroidismsucks #myjourney #ketoish #inittowinit
Not sure how I'm cracking a smile after HIIT Legs today😲 I had to find my life for a bit after that one🤪 Proud to say I'm able to get through the whole thing without modifying. My pace may slow down as we go through each round, but I just keep moving💪 . . . . . #strongmommy #bodyafterbabies #strongmom #momofboys 💙 #boymomma #boymomsrock #hotmessmom #busymom #busymama #momofthreeboys #momof3 #floridamom #lifedailymoms #joyfulmoms #boymomlife 💙 #momlifebelike #hypothyroidismsucks #thyroiddisease #anxietysucks #strongereveryday 💪 #strongasamother #workoutfromhome #couplesworkout #coupleswhotrain #believeinyou #believeinyourself
Wish I could get a new thyroid! It sucks!😔🙈😊 #underactivethyroid #hypothyroidism #hypothyroidismsucks #thyroidproblems #thyroidhealing
I got my ass in gear & went back to gluten-free eating. I’m noticing slowly each day my joints are feeling better. Coincidence? Maybe 🤷🏻‍♀️ either way I’m sticking with it. Roasted chicken Caesar sandwich 🥪 on gluten free bread 😁👌🏻pear & pecan mixed greens salad. Delicious 😋 #georgescornerrestaurant #glutenfree #hypothyroidism #hypothyroidismsucks
Learning more and more about Essential Oils since my company has introduced a line of the highest quality oils! 🌿🙌 In my IG story today I talk about how I’ll be putting Tea Tree Essential Oil to the test on my cuticles! I suffered from Hypothyroidism for many years. 😩 I feel amazing now after dialing in the right nutrition but my nails and cuticles are still pretty brittle! Let’s see if this helps!! 🌿 🌿 #hypothyroidismsucks #teatree #essentialoils 💯 #pure #hypothyroid #skincare #nutrition #botanicals
After sharing my story this week about one year without thyroid medication, I heard from many others experiencing the struggles of Hashimoto's Disease. And I wanted each person to know that if I could overcome what happened to me and no longer let it dictate my life, they could too. During the worst phases of the disease, my symptoms derailed my daily life. In addition to what I already shared, I also experienced severe joint and muscle pain, dizziness and vertigo, constant constipation, and even things that weren't as serious, but still sucked, like swollen feet and the most hair loss I've ever had. Most days, pretty much everything that could feel off did feel off. For years, I couldn't function without medication. My husband woke me each morning to give me my medicine 30 minutes before I needed to be up. Without it, I didn't have the strength and energy to get up and go about my day. Regardless of whether I slept 5 or 10 hours, I would wake up feeling like I didn't sleep at all until the daily medicine supplemented the energy my thyroid was supposed to provide. It wasn't until weeks after I completely changed my diet by eliminating foods causing inflammation in my body that I was finally waking up and functioning without first taking my medicine. It was at that point that I began slowly phasing it out (after discussing it with my doc) by lowering my dose, then taking 1/2 a pill each day, then every other day until, on the days when I didn't take it, I was able to get through the day without symptoms. Because I have this disease for life, I may occasionally need to take a lower dose of medication again in the future. But the most important thing is that I am no longer what happened to me. Hashimoto's no longer controls my life. I made choices and changes to become more than my disease and regain control over my body, my health, and my life. I wish for nothing less for anyone going through any kind of struggle. I want to end this post by thanking my wonderful husband @kevsh1 for giving me strength when I was at my weakest and for loving me from fine to fat to fit. 🙏 You are my everything. ❤
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