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Bringing y’all another 2 week #humpday transformation 🌈 I’m losing fat while eating 2500 calories and around 315g of carbs everyday 😅 what a beautiful thing. 5 weeks into this cut and feeing great, it works if you work it 😏 -Still weighing 139-140 but my fat percentage is definitely chipping away. -Cut calories by 100 these past two weeks and it’s showing for sure. -Keeping cardio at 3-4x a week for 30 mins.(Unpopular opinion: I LOVE cardio. It’s a much different reward than resistance training and I’m sooo for the challenge. Your heart needs to be trained, too!!!) Not really paying super close attention to my deficit and I’m trying not to be strict on myself. I just wanna have fun and see how it goes. Off to a good start 👏🏻 #motivateyourself
Long legs give the best views 📸: @jerryrivas3
Too bad it’s not hump day 🐪
Direction is more important than speed. + + It’s not how we make mistakes but how we correct them that defines us. + + ————————DIRECTION—————— + + Book now www.elegancestudio.com ———————————————————- Model——- @imfantastic Studio——- @elegancestudio
It’s not as simple as 1) do it the right way or 2) do it the wrong way. Between these two photos happened much of both, it always has and still does. Life is about action and then reacting to that, falling and learning. Usually there is no straight lines to achievements/success and some of the given obstacles may seem unfair or extreme. Just remember that difficult doesn’t mean impossible and with a lifestyle there really isn’t an expiration date. - There were already several fitness shows and years of training behind in the before pic (August 2015) so this is not my ”before fitness” -photo at all. Things just started to go really wrong at some point and eventually it became a huge domino effect. I didn't react to things like health issues and personal life struggles early enough, and I felt I was some kind of superhuman. I really believed I was able to do everything at the same time and as good as possible. Just like everyone else thinks of themselves before burning out. - I had to find a way to do things that brought out the best of my personality. Not a way that highlighted the worst and the most harmful traits in me. This is something I think is really important as an athlete and as a coach: learn how to improve your/athlete’s personality. Emotional control and self-satisfaction are way more complicated to learn and teach than determination and #beastmode . - So during these years, I have built, not only my physique again, but especially changed the quality of all of my behavior and thinking. There is no shortcut, no miracle diet or magic training program. If you have a desire for something (like I do for fitness) then giving up is NOT an option. You must be ready to look in the mirror and see the real reasons behind your situation. Change comes from your own actions so complaining must end and in many cases goals needs to be modified for something that you are actually willing to work for. ”Have to” is never a long-lasting way. - Althought there have been many moments of desperation, I have NEVER lost my desire or motivation. The few people who know me well, know this is the honest truth. In every situation I have believed in myself and that’s my strengh
Today was class 15 #HumpDay for my #30dayhotyogachallenge I am feeling strong & focused & in great alignment with my Mind, Body & Spirit! This has been an amazing clearing & detoxing time for me! So excited to see what 2019 has in store so far it’s starting off amazing! Hope you all are having an amazing start to your New Year as well! Remember to stay in a high frequency filled with love! Make sure to affirm & set your intentions & manifestations! Time is Now! ⭐️🦋🌎❤️💫 Sending you all love & light!
👩‍🔧+👨‍🔧=💪💥🏁 #humpday #tb Repost @steeldustmachine ・・・ Some more Evo 8 engine build porn - got our custom ground in from @faithnluv2014 💨💨 ....I also got the drive hubs of these adjustable cam gears freshly anodized as they were looking pink and weathered. 💎👌🏻👌🏻 _________________________________ #engineporn #evo8 #evo9 #evo10 #mitsubishi #jdm #engine #motorsports #strokedandblown #turbopower #norcal #sonoma #machinist #webcamshafts #provenperformance
Wednesdays are for wanderlust. 🙇🏼‍♀️🌎 #wanderlust #wednesday #humpday #travel #scenery #nature #beautiful #inspo #decor 📷: @joonaslinkola
full body HIIT workout 🔥✨ make sure to give this one a save to try next time you wanna burn some calories!! • • • 1️⃣: box jumps 2️⃣: banded jump squats 3️⃣: toe taps 4️⃣: burpee box jump combo • • • Do each exercise for 30 sec work all the way through, then rest 1 min and repeat 2-4 times😅 you guys are gonna love/ hate me for this one!!! • • • Make sure to tag me and let me know if you give this one a try 💕💕
Today had its ups and downs. 🐫 #humpday #thedailydunc
✨BIG NEWS COMING - Jan 23rd!✨ Can you guess? 😉 Hint: This is for all the girls who, at age twelve, noticed that more men tended to stare at their chests than ever bothered to meet their eyes. This is for all the ladies who have to wear three sports bras just to do a light jog. This is for every woman who has a list of receipts for Chiropractic back adjustments a mile high. This is for all my sisters who’ve ever felt embarrassed and foreign and trapped in their own bodies. 💜 #saygoodbyetothetwins
I always wondered what it would be like to just throw on a swimsuit and feel confident... to just pick any one out of the drawer. . I have struggled with negative body image since I was a little girl. I’ll never forget being told I’m much “bigger than the other girls.” (I hit a growth spurt in 6th grade 🤷‍♀️) . I remember being so uncomfortable in dressing rooms, having to try on junior sizes in 4th grade. I was just heftier than most. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which definitely contributed to weight gain. . In high school, I started to be active in sports, and slimmed down, but I always saw myself as “fat, large.” . It’s very hard to change your mindset when you’ve had such negative thoughts for so long. It’s hard to accept yourself when society shows the unrealistic standards of the “perfect body.” . I post this picture because my body is not perfect. I don’t have a six pack, flat stomach, or no fat. I have stretch marks and a c-section scar. I have cellulite. I post this picture because for once in a long time, I feel beautiful, confident. I feel like the me I should have always been. 💕
It is #humpday afterall. Goodnight #instafamily 😴😴😴 #sweethenrydreams
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F L E X F R I D A Y 🤜🏼 Wow, today was one of those days where I’d rather chew my arm off than train ... 🙄 Talk about dip in motivation ... anywhere but the gym was my exact feels this evening .. 😑 . Nonetheless, we went. We pushed. We completed the session with intent followed by my my pescribed pwo stairs and got it DONE! 🙌🏼 . Surprisingly got a fairly decent pump even though my mindset wasn’t 100% and only certain angles in the gym training made me look like a actually lift weights 😂 the others I just felt like I looked like a beached whale 🙄 Can you tell I am on prep? 💁🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ . This is what will seperate a winner from a loser. Don’t tet me wrong, I ain’t preaching, I definitely would have rather dived face first into carrot cake while simultaneously moisturising chocolate into my body than go to the gym but this is where you have to push past these feelings/emotions and remember the end goal and WHY you are doing this! 💪🏼 . I’ll be the first to admit my motivation peaks and drops but we are human, we are allowed to have off days ... have a moan, have a cry, talk to people who give a shit and make you feel better then get the fuck of with it! 😂💁🏼‍♀️ . Now time for food, PRAISE THE LORD! Happy Friday! ❤️ . . #motivationalquoteoftheday
Happy Hump Day! 🐪 It’s been almost a month since I decorated a cookie and I am still enjoying my hiatus! I’ve been able to visit loved ones in the hospital, volunteer with Ruby’s theatre endeavors, attend more activities at my kids school and I’m just overall feeling a lot more balanced. Life is good! How’s your new year going? I feel out of the loop with the cookie world! * * * * * * * #customcookies #decoratedcookies #cookieart #cookiedecorating #edibleart #sugarcookies #royalicing #cookies #cookielife #cookielove #royalicingcookies #cookiesofinstagram #cookiedesign #decoratingcookies #handmade #foodiegram #instacookie #teamcookie #humpday #camelcookies
Training tip; When training any muscle group, never neglect the lowering phase of the movement (eccentric), Always control the weight on the way down as this portion of the movement has been shown to be more benefical to gains in strength and hypertrophy than the concentric phase.. ____________________________ For personalised diet / training plans ✔EMAIL:KRISTIANKING1@HOTMAIL.CO.UK 🔥SEND ME A DM (SERIOUS ENQUIRES ONLY ☺ )5