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. Have you ever driven with car late nights? Imagin that you are the driver Some people focus on speed gage for speedlimits or working with phone on unloaded highway Some focus on the way and traps in real life first cliques focus more on self awareness and second cliques are path analyzers Life is survival I’m from second cliques I may have unclarified personality for my own BUT I know how to use chances The ability of surviving without killing anyone These days I’m very proud of myself cause I made a new highway for prodigies and pioneers There has been not even one defeat in my cardiovascular one motto for my self be a winner or learner #humansofcoffee #coffeefamily Photo credit: @goli_nazarii location: @yermahouse
Coffee tastes better on days off! #HappyPresidentsDay 🇺🇸
Coffee won’t put you in the friendzone. Neither will it drop you at the alter. Or ditch you on a date . Coffee understand. Coffee knows. Enjoy this week! And stay caffeinated! ☕️ Photo credit @chachiilee
Our first part in an ongoing series where we'll be sharing our philosophy behind roasting and serving coffee. We use two unique methods for roasting our beans - Solar and Wood-Fired roasting. Today we're answering the question to why we use a Wood-Fired Roaster! In a nutshell, our roasting process consists of pairing a select variety of firewood with high-quality, single origin beans. Throughout the roasting process, the fire from the wood makes a unique imprint on the bean, unlike that of a commercial gas roaster. It's important to note that we're not changing the bean or altering its flavor profile, but imprinting unique nuances on it through a more healthy and organic method. Our Wood-Fired range consists of an Ethiopian, Colombian, and Indian, each paired with its own complementary firewood (matured Wild Oak, Citrus, Almond & Plum Wood etc). Wood-Fired roasting essentially offers a coffee bean that is healthier to consume, while still giving you all the amazing flavours. ☕☕
solyanka, by @konkolpolny
Here is a snippet of our recent green buying trip in Ethiopia. We cupped a couple of beans with our partners, Collaborative Coffee Source and we’re able to meet some amazing people from other cafes around the word buying with us. It was a fun experience meeting people who share the same passion for coffee. After a couple of days, we went to a dry mill to see their process for coffee. We saw some amazing and inspiring women doing all the manual sorting just to make sure that what we consume are of the highest quality. We are thankful for our partners behind every cup that we are getting. We hope that you continually journey with us as we pursue Quality, Transparency and Sustainability in what we all love, coffee. . . . . . . . . #specialtycoffee #coffee #postthepeople #peopleofcoffee #barista #manmakecoffee #baristadaily #humansofcoffee #coffeeshots #coffeeorigin #archersae #collaborativecoffeesource
“I‘m Jeffrey and I was born 29 years ago here in Hamburg. When I am not here on Instagram, I work as an educator in a kindergarten. Maybe that’s explains my need for coffee. 😉 My passion for coffee starts approximately three year ago when I realize that a cup of good quality coffee tastes amazing without any cream or milk. I started thinking about how to brew good coffee at home and buy me some equipment like the V60 and a manual grinder from Hario too. And that was the start of a amazing journey with delicious coffee, amazing people and good talks about that great black stuff.” . . . . #coffeelover #coffee #coffeeaddict #coffeetime #firstcoffee #specialtycoffee #thirdwavecoffee #manualbrewonly #peoplebrewcoffee #instacoffee #coffeegram #thirdwave #coffeeshots #coffeediary #filtercoffee #baristadaily #coffeelife #coffee_insta #coffeefeature #hario #hariov60 #pourover #handbrew #me #humansofcoffee #manmakecoffee #coffeecommunityweek
On the rare occasion we get to head to Port Elizabeth, we make a point of visiting this gem. Thank you, Urban Espress for another sublime experience!
Today is an interesting day. Hugo from Carmo Coffee shared some Brazil beans to us and we also cupped some coffee from our recent buying trip in Ethiopia. We would like to thank @sketchartcafe and @twozerotwo.ae for hosting us. For more info and our coffee listing, kindly send us a direct message or e-mail us at: info@archerscoffee.com . . . . . . . . #specialtycoffee #coffee #postthepeople #peopleofcoffee #barista #manmakecoffee #baristadaily #humansofcoffee #coffeeshots #coffeeorigin #archersae #collaborativecoffeesource
The swing Take The step and Release the grip Of molten fear Bolting your flesh pillars To the rich soil embrace of Of the mountainous stretch which Bids you, nudges you, pleads with you To release And in an instant the trembling embrace Of gravity Gives way to the kaleidoscope waltz Of the canopy flare Hurtling those once stubborn pillars Into the sinking sun's beaming grin Thanks to Arno at @groundcontrolespressobar for providing the impeccable aeropress fuel, and fellow flyers @caela_viviers and @gideon_naude for sharing in the immensity of simple joys, like swinging from a tree. #aeropress #aeropressfun #adventure #alternativebrewing #baristadaily #baristalife #barista #forest #coffee #humansofcoffee #coffeequotes #manmakecoffee #opencoffee #wordsmith #poetry #thegreatoutdoors
Another trip around the sun XXXII
The rainy hump day remedy ☕️
Lila Kafferosteriet is the perfect little spot to introduce you to the concept of "Fika",I would say swedish version of afternoon tea but just with coffee and cakes ☕🍰 . . . . . .
Portrait time. With my favorite coffee crew in my favorite @kawiarniaczytelnia. Testing oat drinks for the best flat white in town. Fun fun fun. #specialtycoffee #flatwhite #warszawskiekawiarnie #withoatly #baristastyle #instacoffe #humansofcoffee #coffeegrapher
N E W P O S T ! What to order, when you don't know what to order. Never know what to order when visiting a café or coffee bar? Read our article, a simple "how to guide" to find your perfect cup of coffee! Like. Share and comment what your favorite espresso based/coffee based drink is! We'd love to hear from you!
drink more coffee
It’s always coffee time ☕ And when is raining outside even more 😉 . . . . . .
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