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I’m #struggling to make sense of my life and I’m trying to figure out how the hell I ended up here. Taking a #challenge to do a pic everyday to overcome social anxiety... #Day1of30 #HoldMeAccountable
So I've decided to go back to what works. #squateveryday . When I first started working out I did a squat everyday program I would run every other day and I was able to lose 100 pounds. So today was day one... #thicknesstraining #weightlosstransformation #eatclean #weightlosstransformation #squateveryday #holdmeaccountable
Tonight's dinner, baked chicken- yes i eat the skin:) and steamed cabbage. I seasoned my chicken with jack Daniels steak seasoning (I know it says for steak but it's great in chicken). Tonight's dinner has 5g carbs total and the carbs come from the cabbage. #lifestylechanges #holdmeaccountable #keto #lowcarb
Setting new goals, forming new habits. Trying to finish 2018 strong before my 28th year comes along. Check out the blog for the new article about forming habits and the battle that comes with it. Copy and paste Bellygobyebye.wordpress.com/2018/09/18/lets-kick-start/ OR click the link in bio #OneStepAtATime #HoldMeAccountable #BellyGoByeBye #Fitness #Goals #Habits #HealthyHabits #Accountability
Finished my Vega One Complete shake for a post workout.... man, this ish is nasty, but I don't like to waste money, so best believe I will finish this whole tub of berry before getting something else. Complete nutrition without all of the extras, plus it is vegan so I am getting it from plants.
I was feeling like I was ready to settle with the situation I’m in. I was feeling like letting go of my dream because it was easier to just quit. Quitting would be the most selfish decision right now especially considering my daughter. I need to push myself and not give up this time. I make promises to myself and break them constantly. But God promised me! And I need to see that God doesn’t give up he doesn’t quit. So neither will I. My life is blessed beyond words but I know what God has for me and it’s greater than this. Here is to making my dreams happen. For real this time. #holdmeaccountable #SAHM #workfromhome #raisingmybabies #godspromise #dontquit #nevergiveup #wellwateredwomen
My Journey begins @ 218.3 pounds. Nope, I'm not happy about it. Neither is my liver, heart, or joints. I am doing all of this so that you all out there can hold me accountable, and if you want, have me as an accountability partner. I am inspired and challenged by people like @justtrain @omar.bolden @hannaheden_fitness @raydonovanfit and @kevinhart4real who set the bar incredibly high when it comes to fitness. #BellyGoByeBye #HoldMeAccountable #Fitness #FitFun #Inspiration #FitnessLeaders #ChallengeAccepted
Just the start. For the first 6 months of 2018 I was on track with all of my goals (In gym at least 4 days a week, great nutrition plan, staying active at work). However, buying a house, bachelor parties, weddings, vacations, all knocked me out of rhythm and all the progress I had made was reversed...and worse. I went to the doctor recently and was told my fatty liver disease isnt getting better, my cholesterol is high, and I am obese by doctor's standards. Monday 9/17/18, I started to path to getting back on track. This is the workout that has me sore this Tuesday morning. #BellyGoByeBye #HoldMeAccountable #ProgressStartsNow #218 .3 #SettingGoals #Fitness #Weightloss #Weightlifting #FunctionalFitness
This is me, in the raw here to admit that I gave up, I gave up on my health and fitness journey and my support and desires to help others. It is amazing how easy it was, and how scary those old bad habits that I have came back 😒 all of the old emotions of self doubt and unhappiness were flooding me daily and I found myself back in the same place I was when I started the first time! And I am sick of it and have enough!!! My family and I deserve better! I need to stop the madness and work on being the best version of myself that I can be! I am worth that and I am the only one in control of those feelings!! So I am starting over and sharing this journey along the way!!! Accountability was the key to my success the last time and I am looking for that again!!! Next week I start a new program and and restart my journey to a healthier and better version of me!!! 😁😁 . . . . . #startingover #betterversionofme #iamworthit #ideservebetter #igotthis #holdmeaccountable #inspireothers #healthandfitnessjourney
Weigh-in: +0.8 pounds, +0.2% BMI. Am I disappointed? Absolutely. But if you can learn from a failure is it really a failure? So what did I learn? 1, it happens, get over it and keep going. 2, measure food better - don’t underestimate how much you’re eating to make it look better, it only hurts yourself. 3, don’t rely on calorie offsets from exercise to fit more calories in - those exercise/activity/steps should be a bonus towards weight loss not a bonus for food intake. #weighin #weighinday #weighinsunday #weighinresults #behonestwithyourself #beaccountable #holdmeaccountable #healthylifestyle #mistakeshappen #justkeepgoing #weighday #weightlosscommunity #weightloss #weightlossjourney #myjourney
Y'all!😋 what is game day without game day foods such as pizza? Well I made me a little bit of skillet pizza tonight (I know I am posting late, I've had a sick little one😔) but during the Alabama game I made me this yummy treat. Literally so easy, spray a pan with olive oil cooking spray, I thinly sliced a frigo cheese stick placed it in the pan, then covered with the shredded mozzarella/provolone to fill the pan (also covered the sliced pieces that we put in first -to help give a crispy crust. Then I added some pepper and covered so the cheese would melt quickly , on low-medium heat, you don't want it to burn but you want the edges crispy and golden brown in color. The bottom was so crispy it honestly tasted like I was eating a thin crust pepperoni and cheese pizza! You can choose to dip it in a low sugar marinara or serving of ranch. Also you can add fresh veggies such as onions, mushrooms, peppers, olives etc. Just make sure you cook the veggies a bit before adding them because it only takes just a minute or two for this to be done. Such a wonderful treat❤ #keto #skilletpizza #lowcarb #holdmeaccountable
Keto pumpkin spice latte🎃☕️😍 Pumpkin spice coffee k cup(not the actual latte k cup/cappuccino mix -just the regular pumpkin spice coffee.) tbsp of coconut oil, sugar free whipped heavy cream-I mix some inside the coffee with the other ingredients and then top it, a drop or two of liquid stevia, and sprinkle a dash of cinnamon or pumpkin spice on top! AMAZING😍 #ketopumpkinspicelatte #ketocoffee #lifestylechanges #holdmeaccountable
Just getting started 💥🤛
Finally opened the box so I can begin my @instantpotofficial journey. Thanks @aka639 for holding me accountable to make a recipe this week. Hit me up with your best recipes if you have one of these. Would love to hear about your experience. #obliger #instantpot #happierpodcast #gretchenrubin #lizcraft #holdmeaccountable #excited #newrecipes
10pm on Friday night and I am getting my workout in. 💪 A workout that I have never ever done before and felt super out of my comfort zone, but you gotta start somewhere...right?!? The program I was doing ended last week and I have been doing some things here and there. I had every intention of getting up early during the week knowing that it would be damn near impossible to get an evening workout in, but I slept through my alarm....ALOT. I feel it in my body, the lack of energy from not working out, not eating my best and my levels are way off (gotta get my bloodwork done ASAP) I also celebrated turning 35 😳 so I ate cake not only at home but at work too. Point is you just gotta push through the hard times. It's so easy to give up, but if I did that I would be giving up on more than just myself. Starting another round on September 24th! If your ready to step out of your comfort zone then reach out now!!!
October 1. Guys that’s only 2 weeks away. This amazing program that I’ve been raving about officially comes out. No more early access fees necessary. I want you to know something. I CAN NOT STAND car salesman. Or sales people in general. They annoy the heck out of me. And that’s where I worry about being annoying with all of my posts about what I do. I do not EVER want to be one of those people! And if I am, I’m so sorry. But I feel like I have a responsibility. I LOVE helping to give people the tools to finally help them meet their health and fitness goals. I found something that works and I’m not just saying that. It works. And I want everyone to know about it. Friends, we’re starting a brand new LIIFT4 challenge group on October 1st. We’re all going to support and motivate each other. I’ll be starting my second round of the program and I’m looking for some people to join me. If you’re nervous about starting something new I get it. I was too. Challenge group? I was terrified. I didn’t want to fail. And ya know what? I failed in a lot of the challenge groups I was in. But you can’t get stronger if you don’t fail first. That’s the nice thing about our online groups. When one is over a new one begins. So if the first one is a total flop, you can jump right back in and try again. Join me. You will not regret it. Drop a 🎃 in the comments or message me privately and I will answer any questions you have. Let’s start this fall season off right! #womenmotivation #team #letsworktogether #holdmeaccountable #letswork #momswhoworkout #boymom
Last nights dinner! Fresh shrimp with lemon and a little melted butter. I love keto because butter is allowed. Grass fed butter is the best. A little lemon and butter makes for a great shrimp topping, do you know how many carbs and sugars are in cocktail sauce ? Certain Sauces and dressings can load you down with carbs and sugars and you never even realize it. Before reading every label I would just dip dip dip and consume so many unnecessary carbs and sugars and never even knew that I done it. #holdmeaccountable #lifestylechanges #shrimp #keto
A gallon of Herbalife tea a day. Down 7 pounds in 5 days. Let’s do this sh**t. #holdmeaccountable #herbalife #health #coralgables #786fitness #miami #brickell #justdoit #healthylife
I love a lifestyle that includes items such as nuts! Of course every good thing should be taken in moderation, however its only 5g net carbs for a 1/4 cup! That's just the amount I need. When I was following a low fat diet before changing to the keto way of eating, nuts were not an option, and i felt so deprived. So thankful I am on this keto journey 💕 #pistachios #keto #lifestylechanges #holdmeaccountable
Wednesday’s workout complete ✅ 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 💥READ THE CAPTION💥 What workout did you do today. If you didn’t workout or exercise in any way, what did you accomplish today? Take a moment to reassure yourself that you haven’t wasted your time today. Take a moment to count your wins and your blessings for the day. Every little blessing and every single win, no matter how big or small matters. So give yourself some credit. It’s those small wins and blessings that will help you tackle the bigger things you wanna do in life. Don’t discount yourself, but rather claim your worth! I hope everyone is having a #blessed week. #health #fitness #fit #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddict #fitspo #workout #bodybuilding #cardio #gym #train #training #health #healthy #instahealth #healthychoices #active #strong #motivation #instagood #determination #lifestyle #diet #getfit #cleaneating #eatclean #exercise
60 days into this fitness journey + Day 2 of Insanity complete and I'm finally starting to feel like a real gay boy again #insanity #beachbody #bod #yogawithadriene #stillgayfat #feedmyvanity #holdmeaccountable #3filters
I'm hosting a ZyiaActive party for my friend @ericadbragg ... if you are interested go take a peek here! http://www.myzyia.com/3306/shop/catalog.aspx?eventId=E18348&from=DIRECTLINK If you would like to be added to the party group please let me know! Lots of super cute and comfy workout apparel 😍 #day9 #mademyselfdoit #slowmilesarebetterthannomiles #anotherdaystronger #holdmeaccountable #zyiaactive
Super excited about my gym session tonight!! I finally did some chin ups with a 45 lb weight #chinups #beastmode #buildingmuscles #girlswithmuscle #girlswhoworkout #gettingstronger #stronggirls #momstrong #fitmom #fitchick #strongisbeautiful #strongissexy
So here are my pre 80 Day Challenge pics that I took last night before starting the challenge today. At the end of each phase I will post porgress photos so you can see how I am doing! * * * #Fallinto80dayobsession #80dayobsession #beachbodycoach #virtualcoach #letsdothistogether #letmebeyourcheerleader #girlswithtattoos #nexttimeiwillsmile #holdmeaccountable
Not only did Bun put together a solid album but this song right here made me think about the current state of men in the community. Time to step up fellas.... #holdmeaccountable #blackwealth #noexcuses #growup
Well this escalated quickly. The battery died on my screen so I replaced it a few days ago and weighed myself this morning... and was surprised to see how quickly I gained weight in 2 weeks! I knew I hadn't been making the right choices for myself, but all those bad decisions added up to a number I DEFINITELY did not want to see. All the work I had put in to lose the weight is gone, all because I couldn't keep away from a bag (or two) of chips and a couple of chocolate bars here and there. So this morning, rather than wallowing in guilt about the weight gain, I decided to make a good choice and had a fruit shake for breakfast with some added flax seeds. And for lunch, forgo the pasta and made myself a yummy corn salad. Two good decisions today. For me, it's definitely all about the baby steps. #thepluckymama #weeklyweighin #holdmeaccountable #healthymama #healthymom #weightloss #losetheweight #momlife #healthierme #healthyme
https://share.teamiblends.com/x/aXRJSm is 👈👈🏻👈🏼👈🏽 used this link. Get $10 off your order and my next one!!! #teamiblends #detox #holdmeaccountable
Speaking through experience , I truly believe that many men are failing as men, fathers, husbands and living an obedient life to God because of the lack of accountability between each-other. Thats why so many are dying, in prison, walking away from their children and walking away from their wives. To many are surrounding themselves with “bro’s” who allow their friends to do anything even if it destroys everything in their lives and family’s life. More of us need to hold one another accountable even if we offend each-other. We need to protect one another from destroyed lives and disobeying God. #HoldMeAccountable #Truth #Jesus
I talked for way too long on the new IG TV Channel, but here’s a little clip. You’re all getting the idea that I’m a complete maverick and loose cannon but have somehow held down a job. I just touch a bit on what it’s like to be in a very protocol and rule-driven field being, well... me. I’m sarcastic, I blatantly fail to follow guidelines, and I’m basically unhireable. Why? Because I want to make waves. Some of us aren’t meant to work for people, and some of us aren’t meant to be told what to do. This ridiculously bureaucracy we call mental health needs a high five in the face with a chair. If you’re a social worker or therapist, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Ride with me. #ridewithme #norules #bureaucraticbullshit #bendtherules #vulnerability #lifecoach #therapistlife #therapy #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #maverick #holdmeaccountable
Thinking about starting new projects, traveling new places, meeting new people. Can't keep doing the same things expecting different results. I've got work to do... #holdmeaccountable
i’m done dreaming #holdmeaccountable
Three simple [ not easy ] to-do's that I can help you with to reach your weight-loss goals. I can't do them for you, but my team and I sure can hold ya accountable! Think of our challenge groups as healthy peer pressure! Ya up for it? Can ya do these 3 things? ... 1) PRESS PLAY ▶️ We'll choose a workout program tailored to your ability/goals. ... 2) EAT YOUR CONTAINERS 🌈 Together as a team, multiple coaches and challengers will follow a color-coded meal plan that keeps ya balanced and proportioned corresponding to your weight class. ... 3) DRINK YOUR SHAKE 🍫 It's not a protein shake! It's 70 botanical ingredients from all corners of the world made to fill even the healthiest person's nutrition gaps, curb cravings, feel full, give energy, support weight-loss, help with stress and digestion, etc. Nothing scary artificial or chemical, but lots of delicious all-natural flavors in both a whey line and dairy-free vegan line. Can even use it as a baking powder for cakes & cookies to eat it instead of drink it! ... We run a challenge group every month! Come early, come late, come to multiple, just come! Show up for yourself!
(Swipe Left) In love with this! I'll just go to Ralph's tonight and pick out my salads for the next few days. BUT, I will definitely look into their delivery options. They have really great food options and I am loving their promos! I mean come on $10 for 10 items AND you can mix & match. Ralph's you my new grocery store bae. Delivery will help me keep on track with my busy lifestyle and eliminate the temptation of isle 2 sweets and snacks. - Let me know what's your favorite salad kit? - #holdmeaccountable #fooddiary #foodjournal #dole #salad #saladkits
Weighted Interval run today kicked my ass, but it sure felt good to begin training again. #regainingthatfitlyfe #HIIT #needmyclothestofitagain #iwontquitthistimearound #holdmeaccountable #condortactical #roguefitness #hydroflask #fitbit #nike #flipbelt
I posted this 5 months ago. Five! 🙄🤪 gods how time flies. This is still a goal. A class for moms with little ones. A class focused on you but welcoming to the noise that comes along with babies. An environment that is judgment free when your baby is the one having the meltdown (even if it feels like your baby does it every class)... I haven't forgotten. I just didn't realize it had already been... FIVE MONTHS! I'd like to start - even if it's a once a month meetup. Once a month to move, connect, meditate, breathe and practice with others who are in the thick of it. I already have a space available on the weekends to host. Thinking late mornings rotating Saturdays and Sundays. Reach out if you're interested ✌❤👶🏼 I'm going to get something on the calendar. . . . #goal #holdmeaccountable #4thtrimester
2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ GOAL LIST: Goal 1. Give blood(I have only given blood once and passed out a few times 😳... BUT... I have the universal blood type O-and decided I can give some of my blood to save some lives!!... I can handle passing out for that!) Goal 2. Give $1,000.00 to charities that I believe in! $1,000.00 in a year is only $83.00 per month. I’d say I can make that happen! #goalsetting #givetogrow #givingtoothers #blooddrives #holdmeaccountable #personaldevelopment
I need more Hard work but I'm getting there! By my 33rd birthday I want an entire 4 pack😁 but I should probably lay off the beer and chicken wings with Ranch..... or just run more😀. . . . . #workinghard #workout #fitnessmotivation #fitness #goals #lifehabits #holdmeaccountable #stayinginshape
DAY 1 Perfect time for me to press RESTART on my goals with our 21 Day Fit for Fall Challenge! I too fall off track with my health goals but am grateful for accountability that pulls me right back in. Shoutout to my Herbalife Nutrition family that keep me motivated! These next 21 days are about to be RIDICULOUS. #ABSfortheHOLIDAYS join me! #HoldMeAccountable
Cant believe that I am at week 8 of my lifestyle change! I cannot be more proud of myself for starting, and sticking with it. 8 weeks ago I started with 5 and 8 pound weights. Now I am at 15 and 20 pound weights. I am gearing up for Round 2! You want details, looking to see what this is all about? Reach out and let's chat! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!!
Starting over/starting is never easy... even for those of us who are “active” people. Don’t let anyone lie to you about it. Yesterday and today, tried 15 different ways to talk myself out of crawling from my comfy bed. I presented some great arguments to myself, but my health won. I’m glad it did. 19 more days of losing arguments with my mind and this will go back to being a habit. Then, I’ll have to start arguing with myself about crappy food and Dr Pepper 😳. #onedayatatime #holdmeaccountable #pacing #fitness #fitnessmotivation #workout #cardio #fitmom #momswhogym #tired #headphonesdidntevenwork #nikewatch #haha
I used to play the comparison game with everyone I came across. You know the thoughts, “she’s prettier than me”.. “she’s fitter than me”.. “she’s more outgoing than me” blah blah blah and it was all 💩! I was never able to see ME for ME until I started my health and fitness journey. ☀️ . . Now, I see my own unique beauty. Now, the only person I want to be fitter than is the girl staring back at me. Now, I’ve gained the confidence to not feel awkward in practically every situation and just be unapologetically ME! . . The comparison game is W A C K babe! Immerse yourself in some personal development and work on being your best self physically and mentally! Always here for you, just a message away💕 . . #holdmeaccountable #stopcomparingyourself #stopcomparing #loveyourself #youareunique #downtownindy #indianapolis #fitnessinspo #fitnessinpiration
🍊PreBook Challenge 🍊 Here are the Rules! 📱 PreBook the following weeks on Sunday 9/2 (this date can be booked today)• 9/9 • 9/16 • 9/23 •9/30 📷 Post Screen Shot of Booked Classes on Personal Social Media page use #️⃣ hashtags #otfjohnscreek #tappthatapp #holdmeaccountable 👉🏼Then all you have to do is show up for class! It is that simple! Once you arrive we will enter your name in the raffle for that weeks prize! Winners announced every Monday! So go ahead and #TAPTHATAPP *See front desk for details*
Went to work in gym gear so I could head there right after 🙌🏼. I am done with excuses and I have a fit challenge with my girlfriends 💰😉. #holdmeaccountable #inittowinit #committofit #gethealthy
For a long time I felt so unworthy of living a happy fulfilled life. My heart and mind were so broken that I didn’t think or feel like I deserved to be loved in all the right ways. I allowed someone to take my self confidence and self love away from me and fell victim to my circumstances for far too long. But thank god for these two. These two have changed my whole world. And not because I allowed them to make me feel happy and feel self love but because I took control of my life and and my own emotions and fell in love with myself BEFORE I fell in love with them. But I thank god they came into my life so I could learn these things. I’m so grateful for today and every day with them. Thank you for loving me and reminding me why I love myself.
#SeptemberGoals #GetUncomfortable #HoldMeAccountable #GoalDigger #CoachK24 👑 #GUSBTC18 "The Secret Of Change Is To Focus All Of Your Energy, Not On Fighting The Old, But On Building The New." -Socrates
Now that September is here, the kids are getting ready to return to school and it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Including the dreaded back to school lunches!!! 😂 . If you have decided that September will be YOUR month to get back on track with healthy eating, please join us for our FREE 5 Day Group “Back to Routine!!!” . Our group begins Sept 10/18 and we’ll start our prepping the weekend before. . If you're interested, please comment below!!! . *This group is open to new and existing clients only and those not already working with a coach . . . #girlswithgoals #guyswithgoals #backtoroutine #freecleaneatinggroup #runningoncaffeine #startingcleaneating #wheretostart #backtoachoollunches #didyoumakeyourlunch #freegroup #holdmeaccountable
Uggghh. This momma cannot keep her crap together. But here I am at it again. If you see me. Hold me accountable. Ask me how it's going. Ask me if I worked out. Ask me how my nutrition is. PLEASE HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE! I worked so hard just to throw it away this summer. So here I am again. Starting over. #day1again #workout #fitmom #fattofit #journeytofit #weightlossjourney #21dayfix #upperfix #10minuteabs #athomeworkouts #nogymrequired #nevergiveup #motivation #motivationmonday #Monday #cantstopwontstop #quittingisntanoption #holdmeaccountable
Anyone need an accountability partner like I do? DM me and let’s start checking in daily or more if needed... I just need someone that will be interactive with me like A LOT. Not just once a week or something. Who’s down? #holdmeaccountable #illdothesameforyou #accountabilitypartnersneeded #wls #wlsfam #vsg #vsgfam #weightlossjourney #newbffneeded Ps. I don’t want to join your beach body or any other programs... that’s not what I’m looking for....
One of my favorites is a good ol philly-cheesesteak sandwhich! But of course that involves bread. So tonight we made a keto version with the same great taste and so fulfilling just no bread. All the filling stuffed in a portobello mushroom cap! Recipe from @simpleketodiet go check it out super easy and oh so delicious 😋 #ketophillycheesesteak #lifestylechanges #holdmeaccountable #yummy
Ok, all set up with @myfitnesspal now, linked it up with my @fitbit account, and ready to roll - JoesBetterLife is my name there, add me if you’re already there, let me know your name if you’d like me to add you, or try it out if you haven’t yet. #myfitnesspal #fitbit #fitbitflex2 #networking #holdmeaccountable #steps #miles #activity #caloriecounting #macros #macrocounting #caloriedeficit #addmeonmyfitnesspal #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet #weightloss #weightlossjourney #myjourney
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