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Can't run, can't ride, definitely can't ski but fractured shoulder in a sling won't stop me moving! Beating the cabin fever with sun down hike up bluffs in the snow. #moveeveryday #bluffsregionaltrail #hiking #trailrunner #injuredrunner #fracturedhumerus #hikingcolorado #highlandsranch #lonetree #broncos
Outdoor family fun in our neighborhood! Snow, mountain air and red rocks make us all happy! #lovewherewelive #coloradolife
Single spike brightens up the talus slope on the Colorado Trail #coloradotrailthruhike #coloradotrail #colorado #hikingcolorado #wildflowers #coloradoflowers
This photo makes my mind wonder!!! It gives me this intriguing feeling of something else is out there.... I know it’s probably just me walking passed my lens at the wrong time causing a blur. But honestly I’m going to pretend it’s something else magical that’s out here with me!🌈🌈🌈🌈✨ . . Brainard Lake looking all fly with her night coat on!πŸ’œ . . LUNAR ECLIPSE coming up January 20th- . ✨ (PM me if you’re interested in joining my group headed out to shoot this event 5 spots left $75 each spot 2/3 hours of shooting a couple locations.) . . β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”-πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈ #thehikingmermaid #hikingcolorado #colorado #coloradolife #coloradoadventures #coloradophotographer #coloradophotography #adventurelife #goatworthy #rockymountainnationalpark #rmnp #nationalpark #coloradotourguide #hikingguide #chasinglight #chasingsunrise #coloradoguide #tourguide #phototourguide #adventureguide #phototour #photoguide #denverlife #denverphotographer #denver #denvercolorado #hikingadventures #mermaid #nobadweather #nobadweatherjustbadclothes
Last year we were in Colorado and spur of the moment decided we would do the Manitou Incline... Had I known just how challenging it would be, I probably wouldn't have done it. Last year I was doing little to no cardio because #cardioistheworst . πŸ˜‚ "I don't hate it. I just don't like it at all and it's terrible." - Michael Scott (does anyone else quote The Office multiple times a day??) ....Anyway, I've started doing a little more cardio here and there, but plan on adding more into my workouts since we plan on doing the Incline again this summer. I'd like to be better prepared this time... IF I can convince myself to do it again that is... 😬 Do you have any goals you want to accomplish this year?
β€œMy favourite places on earth are the wild waterways where the forest opens its arms and a silver curve of river folds the traveller into its embrace.” β€”Rory MacLean β€’ One of my favorite couple’s adventure sessions!!! This secret trailhead in Breckinridge was flooded, so two adventurous couples and I scaled down from the cliffs above to get to these gorgeous waterfalls. It’s always an adventure in Colorado ❀️ β›° *ADVENTURE SESSION DISCOUNT* I’m currently offering a $50 discount on couple’s adventure sessions if you mention this post!
"You don't live IN the mountains the mountains living you" John Muir
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Come into my IGLOO with me!!. ✨ This was our first time to build an igloo with IGLOO ED and to use the sweet ICEBOX TOOL he created 20 years ago to build igloos!!!! . It’s not all glitter and rainbows while building it, but it sure feels that way after you complete it!!! Man what an amazing experience ❀️❀️❀️ . . Hurry up and SNOW again so we can build the 11footer in our front yard!!!!!! . . LUNAR ECLIPSE coming up January 20th- . ✨ (PM me if you’re interested in joining my group headed out to shoot this event 5 spots left $75 each spot 2/3 hours of shooting a couple locations.) . β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”-πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈ #thehikingmermaid #hikingcolorado #colorado #coloradolife #coloradoadventures #coloradophotographer #coloradophotography #adventurelife #goatworthy #rockymountainnationalpark #rmnp #nationalpark #coloradotourguide #hikingguide #chasinglight #chasingsunrise #coloradoguide #tourguide #phototourguide #adventureguide #phototour #photoguide #denverlife #denverphotographer #denver #denvercolorado #hikingadventures #mermaid #nobadweather #nobadweatherjustbadclothes
I could go for another hike about now
Photo & Caption: @chasing_thesunset . β€’Keep On Climbingβ€’ "No matter what life throws at you, keep on climbing. Never let doubt and fears get in the way of your ambition. You are capable of so much more than you think you are. . A little side story is my relationship with a hike called Angels Landing in Zion National Park. First time I attempted to climb it, I was scared sh**less. I only managed to climb half of this part depicted in the photo. . I decided I would turn around, but as soon as I did, regret set in. I did not let that regret get the best of me. I used it as fuel to accomplish this feat one day. . Next thing you know, 6 months later I end up accomplishing the impossible (at least for me). And since then, I have successful completed this hike 3 times. . Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to keep climbing in life. Always push on." . . . 🎬🎬🎬@werutah βœ… Follow, like and comment ✏ @hiking.love.gram πŸ’˜ Tag your love πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #hikingday #hikingfun #hikingdogsofinstagram #hikingmalaysia #hikinggirl #hikingwithkids #hikingadventures #hikingboots #hikingtrails #hikingbuddies #hikingworldwide #hikinglifestyle #hiking_collective #azhiking #hikingcolorado #hiking_lifestyle #hikingaddict #hikingwithcats #hikingphotography #hiking4fun #hikingvibes #hikinglovers
πŸ’• "She finally fell in love with somebody who could handle her fire." - Mark Anthony . πŸ’• This is love. Unconditional, whole hearted, real, complicated, beautiful yet sometimes ugly & authentic true love. . πŸ’• For all those looking for someone special, please don't give up! No matter how tired you are, no matter how much you hurt (& I know that pain is gut wrenching) It is out there, I swear! I count my lucky stars everyday for it, him & us. . πŸ’• Don't change who you are to fit a mold of what is attractive or desirable. The right person will come along at the right time (sometimes it feels like forever, since so many imposters have fooled & hurt you before) BUT the right person will be attracted to exactly who you are deep down in your bones. . πŸ’• It may not appear that I have much in a superficial world, but for him I have a priceless fortune & am forever grateful! πŸ’•βœŒ πŸ’•βœŒπŸ’•
Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies. If I had ever found a line of work in which I was entrusted with highly classified information, and I was ever captured by the opposition with the intention of prying said information from my clenched, cracked, tortured lips, I would die. Not because I held to any moral code or considered it faithfulness to some arbitrary, patriotic duty, that my conscience demanded that I remain true to whatever vain vow I had recited and burned into my head and heart. Not because of some blind allegiance to cloth and creed and country, that I would betray myself and my people in the same frightened, frantic, desperate breath. I would die by my captors' hands because whatever I had to say or share would be too fucking boring. Imagine the disappointment and horror: I am at the mercy of my enemy, beaten and abused and starved to the point of delirious mania, my captors believing that they have broken my mind and spirit in such a way that I will tell them anything to relieve my torment. That I will turn the tide of war and conflict with my confessions, if for nothing more than a drip of water, their wait and angst nearly over, only to hear me speak of my bowel movements last Thursday. Or even better, how the look they're now giving me is quite similar to the one people not-so-subtly express when they realize I still play video games. Or how their current chorus of groans and accompanying eye-rolling remind me of my history with women, men, children, and all other life forms, not the least of which includes the suspicious squirrel in my backyard. How anticlimactic. I'd prefer to spare them the details, though they would spare themselves with the final chokehold to end the whole affair and, yes, their now untold suffering. And they would lose the war by default, in an ironic turn of events. Perhaps even eliminating torture methods altogether. In other words, I despise talking about myself. I avoid most social situations because I cannot bear to divulge the polite, scripted ordinariness of my life. **Continued in comment section⬇️**
Happy ever after ❀️️ 🀟Share and tag a friend🀞 πŸ‘Plz follow us for more πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ / Credit above_and_beyond_travels 🧑Follow us @hikingtrailferris #hikingtrailferris
We’ve been doing a #whyihike series for the month of January, here’s what Noel has to say; β›° I hike because it’s how I find peace with myself. My souls thirst for adventure and hiking brings me so much joy. β›° ❄️ So, why do you hike?!
Ten years! A lot has changed. 😳 You too? πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I would LOVE to see. Post a pic from 10 years ago below, πŸ‘‡πŸ» or a side by side comparison photo like I did. So, I saw people posting in the New Year a #tenyearchallenge So I looked back at 2009, and look at this "gem" that I found πŸ˜‚ Ok, so this was a costume and a performance, but seriously I look like I was run over by a mac truck!!! 🚚 ...and sure I was "playing the part." But this is also a real peek into what my life looked like. Today actually marks 27 months clean+sober for me. πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™πŸΌStill blows my mind. 🀯 Back in 2009, I thought I was living life to the fullest, little did I know.πŸ™ˆ It was hustle, it was paycheck to paycheck, it was a party (whether I wanted to our not) that's just how it was. Life was great, it was FUN, but I struggled on the inside! But today, 2019. My life is FULL. β˜€οΈLike full in a way that I didn't even know existed. Just today, I had an ah-ha moment, ☝🏻 I actually feel comfortable in my own skin. I no longer have a desire of "I need more." I AM ENOUGH. I am happy inside and out, ok with being alone, LOVE myself, and my life is filled with REAL, AUTHENTIC, GENUINE relationships with others. Something I never really had before. I mean is there anything more I need. NOPE. My cup is FULL. LIFE IS GOOD. πŸ‘πŸ»
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THE PARK IS OPEN!!! And you know I sang my praises out loud driving these magnificent roads!!!! . To clarify- the park is open but not really. Lol. They have minimal staff patrolling and manning the booths. They are working for free since the government is still shut down. Some bathrooms are open and roads have been sanded very little and plowed a bit. The roads are still icy under winter driving conditions. But the roads are open!!!!! . Thankful from the bottom of my heart to be back in these mountains! . LUNAR ECLIPSE coming up January 20th- . ✨ (PM me if you’re interested in joining my group headed out to shoot this event 5 spots left $75 each spot 2/3 hours of shooting a couple locations.) . β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”-πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈ #thehikingmermaid #hikingcolorado #colorado #coloradolife #coloradoadventures #coloradophotographer #coloradophotography #adventurelife #beautiful_world #rockymountainnationalpark #rmnp #nationalpark #coloradotourguide #hikingguide #chasinglight #chasingsunrise #coloradoguide #tourguide #phototourguide #adventureguide #phototour #photoguide #denverlife #denverphotographer #denver #estespark #denvercolorado #hikingadventures #mermaid
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