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Never a dull moment, to do list: #themost 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️!! Woke up, gave myself a 💅🏽 #gelmani #retirednailtech #opi #everymonthisoktoberfest !!! Then, I decided to join my 1st #dietbetchallenge in over a yr, since I got fluffy & needed the extra motivation b4 winter holidays!! Back to basics, #hiitcardio #shauntweek #weights burned over 500 cals, meanwhile talking to my bestie on the phone 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️!! After my shower, I took advantage of the girls’ nap & did my daily-ish 🧘‍♀️ #meditation #oneness #innerpeace #spiritualjunkie I just experienced a new ability, gnarly but short. Now, ending my night w/ my #freelancefashiondesigner work!! #techincalflats #fashiondesigner #crazymomlife #fitish #fitmom #momof4
Legday and chest happened this morning! I don’t always post but the journey still continues always! You are your only competition. Stay strong and positive #bestversionofyou #doitforyourself #selflove #hiitcardio #chestday #healthylifestyle #mommyof4 #strengthtraining #mamabear #wonderwoman
This last two weeks have been a struggle, I’ve slacked on my meal prep, I took a break from lifting and I’m currently doing cardio only. It’s a TEMPORARY setback and for now I’ll do what I can, I refuse to sink. I have to constantly remind myself all the work I’ve put and I can’t let a setback bring me down!🙅🏼‍♀️👆🏻✨ #fitness #fitnessgirl #fitnessjourneycontinues #embraceitall #healthylife #fastedcardio #everymorning #hiitcardio #keeponswimming
Wacky Wednesday, Funky Footwork Foxtrot (that was a mouthful to say ah 5am this morning 🤣) Todays cardio workout FOXTROT is the perfect solution to those Humpday Blues! Make sure you book in for tonight’s classes at 5pm & 6pm - you won’t want to miss out on this one! . . . . . #f45 #f45training #f45ers #f45ellenbrook #ellenbrook #aveley #thevines #perth #perthfitfam #perthfitness #perthisok #hiit #hiitcardio #hiitstrength #hiitworkout #cardio #strength #strengthtraining #workout #workoutmovation #f45foxtrot
Week 2 down! Getting back on track! Feeling great as i put in more work on cardio... Only thing i hate about late workouts, Hornyyyyy with nothing to poke on!! Fml! 😫😫😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #SillyNinjaMe #Week2 #GottaGetVideoReady #AlbumMode #MuscleAndHustle #Workout #GymLife #GymFlow #FitFam #BigSexy #Determination . #Goalz #Gainz #ChestDay #Triceps #HIIT #HIITCardio #WinWinWinWin #YouFit #EatCleanTrainDirty #TrapMusic #LilDurk #ThugMusicFuelsMe
S W I T C H I T UP w/ “Cardio Switch”. If you haven’t tried it - We’ve got FREE classes on the schedule. Sign up and show up!!! We’ve got the rest @sanctuaryfitnessla #dtla #littletokyola #artsdistrictla #hiitworkout #hiitcardio #gethooked #cardioswitch #motivation #losangeles
Tuesdayzzzz 🤗🤗. • Today’s workout: - My favorite Spin Class - Back Squats - Assi. Pull-ups with push-up superset - lat pull down - leg extension - abs
. See your goal Understand the obstacles Create a positive mental picture Clear your mind of self doubt Embrace the challenge Stay on track Show the world you can do it #success
Credit to @yvettgonzalezfit_coach : EN SAUCES @taurusfit Sabado 27 9 am a 11 am Disfruta de 2 Horas de Clases 💣FATPUM BIKE 🚴🚵 💣FATPUM FUSION💪💛 💣CIRCUITO FUNCIONAL👊 . . SIN COSTO ALGUNO..INVITA @taurusfit @fatpumfitness . . Vente Disfrazado y participas en un sorteo que premia la casa @taurusfit ☝💪🌇🌆🎇🎃🎉 . . #guayaquilcity #FATPUM #gymmotivation #hiitcardio #likeforfollow #halloween #fit #instafit #workoutgirl #like20like #very #fat #funtionaltraining #boxingtraining #mmalife #muscle #personaltrainers #bodywork #coach
See ya Wednesday 9:15. We’ll hiit it hard...🥊💪🏼🥊 #boxcoast #hiit #boxingclass
Arrancamos la semana con todo junto al equipo de entrenamiento funcional!!* Que esperas para formar parte de Fitness Center???💪💪💪 #fitnessaddict #fitnesslife #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnation #fitnesscentergym #fitnessinspiration #workhard #workout #hiitcircuit #hiitcardio #hiittraining #strongtraining #strongman #strongwomen #nopainogain
“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands. They just don’t!” - Elle Woods #legallyblonde
This right here is the proof I did attend my #hiitworkout earlier. 😂 I forgot the after picture again!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Must have been fate because I had 180 jump ropes and 180 jumping jacks to finish tonight so the picture is from my place. 😬 Can I just say TRX jump squats and bosu mountain climbers are two things I do not enjoy but look forward to mastering!! 🏋️‍♀️ #sweat #groupfitness #workgym
"Human energy systems are governed by the same laws of physics that rule all energy transformations. No substantial evidence is available to disprove the caloric theory. It is still the physical basis for body-weight control." —Melvin Williams, PhD, professor of exercise science, Old Dominion University
Jumprope is now my fav type of cardio again 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 It’s so fun, I just do random stuff for as long as I can until I mess up, get mad then do it again lol
TRICEPS/HIIT!💪 This was kinda a weird lift because Joe and I were trying to get on the same page with our training so we could start a new training schedule I made(I’ll include a photo of my new training split in the swipe because I get that question a lot!) I don’t typically just train triceps but that’s what worked best to get synced, so definitely feel free to add this in with another muscle group if you give it a try! I also did a death hiit circuit after which I also will put in the swipe of you want to try it out! Since I’m down here in Texas for about a month I figured this would be a really good time to focus on my training since my distractions are pretty minimal right now. I’m really excited to have a organized split because the last 2 years I’ve gave myself the freedom to train more on the fly(still hitting every muscle group at least once a week)! My tris were so full of blood by the end they felt like they were going to burst! #NoodleArms 🍜 Workout Details👇 . . . 1️⃣Tricep Push Down Machine 4x12-15 2️⃣SUPERSET(with 3) Straight Bar Skull Crushers 4x10-12 3️⃣SUPERSET(with 2) Straight Bar Narrow Grip Bench Press 4x10-12 4️⃣SUPERSET(with 5) Rope Pull Downs 4x10-12 5️⃣SUPERSET(with 4) Incline Bench Cable Skull Crushers 4x10-12 6️⃣Tate Press 4x12-15 . . . 🔹HIIT CARDIO🔹 •1 MINUTE Stair master level 8(This is more your rest/recovery period- adjust level to your ability, should be 50% max effort) •1 MINUTE Rowing at max effort •Alternate the 2 for 20 min total
Maravilloso entrenamiento del dia martes 23/10 💪🏻💪🏻👏🏻 #hiitcardio #hiitworkout #hiit #hiittraining #trxtraining #trxtrainer #trxworkout #trx #trxsuspensiontraining
Bootay gainz 🙏🍑 ____________________ Thanks to consistent heavy lifting and proper recovery 🤘🏻 _____________________ #transformationtuesday #gainz #cake
People may be large-boned, medium-boned or small-boned. Many people complain of being big- boned, citing that as a reason they’re overweight. The truth is, joint size affects the way your body is shaped, but it has nothing to do with body fat or your ability to burn it. You can measure joint dimensions using instruments called anthropometers. For circumferences, you can use a tape measure. A simple test for joint size is to wrap your hand around your opposite wrist. If your thumb and middle finger overlap, you are small jointed (usually 6 to 7- inch wrists); if your thumb and middle finger touch, you are medium jointed (usually 7 to 8-inch wrists); if your thumb and middle finger do not touch, you are large jointed (usually 8 inches or more in wrist circumference).
If you haven't tried it then you definitely need to give it a go! 💪 STRONG By Zumba® @crossfithurakan with me! Join me for the best workout ever! Monday and Wednesday 7:30 PM and Saturday 9:30 AM at CrossFit Hurakan 13/238 Edwardes St Reservoir VIC 3073 Remember to like, share & tag a friend in the comments to win you and a friend a free class each! Can I count you in? 😊 . . . . . #Fitness #FitnessClasses #Melbourne #Reservoir #SBZ #StrongByZumba #GroupFitness #HIIT #Training #HIITworkout #Workout #HIITcardio #CardioWorkout #StrengthTraining #Strength #AerobicCapacity #FullBodyTraining #WeightLoss #Toning #Training #Transformation #BodyTransformation #Friends #Burpees #Community #Support #FitForLife #Sync #CrossFit #CrossFitHurakan
🌴 There is no limit to how many gift cards you can get! Bring in 10 friends, and get $100 in Lululemon gift cards. Happy networking 😊🙌 ~~~ Your referrals can sign up for one complimentary week at www.f45training.com/kahala/trial and then book their classes on MINDBODY. Text or call us at 808-688-3572 with questions or email zkruk@f45training.com ~~~ Team Training + Life Changing #f45 👊
Cable only upper body! It’s been a while since I’ve posted strictly upper body work on here. For upper body days on The Daily Drip we go for high volume and high intensity. Best pump, don’t @ me😝 . Don’t forget to tag me in your recreations for the e book! 🥘 . amrap (as many rounds as possible) Set your clock for 30 minutes and get to it! Rest as little as you can. 1)one arm cross body tricep pull downs x20 each arm 2)one arm overhead cable curl x10 each arm 3) read delt row 16 . Picking ONE person to get my recipe e book. Just like and comment what you want to see more of on my page! It’ll also give me greet ideas for The Daily Drip 💧
NAME THIS EXERCISE 👇 . Don’t underestimate this move, it will challenge your entire body, engage every major muscle group, add it to your @hiitmax routine and burn more calories in a quarter of the time! 🔥
Do you ever head into the gym supper pumped to get in a good workout only to wonder around doing a little of this and a little of that...without any real rhyme or reason to your workout? I know I 💯% do that 🙋🏼‍♀️ If that sound familiar then you have to listen to my interview with Dr Matt Rice who is a chiropractor specializing in prehab and mobility and gives some amazing tips on how to string together a quick effective workout 💪 Anytime the words quick and effect are in the same sentence you can count me in! Since interviewing Dr Matt I’ve been to the gym 3 times In A ROW 😱 and didn’t have anyone telling me what to do or a workout to follow. I just followed Dr Matt’s simple tricks and boom quick and effective workout done 👊 So much so that today I can hardly walk or sit down to pee 😬 So if you need a little inspiration right now to get back in the gym, head over to your podcast app and start listening right NOW!!! Once you do let me know below 👇 I love hearing from my podcast fam 💕💕 * * * * * * * #podcastersofinstagram #podcaster #podcastlife #trypod #mobilitytraining #mobility #kettlebells #turkishgetup #weightlift #liftheavythings #chiropractor #chiropractic #prehab #mobilitywork #getmoving #workoutroutine #anytimefitnesssealbeach #strongaf #dynamimovement #dynamimovementtherapy #movementtherapy #kettlebellswings #hipmobility #shouldermobility #liftheavyshit #hiitworkout #hiittraining #hiitcardio #functionaltraining #functionalfitness
EN SAUCES @taurusfit Sabado 27 9 am a 11 am Disfruta de 2 Horas de Clases 💣FATPUM BIKE 🚴🚵 💣FATPUM FUSION💪💛 💣CIRCUITO FUNCIONAL👊 . . SIN COSTO ALGUNO..INVITA @taurusfit @fatpumfitness . . Vente Disfrazado y participas en un sorteo que premia la casa @taurusfit ☝💪🌇🌆🎇🎃🎉 . . #guayaquilcity #FATPUM #gymmotivation #hiitcardio #likeforfollow #halloween #fit #instafit #workoutgirl #like20like #very #fat #funtionaltraining #boxingtraining #mmalife #muscle #personaltrainers #bodywork #coach
HIIT It & Quit It. . You don’t have to workout for hours on end. You don’t have to run on the treadmill everyday. There are faster ways to get results. The workouts that I do are designed by elite trainers, led by these elite trainers on my TV for tips and modifications, and are made to be efficient so I can get in and get out while getting results! I used to totally be that person that thought I had to have a gym membership to get fit. Well, I would rarely use that membership because I didn’t want to take the time to drive there, get my stuff set up in the locker room, wait for a machine I wanted, then drive back home. I’ve cut my workout time in half by having these trainers in the comfort of my home! And that FOR SURE has kept me more consistent. (Plus, it’s way cheaper). . Are you now thinking “I can’t get motivated to workout at home!” That’s what the accountability groups I run are for! If you see others posting that they did their workout knowing that everyone else has a busy schedule too, then you better show up! We all encourage each other and keep up the motivation. And believe me, I WILL call you out if I don’t see you showing up 😉 . It comes down to this. What’s keeping you from getting to your fitness goals? If it’s time, money, knowledge, or accountability then I got you. You really don’t have an excuse anymore. If that’s not it, then it’s just that you don’t want to and would rather do something else. . I would love to talk to you more about what these programs entail, what my groups are like, and answer any questions! I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy, for those of you who don’t know me, and would love to chat with you about getting into a healthier lifestyle. 💙
I feel like death right now 🙃 In the meantime I’ll be resting for a few days and focusing on my health 💫 Chili recipe 🌶 1️⃣ Rosemary and olive oil quinoa 2️⃣ Lean ground turkey 3️⃣ Tomato sauce 4️⃣ Jalapeño I just threw it all in a slow cooker and it turned out amazing and is an easy meal prep for the week! Coleslaw recipe 💛 1️⃣ Coleslaw premix 2️⃣ Onion 3️⃣ Olive oil 4️⃣ Black pepper
If you see me running, I am probably being chased by a bear or running toward a donut 😂. - I have never been one to enjoy cardio. Mostly, I just get bored. Also, I don’t love the way it makes me feel. - I didn’t know much about HIIT or sprint interval training until I started the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. Now, I look forward to these days more than anything. NO joke! - I typically do my sprints outside, but the weather is getting colder and I will be moving indoors soon. I want to share some alternative sprint options: - 1. If you have access to gym equipment (at the gym or at home) you can do sprints on an elliptical, arm bike, spin bike, or rowing machine. 2. Sub in another HIIT workout or repeat the FASTer Way HIIT workout from earlier in the week. 3. Sprint the stairs. 4. Tabata workouts will do the trick. You can download a free timer here: www.fitlb.com/tabata-timer - Remember, the goal is to cycle between periods of intense work, followed by a period of rest. You can always modify according to health needs or location needs. - To really optimize the fat burning effects of HIIT training, it is important to pair with the right nutrition. This is something that I teach my FASTer Way babes in my 7 week bootcamp. I’ll let you in on a little secret…it’s not the only way we become pro fat burners😉. We’ve got it down to a science and the results are organic…no pills, no shakes, no gimmicks. Whole foods, the right strategies, and effective workouts will get you where you want to be. - Hit the link in my bio to reserve your spot for my November 12 round. Spaces are limited and it’s the last round before the new year. Don’t wait!
Crunches-Some do it for the tacos🌮
Full body HIIT! REALLY didn't feel like getting my workout in today, literally just because I've been in the wrong mindset all day. Normally I would just let my negative, and lazy ass sit on the couch and veg out, but I know that with the colder weather coming I will be allowing myself to do that alot more frequently. But today is not that day. I made a super strong pot of coffee, wrote out my workout, put my workout tunes on to get me into a better frame of mind, and it worked. I was honestly looking at my workout today as a huge chore, and I seem to do that alot more often now that I sit in a desk all day long, rather then my full time 12 hour job that kept me constantly moving. So I visualized what my workouts do for me, not just for my muscles, but my physche, and my overall feeling of wellness. Turns out, exercising makes me like myself a whole heck of a lot more, then the days that I throw in the towel and call it quits. Crazy what muscle movement can do for your mental well being. I already go outside quite a large amount of my day, but it seems that being couped up inside all day brings a few rain clouds over my parade. Weird how that happens. Here's a handful of the exercises I incorporated into my outside Full Body HIIT sesh. As always 50 SECONDS ON, 10 SECONDS OFF, 3X. BURPEE JAX. SINGLE LEG DL. DECLINE SPIDERMAN PUSHUP. 3 WAY FROGGER. OPPOSITE REACH V UP.
*BACK & SHOULDERS* ✨ Try this: 1. Bent over barbell row 2. Dumbbell or plate single arm upright row 3. Plate press away 4. Plate dips on bench All exercises 10-12 reps, 5 sets! ✨ I LOVE performing tri or QUAD sets to get my muscles fired up and have shorter but more effective workout sessions. Try this, save & tag a friend! ✨ What is your favorite way to workout?! ✨ #mhfitness #tuesdayworkout #upperbodyworkout #hiitcardio #backworkout #shoulderday
#Repost @fatpumfitness (@get_repost ) ・・・ FATPUM FITNESS INTERNACIONAL C.A. FATPUM FUSION STRONGERS . . SIGUENOS EN NUESTRAS REDES Y PARTICIPA POR UNA CERTIFICACION EN GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR Y CARACAS VENEZUELA (Solo debes seguir todas las cuentas a continuacion y darle like a los posts de la certificacion ) Luego escribenos por privado y el 29 De este mes se realizara el sorteo..🆗👆👆👆📋📈📊👊 Cuentas a seguir: @fatpumfitness @yvettgonzalezfit_coach @josnellfit @yusmatcyo @ortiz_gena @aliriomoreno @christian160487 @supertrainergm (DISEÑO PUBLICIDAD) @ninosfatpumfitness @calderonfred @yoberbr @v_manuelbrice @josyfitlife @fatpumfitness_colombia . . #fitnesslifestyle #FATPUM #FitnessForLife ##fitnessdecombate #fitness #vidasana #fitnessmodel #CERTIFICACIÓN #gym #marketingdigital #likeforlikes #fat #hiitcardio
Don’t panic if you see an initial drop in LBM. Nearly everyone on a calorie- or carbohydrate- restricted nutrition program will see substantial water weight losses, especially in the beginning. Because muscle is mostly water, a water weight loss will be reflected in your LBM number. You cannot measure water weight, muscle weight and fat weight separately with a skinfold test. When your start your program, chalk up this initial LBM drop to water weight and don’t be overly concerned. Water balance can affect your weight in the opposite direction too. Your muscles are like sponges for carbohydrates and water. If you eat more carbohydrates one day than usual, and also increase your fluid and or sodium intake, it’s not uncommon to see an increase in bodyweight of three to five pounds – especially if you were dehydrated or on low carbs. Your chart will show a several pound gain in LBM, but obviously, that overnight weight gain wasn’t solid muscle. This simply reflects glycogen and water in the muscles. In bodybuilding lingo, you “filled out.” This is why you must be consistent with your weigh-ins and why you shouldn’t panic if you see a small drop in LBM. If your LBM continues to drop week after week in any significant amount, then there may be cause for concern. A continual downward trend over time in your LBM number clearly shows that you’re losing muscle tissue. Look closely at your ratio of fat lost to lean mass lost. If you lose more lean mass than fat, that’s usually a sign that some of the weight was muscle. For example, if you lose 4 pounds in one week with 1.8 pounds from fat and 2.2 pounds from lean mass; don't pat yourself on the back for losing more weight than average - you lost more LBM than fat.
Does your group training facility offer a range of sessions you can choose from every day or they just offer you one class style of workout each day of the week. Think about it 🤔
Welcome to the partyyyyy 💪🏼 Today was HIIT and abs! For HIIT I did 30 seconds of plyo/lifting followed by a 10 second hold. Repeat that 3 times with no break...you can rest after your third hold 🤪 Your legs/shoulders/abs/everything will be ON FIRE after this. I enjoy workouts like these because I can go hard for 90 - 120 seconds knowing I have a break right after. Also! for those of you who say I never smile if you look hard enough there’s a smile in this video somewhere 😁 I promise! (see other post for my fav ab moves from today)
FROG LEG CRUNCH Give your hip flexors a break by opening up the hips and rotating the pelvis, so the lower back is flush to the floor.
CROSS-LEGGED CRUNCH. Give your hip flexors a break by crossing your legs and tilting your pelvis so your lower back is flush against the floor. Even though this doesn't target the glutes, it's important to train the core which will dramatically improve your overall training.
AGILITY LADDER. Wobble wobble
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