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#Repost @khabib_nurmagomedov • • • • • Советую всем ☝️ Медицина пророка Мухаммада ( да будет доволен им Аллах ) I like this ☝️ - All the best on the 6th October 2018. May Allah protect you and give you the strength. Amin ya rabbal alamin @khabib_nurmagomedov - #therapy #singaporean #pain #health #healthy #massagetherapy #healing #massage #cupping #healthmatters #healthyme #naturalhealing #hijama #painfree #healthier #cuppingtherapy #rejuvating #physicaltherapy #painless #massagetime #healingfromwithin #healingjourney #healingtime #healinghands #healingpower #healthyliving #hijamasg #singaporelife #singaporeinsiders
♛ “You are always changing" ♀ These were the words someone close to me said, that I allowed to caused me shame, harm and guilt. ♀ Forever I thought it was my greatest weakness that I embraced and chased my own inner and outer change. That I was hungry to know more about who I really was, what made me tick and why I ticked… became a sore point in my air-element-esque life experience. ♀ This comment and the pressures, real or imagined, that I felt to be: ⫸ consistent ⫸ one solid thing ⫸ focused and ⫸ unchanging…. weighted on my heart heavily. ♀ What I yearned and craved for was to accept my persistent curiosity and effortless ability to maneuver around change as OK. What I actually got on my journey is that it IS ONE OF MY GREATEST GIFTS and embracing it has helped me to fuel personal breakthroughs, a life lived on purpose and HEAL BIG TIME. ♀ #makeitright #agreetobehere #lifeisart #embracethejourney #selfacceptanceheals #eatingpsychology #intuitivewellness #madonnaquotes #selflove #positivevibes #lifeissacred #healingjourney #busyandwell #womenshealth #HIGHERBALANCE ☾⚖☽
An apple, cinnamon and raisin flapjack, fortified with vegan protein, pumpkin seed and flaxseed powder. I'm having this with a glass of @rebel_kitchen mylk for breakfast before heading off for my weekly volunteering day, doing massage, palliative reflexology and Reiki at @togetheragainst_cancer Just had a barefoot wander in the garden for a bit of morning grounding but it's bloomin' freezing out there, despite the sunshine! Beautiful #nofilter shot nonetheless and a good day to come 🙏
How could you possibly pick a favourite? 🤷🏻‍♀️ #hhwc
Self doubt, self criticism, self abuse and the deep feeling of giving up gets the best of us at times, Remember that this is okay! Your human and life is shit sometimes but if you can remember that healing takes time and your journey is different to others it make give you that little bit of extra hope your been looking for. So please if your reading these words don’t give up! Don’t give up! Stay strong! Be brave! I love you! . #dontgiveup #nevergiveup #staystrong #inspirationalquotes #innerwork #quotes #quotestoliveby #instaquote #youarenotalone #mindfulness #healingjourney #empoweringwomen #thecouragetoheal
Be a blessing to someone today. Do something good for somebody. That could mean random acts of kindness: ✔Say hello to a passer by ✔A smile ✔Giving a compliment ✔Letting someone go first ✔Giving your time or some money to someone in need ✔Listening more than speaking #dogood #beablessing #randomactofkindness #spiritualawakening #spiritualjourney #hearthealing #healingjourney #destress #digestion #hormonalbalance #nutritionist #lifestylecoach #london #homestead #retreat #polynesianislands #tahiti #bahia #mauritius #seychelles #samoa
#healingvibrations Have you notice that yellow spider too... Looks so comfy on that Yucca leaf.. My girls saw it was too close to their playground and of course they to call daddy to have a look... A plant overview The plant of the day is the Yucca gleriosa of the Asparagaceae family. The Yucca is native of Central America(CA)... And nowadays used as a landscaping plant to embellish the gardens. Some facts are that the roots of the Yucca are edible they are rich in carbohydrates, fibres some B complex vitamins and minerals. The natives people of CA used it for both culinary and medicinal purpose... Again #foodasmedicine the closer you are to #nature the more #awake you become There is not lot of research about the therapeutic use of the Yucca but few research stated that the plant has Antioxidant; anti-hypercholesterolemic; anticarcinogenic; anti-arthritic; anti-inflammatory; and anti-hypertensive properties. It has been used to treat conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and stomach disorders.. Can be prescribed as food as medicine or the whole plant powdered and dispense in tablet or capsule.. Always seek professional advise before using the plant therapeutically. So not a very common one to see in herbal Materia Medica and definitely more research are required to support it medicinal use. Once again nature is telling us that it's here for us and health is for everyone to take... The healing power of nature #happyfriday #vismedicatrixnaturae #ïtalnaturophaticwellbeing
I dream of bottomless coffee cups and a world where everyone is free to be who they are without fear of judgment or ridicule. Let’s try to build each other up you guys, instead of tearing others down. It’s not nice to shame people & In the end we not only hurt those around us but we also are hurting ourselves with this sort of behaviour. It pushes fellow humans away and isolates us when we are most vulnerable. Reach out, be kind, and please remember that you are worthy. You don’t have to prove anything. . . . #realrecovery #recoveringaussies #anorexiarecovery #ednos #hope #depression #anxiety #latte #mumanddaughter #coffee #letyourlightshine #selfcare #selfcompassion #healingjourney #bekindtooneanother #bekindtoyourself #recovery #strongwoman #truth #mystruggle #bekindtooneanother #bekindtoyourself
MINDFULNESS⠀ ⠀ Ahh the peace of the jungle. It’s very easy to be mindful out there. It’s as if my days were on slow mode and that made everything easier to notice. To notice the sun on my face, or the gentle breeze in my hair. Mindfully eating, noticing every mouthful. And mindfully drinking, noticing when the water touches my lips and cascading down into my stomach.⠀ ⠀ The days were long, with little to do, that’s what made it so easy to be mindful. Practicing yoga and meditation was such an excitement to just be in the moment, although every now and again I would be chased by a mosquito, but other times I could mindfully let it go.⠀ ⠀ Standing here now, at Heathrow airport waiting for my bag to come through, I wonder if this calm mind of mine will stay, or will that monkey mind of mine be back to cause havoc in my life again? I guess I’ll find out if I hit any traffic on my way home... .⠀ . . . . #ProjectMe #HealingMyself #MindfulLife #FindingMyself #BePresent #InnerPeace #SoulHealing #SpiritualGrowth #HealingJourney #LifeBalance #LearningToLoveMyself #SelfLove #HealingProcess #SelfAcceptance #ChangeIsOkay #ListenToYourSoul #Meditation #Courage #InnerWork #MentalHealthRecovery #MentalHealthAwareness #OvercomingDepression #BreakingTheStigma #MentalHealth #Mindfulness #Peru #Jungle #Amazon
On food, health, and my body: While NPD mothers share a lot of underlying traits, Narcissistic Personality is a spectrum Disorder, and I imagine the way it presents in individuals varies in not only severity but also uniqueness. One of my NPD mother’s more damaging and bizarre behaviors was to project food allergies (which she believed herself to have) onto me from the time I was born through adulthood. I do believe I may have had some mild allergies like most kids, but my NPD mother came up with all sorts of arbitrary rules about what I could and could not eat. If I was sick, it was always my fault because I ate something “bad,” and then my diet became even more severely restricted. I learned very early that food was something dangerous and health was something I could control. Then to feed her NPD, my mother would ply me with large amounts of vitamins. When I would eventually get well, my mother would take credit for “fixing me.”This was the 1970’s; kids having allergies or being on restricted diets was not at all common nor was taking large amounts of supplements. I pretty much existed in a state of being “fixed” or being “prevented from being sick.” This set the stage for a laundry list of life long issues regarding my relationship with food, my health, and my body. These issues are deep and messy and I’m still working through a lot of them. But I am finding sharing my story is part of the healing process for me. By putting my experiences out into the world, some of the associated guilt, shame, and anger seem to be released as well. Thank you ✨💜🙏🏻 #daughtersofnarcissisticmothers . . . #childhoodtrauma #healingjourney #innerchild #selfcare #healing #empowerment #personaldevelopment #selfhelp #itsokaynottobeokay #perseverance #traumainformed #resilience #complexptsd #warrior #narcissisticabuse #cptsdrecovery #emotionalabuse #mentalhealthawareness #breakthestigma #mentalhealthrecovery #healingmyself #possibilities #traumarecovery #healinghearts #bodypositivity
What most people don't realize is that when they are talking about others, they are talking about themselves, the way we speak about others is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourself. A lady told me I envy you, jealousy and envy stem from a place of hate, hatred that she has for herself, it had nothing to do with me. We have to be mindful of negative self talk, the word hate means an intense or passionate dislike for someone or something and a word like that shouldn't be used so freely or taken so lightly because it represents a feeling that we hold inside, a very low vibrational feeling that keeps us from vibrating from a place of unconditional love. MLK said it best "Let no man pull you low enough to hate him." Hating someone or something puts us in a low place. At this point in my life I choose to connect with the divine light of unconditional love and embody that love through the self-love I practice daily. I have never in my life been jealous of someone or wanted anything that anyone else had, despite growing up dirt poor & experiencing a lot of trauma I have had the pleasure of experiencing a lot of what people consider the finer things in life, like living in mansions in the hills, owning luxury cars, traveling the world, shopping sprees & hanging out with celebrities, millionaires & billionaires. Despite how great it was to be able to experience those things, none of it made me happy so I walked away from it all & chose a more humble path, a healing path that is way more rewarding than anything I have ever had in my life. I traded nights out every night of the week to nights in every night of the week and I love it. I have closed that chapter of my life so I could focus on myself & my family. Now, I live a life I don't need a vacation from. I am so thankful for a life full of serenity, happiness, laughter, divinity, healing light & unconditional love and I wouldn't want it any other way. #firstloveyou #tbt #splits #yoga #split #transformation #healingjourney #selflove #motivation #inspiration #empowerment
The longer I nourish my body with whole plant foods the more I realize that I actually crave it. Healthy can be so simple and simple can be so delicious. Thanks to @bonllocvegeta for creating the most delicious & healthy lunch menus daily. One of my favorite places to eat in Palma. #veganmallorca #wholeplantfoods #healingjourney #healthychoices
“She Let Go She let go. Without a thought or a word, she let go. She let go of fear. She let go of the judgments. She let go of the confluence of opinions swarming around her head. She let go of the committee of indecision within her. She let go of all the ‘right’ reasons. Wholly and completely, without hesitation or worry, she just let go. She didn’t ask anyone for advice. She didn’t read a book on how to let go… She didn’t search the scriptures. She just let go. She let go of all of the memories that held her back. She let go of all of the anxiety that kept her from moving forward. She let go of the planning and all of the calculations about how to do it just right. She didn’t promise to let go. She didn’t journal about it. She didn’t write the projected date in her day-timer. She made no public announcement and put no ad in the paper. She didn’t check the weather report or read her daily horoscope. She just let go. She didn’t analise whether she should let go. She didn’t call her friends to discuss the matter. She didn’t do a five-step Spiritual Mind Treatment. She didn’t call the prayer line. She didn’t utter one word. She just let go. No one was around when it happened. There was no applause or congratulations. No one thanked her or praised her. No one noticed a thing. Like a leaf falling from a tree, she just let go. There was no effort. There was no struggle. It wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad. It was what it was, and it is just that. In the space of letting go, she let it all be. A small smile came over her face. A light breeze blew through her. And the sun and the moon shone forevermore. Here’s to giving ourselves the gift of letting go… There’s only one guru ~ you.” -Rev. Safire Rose. #LetGo #MoveOn #HealingJourney #YouAreTheGuru #BeHereNow #YogaTeacher #MagicHourLight #YogaFairy #GreenEyes #LongHairDontCare #SpiritualQuotes #GoddessVibes #FuckFear #ThisIsMe #ForeverYoung #DivineFeminine #LightWorker #QuoteOfTheDay #JustBe #ShadowWork #Acceptance #SelfLove #LawOfAttraction #LymeWarrior #YogaIsMedicine
Tomorrow is the last day to be part of the ‘Alchemist’s Adventure’ Beta group. It is such a great opportunity to learn all I know about conscious reality creation. There is a lot of powerful information in there! Being part of the Beta group means that you get the material in it's 'rough' form, and you give me feedback on what makes sense and works for you, and what doesn't, before I then 'polish' it and release the course. You also get access to the finished product for life. Link in bio . . . . . . #createyourreality #clearyourmind #trustyourvibe #manifesting101 #thealchemistsadventure #healingjourney #emotionalhealing #conciousliving #raisingmyfrequency #manifestationbabe #theuniversehasyourback #livemoremagic #highvibetribe #lifepurpose #soulfulliving #purposeddrivenlife #askandyoushallrecieve
G O D D E S S  G U I D A N C E 🌙 . Radiant Moon of Compassion . Kuan Yin sits upon a Radiant Moon of Compassion, pouring forth the spiritual strength needed for you to liberate yourself from lower vibrational energies of fear and judgment, and shift into the vibration of freedom, love and peace, where you naturally belong. You are being urged to use this power to grow spiritually and free yourself from a situation that would otherwise dim your bright spirit. . ••••• . Your weekly oracle guidance from the ever loving Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion. I’ve been called to share a second so will do so tomorrow. DM for your own free personal reading. Sending much love as always 🙏💖 . . . . . . . . . 📷 the very talented @georgiarosehardy #theconscioustribe #compassion #divinefeminine #conscious #consciousness #consciousliving #consciouslife #fifthdimension #5D #spirituallife #higherself #ascension #spiritualawakening #higherconsciousness   #ageofaquarius #kuanyin #yinenergy #oracle #cardreading #goddessenergy #raiseyourvibration #lawofattraction #manifesting  #actualising #iamweare #consciouscoach #lightworker #healing #healingjourney #reikihealer
I think I’ve had enough needles for one week 🌵🌵🌵
As energetic beings living in an energetic world, we are naturally & constantly moving physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually & energetically. . Even when we are asleep or in deep meditation we are breathing! Our diaphragm 24/7 moving up & down allows regular new breath & energy. . The natural rhythms of the world around us are always on the move, day-night, sun-moon, wind-rain... patterns & seasons, natural energy always moving. . As human beings we have the ability to self heal by accepting & allowing that change takes time. . There are many 'ahahhs' along the way. . Sometimes some deep inner wounds need to be released in stages so that we can manage the pace of inner shift but we too are always moving, the journey of self discovery never stops 🙏. . The body swings back & forth in it's own search for complete healing but like a swinging pendulum each time it never goes quite back as far as it previously was. . Eventually we find. . #equilibrium #innerbalance #innerhealing #healingjourney #spirituallessons #alwaysfurtheron #movingforward #youcanhealyourself #painisajourney #patience #selfcompassion #selflove
10-pass Ozone • Whilst I am back at Infusio for ACT, Dr Kim recommended I also get a 10-pass ozone treatment. The aim is that by killing microbes & cleansing my blood, the ozone will help accelerate my healing from Lyme & co-infections, particularly targeting SIBO, which flagged as a major issue for me on my most recent tests. The 10-pass is then followed with a myers cocktail IV to finish. I’m very fortunate that my clinic in London offers most of the maintenance IVs & treatment I need to continue my post-stem cells home programme, but as I can’t get the 10-pass at home I was very happy they could fit me in here today 💉
✨$72 Value ✨To enter: . 1) "follow" @rachellynnsebastian and @whitelotusyoga2018 on Instagram. . 2) Pick a number between 1-20 and comment below. . 3) Tag one or more other friends who would like to play in the comments. . Winners will be announced Friday, 09.21 @ 6pm PDT. . “Kickstart Your Recovery from Anxiety” From Panic to Power Playshop & Vegan Potluck ✨ Sunday, September 23rd @WhiteLotusYoga 11:30am – 2:30pm ✨ Rachel Lynn Sebastian offers effective, easy and safe tools to give you relief from anxiety and panic related symptoms. Sebastian was diagnosed in 2015 with Anxiety (following a cancer diagnosis) and has created an easy DIY process to share with you through her documentation of her own recovery. This process offers the tools to feel “better and better” every day. It will empower you, inspire you and strengthen your vision that you can and will feel like YOU again. ✨ You'll learn: ✨ •the source of your anxiety •how to clear the “wrongness” that you feel •helpful stabilizing mechanisms •how to comfortably be with emotion •how to identify and face your subconscious fears ✨ Connecting with others facing similar challenges helps us to gain community and inspire, uplift and encourage our own individually empowered journeys. ✨ $36 in advance | $45 @ the door ✨ To Bring: Yoga Mat Pillow Organic Vegan Dish Comfortable Clothing Water Bottle ✨ White Lotus Yoga 18961 Front Street, Suite 105 Poulsbo, WA 98370 425.835.3726 ✨ Reserve your spot by Sept 16th: https://www.whitelotusyoga.org/special-events ✨ #rachellynnsebastian #playshop #anxietyrelief #anxietyrecovery
Spread more love, smile at everyone you see today, have conversations with people you come into contact with, tell someone you love them, write a positive message on a piece of paper and leave it for someone to find, message a friend to tell them how awesome they are, hug your love, tell yourself how awesome you are and don’t forget all the animals you see today give them all the hugs, love and smiles too ✌🏻
𝘕𝘰𝘸 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘪𝘴 𝘢 𝘮𝘦𝘢𝘭 😮 𝗹𝗼𝘃𝗲 𝗺𝘆 𝗷𝘂𝗶𝗰𝗲𝗿 👌 𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗮 𝗽𝘂𝗱𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝗮𝗹𝗺𝗼𝗻𝗱 𝗺𝗶𝗹𝗸 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝗽𝗲𝗮𝗻𝘂𝘁 𝗯𝘂𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗿 😍
St. Paul Community Baptist Church Brooklyn, New York 2018 Commemoration of The Maafa @davidalawyer Thank you!♥️ #healingjourney
#Quinoa #Salad and #Millet drink #Breakfasts like these 💓 #ancientgrains #veganrecipes #veganbreakfast #indiantable #pomegranate #recipe #vegetarian #foodthatheals #foodphotography #healingjourney #healthylifestyle #healerskitchen Wash quinoa many times and cook it with minced ginger , fennel, olive oil, rock salt and #panchphoron masala in a pressure cooker. For 1 cup quinoa add 1 2/3 cup water. Add diced vegetables, roasted peanuts and herbs in the final stage of cooking. Garnish with #pomegranate pearls and lemon juice.
💕 "You better hated to be yourself, than you liked for being someone else." - unknown - Yes, I love myself just the way I am. I love wrinkles on my face & grey hairs that started grew. I dont need to upload pictures to create certain images that I am rich, success, etc. Because hey... indeed I m not perfect and just an ordinary one. I dont need to wear "mask". - I just very grateful for the freedom that I still have in my life ; I have enough time to enjoy what I love to do and even woke up late today; while some of people got a lot of stress headed to work. - Then I found more of my Orchids blooming. I saw myself were smiling. That is my simple happiness today. Happy Weekend everyone. #ubud #bali
Wherever you are RIGHT NOW is where your soul is WANTING to be. HOWEVER you got here is HOW your soul was wanting to travel. . Give UP being "right" about being "wrong." It NO LONGER SERVES YOU. . "I release that it's wrong to stress out, feel defeated and barely make it." . "I create the possibility that it's OK to stress out, feel defeated, and barely make it - and even so I'm still all powerful, all knowing, all Loving and all that I AM. . #thatshowyoudoit #rachellynnsebastian #powerup
I took the second picture about 10 days ago to compare with the first picture. I was feeling pretty good. Then I started feeling pretty crummy. . . Today I am not feeling as confident as I was in that second picture. Labs results are showing my thyroid levels are off where they were in range last time. My TPO went back up from its lowest point 3 months ago. My anti-thyroglobulin was higher than it's ever been, after it had been steadily decreasing for 6 months. What the heck?! At this point I want to give it all up and dive face first into a Ben's pretzel with cheese! . . #HashimotosThyroiditus #AutoimmuneDisease #antithyroglobulin #thyroperoxydase #ThyroidDisease #LabResults #ChronicIllness #ChronicDisease #HealingJourney
["Grief is difficult and it can be quite overwhelming as it affects your thinking ability and your energy level. It basically takes over every aspect of your life..."] ● ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Read more about my first experience with profound grief + my inspiration for starting a blog and working through my emotional pain on my new blog post. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #salubrityandsoul #bereavement #grief #loss #soulwork #healingjourney #healing #inspiration #natureheals #grievingwithgrace #encouragement #flowers #griefsupport #griefjourney #wellnessjourney #mindbodyheartsoul #life #lifelessons #personalgrowth #strength #resilience #courage #hope #newpost #blog #healthandwellness #survivinggrief
Morning runs are even more fun when fall is in the air! 🍂🏃‍♀️🍂 I got a little wild with my diet over the weekend and skipped some workouts and all I can say is OUCH! 😆 I'm not too mad about it though, because the pain and fatigue that reared their ugly heads reminded me why I do what I do - why I follow the SCD and exercise just about every darn day. I do these things because they allow me to live the kind of life I never thought I'd see again. I do them because they allow me to live my own personal miracle. There's no better motivation than that right there.✨ Sometimes I have to fail a little to remember what's at stake, to remember why the hard work is SO worth it. 💜 . . . . . . #scd #ibd #crohnsandcolitis #crohnsawareness #crohns #healing #healingjourney #crohnswarrior #crohnsdisease #chronicillness #keepgoing #motivation #mywhy #run #fall #specificcarbohydratediet #eattoheal #ibdawareness #fitness #fitjourney #journey
🍇 Cheers for #ConcordGrapes being at my Farmers Market! I bought 6 huge baskets 😆 I love the crunchy seeds! . “Concord grapes are a slip skin grape, meaning if you squeeze the grape, the pulp will slip out of the skin. You can eat Concord grapes with or without the skin, or with or without the seeds. All parts of the Concord grape are good for you. The healthiest part of the grape is the skin, which is packed with 19 different types of health-supporting nutrients. Concord grapes contain resveratrol, which protects the DNA in our cells against mutations that occur.” . . . . . #FruitHeals #FoodIsMedicine #LoveYourselfToHealth #letfoodbethymedicine #grapes #offthevine #grapetherapy #fruitislife #naturalhealing #naturalhealth #functionalnutrition #snack #healthysnacks #bostonfoodies #highcarblowfat #highcarb #highcarbvegan #nutrition #abmlifeiscolorful #verilymoment #healthyeating #healingjourney #eatingraw #rawfood #healingfoods #eatmorefruit
♛ AGREEING TO BE HERE is a powerful life lesson that has transformed my experiences. ♀ I am more self aware. ♀ I am more forgiving of myself and others. ♀ I accept reality as it is, which empowers me to make positive sustainable changes towards my health and well-being goals. ♀ #makeitright #agreetobehere #embracethejourney #selfacceptanceheals #eatingpsychology #selflove #positivevibes #lifeissacred #healingjourney #busyandwell #womenshealth #HIGHERBALANCE ☾⚖☽
I finally figured out what’s been up with some of the depression and numbness I’ve been feeling and I’m so stoked. Having a good day today not feeling numb. I feel so thankful for therapy and the self awareness I’ve cultivated that allows me to put the therapy into practice in my life. And of course at the root was that I was shutting down my emotions out of fear, so of course I was numb! Yay for allowing ourselves to feel whatever comes up. Having a safe space to express ourselves is so important even if it’s just a journal to write it all down in. • • • #selflovealways #selfcare #iampowerful #healingjourney #traumahealing #iamenough #iamworthy #numbness #depression #mentalhealth #sacredfeminine #womenrising #rivertime #riverswim #oregonisbeautiful #swimminghole #pnw #oregonexplored #iamvaluable #youareworthy #youareenough #selflove #loveyourself #feelyourfeelings #journal #opendiary #selfhealing #natureheals
My body moves through things my mind cannot. ➰ I love language. Literature, poetry, languages, articulation, expression through words. I’ve always loved to write and read. I’ve written and journalled since I was 9 years old, it’s been a powerful art and outlet for me. ➰ But dance... ➰ I started dancing when I was 4 years old, in an old church near my childhood home. I trained in classical ballet and contemporary dance until I was 18 years old. ➰ The dance industry and the complexities of teenage life birthed many years of struggle for me with food and my body and left me with a lot of pain and trauma attached to dance. I resented the industry for a long time and for so many years, struggled to work through the anger and pain it brought up for me, every time I allowed myself to move. ➰ I didn’t expect the dance community here in Ubud... I thought I was coming for yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ But of course, it’s no surprise to me that we’re a community who gather and move and dance. For me, dance is a release, a celebration, and unsurprisingly, the healing journey that I knew one day I’d find. Not consciously, but my body knew. I knew when it was right that the space to heal this hurt would come. I love words but I knew this process wasn’t in language. ➰ It’s in movement. In embodiment and flow and sweat. It’s in complete surrender and trust and honouring the pain and betrayal that needs to move through. It has to come up to be cleared, there’s no other way out, than through. And every time, through the pain, the release, the movement and sweat, I fall in so much love and ecstatic gratitude for this life 🙏 ➰ 🎵@kalyascintilla - TribeOriginal
Healing is happening and your intuition knows exactly how to soothe every corner of your soul.✨ #TheSoulExposed
One of my biggest fears used to be the thought of getting old sitting in sadness and regret at my life. That I had lived without having had the life of my dreams - an incredible, romantic, intimate love relationship with my soulmate, many amazing adventures, and living my soul's purpose as a career. My Mom constantly talked about past mistakes and always seemed regretful about how her life turned out. She and my Dad always seemed unhappy and unfulfilled. I see other people who are either complacent or complaining about unfulfilling lives, careers or relationships and seem headed in a similar direction. Some brush it aside - pretending it's fine, others get "busy", while others are clearly unhappy, but if you ask them why they don't do something about it - they quickly tell you why it's impossible and that they're fine. 3 years ago, I started on a path of healing - that shifted my life completely and relatively quickly. I'd been doing personal/spiritual growth work for 12 years prior and moving at a snail 🐌 pace since the first 2 years of it. I had hit a roadblock. I didn't listen to naysayers who tried to tell me that this was how life was. That I should be grateful for all I already had. I knew there was more in store than just existing and being comfortable. I knew I could have extraordinary intimacy in my marriage, adventures yet to be had, and a career I was so passionate about that it didn't feel like work. I KNEW none of it was "impractical" or "fantasies". And I was right. I never stopped seeking, working, and taking intuitive leaps of faith. I took action, invested time & money, and healed consistently. And I stopped listening to any opinions UNLESS they came from those who were living a life I was inspired by.. And it worked. My fears - gone. Dissatisfaction - gone. A few weeks ago, someone asked what I would do if I won the lottery - and I realized I would be exactly where I am right now. That I am on the path to doing everything I ever dreamed of. My life has become magical. And if you want a piece of it. Just begin. ✨ #energymedicine #energyhealing #spiritualjourney #healingjourney #familyconstellations
🎉I’m so excited right now! I just achieved a big personal #goal I had for my new business @impeccably_polished and now my even bigger goal seems reachable. I worked diligently for it and hard work pays off! 🙏🏼 I’m so grateful to have the love and support of friends and family. Truly gives me even more to look forward to and helps take my mind off of illness. Thank you, Jesus, for opportunities and blessings that come when you least expect them! 🙌🏻
Drew a @gabbybernstein #theuniversehasyourback card while spending some time with my #sensei . Wrote a #blog post about it (link in bio) with some inspiration from @mileycyrus. ”The power of an old song with the power of a red horse nearby brought me to uncontrollable tears.” 🌈🌈🌈🌈 🐴🐴🐴🐴 ✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻 #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #quarterhorse #youholdmyheart #theclimb #manifestation #manifestyourlife #lifeisbeautiful #horsesofinstagram #horsesaremytherapy #eamh #equineassistedtherapy #theuniverse #healingjourney #veganlife #redhorse #healinghorse #anxietyrelief #breathin #breakthestigma #breakthesilence #selfcare #fbf #selflove #selfrespect #iphone8plus
Hello full make up & beautiful light. Thank you! 🙏💕 lol Today, I’m noticing that I’m completely in charge of how I feel. Feeling good looks good on me, with or without makeup. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #feelinggood #loa #lawofattraction #love #loveyourself #selfie #me #makeup #lighting #calilife #アメリカ生活 #positivevibes #universe #namaste #メイク #japanese #asian #気持ちいい #大好き #healing #healingjourney #today #iphonephotography #beautifulday
Filled my music cup with another great concert seeing @johnnyswim and @needtobreathe with one of my childhood best friends. The only thing that would have made it better was if I had finally met @thebigredheart too but I have no doubt she might have my loud scream at some point during the night. 😂 . But in all seriousness, I love music because it can transcend your head and go straight to your heart. You know, like those times you breakdown during a random song and don’t know why? It’s because music speaks on another level that helps your soul feel seen and heard. Double tap if you think so too. 💛
Դեպրեսիան ամենատարածված հիվանդություններից մեկն է, սակայն ինչ-որ կերպ համոզում է քեզ որ դու մենակ ես: #depression #depressionisreal #keeptalkingMH #endthestigma #mentalhealth #armenian #armenianmentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #healingjourney #paintedbrainarmenia
There will come a time when being STRONG is no longer an option. . On this day, September 15, I was invited to join Grand Makeup Maestro. I thanked each and everyone of you, @ainaaherlysa , @norsavina1 , @qusyairiezainal , @chimoytouch , @r.fazzy for encouraging me to be brave and share bits of my story. . A story that I have shared occasionally with some. But on that day, I took a leap of faith and shared with all the participants whom I not know of. . It wasn’t an easy sharing as I was teary in front of all the strangers - walking down that memory lane isn’t an easy one. There were lots of bitterness and at the same time the strength I gained from those whom I loved the most throughout my journey to combat my pain, make path for the healing to progress. . I wish to send my gratitude to @nursyafinazutagha for the fabulous makeover you did onto me and to @nuex_rosli for the beautiful shawl you gave me though I was a complete stranger to you. Masha Allaah, so much blessings. Alhamdulillah. . So much to type, yet so little space so I will save for the next time. . To those who are battling the pain, the hardships, the downfall - be STRONG, that’s the only option left. Get up, look around, look at the world that promise a lot of wonders if you are strong and brave enough to open your eyes and heart. . Know that you are never alone in your battle. There will always be someone, something that can be your pillar of strength. Be brave to look for it. . Have a bless Friday and I send my well wishes and love to everyone. . #kakchombee #mystory #cancersurvivor #mycancerstory #motivation #inspiration #healingjourney #positivity #strength #livehealthy #makeupmaestro #makeupmaestro2018
It’s so simple, but little exercises like this can really help us to make the most out of life and maximize our happiness and well-being. Namaste my friends🙏🕉 #mindfulnessmoment #mindfulliving #healingjourney #spiritualawakening #spiritualhealing #selflove #selfcare #anxietyrelief
In my INFJ Door Slam flurry, I removed myself from the presence of anyone that drained my energy as opposed to helping renew it and vice versa. For some, they may feel that I've abandoned them in my effort to heal myself. That's partially true. We are all on our own journeys. I appreciate if you feel that I am beneficial to your healing but part of my healing requires isolation and self-reflection because I've allowed energy vampires into my circle and I'm cleaning house. When I'm fully loving myself, I may find that I was correct in initially separating from you or I'm no good for you at all. Whatever happens, I trust wherever the Universe guides me. PeaceLoveHappiness Lm... #HealingJourney #SelfCare #VibrateHigher #Meditate #Relax #INFJ #HSP #HighlySensitivePerson #LoveYourself #ChooseLove #Growth
💥Accountability Post: Recently, I’ve been blessed to accept a new job that I’m super excited about in an industry I have a strong passion for. 🙏🏼 So so grateful. What you may not know is that I have an entrepreneurial spirit and also run two side hustles, if you will, of my own. I’m a photographer / videographer (@cd_photography_studio ) and BeachBody Coach. Both make me excited to get up in the morning, but they certainly take a lot of my time. I’ve made amazing new friendships through coaching 💕 You know who you are! It’s so amazing. And I’ve recently had a few photo shoots that I’m furiously editing at the moment. So yes, I’m blessed and so grateful but I have to admit that with all these blessings come increased stress, responsibilities, and a need for better intrinsic motivation. All this work takes time away from my personal life - time with friends and family. Time for myself. And I haven’t done a very good job and balancing the two. I’m brainstorming ways to make sure I give myself the time I need for “play” so to speak. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! #wellnessjourney
Yay, I love nicecream! Even more so when it has both banana and (wild) blueberries!😍 I love topping my nicecream with some fruit and/ or shredded coconut. The nicecream I'm having is actually the @medicalmedium Heavy Metals Detox Smoothie or #hmds . I like it but I don't do eat it daily anymore. I do better when I do a few days on, a few days off. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #medicalmedium #rawvegan #plantpower #rawvegansofig #fullyraw #healyourself #healyourgut #healingjourney #fullyraw #vegan #weightloss #eattherainbow #livingfood #eatrealfood #livingfoods #eattherainbow #healingjourney #whatrawveganseat #healthyfoodshare #highcarblowfat #highcarblowfatvegan #highcarblowfatrawvegan #medicalmediumprotocol #medicalmediumcleanse #fruitfear #medicalmediumtribe #hmds #wildblueberries #bananaaddict
Limited appointments available from now through to the end of October. Eek! Where has the year gone??? Below is a list of available appointments up to and including Sunday 14th October. Sept availability: Mon 24th @ 11.15am Wed 26th day and evening appts Thur 27th @ 2.30pm Sat 29th @ 10.30am & 11.30am October availability: Tues 9th @ 4.30pm & 5.45pm Wed 10th @ 7pm Thur 11th evening appts Please book early to avoid disappointment. Booking link in bio https://ethericself.gettimely.com/book
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