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My name is @psychicspiritualhealer1111 I am Clairvoyant with 45 years experience Psychic 🔮 and Energy holistic Healer. Other psychics have tried to compete with me and has failed my psychic powers are extremely powerful I have a authentic gift and I am very blessed to help people get on the right path of their life for a better tomorrow🧘‍♀️ I specialize in Twin flames 🔥 Soul mates 👫and other soul connections 💕 I not only read Twin flame connections with amazing accuracy but I also help Twin flames reunite and help remove and clear any energetic or spiritual blockages and/or negative influences that can keep Twin flames from sharing a healthy and unconditionally loving relationship together. I have the natural gifts 🌿to communicate with Angels Guides👼🏼🍄 Your spirit Guides💫 will reveal insightful messages and advice to me to share with you during the reading. I also provide solutions to all problems of life such career, finances, health, happiness, and much more. I can help you unlock 🔑 new and amazing possibilities for your life in all areas. Every reading I take great pride in helping you with all solutions to your life to guide you on the right part of your destiny see what new opportunities are waiting for you🌈 My ability give you the right tools to control your own destiny💖🔮🌈 knowing is the power✅ please contact me for more information and to book a live session with me today Bring in your 2018 for a brighter better year 📱call or text 830-410-9417 🌐 Skype or📥 DM. Readings are strictly confidential I take great pride into my work. All rights reserved @psychicspiritualhealer1111 no copy writing caption 2017 and have a wonderful beautiful blessed day sending love and light to all 🌿🌈🌿🌈🌿🌈🌿🌈🌿 #goodvibes #intuitivehealer #intuitive #lifecoach #lightworker #chakrashealing #chakrastones #chakrabalancing #chakracleansing #energyhealing #spiritually #spiritual #spirtualawakening #spiritualguidance #healer #twinflame #twinflames #aura #angel #awakening #blessings #universe #loveyourself #love #goodenergy #1111 #Psychic
R E M I N D E R: you are loved 💕 tag someone to remind them 💜#Lightandlotus #loved
When you go from numb to feeling . . . . you feel good and bad in amplitude. But hear me loud and clear. There is nothing wrong with you. This is normal. Keep feeling. It will balance out and feel normal again and then begin to feel better than normal as you learn to ride the waves and emotions of being a human and having an ego. Your ego isnt your enemy, my soul and ego are now friends. I hear my ego, she is aloud to be a human, and dammit, my soul accepts the shit outa her. ✌
🙈It’s all about your perception & remember you can choose to change your perception🦋 - Okay so I have been seeing eyes 👀 everywhere! - In my dreams🌈 On @sasha_tozzi pants 👖 My favorite necklace 🌟 And Quentin told his dad he saw eyes 👀 staring at him from outside 😱 - Eyes 👀 - How are you perceiving YOUr world? - Have you let life get you down? - Has the worry of no time left you unable to see the blessings in your life? - Try to look at your life and challenges with new eyes 👀 - If your facing a struggle don’t drown! Ask for help! There are resources available to you! - So why are you kicking so hard? - Why are you not reaching out for that hand I’m extending to you? - You don’t have to struggle. All you need to do is accept help and see things in a new light. - See your possibilities Imagine the future Love your challenges Love your shadow And learn to integrate 🦋 - There’s nothing more empowering to decide to take responsibility for YOUr life and see with blessed eyes 👀💗 - I 💗 you - I’m celebrating my 39 years of life by offering 45 minute coaching sessions to YOU 😘 - If your ready to have fun and giggle and receive massive downloads of energy then comment ME with your favorite emoji 💗🦋🔥⭐️🧠🌈🌟🦁🐯
Another testimonial from one of our clients! Thank you, Nat. ✨ . . 🔮 Luna y Soul Tarot - The Seven Psychics Network . #wednesdaytestimonial #freereadings #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcards #tarotreading #psychic #psychicreadings #energyhealing #lightworker #healer #witchesofinstagram #witchywoman #lunaysoul #luna
• Bismuth Arcoíris es un metal y puede ser utilizado para la concentración y visualización • La Amatista es un Cristal y se puede utilizar para la salud, claridad, dolores de cabeza, es súper como compañía cuando se quiere salir de adicciones ✨
Get. Ur reading today. ! Hello my name is @spiritualconsulting1111 am a clairvoyant psychic 🔮✨ & energy healer 🌿🍃✨ I specialize in twin flames🔥❤️ soul-mates👫 and other soul connections I not only read twin flame connections with amazing accuracy ❤️but I also help soul mates reunite, and help remove and clear and energetic or spiritual blockages and/ or any obstacle that is blocking any positive coming through negativity influencer as well that can keep twin flames 👫🔥 from balance healthy loving relationship 💑 I can give you insights into past, current or future relationships I have been blessed 🙏 with the abilities to communicate with angel guides👼🏻✨ who will give me accurate & insightful Messages to share with you! 🌿such as love & relationships career and family finances "chakra balancing angel cards👼 reading and much more" rates for new clients and our followers ♥️ -25.00 twin flame reading 🔥- $35 love reading 🔮👫- $50 full life reading,✨🌙 🔮my Readings Menu🔮 🌟3 Question Readings- $15 💖Twin flame Guidance-$25 🌅Angel guide full life reading -$65(Energy analyst + twinflame Reading) 🌸✨⭐️🌈💫💙#psychic #intuition #intuitive #meditate #meditation #lightworker #crystals #crystalhealing #chakras #chakrahealing #dubai #lightworker #twinflame #positivevibes #healingcrystals #healer #health #motivation #inspiration #relationshipgoals #independentwoman #travel #soulmate #california #newyork #tarot #sage #love #lifequotes #quotestoliveby #hudabeauty 💙🌸✨⭐️🌈💫
*** Énergies du Nil *** Émotions ... Retrouvailles... Reconnexion à travers les âges et les vies ... Guérison de l'âme... Souvenirs souvenirs d'un voyage magique ... Aux énergies toujours vivantes en moi... #freespirit #bienetre #meditation #développementpersonnel #voyage #nil #egypte #healer #chamanisme #shaman #shamangirl #femmemedecine #guerisondelame #vieanterieure #viesanterieures #mellrynondedevie
~Daily Guidance~ September 19th: Strength Be aware that there may be some energies trying to 'cause you disharmony. Spirit wants to remind us that we have the strength to protect ourselves from outside distractions. Remain heart centered and compassionate in all that you do. You are aware if the programs that are still playing out collectively, so stay true to your inner wisdom. Speak up when you need to, say nothing when you don't(need to). You are protected by the truth, Divine one. • • • • General Collective Energy Reading by @marskaymen Tarot Deck "Druid Craft Tarot" by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm Dm @marskaymen for inquiries on Private Energy Readings 🔮✨ #marissammusic #energyreader #tarotreading #dailytarot #dailyguidance #mysticmessenger #healer #energyreading #higherconsciousness #spirituality #spiritualawakening #lightbeing #queertarot #nonbinary #twospirit #kundalini #strength #conciouscollective #collectivemessage #collectiveconsciousness #twinflame #divinefeminine #divinemasculine
Who are you Being? Who are you Becoming as a result of your being? . There is an old outdated thinking of we need to Do Have Be and what if we shifted that? . I am all that I need in this moment. My becoming is saying that the tiny acorn has all it needs to be a night oak. . We are it and we are unfolding and becoming everyday in every way. . Just get out of your own way of this process. . Don’t stop the magic you are what you are seeking. . Happy Hump day. xx
In august, I had a skype reiki session with @paritashahhealing 💫 Since then I am still feeling the vibrations of how she cleansed my energies using crystals & essential oils, within an hour meditation session.🔮 As well as really learning to tune in & trust myself. This past week, I’ve felt the intentions I set with Parita feel as if they are coming alive.⚡️ I really love reiki & the benefits this practice holds with balancing our energies & chakras!⚖️ Check out the #linkinbio for more about this experience!💎 Thanks again @paristashahhealing 💚 #reiki #healing #mindbodyconnection . . . . . . . . . . #mindbodysoul #beherenow #manifest #practice #lightworker #youareworthy #forgiveness #mindfulness #donthatemeditate #meditate #loveyourself #compassion #crystalhealing #mindfulmoment #wellnessblogger #raiseyourvibration #healer #cocreate #balancedliving #wellnesswednesday #powerofpositivity #lightwarrior #palosanto #crystals #quartz #reikihealing
Cuando ves a tu alrededor puras personas que admiras, situaciones de las que te sientes completamente agradecido, oportunidades que nunca imaginaste, palabras que te llegan al alma con profundo cariño y nuestras de gratitud, sabes que algo estás haciendo bien. Tu entorno es tu indicador para que detectes cómo está tu interior, tu vibración. En vez de criticar a tu alrededor pregúntate que es lo que emites constantemente, no es mala o buena suerte, toda acción tiene una reacción, así que hoy te pregunto, que ves el día de hoy a tu alrededor ? Steph 😀 #sirsasana #yogagirl #yogini #yogabeach #namaste #balance #headstand #healer #sanacion #guia #angeles #gratitud #gracias #strong #armbalance #picoftheday #namaste #meditacion #meditate
S l o w i n g d o w n Sometimes the body says NO to the pace of modern, urban living. Becoming an entrepreneur has been a steep learning curve for me and sometimes it feels like my to do list is endless. This morning I was overwhelmed with things to do, and even more overwhelmed by strong aversion to making mistakes. Starting a business has been an endless cycle of to do lists, making mistakes, followed by forgiving myself for those mistakes and then correcting them. This morning I was determined to correct all of the mistakes I made last week. And then, without any notice, I came down with a fever 🤒 As I lay here in the sea of imperfections I’ve created, I’m reminded that it’s ok for life to be a bit messy. I’m reminded that my body will always no what’s best. I’m reminded to stop doing and take an afternoon to just s l o w d o w n ... #sevensenses #nyc #experiencesevensenses 📷 @ashleydrody
We all need some extra calm in our life! This body oil is so amazing for you, and it smells like perfume! ✨😍🙌🏻🍃🌹
This week has been fun behind the scenes!! 🐝 Today, in my private FB workshop, “Exploring Subtle Energies, with Essential Oils”, we discovered the 8 different plant type Energetics that are found in this beginner essential oil kit, and how we can intuitively use this plant part knowledge to select and craft custom blends and salves for our unique auric/energy body needs! ☀️💐🍃 100% Essential Oils from plants work wonders on the human body, but they are also magical and energetically supportive for the Spirit, and our subtle energetic anatomy! 🙌🌻✨ Technically yesterday was the last day to register for this 2 week workshop (it’s $10), but the cart is still open on my website, so you can still squeeze in, if you want to dive into the magic with us!! *The workshop sign up link is in my bio, and all are welcome! ♥️🌚✨ xo, Dr. Aly
I want this pic printed big for the @rainbowtraphouse I worked hard for my shit! 🔮 #WCW
Hey witches! We're gonna be at Craft + Draft tonight at @baycitybrewing !! --------------------------------- This FREE event will feature: - $1 Off Amazing Local Beer by Bay City Brewing Co. ALL NIGHT - Corn Hole and Outdoor Games in Bay City's Beer Garden - A Free San Diego Made Photobooth - A Free tote bag with $40 purchase - A Free Raffle for an Awesome San Diego Made + Bay City Goods - Beer Specials and Food Vendors - A San Diego Made Pop-up Shop with 15+ Awesome, Local Makers: @disco._.lemonade @sallysachels_nthings @craftandfoster @peace_guru_candle_co @nakedcakefarm @shopspiffing @juliesadja @sweet1985jewels @NomadWest @JeweloftheGypsy @blankslatestudio @bronwyn_photog @larobe.store @bekindvibes ------------------------------- #nomadwest #shoplocal #sandiegomade #craftanddraft #baycitybrewing
🔹Why YOUR actions are keeping you small🔹 :. lately you haven’t been feeling inspired, & do not know your purpose. :. you just want to feel significant in the world, and make a BIG difference. :. in order to make that happen, you have to stop watching so much tv, and scrolling through social media. those two things are keeping you distracted and not working towards anything. :. instead of the usual tv and social media scroll: 🔹go outside for a walk 🔹read a book that enhances your views 🔹spend quality time talking with your partner or meet up with friends 🔹listen to podcasts that inspire you 🔹do something small everyday that makes you happy :. each small thing you do everyday keeps you motivated and then inspiration starts flowing through you again. thats what I love doing once I start to feel stagnant, and then creativity starts flowing through me. :. @jacquelinmaylani | jacqmaylani.com
✨💛💖💙☮️💟☯️🌀🙏🏽✨ #enlightenedbeing #awakenedmind #arainbowshaman ✨☯️💟☮️🌈✨😘🌟🙏🏽 #empath #healer #lover #peacemaker #truthseeker #belight #belove #storyteller #beyou #beautifulsoul #pureheart #alwayslearning #alwaysgrowing #itsallaboutthelove#peaceandlovemylovelies ✌️💞🌞🌙✨😘💖💕💖💕💖💕💖💋💎💋
If any of you beauties would like to talk, or receive advice on this ascension, please feel free to contact me. I would love to help in anyway possible❤ We are experiencing a time of cleansing, healing, and growth, and many times that healing can be uncomfortable and frustrating. I am here to assure you that what we are feeling is all normal, it is put in place for us so that we may live more in the light of love, instead fear💕🌠 You are not alone in this💫#healing #healer #awareness #awakening #alchemist #cleansing #love #light #loveandlight #spirituality #spiritualadvice #youarenotalone #reiki #health #emotionalwellbeing #peace #energywork #crystals #yoga #human #spiritualbeings
Holy Exodus in my coffee with two chocolate chip Holy Rollers makes for a day full of peace, clarity, focus and harmony. It’s approximately 100mg of 💯 Afghan Indica. It’s my favorite natural pick me up. I am grateful for the sacred plant of Cannabis for helping me be a present mom for my children and for myself. The best part is that I am saving my lungs and the lungs of my children by not smoking it. If you’re ready to begin your sacred smoke free path , please message me directly. In the meantime, I am sending you and yours an abundance of healing energy, unconditional love and inner peace.
Lavender 🌿 & Rose Quartz 🌸 Bath for my client. #keepmycrystalsclose Birth is about COMFORT!
This was me on Monday morning. Tears flowing down my cheeks while I was forced to reckon with the fact that this deep trauma was rising to the surface yet again, triggering me until I felt unsafe and fearful. And, this is where my work lies, not in bypassing this hurt, but in sitting with it, getting really comfortable in its stench until it transforms. We seek the light. We seek the way to bliss and joy. And we forget that the only way out is through. The only way to peace is by not eradicating the suffering, rather being with it until it transforms and unfolds. This is not for the feint of heart. To sit in your deepest most traumatic wound and have the courage to change the story is one of the bravest acts one can endure. Someone very dear to me often says,”you can make any situation validate your story.” The brave act, the less certain one, is being able to sit in the unknown of a new narrative, one that opens the door to possibility. I have come to realize that we use the catastrophic outcome as a defense mechanism. We self sabotage because knowing that outcome, even if it’s painful, feels more comfortable than allowing the “what if” to blossom into a life that makes us feel safe, held, and loved. Today, I am sitting with and believing in the “what if.” And, I encourage you to as well... #alchemizingpainintolight #psychology #love #wounds #trauma
Currently in a relationship? • Wanna find out if ur partner is the One? • Want to tap into ur crush/lovers mind and see what their emotions are towards you? • Want to find out why ur partner has been so hot and cold lately? • Wanna know why ur partner left with no reason? • The Soulmate photo reading can answer and give insight on all these questions and MORE. Right now 50% off! $35.00 USD (normally $60.00 USD) this discount will apply for the next 2 days ONLY and will then return to its normal price. Contact me via DM to get a reading done now. • • • • #psychic #healer #psychicreader #clairvoyant #twinflame #ineedlove #picoftheday #lovequotes #relationshipadvice #tarotcards #crystalball #palmreading #luxuryliving #positivevibes #help #advice #guidance #chakra #chakrabalance #auracleansing #paris #phonereadings #instagood #love #romance #breakups
🎉🎉BIG GIVEAWAY ALERT🎉🎉 How long has it been since you have done something amazing for you? I am giving away 2 Intuitive Readings because I want to hook you up big dreamer! You so deserve this! 💗 To Enter ⬇️⬇️ 1. Follow me @jessicavalorlove 2. Like the photo 💗 3. Tag a friend or all your besties 🧜🏼‍♀️ That’s all you do! The drawing will happen on 09/28 at 9 am est!
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