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- secret child Chapter 1 - I woke up with sunshine in my face. Today will be a good day! I yawned and rolled my blanket off of me and stepped my feet onto the cold wood floor. I made my way to the bathroom I got to the sink and splashed water on my face. I walked back to my bed and grabbed my phone. •iPhone screen• 💜haybae💜- hey Annie can we meet up at our favourite cafe in 20 minutes? A- sure 💕 💜haybae💜- see you then •phone off• That was weird he didn’t send me one emoji or call me baby or anns he just called me annie.. I sighed and started to get ready. I put on a crop top and shorts. I did my hair and put a little bit of makeup on because well it’s morning and I look like a potato. My alarm went off telling me that I have to leave I grabbed my converse and my coat and I went out the door. I got in my car and drove to me and Hayden’s favourite cafe. It’s where we met that was 4 years ago we were only 13 well he was 14. Their was a crowd around the door. I felt unsafe I don’t know why there probably just fans. I parked and walked around the back to the staff entrance. I grabbed my key and opened the door. My best friend Jayden’s mum owns it so she gave me keys. I closed the door behind me and sighed in relief. ( J- Jayden ) Jayden walked up to me while cleaning a dirty plate. J- what’s up anns A- I don’t know J- ok? A- is Hayden here yet? J- no A- ok good I need a drink I walked to the fridge and grabbed a lemonade. I literally drunk it in one mouth full I don’t know how I’m just hot and bothered and worried right now. I heard the door open I’m guessing it was Hayden. And it was. H- hey Jayden can we get a table? J- sure Me and Hayden followed Jayden to a table. She wiped it down and walked away. Hayden grabbed my hand and we sat down. H- I’ve got news... He looked down... this is bad.. A- w-what is it? H- my mum is sick A- oh I’m sorry hay He kissed my head as I hugged him. I heard fans cheer from outside I looked up at Hayden as he said the most heart breaking news ever.. H- that means I’m moving back to Texas for a while A- how long? H- maybe a few years A- y-y-years? H- I’m sorry baby.. A- we can do long distance right? Mic⬇️
Dysphoria | Chapter twenty-five (Song to listen to: chasing cars, Snow Patrol) I don’t let go of him. “I’m so sorry, I’m such an idiot, I’m so sorry. I’m such a fucking idiot. I was scared of a dream. A FUCKING DREAM! I knew who you were and who you still are, I just forgot for a bit. And I’ve had this sick feeling and my heads been so clogged with thoughts that I couldn’t figure it out sooner. I’m sorry I couldn’t. I’m so fucking sorry.” I loosen the hug, but keep my arms on his shoulders. I look into his teary eyes. “I love you, Hayden. I’m so fucking in love with you. Even when I was being an assface I loved you and I do now and I always will. Fuck, if you move on I’ll still love you. No words can describe it, except for ‘infinity’ and even though we have a word for it, no one can really comprehend it. Sometimes, my love for you isn’t expressed in the beating of my heart, just in comfort I get when I’m around you. I love you so much, Hayden. I’m so sorry that I forgot it” I wait for a response. He doesn’t speak for a moment, then breaks down crying. He falls to his knees, which I immediately follow after him. He presses his forehead to mine. “I love you too.” He says. We move our lips together, and I forget the world exists. For this moment, it’s just me and him. The person I want to be with when I’m down. The person I want to share the highs with. My life, my souls, my everything. Being in love is the greatest thing you in the whole universe. It fills every single part of you and threatens to spill over the edge. And if it does, comes out in tears of happiness. We pull away, and he looks at me with a serious face. “They chipped me. They put a chip in my head” He moves his hand to his ear which now has a silver liquid dripping out slowly. Something tells me that this isn’t a happy ending. •••••••••••••••••• #hanner #hanners #hannie #hanniefanfic #hanniefanfiction #hanniefanfics #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #hayleyleblanc
Dysphoria | Chapter Twenty-four (Get ready for the song for this chapter: The scientist, Coldplay) “I’m scared of a dream” I say. I move out of his grasp. “I’m sorry, I lead you on without meaning too. I need to go” “What?” He says, his eyes wide “Did I do something wrong?” “No, definitely not. It’s all my fault. I need to go” I look into his eyes that are wide with confusion and turn away. I quickly walk out of the gym and start to pull off my heels. I dump them and start to run. I can feel myself grinning. My feet keep moving faster and faster. It’s a long way to run, and the road’s cutting my feet, but I don’t care. I’m sprinting and I start to cry. “I’M SCARED OF A DREAM” I scream into the night at no one in particular. I’m so tired, my legs are burning, my arms are burning, my face is on fire and my lungs are about to burst, but I keep tearing through the pitch black of the night. After about 20 minutes, I reach the city. After about 5 more, I find the hospital. I push open the doors, and move my legs up the stairs. He’s on the fifth floor. My legs are about to fall off, but I don’t care. I’m so close. I reach his floor, I can see his door. “HAYDEN!” I scream. When I get to his door, he’s stood up. I run straight into his arms and hug him. He’s confused at the start, but then he wraps his arms around me. For the first time in my life, I know what to say. I know what I want to say. •••••••••••••••••• #hanner #hanners #hannie #hanniefanfic #hanniefanfiction #hanniefanfics #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #hayleyleblanc
Dysphoria | Chapter Twenty-three Staring myself down in the mirror is one of my most favourite past times. Looking at every imperfection, every flaw and wondering how someone could be as ugly as I am. I’m wearing a green dress, high heels and I’ve curled my hair. The doorbell rings. I put on a brave face and walk downstairs. My parents don’t run downstairs with me, my mum doesn’t fix my hair, my dad doesn’t snap photos and tell me to be safe and my sister doesn’t run to tell me how beautiful I look. They’ve forgotten all about me. I plaster a smile on my face and open the door. “Wow, oh my god” Austin says “you look great. Amazingly beautiful” “Thanks, you too” “You ready to go?” He offers out his arm. “Yeah, lets go” I take it. We get in his car and go to dinner. I don’t know why, but there’s this sick feeling in my stomach. I don’t know what it is. Probably nerves. We then drive to prom. I walk in through the front doors with Austin. We see Kenzie and Johnny. “Woah Kenzie! You look great!” I speak, louder than I should “Right back at ya! You two are cute together” I smile, and mock her “Right back at ya!” She rolls her eyes and Johnny says “don’t disrespect my girl, otherwise I’ll have to kill ya” “Right back at ya” Austin says, mocking Kenzie We laugh and head to the dance floor. Im singing, screaming, laughing and dancing, but most of all, faking it. “Everybody, grab your partner and head on over here. We got a slow song coming on” the dj says Austin grabs my waist and I hold onto his shoulders. We don’t talk, we just awkwardly shift from side to side. Suddenly, I feel him move his hand to my face. I look up at him and into his eyes. He closes them and leans in. As if those small movements trigger an earthquake inside of me, that sick feeling in knots and the foggy thoughts clogging my mind clear. And once again, before I can think it, I say it, but as these words come out of my mouth, I know they’re true. “I’m scared of a dream” •••••••••••••••••• #hanner #hanners #hannie #hanniefanfic #hanniefanfiction #hanniefanfics #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #hayleyleblanc
Dysphoria | Chapter Twenty-Two Well... don’t we just love prom. Senior prom, to be exact. The “most important time of our lives” they say “the best part of high school, the sole reason for our unimportant teenage existence, the part of high school that we’ll look back on for the rest of our lives remembering how amazing being a teenager was”. I always imagined going to prom with Hayden, getting dressed up, seeing him in a tux and crying with happiness. When he died, prom was just... out of the question. I didn’t even want to get out of bed, let alone go to stupid school dance! But then he was alive... why? How? I never really thought about it. Ugh, what’s wrong with me? Why me? Anyway, now that I think about it, prom might not be so bad. The phone rings. My mom doesn’t rush to get it, neither does my dad. So I get off my couch and walk to the phone. “Hey, it’s Annie” “Annie! It’s Jan from the hospital” says jan (from the hospital if you didn’t realise) “Uhh, Hey” “So, we wanted to do a surgery” “What?” “On you. We think we’ll be able to get rid of the brain rot. It’ll stop spreading, everything will be great.” “Oh! Umm, shouldn’t you ask my mom about this?” “No, we just need you. Does next Wednesday at 5 sound good?” “I think you should talk to my parents f-“ “Great, see you then” The line goes dead. I put the phone down, when it rings again. I pick it up. “Hey, it’s Annie” “Hey, it’s Austin” “Oh, hi” “Hi” It’s awkwardly silent. “Why’d you call?” I ask, leaving the question of why he called my home phone instead of my mobile in the back if my mind. “I wanted to know if... you wanted to go to prom. With me. Like, together” “Ummm” What? What is he doing? “Yeah, sounds good” The words fall out of my mind before I can think about what I’m saying. I can’t take it back now though. “Oh, really? Great, cool, awesome!” “Okay, anything else?” “Uh, no.” “Okay then, see you later” “Ah- yeah, bye” I put the phone down, and for some strange reason I cry. I fall to the ground and cry. No one rushes to comfort me or awkwardly stare at me. It’s crazy and weird and kinda nice. For once, I don’t stop myself. I just sit and cry.
Ok we all know that hes talking about annie😍😍😍 #hannie #hannieforever #annieleblanc #haydensummerall @annieleblanc @haydensummerall
Hands down 🙌 Hayden is the cutest and the most handsome boy ever! #haydensummerall
#stunnermackenziecontest i really hope i win because mackenzie means the absolute world to me. i dont think i've ever loved anyone as much as i love her. she has made me the happiest i've ever been and has helped me through so much. i could never thank her enough for everything she has done for me. i am so proud of her and i love her more than life itself. i've been trying my best for the longest time and i cant explain how happy i'd be if she ever followed me. i just want her to follow me because it would make my whole year and i want nothing more than to see my baby's name in my notifications every other day. i'd do anything to get that. i wanna remind her everyday how much i love her and that im always there for her. i wanna thank her and tell her how proud i am of everything she has done so far. this girl owns my heart and i dont know how i would react if she ever had a single clue about my existence. in simpler words it would mean the absolute world to me if she ever followed and that's when i can say im the happiest i've ever been or ever will be and ill mean it more than i ever did before. i wish for it everyday. @stunnermackenzie i hope i win keisha 💘❤️ ~ ~ ~ ~ #johnnyorlando #selfiesforjvo #dayandnighttour #kenzieziegler #selfiesforkz #kenzieedits #jenzie #laurenorlando #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #nadiaturner #maddieziegler #bratayley #jacobsartorius #likeforlike #followforfollow #jaydenbartels #brycexavier #hannie #jadia #dancemoms #gaintrick #lenzie #kayden #kenzedits
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good morning😌
Cutest bean
— sassie au 💫 im so bad at captions fml 💀 but enjoy whatever this is ✨ - - - #totaleclipse #haydensummerall #kenzieziegler #johnnyorlando #annieleblanc #chickengirls #mackannie #jenzie
2017 daintyleblanc is making a comeback. ac_drizzyaudios i’m scared this is going to get hate... for @ahnieleblanc & @cravebrcts
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